Make a Woman Cry – E02

Can an episode frustrate you to the point where you are denouncing people to fall off of cliffs and then give you the catharsis that you need after a long day’s work in one day? Yes, it can and this episode did just that.  What happens when the school system is fair, but what happens when some children are not blessed with parents that care?  Additionally, thank the writers that we have a fair woman who sees the scoundrel of a son that she has for what he really is!



Deok-In beats the crap out of the gangsters until the police sirens start.  The gangsters run out like the world is ending and Deok-In yells at the students to run, since having a visit to the police station will not help any of their futures.  All of the students run except for Jungsoo who tries to carry Deok-In but drops her to the ground when the police actually arrive. HAHAHAHA!


Deok-In barely manages to stand when the current detective arrives with a wooden stick to deal with the gangsters.  Except, instead of arresting her, he speaks in respect to Deok-In who had been a detective in the station until she took time off due to her son’s death.  They end up grabbing a drink for old time’s sake, and the detection confesses that everyone expected her to return to duty after she got over her son’s death.  Deok-In replies that she just cannot return to a practice in which she sentenced youths full of potential to a static fate…Hilariously, the younger detective quips that it would always bug Deok-In even as she was working…As they drink teapot over teapot of rice wine, it gets real…Deok-In confesses that she sometimes wonders if her son paid for his mother’s sins…her son had tearfully told her to live happily without him as he died…and the younger detective tries to console her.  However, it’s clear; Deok-In will no longer be able to return to a life in which she condemns any youths…


Deok-In drunkenly walks through the alleys that night, happily getting lost in her memories of her son, in which her son plays the recorder and she sings.  After he’s done, she hugs him on her knees despite his protests that he’s grown-up.


Back in the present, Deok-In stands in front of her house as she broods.  When she makes it into her room, she just broods over the picture of her son.  In fact, she has kept his phone number alive…She calls her son and pretends to speak to him; her son replies in the same statement he said before he died, that he wants his mother to be happy…but, how can someone who is left to live be happy when someone she loves has moved on physically?  Is anyone else crying here?


Lest the viewers get too choked up, we turn to Jin-Myung who is fishing with Hyunseo.  Hyunseo confides with Jin-Myung that Hong-Ran commented that his speaking and vocabulary is different from his peers because he spends all of his time indoors.  Jin-Myung reassures Hyunseo that Hong-Ran dismisses everything that she cannot understand.

In a friendly and sincere manner, Hyunseo confides that Hong-Ran still still seems so alive to him…compared to his mother, who seems like a dead woman walking through the motions of life.

Jin-Myung reassures Hyunseo that Eunseo used to be full of life as well.  One of his upperclassman used to describe Eunseo as a sunflower, because her smile would light up everything.  Hyunseo asks the million dollar question about why Jin-Myung frequently talks about Eunseo’s past but not his father’s… Jin-Myung responds that he didn’t want Hyunseo to miss his father and Hyunseo answers that he cannot miss his father, whom he lost before he was lost.  Jin-Myung quickly changes the topic and goes back to fishing but not before he spends suspicious seconds glancing back at Hyunseo…[OMG, who else is betting that Hyunseo is Jin-Myung’s real son?!]

Meanwhile, Hong-Ran tries her best at memorizing her script for the latest episode, in which the female character takes over the company and board of directors…HAHAHA.  Hong-Ran has difficulty with the economic concepts and complains to her driver that a woman who spends most of her time at work wouldn’t be able to utilize all of the vocabulary that the writer included. ^.~


Meanwhile, the mother-in-law goes shopping with Eunsoo and tries to buy her an expensive necklace.  Eunsoo declines on the grounds that she doesn’t even leave the house and on the ground that Hong-Ran should be jealous.  This lady is on a mission to ingratiate herself with her in-laws by killing her spirit; her son saw it rightly.  Eunsoo’s mother-in-law responds that every mother-in-law would be blessed if their daughters-in-laws were like Eunsoo…Basically only considering the well-being of their husbands and not themselves? THANK YOU BUT NO!


At the same time, Bok-Rye mutters to herself that Deok-In doesn’t really care for her husband and prepares some food for the cheating jerk Kyung-Cheol.  When she arrives at Kyung-Cheol’s house, she finds that his door passcode doesn’t work and is about to walk off when Kang Jinhee walks out to introduce herself as the woman who wants to marry the married Kyung-Cheol. [OMFG GOT LET ME THROW MY WINE BOTTLE AT THIS WITCH!]

Meanwhile, Jungsoo stops by Deok-In’s restaurant in the morning to check to see if she is okay.  He jokes that she should have pretended that she was beaten up by the gangsters like she did when she beat up the students and Deok-In agrees that is the tactic that she used.  Jungsoo informs Deok-In that Yunseo wants to meet her and Minwoo came back to school.  It’s cute because he jokes Deok-In to hit him as he will tell the police.


