Love on a Rooftop – E04

Seung-Ah unintentionally makes her older sister’s horrible day worse and we see that Se-Ryung has a temper.  Don’t mess with a Daddy’s Girl, who is willing to protect her father like a mother bear with her cub! At the same time, we realize that Seung-Hye’s family is walking on a thin line with their finances because they haven’t felt the need to focus on money, yet.  Unfortunately, in this age, you cannot just follow your passions as you still have to pay rent.


Seung-Hye sighs over a shot of espresso in a neighborhood cafe… Feeling exhausted from the day, she murmurs to herself that it’s worth buying her cup of coffee today if it can help make her feel better. Her quiet moment is interrupted by her spoiled brat of a sister, who accuses Seung-Hye of buying coffee with the money Seung-Hye received from selling Seung-Ah’s new bag. Can someone slap some sense into this girl? Why is Seung-Hye getting slapped when this idiot is allowed to run around spending the money that her family does not have?


Meanwhile, Do-Jin walks by on his way to his friend’s apartment and spots Seung-Hye. At first, he seems to doubt if it is Seung-Hye and checks with the picture on his phone. Seeing her smile, he finds himself actually thinking that she looks attractive.

Do-Jin gets a call and turns to the corner to answer as Seung-Hye walks by, preventing another squirmish between them.

However, the day is far from over for Seung-Hye. She returns home to find Seung-Ah is burning Seung-Hye’s silver coffee pot directly on the stove! Seung-Hye yells at Seung-Ah as this would ruin the teapot. Seung-Ah responds that this is payback for taking her new purse.


Both of the sisters refuse to back down and their grandmother walks in. The sly Seung-Ah runs to her grandmother to blame everything on her older sister’s coffee drinking.

Hearing that her granddaughter was preparing coffee in her house, Soon-Im yells at Seung-Hye for daring to prepare coffee in a tea house. She berates Seung-Hye as the coffee scent could affect her teas and demands that Seung-Hye toss all off her coffee immediately. Seung-Hye offers to toss the coffee herself, which her grandmother doesn’t believe her but her aunt comes to her rescue and promises to toss the coffee.



Luckily for everyone, Seung-Jae comes home and at Dae-Shil’s hinting pulls his grandmother away.

Dae-Shil does Seung-Hye a favor by pulling Seung-Ah away so that Seung-Hye can have some peace and quiet.

Meanwhile, Dong-Sook is happily oblivious about her daughter’s horrible day.  She’s too busy wondering about how she can pay for her younger daughter’s idiocy.  Thank God, that brat isn’t my little sister or I would have smacked some sense into her!  Dong-Sook tries to call her husband for help, but he doesn’t answer.


Dae-Ho is busy with financial troubles of his own.  He’s muttering to himself as he was just informed that the new building owner has raised the deposit by double and refuses to meet with him.  He wonders how he will find that much money.


Sigh, instead of teaching her younger daughter some FINANCIAL SENSE, Dong-Sook goes to give her daughter the stupid purse.  As soon as she goes in, Seung-Ah complains that she cannot do anything due to the scar.  Dong-Sook chastises her daughter to stop crying about the past and disrespecting her sister, who is the reason that they can live at the level they are…However, Seung-Ah is not paying attention once Dong-Sook hands over the purse.  Dong-Sook tries to ask her daughter to stop making such large mistakes and Seung-Ah just tries to baby her way out of the situation…Basically, she begs her mom to take care of the credit card amount so that she doesn’t have to get lectured by her sister…OMG, please tell me that this girl is only in high school or I would REALLY want to smack her.


At the same time, Mi-Ja is at work trying to get her son a professorship at the hospital.  She finds that Beom-Seok is alone at the hospital and rushes over with a meal.  She reassures him that she only wanted to help since she knows that Beom-Seok doesn’t like the hospital food.  Beom-Seok thanks her as due to her food, he can control himself from eating the cake that Do-Jin brought him…Both don’t know that Do-Jin is Do-Jin as he’s going under the name, Kang Taeho.


Back at the house, Soon-Im is complaining that Dong-Sook sucks at preparing the tea leaves…So Dae-Shil comes over with a jar to her sister-in-law’s defense and notes that Soon-Im is just digging into Dong-Sook because her mother is stressed about Yang Yoon Yi (Mi-Ja). In response, Soon-Im glares at Dae-Shil and she shuts up.

Dong-Sook tries to say that she understands everything; Soon-Im refuses to talk about Yang Yoon Yi because she’s worried that Dong-Sook would be hurt.  (Of course, Dong-Sook thinks that it’s because Soon-Im is worried about hurting her feelings by having another protege…Not that Yang Yoon Yi is Mi-Ja, Dae-Ho’s first live…)

Soon-Im yells at Dong-Sook for trying to wash the flowers with a steel utensil and Dae-Shil tries to help..Except, Dae-Shil is too enthusiastic…Soon-Im pushes them both away and complains that she has no one to train in her craft.

Meanwhile, Seung-Hye is told by her student that her student has been given the VIP room…She seems apologetic but Seung-Hye stays professional.  Her student pulls Seung-Hye to the side and tells her that she’s worried…there’s rumors about a full investigation…


Worried, Seung-Hye goes to check on Beom-Seok and runs into Mi-Ja.  They both don’t really notice each other, but the music changes…(AGAIN, IS SEUNG-HYE MI-JA’S DAUGHTER?!)

Seung-Hye finds that Beom-Seok is find and notes how Se-Ryung was so worried.  Beom-Seok laughs that his daughter is a daddy’s girl…He also comments that Seung-Hye seems to be unhappy and asks if she thinks his incident was her fault.

