Love on a Rooftop – E06

Seung-Hye gets fired and tries unsuccessfully to get a new job.  Meanwhile, Do-Jin helps step on Seung-Hye’s last pride without knowing that he will have to try that much harder in the future to win her over.  Thankfully, this drama has no qualms about hiding the truth and Kyung-Tae sets Do-Jin straight about Seung-Hye being a scapegoat to Se-Ryung’s anger.


We return to Seung-Hye declaring her innocence to the delivery man when Seung-Jae arrives and diffuses the situation.  Do-Jin also walks by and sees the situation.



He has the decency to look uncomfortable.


Afterwards, Seung-Hye discusses the hypothetical situation of a nurse in her own situation with her brother.  Seung-Jae explains that usually, the accuser would have to prove that the nurse was negligent.  However, if the accuser was powerful, then the nurse would have to prove her lack of negligence.   Seung-Jae comments that the nurse must be someone close to his sister since she seems so concerned and Seung-Hye thinks to herself that it really is not someone else’s story.

Seung-Jae sighs that it would suck to be that nurse as being fired for negligence would ruin her chances of being hired elsewhere.  He comments that the nurse’s best bet would be to convince the patient to declare the truth.


Seung-Hye returns to her room to find Dae-Shil falling asleep at her computer. Seung-Hye tries to get her aunt to sleep for a couple of minutes and return to writing later.  Dae-Shil gives Seung-Hye a book that she bought for Seung-Hye about a famous barista…(OMG – is this going to be the second lead? PLEASE PLEASE LET IT BE DO-JIN’S FUTURE RIVAL!)  Dae-Shil comments on Seung-Hye’s lack of enthusiasm and agrees to sleep for only five minutes.

The next morning, Soon-Im ignores her granddaughter’s efforts to give her morning shots…Seung-Jae arrives to Seung-Hye’s rescue and offers to give Soon-Im her shots and Soon-Im agrees. UGH…childish grandparents!

At the same time, Dae-Ho pleads with the real estate agent once more about meeting with the building owner.  Naive Dong-Sook arrives and notes that the building owner must have a sympathetic heart…that is why the owner refuses to meet with them face-to-face and hear their situation.


Meanwhile, Mi-Ja hears about Dae-Ho’s pleads from her secretary Sang-Man.  Mi-Ja declares that it is not time for her to see Dae-Ho yet…He needs to fall much, much further.

Seung-Hye gathers her courage to ask Beom-Seok about the truth and dresses to meet with him.


Beom-Seok is meeting with Do-Jin.  He tells Do-Jin that he was unable to try Do-Jin’s cake as he was not recovered yet and gave the cake to a nurse that he was thankful to and who was going through a hard time.  Beom-Seok formally hires Do-Jin and has Do-Jin meet his team leader, his daughter.


Do-Jin goes to meet his supervisor and finds out that it’s Se-Ryung!  Se-Ryung is also surprised as Do-Jin is going under a pseudonym. Se-Ryung is a smart woman and refuses to finalize the contract until Do-Jin can get his mother’s approval… Otherwise, Do-Jin’s mother would hate her for taking the son, who had the skill to become a hospital director.  Se-Ryung explains her decision as a business decision; she notes that Do-Jin’s mother would never let Do-Jin work in the food industry, which includes uncertainty to Do-Jin’s ability to work….Hmmm, I think that Se-Ryung just doesn’t want to be hated by her future mother-in-law.

At the same time, Sun-Sook tells her husband to go to the parent teacher conference.  She sighs that she wanted to go, but there is a group order…Joon-Bae complains that Sun-Sook should stop focusing on the money and Sun-Sook replies that she will stop if Joon-Bae just gives her the child support.  Dong Goo gets up saying that both of them do not have to attend the parent-teacher conference if they are busy…[Side note…Dong-Goo does not have the acting capacity as Heung Min… TT_TT I miss Heung Min!]

Back at the main house, Dong-Sook hears that the building owner has agreed to meet with Dae-Ho.  She promises to join him and tells him that she will do the begging.

On her way out, she sees Soon-Im who is preparing a new tea.  Soon-Im hears that Dong-Sook is going to the shop and has Dong-Sook promise not to go to Mi-Ja’s restaurant.


Fortunately for Dong-Sook, she doesn’t have to visit Mi-Ja’s restuarant.  Mi-Ja visit’s the home with some fruits that she picked out as just fruit that Soon-Im likes.  Mi-Ja ignores Soon-Im’s unfriendly countenance and invites herself in, commenting on Soon-Im’s choice of tea flowers…Dong-Sook is surprised to hear Mi-Ja say the same thing as Soon-Im about the increasing difficulty of dandelions this year and Soon-Im dismisses Dong-Sook.  Dong-Sook explains that she will prepare tea before leaving.


Se-Ryung and Do-Jin walk out to the company lobby to see Seung-Hye asking the front desk to meet with Beom-Seok.  Se-Ryung walks over to demand to know why Seung-Hye has visited the company.  Seung-Hye replies that she wanted to check on Beom-Seok.

Se-Ryung accuses Seung-Hye of trying to beg her father to help Seung-Hye as Seung-Hye was fired.  Basically, Se-Ryung accuses Seung-Hye of manipulating Beom-Seok’s kindness and kicks Seung-Hye out.

Seung-Hye tries to stand her ground and Do-Jin interrupts.  He tells Seung-Hye that she is being unprofessional as a nurse…the people who are must traumatized by a medical incident are the patient and patient’s family…Do-Jin also asks how Seung-Hye even knew Beom-Seok’s workplace. He accuses Seung-Hye of breaching the patient confidentiality policy by coming to visit Beom-Seok.

