Love & Secret – E101

Soo Ah made me cry?  Okay, daily dramas surprising me twice in one week…Completely unexpected.  Soo Ah’s backstory…Well played writers.  WELL PLAYED.  I am completely satisfied at the story as well as the surrounding characters reactions.


The doctors run in as Suzy had pressed the button.  After a check, the doctor informs Suzy that Philip seems to be stable.

Philip turns to Suzy and asks about Tiffany.  Suzy tells him that Tiffany is fine so he should only worry about himself.  Seeing Philip wake up, Areum walks back to Tiffany’s room to tell her daughter that her father is safe.

Areum calls her father to tell him the news.  He seems relieved but Mrs. Han and Sunhwa seem less enthusiastic.  Mrs. Han leaves without another word to go back into her room and Sunhwa wonders if this was the best outcome.


Mr. Han follows his wife into the room and asks if she’s worried about Areum.  He reassures her that he will talk to Philip about Tiffany and Mrs. Han tells him that he has to.

Meanwhile, Haeban brings food into the room where Soo Ah is laying on the ground.  Soo Ah quietly notes that she doesn’t want to go back home.

Haeban agrees that Soo Ah doesn’t have to go back.  However, Soo Ah should eat to keep her strength up.  She tells Soo Ah that if she knew this would happen, she would never have approved of Soo Ah’s marriage.  Soo Ah sighs that there’s nothing that Haeban can do.


At the same time, Mr. Chun pulls out an old letter and rereads it…The scene changes back into the memory of when he first read it.  It was from his wife and it asked him…as her last wish…to let her die.  Mr. Chun had cried reading the letter in his memory.


Mr. Chun comes out to find Seungwoon asking about Seungho.  Mr. Chun answers that Soo Ah took Seungho and left.  Seungwoon responds that Soo Ah must have left because of a guilty conscience.

Surprisingly, Mr. Chun responds that Seungwoon shouldn’t act so strict when he doesn’t know all of the facts; he should let the past go.  Seungwoon retorts that he will not stand still if Soo Ah returns.


Haeban returns home to yell at Mr. Chun as well.  She tells him that she’s so disappointed in Mr. Chun; she heard how Seungwoon is accusing Soo Ah of killing Mr. Chun.  She tells Mr. Chun that if he doesn’t rectify the situation, she will not let Soo Ah return.

Seungwoon had left home to go check on Tiffany.  Areum asks if something is wrong as Seungwoon looks a bit tired.  Seungwoon tells her that it’s nothing.


Tiffany adorably plays with the pillow as Mr. Han arrives with a basket of fruit.  Seungwoon promises to look after Tiffany as Mr. Han and Areum check on Philip.  [Wow, in the beginning, Tiffany was so small! Now she can sit by herself?!]

In Philip’s room, Mr. Choi sternly instructs his son not to make such rash decisions in the future.  Philip notes that he didn’t make this decision lightly and asks about Tiffany.

Mr. Choi tells Philip to focus on himself now.


Mr. Han and Areum arrive.  Mr. Han apologizes for asking Philip at this point, but he asks them to reconsider the waiver of parental rights that Areum signed.  Mr. Choi responds that this is why he had reminded them to keep their promise.

Philip silently watches Areum as Mr. Choi shuts Mr. Han down.  Areum hugs her father and tells him that it’s fine; she will keep her promise.


A short interlude as we find out that Yoojin is pregnant.  Not sure why it’s important at this point since Songcheol seems to be resigned to Cheolgu and Yoojin’s marriage.


Back to the main plot, Seungwoon arrives back at home to find that Mr. Chun has also called Soo Ah.  Seungwoon threatens to leave when he sees Soo Ah.  In response, Mr. Chun hands over the letter and tells Seungwoon taht it was Mrs. Han’s last will.

Seungwoon reads it and notes that this can’t be the truth; his mother cannot have wished to die.  Mr. Chun explains that they couldn’t tell Seungwoon because he was too young.  However, the therapy was too hard.  As a result, Mrs. Chun had asked to die many times…Mrs. Chun had even tried overdosing.  Mr. Chun further notes that Mrs. Chun probably died of her own volition that day.


