Unkind Ladies – E06

OMG, did Moran accidentally almost kill Chulhee?  I’m not sure how, but this drama actually draws me into the relationship of Soon Ok and Moran’s generation as much as I get excited about Mari’s relationship.  In this episode, we see how age really does not define your actions as Soon Ok becomes the ultimate Cheshire Cat when the tables are turned on Moran.


Sizzle!  Roo-Oh slams the door behind Mari and growls that he lives across from her and has been living across from her for two months.  Mari apologizes and offers to take a hit if it would appease him.  She even sticks out her cheek and closes her eyes.

Roo Oh looks like he’s enjoying himself and tells her that he needs the other cheek; Mari complies.  Not stopping there, he slaps his own hand in front of her face to scare her.  Then turning into a sudden gentleman, he tells her not to follow whatever a guy tells her.  Instead, he tells her to buy udon.


Mari slams his door and yells that will go down first.  However, when she goes down first, she runs into her father.  Mari’s father tries to drag Mari home so that the family can talk.  Mari refuses and Roo Oh walks in on what looks like an older man trying to drag Mari away.

Roo Oh interrupts and tells her father to leave Mari alone…Mari’s father tells Roo Oh to butt out as he’s Mari’s father.  Roo Oh smirks that he’s Mari’s uncle and tries to pull Mari away.  They end up getting into a tug-of-war with Roo Oh demanding udon and Mari’s father demanding that Mari come home to eat chicken…

Finally, Mari pulls out of both of their grasps and tells Roo Oh that this is her father…He had her when he was in his twenties.  Roo Oh immediately apologizes as Mari tells both of them to leave and walks up first.


Roo Oh stops Mari’s father from going in after her and Mari’s father tells him to stop butting into Mari’s affairs.  Afterwards, Roo Oh lets Mari know that her father has left so she can relax.  As a reward, he gets to say goodnight to Mari face to face.

Meanwhile, Hyunsook has Jong-Mi read over her petition  Feeling nervous, Jong-Mi advises Hyunsook to get Mari to proofread it.  Hyunsook decides against it as Mari will only look down on her and tells Jong-Mi to keep it a secret.


At the same time, Soon Ok hears someone in the living room and walks out to find it completely dark.  As she’s about to go back into her room, her husband calls out, “Wife.”

She turns around to see him sitting in the rocking chair, fully drenched.  His knuckles are also scraped up.  He looks around and Soon Ok tells him that their daughters are completely grown.  Her husband doesn’t look at her and asks about Moran.  To which, Soon Ok yells at him to leave immediately and Soon Ok wakes up.


Feeling anxious, Soon Ok goes to the living room to find that the rocking chair is wet.  Moran comes over and tells her that Eunshil had spilled water on the chair earlier.  She asks Soon Ok why Soon Ok seems so nervous.

Soon Ok tells Moran about how she had a bad dream about her husband.  As she describes it, Moran has to hold on to the wall behind her and ask haltingly if Chulhee said anything.

Soon Ok lies that all her husband said was to call out for his wife.  Looking troubled, Soon Ok goes back into her room.

The next day, Chulhee accompanies the old action star to the broadcasting station.  Drama coincidences, he walks by his own top announcer star without recognizing her.


As for our underdog, Hyunsook  goes back to her high school to submit her petition.  She gives it to the principal and he asks why she waited so long.  Hyunsook answers that she never forgot about her scar.  The principal promises to open up the debate about her petition to nullify her expulsion.  Hyunsook walks off triumphantly only to get a call from her sister.

Per Hyunjung’s orders, Hyunsook runs to the broadcasting system to return Hyunjung’s clothes that Hyunsook “borrowed.”  The outfit wasn’t even Hyunjung’s but a sponsored lend.  [Korean brands let celebrities borrow clothes so that they can be seen wearing the brand.]


As Hyunsook walks out, she sees a bunch of fan girls and remembers her own childhood.  She stands there lost in her memories when her old physical education teacher (Teacher Hwang) finds her!

Teacher Hwang has coffee with Hyunsook and apologizes for not being able to help her.  He had gone to help his cousin when Hyunsook was expelled.  During coffee, Hyunsook declares her intent to get revenge on Hyun-Ae.

Teacher Hwang tells Hyunsook that Hyun-Ae also had issues…Hyunsook ignores the comment and continues to tell Teacher Hwang about her petition.  They discuss how Hyunsook would have been better suited to live in this generation than her generation.  Then, right before her  father walks over, Hyunsook gets up and leaves!  OH THE CLOSE CALLS!  Thanks to his amnesia, Chulhee sees his daughter but doesn’t recognize her.


