Love on a Rooftop – E08

At least the drama doesn’t make us suffer an overextended period of angst.  While the fates have not changed for Seung-Hye, the rival suitor for her love arrives in Korea and recognizes her talent for coffee in their first meeting.  The best part of it all?  This meeting only occurred as a result of Se-Ryung’s competent event planning.


Beom-Seok has a conference with Do-Jin and Se-Ryung to confirm that Do-Jin’s decision not to sign on with the company was truly voluntary and not forced by Se-Ryung.  Interestingly, he even corrects Se-Ryung harshly when she tries to address him as father to explain the mutual understanding achieved.
Do-Jin reasures Beom-Seok somewhat by explaining that he had been certain enough to fly back to Korea to sign with Kang Sol Foods.  However, due to personal circumstances he is no longer able to sign the contract. With that statement, Beom-Seok reluctantly backs off after emphasizing how disappointed he is for not being able to employ Do-Jin.
Do-Jin begins to ask about Beom-Seok’s contact information but stops when he looks at Se-Ryung.  Se-Ryung confirms with him that Beom-Seok’s contact information is confidential and should not be shared with anyone that Beom-Seok hasn’t personally shared it with; this girl has some keen intuition.
Meanwhile Myung Yi (on reference websites it states her name as Soon-Im but all cafee/restaurant scenes address her as Myun Yi so I’m just going to switch over even though I’m not sure if this is her professional name only) brings lunch for her son.  On her way, she walks by the famous cafe in Insa-dong and notices that there is a sign advertising her teas. Furious, Myung Yi walks in to demand why the cafe is insulting her by pretending to serve her tea when Myung Yi cut their relationship months prior.
The cafe owner apologizes profusely and confesses that Myung Yi’s daughter-in-law had begun to sell them Myung Yi’s tea.
Hearing this, Myung Yi goes straight home and calls in Dong-Sook to lecture her for going against her mother-in-law’s orders.  Dong-Sook apologizes and asks Myung Yi for understanding as their financial situation has gotten worse and she feels like an incapable mom who cannot provide financially for her family… However, Myung Yi is not in an understanding mood and dismisses Dong-Sook so that she can lay down and sulk.
Dong-Sook runs over to her sister Sun-Sook’s restaurant to sulk as well.  However, Sun-Sook only apologizes to her sister because she cannot financially help her.  She tells her that the only possible answer to Dong-Sook’s problem is getting Myung Yi to get a reverse mortgage on their house.
At the same time, Dae-Ho has a drink with Joon-Bae who commiserates with his brother-in-law.  He apologizes that he doesn’t have any funds to help and also suggests that Dae-Ho get a reverse mortgage on the house with or without Myung Yi’s permission since the house is under his name; it’s either that or Seung-Hye.
Dae-Ho bristles at the mention of relying on Seung-Hye and Joon-Bae apologizes immediately.  When Dae-Ho sighs that he feels so bad to Seung-Hye, Joon-Bae asks if Dae-Ho regrets adopting Seung-Hye.  The part time employee jumps in to confirm what she heard and we get unintentional confirmation that Seung-Hye is the adopted child.  [The only question remains whether she is adopted completely or if she’s Dae-Ho’s and Mi-Ja’s child…]
Dae-Ho gets up to leave and Joon-Bae offers that Dae-Ho speak with Sun-Sook as she’s zealously saving up for Dong-Goo’s future house…
Of course, Sun-Sook denies having any money to her sister and even pulls the, I’m-the-younger-sister-who-is-raising-a-child-alone card with Dong-Sook.  I was actually satisfied to hear Sun-Sook say this to Dong-Sook, whose only solution so far has been to ask others for help… However, seeing her older sister deflate, Sun-Sook offers to take Dong-Sook out for lunch.
Thus, Dong-Sook, Sun-Sook and Dong-Goo end up at Mi-Ja’s restaurant because Sun-Sook remembered that Dong-Sook had been curious about the restaurant.  Sun-Sook and Dong-Goo happily stuff themselves with the barbecue meat, while Dong-Sook refrains because she feels guilty about what Myung-Yi would say if she found out.
Sun-Sook tries to reassure her sister that no one will find out if they keep their mouths shut.  At that moment, Mi-Ja walks over and plays the gracious host asking why they didn’t tell her ahead of time; she would have totally given them a private room and VIP treatment.  She also orders that they get extra servings of meat on the house and promises to pack some home for them.
Sun-Sook is overjoyed and even comments that Mi-Ja seems more like the first daughter-in-law of a traditional and established family than Dong-Sook, which Mi-Ja preens to hear.  She even adds that Dong-Sook has so many problems right now it’s uncountable until Dong-Sook kicks her under the table.  Mi-Ja immediately takes the opportunity to offer Dong-Sook any help that she can as she wants to repay everything that Myung Yi has done for her before leaving.
Mi-Ja goes to bring soup over to Beom-Seok who confides that he is disappointed about losing such a talented employee.  Hearing this, Mi-Ja tells him to invite the potential employee over to her restaurant and she will support Beom-Seok in trying to hire him, which gets a smile for him…It seems there may be a budding romance at this level as well…
Meanwhile, Dae-Ho unsuccessfully tries calling his friends for some financial assistance but comes up empty.  After some hesitation, he ends up calling the loan shark that Mi-Ja’s secretary had left him, but he hangs up when they answer.
