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So we say goodbye to Love & Secret a/k/a Sweet Secret.  Philip magically turns into the best father ever and gives Tiffany back to Areum.  Soo Ah also turns into a nice human as Mr. Chun has finally sincerely backed her up against Seungwoon.  Annnnnnnnnnnddddddd, finally, Areum and Seungwoon get married.


Philip hands Tiffany over to a surprised Areum.  He tells her to raise Tiffany.

Areum’s tears start up as she asks if he’s serious.

Philip tells her to leave before he changes his mind and Areum thanks him.  It’s slightly awkward as she’s changed to the highest form of honorifics.  Next thing we know, Areum carries Tiffany back out and tells Seungwoon the news.  Seungwoon is adorably is happy as well.


Back in the studio, Philip holds Areum’s declaration and remembers Areum’s words.  OMG HE WAS AWAKE.  He had heard Areum apologize and ask him to wake up as he’s Tiffany’s father.  He rips up the paperwork and smiles.


Meanwhile, the family tries to console Mrs. Han about Tififany.  They note that the United States is not that far away and they can always visit.  Then they suggest that Mrs. Han go in to rest first, which she gets up to do.

Areum returns and the family asks if Areum didn’t make it to Philip’s apartment.  Smiling, Areum tells the others that Philip told her to raise Tiffany.

Philip goes to tell his father and Suzy that he gave Tiffany back to Areum.  He also adds that he tore up the paperwork and asks his father to follow his wishes.  Mr. Choi seems disappointed, but Suzy only wants to know what Philip is planning to do about the United States.  Philip tells her that he still plans to leave as scheduled and Suzy doesn’t seem to have any more issues.


The happy love birds happily watch Tiffany in Seungwoon studio.  Seungwoon hugs Areum and promises her that there will be no reason for Areum to lose Tiffany again.

The next day, Philip and his family arrive at the airport when he gets a call from Areum.  He sends the others on to pick up after promising Suzy that he won’t disappear again.


Areum is calling as she came to the airport with Seungwoon and Tiffany.  They go off to the side so that Philip can hold Tiffany.  Areum promises to call/video call Philip often with Tiffany.  Ironically, Philip declines and tells her to just send Tiffany’s pictures to him as he will be busy.


Areum smiles and promises to raise Tiffany well for the both of them.  In response, Philip tells Areum that he approves of Seungwoon as Tiffany’s father and recounts how Seungwoon sat on his knees in front of Philip to ask that Philip save Tiffany.  He confesses that he would never be able to do that.  Areum smiles and wishes that Philip will be happy with Suzy as well.


Philip gets up to tell Seungwoon, who’s off on the side to give the family privacy that he is leaving Tiffany and Areum in Seungwoon’s care.

Next, we see Areum and Tiffany visiting Mr. Chun and Soo Ah.  They are adorably wearing a couple outfit in red!  Soo Ah asks if Mr. Chun will approve of Areum and Mr. Chun answers that he promised to approve of Areum as long as she gave up her child.


Except, Areum arrives with Tiffany.  Seungwoon explains how Philip agreed to let Areum raise Tiffany.  Soo Ah even notes that this might be for the best and suggests that Mr. Chun approve of Areum.  Mr. Chun refuses to change his mind and tells the two kids to do whatever they want.

Soo Ah seems to have become a human being now that she knows that Mr. Chun appreciates her.  She tells Areum and Seungwoon to wait in Seungwoon’s room as she’ll bring up fruit and promises to speak with Mr. Chun.


I was a bit skeptical, but she does as she promised and advises that Mr. Chun just accept Tiffany since Seungwoon seems to love her so much.  Mr. Chun doesn’t seem convined when Haeban arrives with Songcheol.  Songcheol greets Mr. Chun and Soo Ah.  Afterwards, Haeban declares that she’s going to start a new life with Songcheol.

Songcheol declares that they are not going to get married.  They are just going to live together.

Soo Ah declares that she will never approve.  Haeban retorts that she doesn’t need her daughter’s approval.  At her side, Mr. Chun gets up with a migraine.


Next, Sunhwa runs out from work to find that her sister has not gotten ready and has basically applied clown makeup.  She redoes her sister’s makeup and helps Mrs. Han dress in the traditional Korean style.  Unfortunately, she seems to have degressed a lot.


Meanwhile, Secretary Jang arrives late and apologizes for being late…He rushed out and managed to rip his pants.  Mr. Chun laughs and tells Soo Ah to get one of his pants.

Onward to the wedding!  Turns out Haeban is happily with Songcheol.  Cheolgu gives a large amount as a wedding present and Jinwoo/Jiwoo comment on how Cheolgu has succeeded with turning Haeban into a singer.


Seungwoon greets his father and Soo Ah with a smile and even Yoon Yi shows up.  Things are still slightly tense between Yoon Yi and Soo Ah, but they manage to acknowledge each other’s presences.


The marketing team also arrives to fawn over Areum. Short scene of maximum energy, which gets cut short with the entrance of Philip and Suzy.


They congratulate Areum sincerely and Philip even holds Tiffany.  Areum asks about Philip’s health and Suzy has not changed.  She explains that Philip is healthy as she’s taking care of his health.


The wedding starts with Seungwoon strutting down the aisle. Next, Areum gracefully walks down the aisle. Songcheol presides over the wedding and everything is full of tears of joy and laughter. >.<


End with family picture!


First, yay! This is my first series that I successfully recapped from start to finish! >_< CHEERS! I don’t know how many mochi ice creams/ice cream pints it took to get over my frustration, but I’m happy to have experienced the story that is Love & Secret a/k/a Sweet Secret.  I admit that there were times when the drama was a bit frustrating such as the subplot, which paired Haeban with Songcheol.  I still am not convinced, harrumph! =_=

However, overall, this was a great daily drama.  It really felt like a slice of life drama (after like episode 7ish), which had enough drama to keep me interested without really overdramatizing everything into the makjang world.  While there were makjang elements, the drama tried to stay pretty toned down, starting from its colors to the plot line and I really appreciated that.

The core characters really developed a lot during the show.  Areum went from an insufferable cry baby to a woman, who is willing to acknowledge when she was being too selfish.  This transformation was so organic that I actually cannot point out the specific scenes when Areum changed from crybaby to noble idiot to mother to mature woman.  I think it happened as her hair got shorter and better styled >.< Grade A for development!

Remember, she started like this.


Then we have Philip, who started out as a man-child.  He couldn’t distinguish between love and obsession or the need to possess Areum.  Then we saw him change into a single focused revenge maniac…into a reluctant father…into an actual father.  This one had some help from the powers that be in his near death experience, but hey, I’ll take it. Grade A – for development.

[Manchild below]


Unfortunately, Seungwoon’s development was much more two dimensional.  He went from being a flippant child, who rebelled against his father into someone, who Areum could rely on and a true father to Tiffany.  I think Seungwoon’s development was much more subtle.  In the end, due to time constraints, he was jipped a bit as we never saw how they obtained Mr. Chun’s approval.  So I guess B- development here.


All in all, I’m not sure how I feel about this series ending.  Goodbye Love & Secret, my first completely recapped drama!

Stay tuned to find Love on a Rooftop recapped as well!

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