Love on a Rooftop – E05

Get your ice cream ready as this episode begins our heroine’s dramatic journey.  Money cannot buy you happiness, but it can buy you an outlet for frustration, which those who lack power cannot block.  In this episode, Seung-Hye suffers from Se-Ryung’s lash of frustration and loses her job.


Seung-Hye will not deny her uncle the favor and drives a scooter over to Do-Jin’s place with the chicken to both of their surprise!  The moment gets awkward when Do-Jin can only hold out his wallet to Seung-Hye to pick out the money himself.  Except, it costs $18 and Do-Jin only has ten dollar bills.



In Korea, they don’t have a culture of tipping so Seung-Hye needs to give him two dollars.  She promises to bring back some change, but then turns around to demand Do-Jin’s phone to delete her picture.

Do-Jin tells her that he’s already deleted the picture, but Seung-Hye refuses to give him the benefit of the doubt since she’s heard him lie to his mother that he’s still in the United States.


At the same time, Dong-Sook goes to check on her depressed husband.  She invites Dae-Ho to go to Yang Yoon Yi’s restauarant with her as she’s curious about her mother-in-law’s protege. Dae-Ho replies that his mother denied having any protege and he doesn’t remember anyone named Yang Yoon Yi.

Dong-Sook picks up on her husband’s depression and asks him what is bothering him.  Dae-Ho confides in his wife that the new building owner raised the deposit by doubling it and asks her to keep it a secret.


Meanwhile, Seung-Hye checks Do-Jin’s phone to find that he doesn’t have any pictures saved.  Seung-Hye then asks how and when Do-Jin fell for her.  Luckily for us, the drama clears up things right away!

Do-Jin sets Seung-Hye straight that he only had her picture because his friend saw the picture of Seung-Hye at his hospital and sent it to Do-Jin in surprise…That the accomplished nurse would be the cell phone thief.


Do-Jin tells Seung-Hye that he doesn’t need the change so Seung-Hye redoes Do-Jin’s wrist wrapping in exchange.  However, the redoing of his bandage is also a contentious affair as Do-Jin complains about pain and Seung-Hye berates him for whining.


The next day, Beom-Seok gets ready to check out and ominously, Se-Ryung has to answer a call from her uncle in the stairway…She confirms that she checked everything with her father. [Look at her SMILE as she tries to get Seung-Hye fired! This girl has no remorse…Will this be the type of character I love to hate? >.< A drama is only as good as its conflict and evil characters…They have to be so bad that you get frustrated and can’t wait for their comeuppance.  However, they have to always border the line of being believable or slightly rational otherwise, one loses their patience with the overboard evil character…The secret is having the character walk the line of wanting to throw out the monitor and wondering if you are being too harsh.  I think Se-Ryung has potential! Hehehehe this gets me excited!]


At the same time, Seung-Hye goes in front of an official investigation.  She declares that she checked the IV before leaving.  The investigators ask about how the IV could have released so much fluid and Seung-Hye notes how Beom-Seok confessed that he changed his clothes without her help.

The investigator shows Se-Ryung’s declaration on behalf of her father, which stated that her father answered that he never changed his clothes alone.  Se-Ryung asks the board to take into consideration that she is disappointed in the nurse who refuses to take responsibility for her mistakes.  As a result, the board fires Seung-Hye.


Seung-Hye runs to the VIP suite to ask Beom-Seok, but he’s already gone.

Meanwhile, Dae-Shil and Im-Soon wash the jars outside.  Dae-Shil notes to her mother that Dae-Ho and her sister-in-law seemed worried about something lately…Hearing this, Soon-Im calls Dong-Sook for tea.


Over tea, Soon-Im asks Dong-Sook if there is anything bothering the couple.  Dong-Sook worries for a minute, but keeps her husband’s confidence.  Rather, she asks about Yang Yoon Yi and Soon-Im dismisses her right away.


Comedic interlude!  Dong Goo comes to his mother’s shop to her asking him to hand over his test…He received 50% and Soon Sook yells at Dong Goo to show his father right away. Dong Goo shows it to his father, who exclaims that his son is a genius!  After all, Dong Goo didn’t even study and still managed to get 50%  The part-time employee also agrees as she’s never received anything over 30%!  Dong Goo sighs that his father has such low expectations…Yep, this family has its own issues.

At the same time, Seung-Hye has to take off her badge and pack her stuff up.  She walks out to see another employee take off the sign, which had identified her as the “Kind Nurse of the Month!”  Unfortunately, when things start to fall, everything falls quickly.


Life is still good for Do-Jin, who’s preparing another cake.  Mi-Ja interrupts this brother-date by stopping by with food for Kyung-Tae.  Do-Jin hides in the bathroom as Mi-Ja stops by and asks about Do-Jin and his possible girlfriend.  Kyung-Tae backs up his friend and assures Mi-Ja that Do-Jin had said he would only date someone that Mi-Ja approves of…She also comments on the cake and Kyung-Tae explains that it’s his new hobby.  She notes that it’s really pretty and he has enough skill to open up a bakery…Kyung-Tae asks if she really thinks so and Mi-Ja hits Kyung-Tae on the head.  She chastises him for even considering the possibility; and tells Kyung-Tae to focus on his studies and hospital work so that he can become a professor of the hospital with Do-Jin!  Kyung-Tae quickly agrees to appease her.