At the same time, Hyun-Ae meets with the principal.  She demands that he opens an open meeting with all of the other teachers and Hyunsook.


As the tsunami is about to arrive, Hyunsook and Jong-Mi sing their hearts away at noraebang!  Of course we get a flash back of the younger Hyunsook and Jong-Mi singing in front of a television (that Jong-Mi carried over)!  Hyunjung interrupts this to introduce Hyunsook’s new tutor (Mari’s father aka Goong-Min)!  Jong-Mi yells at Hyunjung that Hyunsook needs a good-looking tutor as she even hugged her idol.  HAHAHA best friends for life.

Hyunsook and Jong-Mi comes home to find Goong-Min at home discussing the sale of their family home.  Soon Ok declares that she doesn’t want to use the money that Moran gave.


Hyunsook tries to ask her mother to use the money for now…she can save up the money to pay Moran back.  Soon Ok replies that Hyunsook doesn’t need to feel guilty.  They can try to find a buyer who will let them live in the house with a deposit (junsae).  [Basically, you pay the owner 1/2 to 1/3 the value of the house and live there rent fee.  In return, the owner gets a large loan interest free.  When you move out, the landlord has to pay you your deposit.]

It’s adorable that Jong-Mi tries to convince Soon Ok to listen to Hyunsook and Soon Ok just replies that she doesn’t want to hear anything from Jong-Mi who only came over to eat.  Jong-Mi gets all angry and replies that they will finish this AFTER she eats.  OMG, love this relationship.

Goong-Min follows Hyunsook into her room to demand that she study for the college exams.  In return, Hyunsook wonders why Goong-Min isn’t work.  He tells her that he took time off until May, as he’s switching companies.  Hyunsook mutters that he must feel embarrassed to work at the same company since he’s getting remarried.  Goong-Min just responds that Hyunsook needs to quickly save up the $100,000 spousal support/damages.

As they walk out, Mari comes home and the two woman have at each other…It ends with Mari saying she doesn’t care about her mother and Hyunsook telling her daughter that she is going to write her off the family tree.


Roo Oh finds Mari lurking outside the udon place and Mari offers to buy.  She stuffs her face and explains that she cannot eat alone.  Roo Oh is surprised and Mari explains that a lot of women are like this.  WHAT?  Are you kidding me?  I can eat ALL THE TIME…WITH PEOPLE OR WITHOUT +_+

Meanwhile, Moran is lost in her memories…She was on the train with Chulhee who proposes to her with the ring.  He tells her that he already told his wife.

At the same time, Eunshil shows her true colors!  She takes secret pictures of Soon Ok’s recipe books.

Soon Ok interrupts this with her dry laundry and then Moran interrupts to say that she’s leaving tomorrow.  Moran puts the ring on the table and apologizes that she stayed longer trying to gather courage to give the ring to Soon Ok.


Soon Ok opens the ring and bites her lip.  Moran explains that Chulhee proposed, but she rejected him.

Smart cookie Soon Ok asks how Moran has the ring if she rejected him.  We see through Moran’s flashback.  She walked back on to the train as everyone else walked toward the end of the car because someone had fallen off the train.  She tries to hold her trembling hands and finds the ring next to her.

In her mind Moran confesses to killing Chulhee. OMG THE SURPRISE. DID SHE PUSH HIM OFF?

In reality, Moran just answers that she turned around as she rejected him.  When she turned around, Chulhee had disappeared after leaving the ring in her bag.  She notes that she doesn’t know where he went after that.  She tells Soon Ok that she wants to return the ring to her.

Soon Ok instructs Eunshil to tie a red string around the ring and runs to get her own ring.  She explains that she received her ring for Christmas the year before Chulhee disappeared.  She tells Eunshil to tie a blue string around her ring.

Then she tells Moran to wait until they have a family meeting.  She wants to tell everyone that Chulhee loved both Moran and herself the same, therefore, they should all respect Moran.  Hmmmm, I think it’s more that she wants to show everyone that Chulhee loved her, too…


The next day, Hyunsook goes to the open meeting.  Hyunsook explains how she thinks she was unfairly expelled, as she did not steal the scarf.  However, Hyun-Ae is not an easy opponent.

Hyun-Ae turns the crowd against Hyunsook by painting her as  a fraud.  Hyun-Ae apologizes for not being able to train and teach Hyunsook.  Rather, Hyunsook was a failure who did not want to study.  As a result, she has grown up to be a failure of an adult who frequents gambling dens.  She implies that Hyunsook is only submitting the petition now so that she can sue the school for money to cover her gambling debts.

