Run, Jang-Mi – Quarter Review

32 episodes into this daily drama, I regret to post that I will be dropping this series.  However, to get some closure, I am posting this quarter series review.

This series started out with a lot of potential.  Compared to the other series that I was recapping at the same time, this series appeared to have better lighting and color.  Generally, Run, Jang-Mi (RJM) was much more pleasant on the eyes than Love & Secret (LS).  It also helped that Jang-Mi was pretty and the stylists in RJM appeared to do a better job than LS.  (LS stylists did figure it out in the end, however, it took at least 30-40 episodes before the LS characters got as well dressed.)


[Bright colors! Good-looking actors! = Potential!]

Story-wise, I knew that RJM would have several makjang elements.  After all, the guy divorced Jang-Mi after the honeymoon.  I can get behind makjang as long as the storyline is tightly written.  Then, I continue watching even as I curse the makjang-ness of the series! The classic example of an addictive makjang series that I enjoyed is Wife’s Temptation.  I remember waiting to watch the new episode every day and cursing at the extreme situations that occurred…


[Undercover heir to company falling for and taking care of the pretty temporary employee…]

However, RJM fell short in the tightness of the writing.  Rather than weaving in makjang elements to exaggerate possible situations so that viewers could empathize with the characters but still get entertained by the exaggerate situations, the writers went with throwing the kitchen sink of makjang tropes at the viewership.  To grossly oversimplify, we had a candy rich girl who falls into poverty after her father’s death and husband’s abandonment.  Then she learns maturity by working at a temporary position, while coincidentally winning the respect of a CEO grandfather and becoming the love interest of the heir to the company.


[Plebian loveline established.]

Though exaggerated, this bird’s eye view of the plot was acceptable.  However, it was the unrealistically CANDY portrayal of the main girl that I could not handle.  She was too cartoonish.  There was something not human, just perfectly cartoon/webtoon/internet tween story about Jang-Mi that I just could not stomach.  For example, she knows that Taeja got the job through nepotism.  However, she never bothers to ask or look up Taeja’s name online?  It’s a glaring plot-hole.  It might have been more believable if she had found out that he’s the heir and tried to unsuccessfully seduce him…only to fail, but have him fall in love with her at the same time…


[Girl finds out that the grandfather she’s been helping is the CEO and manages to have no fear in whining to him…]

The straw that broke the camel’s back was Jang-Mi’s reaction to finding out that the poor grandfather is actually the CEO of the company.  Instead of reacting normally…For example, a normal upset person would have left without another word.  Or if she thought she could leverage this into a permanent position, she might have at least tried to negotiate something. However, she just acted “cutely” infuriated.  The grandfather CEO’s reaction was too unrealistic as well.  This guy has a limited amount of time to be alive and he entertains this stranger’s whining… Not likely.


[Poor confused Minjoo! She tried so hard.]

Honestly, I felt that Minjoo’s character was much more realistic and relatable.  Unfortunately, she was not the lead character and the story revolved around our insufferable Candy…

Therefore, it took more and more effort to watch the episodes.  When I watched the episodes, I was entertained.  However, I rarely looked forward to the next episode.  As a result, I have made the executive decision to drop the series.


It was a good run and hopefully, you will join me in exploring a new series.

If I may recommend, for those who want chemistry and cutesy love – The Eccentric Daughter-in-Law about a has-been idol falling in love with a dorky professor? Or if dailies are much more your thing – Here Comes Love seems to have strong acting and a heart-hitting story.

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