Se-Ryung also clucks over her father over dinner and Beom-Seok tells her that she should bring home a guy if she’s so worried.  He does promise only to meet with Kang Taeho before coming home.


Meanwhile, Seung-Hye has to accept the fact that she’s now unemployed.  She hides the box of her uniform and hospital stuff in the wardrobe only to be caught by her sister.  Seung-Ah agrees to keep Seung-Hye’s secret thinking that Seung-Hye is hiding her coffee stuff if Seung-Hye gives her some money.  Seung-Hye doesn’t answer her and Seung-Ah goes straight for Seung-Hye’s wallet only to find that Seung-Hye only has a dollar…

Seung-Ah complains that Seung-Hye has no money when Dae-Shil arrives.  She lectures Seung-Ah that Seung-Hye works at a hospital known to have high nurse salaries; however, she has to pay for too much to give money to Seung-Ah.  After all, she pays for Seung-Ah’s acting classes, grandmother’s medicine…Seung-Hye interrupts to ask for some time alone and Dae-Shil leaves with Seung-Ah.

Watching television, Seung-Hye sighs that she would have been an idol star if she hadn’t had a scar.  Dae-Shil tells her that she would have become a star with the scar if she had talent; so she should stop bothering her sister.  Seung-Ah doesn’t accept the wisdom and complains that it isn’t an issue of talent but an issue of lacking power and support.  Dae-Shil tells Seung-Ah to look into plastic surgery if she truly believes that it’s the scar.

At the same time, Dae-Ho and Dong-Sook also strategize about what they are going to do about the building. Dong-Ho promises to talk with the real estate agent once again.


Back with Do-Jin, Kyung-Tae tells Do-Jin to find another place to stay…he was so worried that Mi-Ja would find out.  Kyung-Tae also tells Do-Jin that Do-Jin quitting the medicinal route is an insult to his mother.

Do-Jin responds that as long as Kyung-Tae becomes a doctor in Do-Jin’s place, it’s enough; after all, Kyung-Tae is just like a son to Mi-Ja.  Kyung-Tae sighs that Do-Jin knows that being “like a son” is not the same as “being a son.”  Do-Jin promises to tell his mother soon and Kyung-Tae snaps that Do-Jin is just being stubborn; he decides that he wants chicken instead of cake.  Do-Jin offers to go out and buy it as he doesn’t want to run into Seung-Hye on another delivery.


At the same time, Seung-Hye walks out to meet with her brother.  However, Seung-Hye walks out in a daze and almost runs into a delivery person on a scooter.  The man yells at Seung-Hye for not looking where she’s going and Seung-Hye yells back that the delivery man wasn’t looking where he’s going.

The man yells at Seung-Hye for blaming him and this hits home…she yells back that she wasn’t wrong…he needs to take responsibility for his own mistakes! Seung-Jae sees this and yells for his sister.


Phew, now that was a frustrating episode.  Not that it was badly written, but it hits home to so many people.  If you have power, you can make someone else’s life miserable when you feel miserable.  In this case, Se-Ryung is venting her frustration and trauma on Seung-Hye, whom she sees as the cause of her father’s near death experience.  If Se-Ryung had been a normal commoner, Seung-Hye would have suffered an investigation at most.  Then it would have been Se-Ryung’s burden to prove that Seung-Hye had been negligent.  However, since Se-Ryung is the hospital director’s niece, Seung-Hye automatically loses the fight and gets labeled as a negligent nurse… GAHHHHH! Thank God that this is a daily drama and I can count on the writers making things right with Seung-Hye, otherwise, I need another gallon of ice cream!  On a side note, the writers have succeeded in making me invested in Seung-Hye’s situation as she seems like the quintessential average twenty-something, who is trying to make something out of her life and support her family at the same time.

On a really side note, Im Se-Mi (Seung-Hye) is a pretty crier.  Much prettier than Areum from Love & Secret who I had to get used to.  Im Se-Mi just looks cute and innocent.


I feel less invested in Do-Jin’s situation and his decision to quit being a doctor to pursue a career in baking.  It’s clear that his mother was hurt by Soon-Im in the past and she has focused on making Do-Jin a success.  While I understand that many people want to find satisfaction and fulfillment at life, I do hope that Do-Jin’s decision is supported by his determination to financially support himself.  I do not think that it would be a fair or mature decision of his to decide to quit becoming a doctor when he cannot financially support himself in the process and expects his mother to cover the bills.  So far, Do-Jin’s crashing at his friend’s place has not really helped.  It seems like Do-Jin is the spoiled and naive child compared to his friend Kyung-Tae, who is at the least pursuing a career.

Finally, I really hope that Dong-Sook does not ask Seung-Hye to help with the doubled deposit for her father…Seung-Hye has enough on her hands trying to figure out her career without having to worry about financially supporting her whole family.  This is a family of seven people, each person can help with their pro rata share…

Since the tension has been set up, let us see some of it getting resolved!

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