Love on a Rooftop – E03

They say that successful people make their own luck.  However, people who say that seem to discount the amount of luck or lack of bad-luck has affected their lives.  In this episode, we start to see what conditions will test and cause Seung-Hye to mature.  Seung-Hye tries her best at the hospital only for her patient’s ill-informed attempt at helping to put her on a path into the corner.


Seung-Hye goes to a nearby consignment shop to see if she can sell Seung-Ah’s bag as the mall refuses to accept return due to a small scratch.  The savvy businessman punches his first offer to Seung-Hye in a calculator, which is lower than she could hope.  However, he’s not willing to back down since there is a scratch on the bag.  [DRAMAFEED – in Korean consignment shops and smaller jewelry stores, they punch the price/offers on a calculator.  Not sure why they do this other than maybe it looks more professional for the numbers to be “crunched” and it’s less awkward than saying out a price.]  Seeing as the number is lower than she could hope, Seung-Hye brings the bag home.


At the same time Jang Beom-Seok gets ready to go to the hospital for a smaller operation and tries unsuccessfully to reach Do-Jin who is happily baking.  Se-Ryung comes in to check on her father and offers to accompany him.

Beom-Seok refuses her offer and tells her to focus on work as the surgery is basic. Lightening the mood, he jokes that she could bring home a guy if she’s so worried about him and accuses her of creating a fake boyfriend to avoid going on arranged dates.


At home, Dong-Sook tries to get more information out of Dae-Shil about Mi-Ja and fails.  She doesn’t have long to ponder the issue as Seung-Hye comes home with the purse and asks her mother to give it to Seung-Ah as a gift.  Seung-Hye also offers to pay off the credit card balance, but her mother refuses and tells  Seung-Hye that she will cover the balance.


Seung-Hye goes back to work and finds Beom-Seok in the VIP suite.  Beom-Seok is friendly and unassuming for the younger brother of the hospital director.  However, he does note that he gets nervous around medical situations and asks to get his blood pressure checked first; he warns that his blood pressure appears higher than normal due to this anxiety.

Seung-Hye smiles that her father had the same issue.  She gets everything ready and tells Beom-Seok to close his eyes and imagine his daughter.  Beom-Seok complies and Seung-Hye manages to get an accurate blood pressure reading before Se-Ryung comes in.  The two girls greet each other and Se-Ryung asks Seung-Hye to take good care of her father.


At the same time, Dong-Sook asks her sister for some money to cover the credit card balance.  Her sister doesn’t help out, but recommends that Dong-Sook sell her mother-in-law’s teas to some of the cafes that her mother-in-law refused because they also serve coffee.


That night, Se-Ryung calls Do-Jin to ask him for a favor.  She’s told her father that he’s her boyfriend so that she doesn’t have to go on any arranged dates.  She asks him to keep up her cover.  Do-Jin laughs, but we know the truth, someone is too proud to wait for the guy to fall first.

Meanwhile, Do-Jin’s friend sees the picture of Seung-Hye in his hospital, which announces that she’s the “Nurse of the Week.”  Shocked that the cell phone thief is a nurse at his hospital, he snaps a picture and sends it to Do-Jin.


Of course, as Do-Jin is looking at the picture, he runs into Seung-Hye.  He pauses to compare the picture with Seung-Hye and she jumps to the conclusion that he’s a pervert stalker.  She grabs him to take him to the police when her drunk little sister comes interrupting everything and accusing her of stealing her purse.  Seung-Hye leaves Do-Jin with the warning that he’s lucky this time.


The next day, Beom-Seok successfully gets out of surgery and Seung-Hye prepares his IV.  She tells him to call her if she needs anything before she leaves.  However, after she leaves, Beom-Seok spills water on himself and decides that he doesn’t want to bother Seung-Hye…So he tries to change his clothes without her.  Except he doesn’t take off his IV need first and the attempt ends up loosening the IV…


At the same time, Soon-Im and Dae-Shil visit Mi-Ja’s restaurant.  Watching them from her office, Mi-Ja has her secretary take them to one of the VIP rooms…


By the time that Se-Ryung arrives to check on her father, he is having a seizure as the uncontrolled IV fluid is overwhelming his lungs.  She immediately calls for the doctors, who manage to get her father stabilized, but not before Se-Ryung is ready to kill someone for what happened to her father.


In her fury, Se-Ryung sets upon Seung-Hye as the obvious target.  She stalks to the nurse station and reams into her for not being careful with her father’s IV.  However, Seung-Hye isn’t ready to take responsibility for a mistake that she didn’t commit and tries to tell Se-Ryung the same.  Seung-Hye explains that she understands how traumatized Se-Ryung must be, but she did check Mr. Jang’s IV.


Feeling that Seung-Hye isn’t adequately remorseful, Se-Ryung slaps Seung-Hye on the cheek in front of everyone.  Our first confrontation has occurred.  Eyes burning, Se-Ryung tells Seung-Hye that she will make sure that Seung-Hye pays for this.


Coincidentally, Do-Jin arrived at the hospital in time to see the slap because he wanted to visit Beom-Seok.  He tells Se-Ryung out for coffee to calm her nerves and she cries that she was so scared that she might have lost her father…She also notes how thankful she is that he’s around right now.

Meanwhile, Seung-Hye gets ready to go home in the locker room when a fellow nurse comes in and worries about Seung-Hye.  Her friend worries out loud that Se-Ryung seems really angry and everyone is worried that the hospital might fire Seung-Hye because Beom-Seok is the hospital director’s little brother.


The family is beginning to go through a rough patch as Soon Im is about to come face to face with her past as well.  She gets annoyed at waiting in Mi-Ja’s restaurant and refuses to eat the food.  She interrupts Dae-Shil who is eating and orders that they leave.  Dae-Shil doesn’t seem ready to leave and even tries the tea when it comes out.  After a sip, she wonders out loud that the tea tastes just like her mother’s tea!  This is the last straw and Soon-Im is determined to leave at this point.


However, when they get up, Mi-Ja arrives and politely greets Soon-Im.  Mi-Ja continues to apologize that she wasn’t able to properly visit Soon-Im earlier.  She even wonders out loud how grown Dae-Shil is.


Soon-Im refuses to accept Mi-Ja’s greeting and leaves.  Left alone, Mi-Ja re-avows to get revenge.


Like most daily dramas, this one is taking its time to rev up.  The family dynamics are going to be at the center of this drama and I hope that they don’t over-exaggerate the plot as the premise of this drama seems strong without over-exaggeration.

Compared to the other series in which I felt empathy for respect for the second female lead, Se-Ryung’s character was not likeable.  She came off too entitled.  Her anger and desire to blame someone was normal.  Yet, not everyone goes around slapping nurses.  Even if one truly believed that another person’s mistake might have put their family member at risk, the person who made a mistake doesn’t deserve to be treated like he is less than human.


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