At Hyun-Ae’s disclosure that Hyunsook went to gambling dens and was caught by the police, the atmosphere in the meeting completely turns on Hyunsook.  The teachers vote against nullifying the petition.


Meanwhile, Mari asks Doojin why he followed her to the university and Doojin grudgingly confesses that the female student sent him a picture.  He consoles Mari that the youth don’t care about much and will quickly forget.

Changing the topic, he tells Mari about how he met her mother and Hyunsook thanked his father.  He asks what his father did.  Mari explains how Hyunsook was photographed at the airport, crying after her idol.  As a result, she was suspended.  Doojin’s father was the only reporter who wrote in her favor.

Doojin seems as appalled by the situation as we are and asks what happened.  Mari tells him that her mother ended up not finishing high school.


We return to Hyunjung’s story.  She’s golfing in the southern part South Korea and Mun-Hak has followed her there.  He invites her to coffee.

Hyunjung arrives to find Mun-Hak making fresh brewed coffee for a bunch of older divers.  He speaks loudly and happily gives each of the women a bowl before Hyunjung announces her presence.

Mun-Hak explains that a couple of writers live near by.  As a result, he was able to befriend these women.  He also tells Hyunjung to take a year off of work.  She can come work for him and he will turn into someone that the broadcasting companies will be begging to return.  With that, he tells her to find him back in Seoul.

Following up on his business development?/flirting?, he sends Hyunjung a luxurious spread for dinner.  He tells her that he’s eating with the noble prize winner, whom she respects.  He also notes that since they are eating the same thing, it’s like she’s there with him.

While the perfect older sister gets courted, the younger failure yells at her friend that her petition fell through.  Jong-Mi runs over to cheer Hyunsook up.  She tells Hyunsook that life is not that easy…if it were, Hyunsook would have been rich from investing and she would have been in Italy with George Clooney.


It turns out even Goong-Min was called for the family meeting.  At the meeting, Soon Ok shows the family the two rings and announces that Chulhee loved both of the women.

Jong-Mi’s uncle, who works in the jewelry industry, inspects the rings.  He announces that Soon Ok’s ring is an expensive diamond…However, Moran’s ring is a cubic.


Moran seems shocked and cannot believe it.  Trying to help, Jong-Mi tells Moran to use this black thing that beeps if it touches a diamond.  The contraption is silent when Moran puts the tip to her ring…but beeps when Soon Ok tries.


The tide continues to turn when Jong-Mi’s uncle tries to help as well.  He tries to console Moran that the ring isn’t cheap; it would have been around $195.  Hyunjung quickly asks how much Soon Ok’s ring would be and he answers that it would be worth $50,000.


The next day, Soon Ok comes out wearing her ring happily.  She explains how she has a slight headache and taps her forehead with her hand to show off her ring.  With that, Soon Ok walks out to buy some ingredients happily.


At the same time, Chulhee walks in the neighborhood.  He sends Teacher Hwang to get his glasses and mutters and is alone when Soon Ok walks by.  Muttering to himself that he thought there was a museum nearby, he calls out to Soon Ok.

Soon Ok turns around as a newspaper covers her face.


Okay, I’m not going to lie.  I squeaked when Roo Oh slammed his fist on the wall behind Mari.  There was just this sizzling charisma about him that I haven’t seen in a lot of daily dramas…>.<  Yup, you can’t fake that.  Regardless of how the writer rights it in, some actors have it and others do not.  Roo Oh does.  ^____________^

Ahem.  Back to the episode.  In this episode, I thought the revelation about the Soon Ok/ Chulhee / Moran relationship was the most interesting.  I don’t know what to think about it since Chulhee seems to have two-timed the women?  Did Chulhee not realize that one ring he bought was a diamond and the other was a cubic zirconia?

The look on Moran’s face was so precious.  This whole time, I hadn’t realized it…However, Moran had been playing the I-Am-More-Loved-Than-You to Soon Ok.  She was always apologetic, but it was always against the backdrop of I am SO SORRY THAT HE LOVED ME MORE THAN YOU.  This revelation that Chulhee had actaully bought the largely more expensive ring for Soon Ok threw all of the assumptions into the air, which  I thought was an interesting move by the writers. O_O


Random note – how cute is it that Soon-Ok is loving the rub Moran’s face into her more expensive real diamond ring business?

Also, why is the show portraying it as Moran thinking that she killed Chulhee? I think this is a red herring, so I’m not going to spend any more time on this.


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