At the same time, Bok-Rye meets with Jinhee at a cafe, where Jinhee tells her that she will marry Kyungchul. Bok-Rye tells Jinhee that she needs to wake up since Kyungchul already has a wife. Jinhee calls her “mother” and Bork-Rye tells Jinhee that she will not accept Jinhee as a daughter-in-law, so Jinhee should give up before leaving.


Meanwhile, the clueless Deok-In focuses on Minwoo’s situation as Jungsoo relayed Yunseo’s request to meet.  Deok-In readily goes and Yunseo first dismisses his minions so that the two can talk in private.

Once they’re alone, Yunseo comments on Deok-In’s background impressing her with his researching ability.  He also offers to stop beating up on Minwoo.  However, Deok-In isn’t satisfied with just Minwoo’s freedom and orders that Yunseo stop bullying altogether.  He isn’t ready to accept this and threatens to make Minwoo’s life hell.  Deok-In’s hackles rise at Yunseo’s vicious threats and she warns him that she will kill Yunseo if he does.


Deok-In leaves and Yunseo orders his minions to bring Minwoo.  Jungsoo finds Minwoo rinsing out mops and yells at him to leave the school immediately.  Minwoo does not pick up on the gravity of the situation and wastes precious seconds standing there awkwardly until Jungsoo yells at him again before running off.

Jungsoo then realizes what he did; seeing a kid walk by, Jungsoo bullies him into rinsing the mops in his stead.  Another of Yunseo’s minions run by to check if Minwoo ran this way and Jungsoo pretends that he didn’t see him but when the minion asks the kid and he answers that Minwoo ran that way just a couple of minutes ago.  At one glare from Jungsoo, the kid retracts his statement, but it’s too late as the damage has been done.


Minwoo manages to run to the safety of Deok-In’s restaurant while Yunseo throws Jungsoo onto the ground and beats him up for his insubordination.

At the restaurant, Deok-In tells Minwoo that Yunseo offered to stop bullying him, but Deok-In didn’t accept because she didn’t want to create another victim.  She also offers to protect Minwoo.

Later on, Deok-In sees a beaten up Jungsoo walk past and tries to ask what happened.  However, Jungsoo doesn’t answer.

On the unforgivable baddies’ side,  Kyung-Chul demands to know why Jinhee had told his mother that they were planning on getting married.  He accuses her of not trusting him and looking down on his family.

Jinhee answers that she did not expose their relationship to diss Kyung-Chul, but he was never going to confess himself.


Back at home, Bok-Rye snaps at each of her three useless bum children who are lazing around the house to get paying jobs.  When she finds one of her sons actually just laying around with a cucumber mask, she blows up.  She asks if he’s going to get a girl just to make her financially take care of their family and then cheat on her like Kyung-Chul is doing.


Meanwhile, at the Kang residence, the family partakes in another tense dinner.  The mother-in-law comments that they are going to participate in a charity auction and requests that Hong-Ran help pick out the donated items as her items were most popular last year.  Hong-Ran lightly replies that she declines as she cannot work with Eunseo who would throw coffee in her face again.

This surprises everyone and they dismiss the children to discuss proper decorum.  The in-laws ask Eunseo what caused such an improper action and Eunseo apologizes that she was just so frustrated because of her son’s health; she feels like it was her fault that he was born this way.  This turns the tide of the conversation in her favor as the in-laws console her that she did everything she could…

However, Eunseo isn’t finished and she throws Hong-Ran back into the fire by lamenting her son’s health, which Hong-Ran compared to a senior person’s health.  This raises eyebrows and Hong-Ran gets chastised for her flippant speech.  Jin-Myung also pulls Hong-Ran into their room to warn her not to speak so carelessly about another person’s child.  He asks how Hong-Ran doesn’t feel bad for Eunseo and Hong-Ran replies that their father-in-law and Jin-Myung cares enough for Eunseo that she doesn’t need to.

Jin-Myung responds that some times he doesn’t know if he can continue to live with a woman like her.  Hong-Ran spits back at him that she is this kind of woman and it was his fault for losing his love to his older brother before leaving the room.


At the same time, Kyung-Chul comes home to a furious mom who refuses to acknowledge him as her son.  She asks how he could marry Deok-In and have her financially support the family, while he studies for the accounting degree.  She laments that Deok-In had to survive among the guys at the police station, which is not an easy task for a girl.

Kyung-Chul bites back that he never asked her to and he never complained about his family bumming off of him…However, he wants to be free from Deok-In now as he doesn’t love her.

Fortunately for Kyung-Chul and his family, his siblings are eavesdropping outside so that they see Deok-In when she arrives at home.  One of the brothers immediately goes inside to let his mother and brother know so that the two stop before Deok-In hears about the affair.  Kyung-Chul leaves soon afterward and Bok-Rye is left to vent her frustration on Deok-In by demanding how Deok-In could be so dense…Of course, Deok-In has no idea why Bok-Rye is annoyed and indulges her.


