Make a Woman Cry – E03

Accidental and forced revelations abound in this episode as we see the bottom of Kyung-Cheol’s character, hints of Jin-Myung’s own evil, and Jinhee announces her presence to Deok-In.  Meanwhile, Deok-In manages to save Jungsoo from being a victim of unlucky circumstances.

Deok-In cheerfully washes her windows as she wonders about what ended up happening to Jinwoo after she ditched him at the sight of gangster reinforcements.  Lucky for her, she does not have to wait long as Jinwoo soon walks past for school.



Deok-In interrupts him to ask cheerfully how he’s doing and notes with pleasure that he doesn’t seem too roughed up.  As a token of her apology, she gives him coupons for a month’s worth of free meals at her restaurant, which Jinwoo pockets before letting her know that he survived when he told the gangsters the address of her restaurant. HAH!  Well I guess we cannot expect him to stay loyal when she physically ditched him…


Deok-In sputters at how he could do such a thing and demands her coupons back, but Jinwoo just leaves her and walks toward the school.  With his back turned, he smirks that she’s more naive than he thought if she bought that story so easily.


Meanwhile, Jin-Myung meets with his father at work and reports on Kyung-Chul’s state of affairs; he had a child who is now deceased and is not divorced yet.  Jin-Myung quietly recommends that their father approve of the relationship since at least the youngest should have an opportunity to be with the person she loves.


Afterwards, Jin-Myung goes home to find Eunseo preparing flowers in the garden.  He joins her and smiles broadly reminiscing about their school days when an upperclassman would tease Eunseo because of her broad and easy smile.  Eunseo smiles back at the memories until she spots Hong-Ran in the background glaring at the two of them.


Jin-Myung has the decency to follow his wife to their bedroom, where she begins by commenting that she never saw such a happy smile.  Jin-Myung replies that Eunseo used to smile like that all the time in school and Hong-Ran corrects him; she meant him.  She tells him to check his behavior…At the very least, he should not be so obvious that he loves his sister-in-law and not his wife.  Jin-Myung responds that her jealousy and insecurity toward her sister-in-law is ugly and turns him off.


Meanwhile, Deok-In prepares some boxed lunches for Jungsoo and makes the trek to his house to find Jungsoo walk in with his little brother.  They leave the little brother at home to speak privately outside and Deok-In finds out about how Jungsoo’s mother left him when he was in school.  She had even come to visit his school and he knew in his heart that she was leaving…Therefore, he did not turn his head to look at her because he thought it would mean good-bye.  She never returned that night.


Deok-In asks Jungsoo why he didn’t beg his mother to stay and the kid replies that he hated the thought of losing his mother, but the thought of her constantly being beaten up by their father was worse.  Sigh, I’m beginning to think Deok-In should have just let the gangsters beat him up on the grounds that they don’t break any limbs or kill him.


They return to Jungsoo’s littler brother who requests kimbap and Deok-In complies.  As they share the meal, the little brother asks Jungsoo if Deok-In is their mother.  Deok-In takes in a breath as her eyes fill with tears at being called “mom,” and Jungsoo apologizes on his little brother’s behalf; the littler brother never knew their mother.


Jinwoo interrupts this touching moment by also dropping by to check on Jungsoo.  He tries to help himself to the kimbap, but Deok-In moves the dish out of his reach and closer toward the baby.


At that moment, Jungsoo gets a call from the landlord, which he fends off with the excuse that they cannot move without their father.  Luckily the grandmother landlord has a conscience and is not trying to kick the two kids out on the street.


The two adults leave the children with heavy hearts.  Deok-In soon remembers to demand the free coupons from Jinwoo who refuses and walks quickly ahead.


At the same time, Jinhee comes home to find Bok-Rye waiting for her outside of Kyung-Cheol’s apartment.  Jinhee lets her inside and the two woman engage in a battle of the spirits.


Bok-Rye begins by asking for Jinhee’s parents’ contact information as she needs to speak with the failure of parents who raised their daughter to break up another family’s household.  When Jinhee does not answer, Bok-Rye even insults her for being impudent.


Jinhee never raises her voice but responds that she is not the housebreaker; Kyung-Cheol flirted with her first without telling her that he was married! OMG…SO THAT LYING SLITHERING PIECE OF JUNK NOT ONLY BETRAYED HIS WIFE WHO IS SUPPORTING HIS FAMILY BUT ACTIVELY AND PURPOSEFULLY SEDUCED ANOTHER YOUNGER WOMAN.  WHY IS HE BREATHING OUR OXYGEN?!


Not finished with the revelation about Kyung-Cheol’s evil nature, Jinhee continues to recommend that Bok-Rye just stay out of the matter as her family will benefit from the union…To add insult to injury, she even clarifies that Kyung-Cheol had already confessed several times that he wished he were born an orphan because his family burdens him too much.  OK, so Jinhee might not have been the initiator but this girl is no flower…She’s like a piranha.