Seung-Hye has nothing that she can say in her defense and Se-Ryung pulls Do-Jin away after ordering the guards to kick Seung-Hye out.


Back at the main house, Dong-Sook fawns on Mi-Ja in Soon-Im’s presence.  She has no idea that all of Mi-Ja’s statements are thinly veiled barbs back at Soon-Im.  For example, Mi-Ja comments that Dong-Sook is kind like a woman suited to be the daughter-in-law of an established traditional family…Mi-Ja even explains that she had always been curious as to what kind of woman would satisfy Soon-Im.

Soon-Im dismisses Dong-Sook after Mi-Ja invites Dong-Sook and her husband to Mi-Ja’s restaurant.

After Dong-Sook leaves, Soon-Im asks how Mi-Ja could visit.  Mi-Ja explains that it was her late mother’s last will…that they apologize to Soon-Im.  Soon-Im has the decency to look distressed that Mi-Ja’s mother had passed away.  Mi-Ja explains that her mother had always lived in regret that they could not stay and help Soon-Im…until her mother died.  Mi-Ja takes another sip of the tea and comments that she could not perfectly copy it no matter how hard she tried.  As she leaves, she comments to herself that she will bring her mother back to this house soon.


At the same time, Sang-Min meets with Dae-Ho and Dong-Sook.  He tells the two that they will not decrease the deposit amount…However, he can recommend a place for a loan.

Dae-Ho comments that that they would need to be careful about a loan.  Sang-Min answers that he knows the two would not be able to easily get a loan from anywhere else.  He reminds them that they will need to leave if they cannot prepare the deposit amount in time and leaves them a card for the financing company.


Meanwhile, Beom-Seok asks Se-Ryung about why she didn’t sign Do-Jin.  Se-Ryun explains that she was worried due to “Taeho’s” lack of experience.  Beom-Seok tells her not to take too long as Taeho has too much potential.  Se-Ryung smiles that her father seems so impressed by Do-Jin.  Yup, someone is definitely interested.


At Kyung-Tae’s place, Kyung-Tae relates the latest gossip…Seung-Hye was a scapegoat for Beom-Seok’s family’s anger.  Do-Jin makes the connection that Se-Ryung is Beom-Seok’s daughter at this moment.  He opines that Seung-Hye might have actually been negligent.  However, Kyung-Tae disagrees that Seung-Hye had a great record and was known to be professional….he definitely believes that Seung-Hye was wrongfully terminated due to Se-Ryung’s background.


Back at home, Seung-Hye updates her resume when her mother comes in.  Dong-Sook confirms that Seung-Hye had paid off her employment loan.  Seung-Hye asks what is bothering her mom and Dong-Sook tries to leave without asking for help.  Seung-Hye stops her mother and asks again and Dong-Sook asks her daughter if she could get another employment loan.

Seung-Hye stutters in answering and her mom immediately tells her daughter to forget about it…She shouldn’t have asked Seung-Hye even if Seung-Hye is the only one who actually makes money…Dong-Sook leaves.


Randomly, Do-Jin finds himself walking to Seung-Hye’s house where Seung-Jae finds him.  Seung-Jae asks what Do-Jin’s business is and Do-Jin leaves.

The next day, Seung-Hye attends several interviews…However, each interview ends unsuccessfully.  Either the hospitals believe that Seung-Hye is negligent for being fired from Kang Sol Hospital for negligence or they do not want to hire a nurse, who would sue the hospital for wrongful termination…


Of course, Seung-Ah is not helping anyone but herself at the same time.  She stops by a plastic surgery hospital and explains that she has had the scar on her shoulder since four…Her older sister had dropped a pot of boiling water.

The plastic surgery consultant tells Seung-Ah that she could probably do a skin transfer and asks Seung-Ah to wait outside to speak with the doctor.  When she does, she overhears the two people at the front desk talking about the interviewee who worked at Kang Sol Hospital and spots Seung-Hye walking out.


Part of me wants a quick resolution to Seung-Hye’s suffering, but the majority of myself is thankful that the writers are taking the time to establish the scene for Seung-Hye’s development.  It makes sense that if Seung-Hye and Do-Jin are going to become an item and Do-Jin has foresworn his path as a doctor, Seung-Hye also needs to find a new job that would bring her into frequent interactions with her love interest ^.~  Though it was a tiny crumb of hope, this was also the second episode where the “famous barista” also was mentioned.  I am really hoping that somehow, in a believable manner, Seung-Hye’s second love interest will be this famous barista.  The drama has already hinted that Seung-Hye loves coffee and I assume that her love for the beverage allows her to be extra sensitive to its taste.

As for the second female lead, I am not sure how I feel about Se-Ryung.  If she hadn’t been the reason that Seung-Hye is now unemployed, I would have been rooting for her.  Se-Ryung obviously works hard and is not a spoiled brat.  She loves her father and takes her work seriously.  She also knows that she is interested in Do-Jin and is slowly beginning to flirt with him, while keeping her options with his mother open… Seems like a normal twenty-something professional in this day and age.  However, she has been (understandably) harsh with Seung-Hye.  I hope that the dramas continue to paint Se-Ryung as an empathizable second lead, while simultaneously providing us with a second heroine that we can hate a la All About Even. ^_^

Finally, the small tidbits that we get about Mi-Ja’s revenge really remind me about A Wife’s Temptation.  I don’t understand what happened after the outburst when Soon-Im kicked Mi-Ja out…Did Dae-Ho accept the end of the relationship?  Why is Mi-Ja intent on ruining Dae-Ho’s life as well as getting revenge on Soon-Im?

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