Seung-Hye replies that she does not believe that it was her fault and Beom-Seok agrees that Seung-Hye doesn’t seem like the type to make the mistake.  Seung-Hye asks if Beom-Seok tried to change his clothes without her and he confirms.  Seung-Hye gets the suspicion that it was this that triggered the attack, but doesn’t say anything…  Beom-Seok sees that Seung-Hye is still worried and gives her the cake that Do-Jin made to help.


When Seung-Hye walks out, she runs into Se-Ryung, who asks if Seung-Hye came to beg for forgiveness. Seung-Hye tries to respond that she just heard that Beom-Seok had tried to change without her help…She explains that it happens some times.

Se-Ryung hears this as Seung-Hye trying to avoid the blame and accuses Seung-Hye of such.  She promises to check with her father.


Meanwhile, Dong-Sook cleans the floors at home when she gives into the temptation to pay for Seung-Ah’s impulse buys with her mother-in-law’s tea.  Dong-Sook brings the tea over to her sister and asks her to buy the tea, which Soon-Im used to sell to teashops in Insa-dong (a very famous and traditional neighborhood in Seoul).  Dong-Sook’s sister answers that she has no money to help her sister…Rather, Dong-Sook should sell the tea to the Insa-dong tea house.


At the same time, Dae-Ho has gone back to beg the real estate agent.  He asks to meet with the building owner.


Dong-Sook is actually being helpful to the family as she has gone to the famous tea house to sell her mother-in-law’s tea.  The tea house owner answers that this is perfect timing as so many customers were asking for Myung-Hee’s (Soon-Im’s professional name) teas that she even went to see Yang Yoon Yi to buy the tea.  She also comments that the tea was exactly the same as Myung-Hee’s!  She also agrees to buy the tea from Dong-Sook and gives over Yang Yoon Yi’s contact information because Dong-Sook asked.


Back at the hospital, Beom-Seok confirms that he tried to change his clothes alone.  Se-Ryung grumps back that he shouldn’t have told Seung-Hye and her father laughs that he doesn’t think it was Seung-Hye’s fault…Seung-Hye reminded him of Se-Ryung at her detail orientation and conscientiousness; if he didn’t have a daughter, he would have adopted her.

Sigh…Seung-Hye’s uncle (Byun Joon-Bae) is off being a horrible business person.  The two female customers fawn over Joon-Bae’s words and he declares the chicken is on the house!  Seeing this, his son Dong-Goo comes over to ask why his father sold 7 chickens but only accepted money for two of them.  Joon-Bae tells his son that money is not everything in life.


Dong-Goo tells his mother Han Sun-Sook about this and she gets exasperated at her husband’s lack of financial sense.  She complains out loud that she’s trying to save every cent, while his father acts in this way.  This begins a telephone war with Dong-Goo in the middle, telling his mom and dad what each other said…Basically, they are really tired of each other.

Back to our main couple.  Do-Jin is making cake at home and his friend Kang-Tae (the doctor/friend whose house Do-Jin is crashing at) complains that they eat cake every day.  He tells Do-Jin to order chicken and beer and pay!


At the same time, Seung-Hye looks at the cake at home and Dae-Shil comes in.  She notes how pretty the cake is and takes a picture.

Seung-Hye asks about her grandmother and Dae-Shil tells her niece that, unless Seung-Hye is ready to promise to give up coffee, she should let Soon-Im calm down first.  Dae-Shil also gives Seung-Hye back her coffee stuff.

Then Dae-Shil and Seung-Hye try the cake and at first bite, Seung-Hye is SMITTEN >.<


Back at Joon-Bae’s chicken shop, the part-time employee comes in.  However, she tells Joon-Bae that she can’t go deliver the chicken as she is wearing too short of a skirt…She also cannot cook the chicken for the next order as she cannot stand in front of the frying oil.

Lucky for Joon-Bae, Seung-Hye brings Dong-Goo over and Joon-Bae asks Seung-Hye to deliver to Do-Jin…


I’m feeling more nostalgic today about my own father, so I can understand where Se-Ryung is coming from.  It almost seemed that Se-Ryung gave Seung-Hye an opportunity to diffuse her anger, by apologizing.  I wonder if Seung-Hye had cried and showed how much she worried about Beom-Seok as well, if Se-Ryung would have continued to hold a grudge against Seung-Hye.  However, since Seung-Hye seemed unapologetic when her father almost died, Se-Ryung focused on finding someone to blame for her troubles…

Seung-Hye’s family seems to represent the issue with today’s society.  In Seoul, the country has become affluent enough that people can follow their passions and paying for necessities is not the main issue.  However, as in many societies, the middle class soon finds out that you can’t just focus on your passions unless you know that you can pay for your bare necessities…or someone else is willing to foot the bill while you pursue your passions.  In Seung-Hye’s family, Soon-Im follows her passion to a fault – preparing wonderful tea and not selling to anyone who doesn’t follow her principals about tea, which is not selling coffee in the same establishment as tea since that could affect the tea’s aroma.  She also raised her son in the same way; it appears that Dae-Ho has not had to worry about keeping his family afloat as Soon-Im has the house and paid for Seung-Jae’s continued education.  (Korea has just shifted to a law-school system…this means that Seung-Jae got his college AND law school paid for by his grandmother.)

Unfortunately, this outlook on life only works if your family has enough money to sustain the three generations until one generation arrives that will focus on the less bourgeois passion of making money to support the family. In this family’s situation, Seung-Hye, for-yet-to-be-explained reasons has taken up the role of providing the financial support beyond housing.  However, the family is about to find out that their middle-class lifestyle is in danger since Seung-Hye’s own job is at risk because she was unlucky once to anger Se-Ryung, a girl with a temper who is in a position of power.

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