Love & Secret – E100

Quiet punches.  This drama is full of them.  Philip continues to stay comatose due to the stress of the surgery on his body and Areum starts to realize the price that she asked Philip to pay for Tiffany.  In the mean time, Nurse Min confirms to Seungwoon that Soo Ah killed his mother.


Nurse Min walks into Seungwoon’s office and calls out for Seungwoon.  Seungwoon stands up in surprise to see Nurse Min smiling at him.

At the same time, Soo Ah comes to ask if the guards saw the woman that she warned them about.  They tell her that no such woman had arrived and she leaves them.


Meanwhile,  Nurse Min comments on how much Seungwoon has grown. In return, Seungwoon asks if Nurse Min had stopped by his house the other day.  Nurse Min confirms that she came by and was kicked out by Soo Ah…She sighs that she’s a thorn in Soo Ah’s life as she saw something she shouldn’t have…She reminds Seungwoon that he saw it too…Soo Ah pulling the oxygen mask from his mother.

Seungwoon gets up and asks her if she saw it as well.  Nurse Min confirms just as Soo Ah charges in to ask what they are doing.  Nurse Min tells Soo Ah that they’re discussing how Soo Ah took off the oxygen mask.

Seungwoon yells at Soo Ah to leave his house and runs straight to his father’s office to tell him that Nurse Min confirmed his memories…Soo Ah killed his mother by taking off his mother’s oxygen mask.


Instead of the expected reaction, Mr. Chun yells at Seungwoon to leave immediately.  Mr. Chun even warns Seungwoon not to act on the words of a random crazy woman.


Meanwhile, Yoojin finds Songcheol pining over Haeban.  Songcheol scolds her for being too harsh on Haeban.  Songcheol further surprises Yoojin by commenting that he hasn’t really accomplished anything in life, but he has left a scar in Haeban’s heart and he doesn’t feel comfortable.

Yoojin flees Songcheol’s room in shock and tells Cheolgu that she doens’t believe her father.  Cheolgu muses that Songcheol must be lovesick and warns her that this could drive her father crazy.  Hearing this, Yoojin asks Cheolgu to find Haeban.


Sneaky Cheolgu calls Haeban to give her the heads up that Songcheol is going to come looking for her…and to come back home reluctantly.  Continuing this ridiculous subplot, Songcheol arrives at the sauna and grabs Haeban’s hand.  He tells her that he’s never going to let her go again.


In another part of the city, Mr. Chun drinks and thinks back on Seungwoon’s words…He then loses himself in his own memories…Mrs. Chun had begged him to let her die…she had cried that it was too hard…


Mr. Chun replied that she needed to think about her son and get better for him.  In response, Mrs. Chun had cried that she didn’t want Seungwoon to see her like this and it was too painful to wait to die…


Mr. Chun then thinks about when Seungwoon first declared that he was moving out because he didn’t want to live in the same house as the woman who killed his mother…

Finally, Mr. Chun goes home to Soo Ah and goes straight to bed.


In the morning, the nurse checks on Tiffany and notes that she’s completely recovered.  However, Areum walks out to see that there’s an issue and follows the doctors to Philip’s room, in which Philip’s heart had stopped.  The doctors bring Philip back, but barely…  Suzy cries to the doctor to tell her what is wrong with Philip.  The doctor explains that nothing went wrong during the surgery…However, due to his low blood pressure, his body is having difficulty recovering.

Areum walks into the room to apologize to Suzy.  Suzy doesn’t accept Areum’s apology and yells at Areum that this is all her fault.  She cries that if Philip does not wake up, she will never forgive her.


At the Han residence, the family discusses how they should fight Philip for custody of Areum.  Mr. Han sighs and tells the rest of the family that Philip hasn’t regained consciousness…They will see what they can do after he wakes up.

Mr. Han goes to check in on Mrs. Han and gets a call from Areum about Philip.  Hearing what had happened, Mrs. Han muses out loud that it might be better if Philip never wakes up…then they would not have to give up Tiffany.

Mr. Han takes in a breath in shock and tells her not to say such things or she will be punished by God.  Mrs. Han replies petulantly that if this is what it takes for Areum to live happily with Tiffany, she is willing to be punished.


At the hospital, Areum walks into Tiffany’s room to find Seungwoon playing with Tiffany.  She wonders if she made a mistake in asking Philip to undergo the surgery and Seungwoon reassures her that everything will be fine.  However, he gets a call from Nurse Min and has to leave.


Seungwoon meets with Nurse Min and updates her that Mr. Chun didn’t believe him.  She sighs that Soo Ah is too foxy… Nurse Min even hands over an envelope and explains that as soon as she met Soo Ah, Soo Ah gave her money.  She sighs that Soo Ah probably hoped to buy her silence.

Seungwoon goes into the kitchen and slams the envelope on the counter and confronts her.  Soo Ah responds that Nurse Min threatened her for the money first.

Seungwoon responds that if Soo Ah had a clear conscious, she would not have paid in the first place.  He tells Soo Ah to confess to his father or he will file a report with the police.


Mr. Chun arrives to overhear the last part and ask why Seungwoon is threatening to go to the police.  Seungwoon tells his father to ask Soo Ah.

Soo Ah tells Mr. Chun that she paid Nurse Min because Nurse Min threatened to defame her.  Mr. Chun yells at Soo Ah for making the acquaintance of such a low level woman in the first place and trying to pay Nurse Min off.


In response, Soo Ah yells that Mr. Chun should have believed her after all she did for him and Mrs. Chun.  She stalks to Seungho’s room and starts packing his stuff.  She tells Mr. Chun that she’s leaving the house as no one believes her.

At Songcheol’s place, Haeban had cooked the soup for Songcheol and the two note that they won’t play with each other’s hearts.  This awkward moment gets interrupted by Soo Ah and Seungho.

Back at the hospital, Philip’s father stays next to Philip until Suzy arrives.  She tells him to go and rest a bit as she will keep watch over Philip.


Meanwhile, Areum watches over Tiffany and her mind wanders to Philip.  Feeling bad, she goes back to Philip’s side and sighs to him.  She tells him to wake up as she knows that Philip sincerely loves Tiffany.  She thanks Philip for doing what she could not do for Tiffany.  She also confesses that she doesn’t regret meeting Philip; without Philip, she would not have Tiffany.  She cries that she was wrong for always pushing Philip away, when Philip is Tiffany’s father.  She repeats that he needs to wake up soon as Tiffany would also want this.

Unbeknownst to Areum, Philip sheds a tear.


Suzy arrives at this point to yell at Areum.  She shouts that she will make Areum’s and Tiffany’s lives miserable if Philip dies.  She yells at Areum to leave when Philip makes a noise.

Suzy falls to Philip’s side and cries for Philip to open his eyes.


Something is really off about Mr. Chun’s reaction.  The only way that his reaction would make sense is if he really loved Soo Ah and wanted to protect her.  Yet, his dismissive attitude toward Soo Ah doesn’t really support that theory.  Additionally, if he truly loved Soo Ah to the point where he would be willfully blind to the prospect that she killed Mrs. Chun, he would have not cut her out of his will or created a situation in which Soo Ah felt that she needed to protect Seungho’s future.

Overall, a good episode except for the time spent on the Songcheol x Haeban romance.  I’m sorry.  You cannot convince me about that relationship as it lacks chemistry or plot support.


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