Finally, we find out the truth of that day.  Soo Ah had told Mrs. Chun that the nurse was coming to set up Mrs. Chun’s chemotherapy.  Soo Ah promised Mrs. Chun to stay next to her side and went to the grab some stuff off the table.  In the few moments that Soo Ah had turned her back, Mrs. Han had feebly pulled her mask off.  Turning around, Soo Ah rushed to Mrs. Chun’s side to beg her not to do this and tried to put the mask back on…However, it was too late. Mrs. Chun had died.  This was when Seungwoon had come in.

Soo Ah finally tells Seungwoon that she had always felt guilty for not successfully keeping Mrs. Chun from suiciding…


Mr. Chun apologizes for telling Seungwoon like this…he didn’t want Seungwoon to know that his mother had wanted to die.  Seungwoon stands up in shock and silently goes to his room, where he sobs.

In the living room, Mr. Chun also apologizes to Soo Ah.  He notes that he knew that Soo Ah was also burdened, but never really helped her.  Hearing these words, Soo Ah also starts crying.

At the hospital, Philip stops by Tiffany’s room.  He grabs Tiffany’s hand and smiles as Tiffany giggles.

Areum walks in slowly to see Philip looking over Tiffany and holding her hand…Tears also well up in her eyes as she stays silent watching.


At the Chun residence, the family eats silently until Seungho asks if he can speak.  Mr. Chun tells Seungho to speak whenever he wants.  Seungho complains that he doesn’t want his parents to fight again as grandmother’s house is uncomfortable.

Soo Ah suggests that Seungho tries a side dish.  Surprising everyone, Seungwoon tries it but doesn’t comment on the taste.  Mr. Chun awkwardly asks about Tiffany and Seungwoon replies that Tiffany is fine but leaving tomorrow.  Mr. Chun notes that Areum must be stressed.  He tells Seungwoon to keep Areum busy with work.  Soo Ah also tries to help and suggests that they get a baby soon after marriage to help Areum get over the loss faster.

Seungwoon gets up to leave and Soo Ah glares.


Areum and Seungwoon go shopping for Tiffany and Areum starts to cry when she asks the store attendant for a larger size as she might not be able to buy Tiffany shoes the next year.  When she comes home, Mrs. Han proposes that they run away with Tiffany and Areum answers that she wants to say goodbye to Tiffany without crying.


Meanwhile, the group discusses their schedule for traveling back to the United States. Mr. Choi asks about whether the two have decided on a place to stay.  Suzy responds that they want to stay for a bit at the Miami house.

Philip asks about Tiffany and Suzy responds that she found a nanny, who can take care of Tiffany as she stays with Mr. Choi.  Mr. Choi agrees that Philip and Suzy should spend some time together.

Philip seems changed after his near death experience and goes home to review Areum’s signed declaration giving up her parental rights.


At the Han residence, Mrs. Han and Areum wash Tiffany and the whole family comes out to see Tiffany go.  Mrs. Han hugs Tiffany and then cries that they need to run away with Tiffany…Mr. Han has to pull Tiffany out of her arms and give Tiffany to Areum, who walks away with her.


Areum manages to bring Tiffany to Philip’s place with a smile.  She explains that she packed everything Tiffany should need and even added clothes that are a size bigger.  She hands Tiffany over and asks Philip to show her Tiffany once more before he leaves the next day.


As Areum turns to leave, Philip calls her name and hands Tiffany back over.


Two characters stole this episode: Soo Ah and Philip.  First, I was surprised at Soo Ah’s back story.  So, she had actually not killed Mrs. Chun.  Rather, her hand WAS on the oxygen mask when Mrs. Chun died because she was trying to keep it on…However, due to her guilt…she probably started to wonder if she pulled it off… After all, I’m sure she considered it more than once and with Seungwoon’s accusations, it’s easy to self doubt.

I did appreciate how this didn’t make everything fine with Seungwoon right away.  He tried to be civil and agreed to try the side dish…However, it was not time yet for him to forgive Soo Ah for what he thought she had done all these years.  Also, Soo Ah’s suggestion that they have a baby as soon as possible probably rubbed Seungwoon the wrong way since he could think Soo Ah got pregnant with Seungho so that Mr. Chun could forget Mrs. Chun.  Either way, it was organic how Seungwoon is trying to be civil, but can’t.

Another character that I was surprised by was Philip.  He moved me more this episode than all of the other episodes even though he didn’t really talk.  I must applaud the writers for doing a good job in showing us a changed Philip without having him articulate it.

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