Bok-Rye then goes to see her son who twists the knife further instead of reassuring her.  He confirms that Jinhee was telling the truth; he approached her first under the guise of being single because she would not have looked at him otherwise.  When Bok-Rye tries to ask if this is what he learned from her, Kyung-Cheol responds that he learned how not to live from her and his father…how he shouldn’t have tons of kids when he could not support them.  Yeah, an inflatable hammer would come in mighty handy about now…Bok-Rye should just give Kyung-Cheol his wish and write him out of the family registry.


Meanwhile, Minwoo’s mom visits the school in an outrage and demands immediate action to rectify the situation about her child.  She does not care if the head of the school’s own grandson is involved, she is willing to write an official petition to the board of education if that’s necessary.


The principal tries to calm her down while looking for Jinwoo who is Minwoo’s homeroom teacher.  However, he gets distracted when the police call…


Next thing we know, Jinwoo is running to the police station and stops by Deok-In’s restaurant to let her know as well; the police arrested Jungsoo.


Deok-In and Jinwoo arrive at the station to find out that a woman got her bag taken by a pick-pocket and then saw Jungsoo with it.  Except, the envelope of cash that she withdrew was no longer in the bag and he had an envelope of cash on him…Jungsoo’s story was that his mother had contacted him and given him the cash. However, he doesn’t have her contact information, which makes it all the more suspicious.


Deok-In and Jinwoo leave the station frustrated at the situation and Jinwoo seems suspicious about the circumstances as well…after all, they had just heard Jungsoo speak with his landlord about the unpaid rent and they know that Jungsoo’s mother has not contacted him in a while…It wouldn’t be hard to imagine that Jungsoo acted out of desperation.


Deok-In snaps at Jinwoo that Jungsoo said his mother gave the money to him so she believes him and stalks off to take the matter into her own hands.


Deok-In then stomps over to meet with the detective whom she used to work with.  Not taking his excuse that it’s not his department as an answer, Deok-In demands that she gets an opportunity to speak with Jungsoo and does.


When she finally gets some time with Jungsoo, she asks him directly who he got the money from.  Jungsoo replies sullenly that it does not matter what his answer is and she yells at him to answer her directly.  Jungsoo yells back almost with tears of frustration that his mother gave it to him and Deok-In accepts it.  She tells the young detective to show Jungsoo the mug shots of all of the young petty criminals in the neighborhood where Jungsoo got involved with this crime.


I’m going to quickly go over the next scene as it was excruciatingly angsty.  Bok-Rye lurks outside of her daughter’s hair salon only to see her daughter limp out to put up towels to dry and cheerfully tell her mother that she has to go run a simple errand for one of the customers so she cannot talk right now… Bok-Rye watches her daughter limp off in tears.


Back at home, useless and more useless try to cook dinner and basically ruin a good batch of spinach.  Then the older one tries to indulge his mother out of her mood with their homemade meal, but Bok-Rye asks him if they should just sell the house, buy the daughter (Kyung-Ah) a small hair salon, and move to the countryside just the two of them as the younger brother should be able to survive on his own.  Yup, angrily chomp down on your popcorn and move on this pity-fest…YOU RAISED YOUR SON THAT WAY SO EITHER WRITE HIM OUT OF YOUR FAMILY RECORDS OR SMACK SOME SENSE INTO THE IDIOT!


Another family dinner at the Kang residence occurs as Eunseo perfectly prepared some cold noodles for the family, which is easy to digest since Jin-Myung is having stomach troubles.  Hong-Ran snaps that she had no idea her husband had stomach issues since he never tells her anything only to have her mother-in-law quip that Hong-Ran should be able to pick up on such things without being told. With the psychic powers everyone has of course!  This triggers Hong-Ran’s fury as she stands up stating that the noodles are tasteless and leaves the table.


Sweet Hyunseo remarks that he is thankful that the family has someone like Hong-Ran in the family; she’s like a breath of fresh hair.  Meanwhile, the mother-in-law remarks that Hong-Ran should learn to think at least a couple of seconds before saying anything on her mind since she does not seem to have a filter.  Surprisingly, the father-in-law supports Hong-Ran by saying that there are different types of people and it keeps their lives from being dull; she’s fresh after all, you know exactly what she’s thinking.  However, the mother-in-law is not appeased; she retorts that only Hong-Ran feels satisfied after being able to state everything on her mind and those that have to listen to her have to deal with the repercussions of the feelings that Hong-Ran’s outbursts elicit.


This is just the beginning of the troubles for the family as they try to sit together and address Jinhee’s homewrecking plans.  Hong-Ran continues her streak of psychic guessing and guesses that Jinhee’s guy has not divorced his wife because he has not even told her…  When Jinhee cannot deny it, the patriarch of the Kang family roars that he wanted to let at least one of his children marry for love, but he cannot allow this!


Of course, Hong-Ran picks up on the phrase and confronts her husband about his lack of attempt to hide the fact that he does not love her.  This results in another standoff as Jin-Myung does not back off or reassure his wife like any decent person would do.