Back at the Kang residence, the two sister-in-laws have another thinly veiled chat fight.  Eunseo goads Hong-Ran for attacking her in front of the in-laws when Hong-Ran doesn’t have the ability to win; after all, she has a right to correct her younger sister-in-law who is lower on the family tree.

Hong-Ran smirks back that Eunseo is not officially a member of the family; Hyunseo is but Eunseo’s fiance died before they could get married…Now we’re going for the low hits…

Eunseo rises to the bait and threatens Hong-Ran in return.  She comments about how a friend of hers was recently divorced because her sister-in-law and mother-in-law decided to kick her out; this happened even if her friend’s husband loved her, which is not the case in Hong-Ran’s situation.  The implication is not lost on Hong-Ran and it appears that this battle ends with a draw.

Returning to Jinwoo, he checks in on Yunseo who just threw a fit in his room because of Deok-In’s interference in his life.  Jinwoo tries to remind Yunseo without being overbearing that all of the teachers know he’s Yunseo’s father; so, it would be helpful if Yunseo would try to control his behavior.


The next day, Minwoo’s mother storms the school despite Minwoo’s protests and demands official actions against the children who bullied and beat up her son.

Deok-In hears about this from her clients who chat happily because of the menu and let her know that Jungsoo is in trouble.  She demands to know what happened and then takes away the tattle-tale’s food as punishment for throwing Jungsoo under the bus when he wasn’t going to help Minwoo in Jungsoo’s place.

Back at the school, Jinwoo tries to convince Jungsoo to bring his father to the school to apologize to Minwoo’s mother.  Jungsoo answers that his father will not come.


So for dinner, Jinwoo heads over to Deok-In’s restaurant to update her on the Minwoo matter.  He tells her how Minwoo’s mother came to the school and all of the parents apologized to her except for Jungsoo’s parents; as a result, Jungsoo might have to deal with an official investigation.

Deok-In snaps that if any official actions are taken, the school should deal with Yunseo first and wonders allowed if they are leaving Yunseo alone because of his pedigree.  To Jinwoo’s obvious discomfort, Deok-In wonders who could be the horrible failure of parents of Yunseo…

The next day Jinwoo goes to Jungsoo’s house to speak with his father directly.

At the same time, the Kang family finds out that Jinhee is dating a married man when Hong-Ran makes a random guess and Jinhee doesn’t deny it.  Look’s like the proper family is really not that proper after all.

Meanwhile, Deok-In’s tattle-tale kid tries to show remorse for throwing Jungsoo into Yunseo’s path of anger by telling Deok-In Jungsoo’s address so that she could help.  She heads up to Jungsoo’s house, which is high up in a poorer neighborhood and finds Jungsoo’s drunken father beating up his son.


She immediately pulls Jungsoo a side and yells at the man for abusing his son. Realizing that he cannot overpower Deok-In, Jungsoo’s father leaves the house and walks past Jinwoo straight into loan sharks.


Jinwoo realizes that this is Jungsoo’s father and tries to stop the loan sharks with words that they cannot illegally coerce or threaten their clients.  However, the loan sharks dismiss him and Jinwoo resorts to grabbing the head loanshark’s legs and shouting for help.

This gets Deok-In’s attention and she runs over to beat all of the loan sharks up.  Once they have some breathing space, she warns Jungsoo’s father to run and hide before the back up comes.  Within minutes, the backup arrives and Deok-In yells that they have to run.  Except as they start to run, Jinwoo falls and Deok-In reassuringly tells him that as long as he’s obedient, they won’t beat up a third party bystander! HAHAH and she runs leaving him there.


I’m not sure how the writer did it…But the writer fully captured what it felt to lose someone…The desire to pretend that everything is all right… the random circumstances that highlight the loss that you thought you forgot and were over…The desire to speak with the lost person and ascertain that the passed person is all right… The writer hit the nail on the head.

Again, I appreciate the writer’s decision to distinguish this drama from Angry Mom.  It is tedious for viewers when all of the dramas tell the same story; after all, we turn in to watch a story not two different versions of the same story in the same season.

I love the Hong-Ran/Eunseo conflict in this drama and the fact that it has been successfully isolated to just the parents as Minseo is too much of a coward to join the fight and Hyunseo is too much of an angel to join. I might love mak-jang too much, but I agree that something is suspicious about the Jin-Myung/Eunseo relationship.  He dotes on his nephew way too much…Either Hyunseo is Jin-Myungs biological son or Jin-Myung attributed to the incident that caused the death/disappearance of his older brother.

In contrast, the writer seems to be doing a good job in setting up the relationship between Deok-In and Jinwoo.  I like the fact that she unknowingly begins her relationship with her future step-son by stepping in to give him some necessary life lessons, which his own father has been unable to give him.  Hopefully as the series progress, we will see Deok-In organically form a relationship with Jinwoo and Yunseo separately…So far, Yunseo needs a firm mother much more than Jinwoo needs a wife.  Deok-In being the perfect mother who carries a deep scar may be the perfect fit for this family, which is also just trying to heal.

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