He’s still sighing over his situation when Joon-Bae comes in to check on him because Joon-Bae felt so bad after he let slip that Seung-Hye was Dae-Ho’s adoptive daughter.  Joon-Bae notices the tenseness and warns Dae-Ho not to go to the loan sharks but to go the route of the reverse mortgage.  Dae-Ho doesn’t respond and just asks Joon-Bae to be careful about talking about Seung-Hye’s adoption in the future.
At the same time time, Dong-Sook arrives at home to see the neighborhood idiot getting ready to go out to visit plastic surgery clinics.  She tells her mother that the operation will be expensive, but Seung-Hye should pay for it since she’s responsible.  WHY ISN’T DONG-SOOK CHASTISING HER DAUGHTER FOR SPEAKING SUCH CARELESSLY ABOUT HER SISTER?!
After just sighing about the pure idiocy of her useless daughter, Dong-Sook goes in to adjust the blanket on her mother-in-law.
Back at the restaurant, Mi-Ja discusses their status with Sang-Man who notes that Dae-Ho should be trying to get a reverse mortgage on the house soon since he doesn’t have the background to get a loan from Korean banks and Seung-Hye has lost her job at the hospital.  Mi-Ja seems surprised to hear that Seung-Hye was recently fired and Sang-Man explains that although Seung-Hye is rumored to be competent, she was involved in the Beom-Seok accident and Se-Ryung insisted on Seung-Hye’s termination.
Speaking of Se-Ryung, she’s checking in on her substitute for Dong-Jin.  She’s hired the famous coffee barista Yunho who has arrived in Korea at that moment.
Meanwhile, Seung-Hye sulks over her old nurse’s uniforms and Dae-Shil decides to take her out to the event that Kang Sol Foods is having to introduce Yunho to Korea.  They get Yunho’s autobiography signed and Daeshil plays the perfect wing-woman, asking Yunho to shake Seung-Hye’s hand and volunteering Seung-Hye for Yunho’s quiz.
In a different part of the city, Dong-Jin tells the real estate agent that he will look around before deciding on which restaurant to rent and leaves just as Sang-Man walks in.  Sang-Min realizes belated that he might have seen Dong-Jin and rushes out, but Dong-Jin has already hidden around the corner preventing the inevitable showdown with his mother.  Instead, he gets called to Se-Ryung’s event by Se-Ryung herself.
Back at the event, Yunho gets four volunteers to come to the front to taste four un-identified cups of coffee that he’s brewing.  The contestant that can get all four correct wins his prized hand trip coffee pot.  As the drama earlier hinted, it turns out that Seung-Hye has a taste for coffee.  Unlike the other contestants she labels all cups the same type of coffee beans.
When Yunho walks by, he asks her why she did that and Seung-Hye responds that to her taste, it seemed like all four cups were brewed from the same beans except using different methods to produce a different taste.  Yunho seems surprised by her answer and smiles that she actually won his quiz.
I’m actually disappointed that they cleaned Yunho up from his hispter airport look.  While the mainstream consensus seems to to prefer the preppy look for Korean celebrities, I thought that Yunho’s first style really suited his character as this genius barista.  After all, what screams genius-coffee-barista more than some hipster guy with a hand-drip coffee pot and thick framed glasses?  Additionally, this look would contrast with Do-Jin’s style more vividly.  Hopefully, the stylists bring it back!
On the other hand, I am starting to get really annoyed by Dong-Sook.  If you’ve read my other recaps, you might already have picked up on the fact that I have little tolerance for characters that expect other people to help them instead of helping themselves.  If everyone is equally an adult, I don’t understand where some adults continue to have this selfish outlook that someone else will always provide for them?
Just to clarify, I’m not attacking the fact that Dong-Sook is a home-maker.  I think that’s perfectly respectable and it’s a hard job that doesn’t get the recognition that it deserves.  However, I do not respect the fact that Dong-Sook expects her daughter to continuously support their family financial to the point of getting personal loans instead of trying to get a reverse mortgage on their property first.  Even if the circumstances would not permit Dong-Sook going out to work, she could at least broach the subject with her mother-in-law and protect her daughter.  Also, her parenting of Seung-Ah is lacking.  Every time Seung-Ah comes on the screen, I feel like throwing something out the window.
In contrast, I empathize and feel sorry for Dae-Ho again.  He’s at least trying to reach out to his friends and looking into other financing options.  I do hope that he isn’t an idiot and opts for the loan shark loan over getting a reverse mortgage on their property from a reputable bank.  As a background, loan sharks in Korea give loans to everyone.  However, their interest rates are usually outrageous and compound daily.  In addition to that, they usually use illegal methods to terrorize the borrower if the borrower does not pay up and force family members to take responsibility for the loan after the passing of the immediate borrower.  Dae-Ho’s choice to rely on loan sharks without consulting with his mother would be an idiotic choice resulting from pride, which I would not respect.
Finally, I’m glad we got confirmation early on about Seung-Hye’s adoption background.  I love the fact that even with this confirmation, so many questions still exist such as whether she’s Dae-Ho/Mi-Ja’s child or not…and how the romance with Do-Jin will occur.  I can think of a couple possibilities: 1) Seung-Hye is Dae-Ho/Mi-Ja’s child and Do-Jin is also adopted; or
2) Seung-Hye is not Dae-Ho or Mi-Ja’s child and Do-Jin is actually Dae-Ho/Mi-Ja’s child.  Another possible twist is that Seung-Hye is actually Beom-Seok’s child, which seems more far-fetched but is possible.
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