Meanwhile, Jinhee goes straight to Kyung-Cheol to inform him that he needs to formally greet her family now despite his protests about the timing.  She also demands that he inform his wife of his intent to divorce, because she’s not a stupid and pitiful woman who will stand aside and watch him leave her on the sideline like his current wife.  Kyung-Cheol angrily responds that Jinhee should not speak ill of Deok-In because it’s the same as if she is dismissing him.


Hearing what sounds like Kyung-Cheol defending his wife, Jinhee storms to the bedroom alcove and starts throwing her clothes into her suitcase and announces that she’s going home…She adds that if she leaves now, she will never return.  Unfortunately for us, Kyung-Cheol rises to the threat and grabs her in a backhug, wishing that she stays with him.


At night, Deok-In comes home to have dinner with Bok-Rye who tries to bring up Kyung-Cheol’s betrayal.  She begins by noting how sorry she is that Deok-In joined their family when so young and had to take care of them.  Deok-In replies happily that they gave her a family, which she did not have and Bok-Rye asks if she can always continue to look back on the time in that perspective.  Deok-In looks up sharply to ask if something is wrong, but Bok-Rye loses the confidence to tell her.


In the morning, Deok-In goes to help Jungsoo again.  She checks in with her pal, the younger detective, who apologizes but denies the ability of setting a team to find the real perpetrator on the of a problem student who is about to be expelled and was found with the money.  Even Deok-In’s exclamation that Jungsoo is the type of young man who would piggyback ride his younger brother for hours until the younger brother fell asleep and would not engage in any activity that would leave his brother without familial support falls on deaf ears.  However, he does give her a list of places where the alleged culprit might be found.


So Deok-In goes to a gambling den and beats up a bunch of losers asking for information the alleged culprit.  She gets a lead that she follows to a nightclub, which she also disrupts by cutting off the music and shouting for the culprit to show himself.  Of course middle-gangsta-not-our-culprit yells at her for her impudence to demand that he meet her and launches his minions on Deok-In.  Deok-In releases her current frustrations by beating up the minions and the gangsta-boss.


Finally, Deok-In has the information that she needs and after a change of clothes, and, presumably a shower after that fight, she waits for the real culprit.  When she shouts his name, the guy tries to run and Deok-In slams him into his car before rendering him immobile and calling her detective buddy to come over and make the arrest.  The detective finds the atm/cash envelope in the culprit’s backseat and it still has the withdrawal receipt, which confirms that this was the real culprit and exculpates Jungsoo.


Jungsoo gets released into Jinwoo’s custody and is told that the nightclub owner gave the police the tip. ^^


Now that Jungsoo will no longer have to face the possibility of going to jail, Jinwoo tries to pull his own strings and help Jungsoo at school by asking his mother to step in as she’s the head of their school.  However, his mother declines as this is a sticky issue and could backfire as an improper use of her position.  Oh well, our Jinwoo still has 47 episodes to grow into a capable man that can actually help Deok-In.


After the talk, Jin-Myung speaks with his father on the side who mentions that he keeps dreaming about Jin-Myung’s older brother who would have been Hyunseo’s age…This visibly affects him…hmmmm.


Just in case that we missed the hint, Jin-Myung pulls Jinwoo aside before he leaves and asks if Jinwoo still thinks that he killed their older brother or let their older brother die when Jin-Myung could have saved him.  DUN DUN DUN!  Jinwoo doesn’t answer directly but replies that he never once forgot the day because the way that Jin-Myung looked at Jinwoo changed after that day…Jin-Myung asks why Jinwoo did not go to their parents with his suspicions and Jinwoo replies that he thought it was his responsibility to keep quiet for Jin-Myung….


Jinwoo also adds that he knows Jin-Myung doesn’t have ambitions for the company and never knew why Jin-Myung would do it.  At those words, Jin-Myung dismisses Jinwoo on the grounds that this is a topic for another day.


As to why, we find out why right away.  When Jin-Myung comes inside, he stares at Eunseo’s back as she prepares tea…Of course Hong-Ran walks down at that moment to see him staring…


The next day, Jungsoo shows up at school to apologize sincerely to Minwoo in person.  He tells Minwoo that he knows that his apology would not erase the scars that Minwoo incurred but he really wants Minwoo to know that he’s sorry.  Afterwards, he stops by Deok-In’s restaurant with a smile.  Deok-In hugs him and reminds him that there are many different paths in life; he should know that this is not the end of his life.


However, back at school, Minwoo actually bursts out at his mother who refuses to show mercy on Jungsoo.  He yells that the reason he never told his mother when he was getting beaten up every day was because he never believed that she truly loved him. Over 45 minutes of good writing and we get this weak help from the fates a/k/a the writer to save the day…


Next thing we know, Jinwoo is running out to Deok-In to let her know that Minwoo’s mom showed mercy and Jungsoo will only be suspended for a couple of days instead of getting expelled.  To her utter surprise, he hugs her and tells her that he’s never met an ajumma like her.  She gets irked by the title of ajumma and pulls out of his embrace ^^  She asks for her coupons back, but Jinwoo just runs back into the school grounds and the principal shows up to ask what her business is at the school.


Having been caught off guard, Deok-In answers that she’s here because Jinwoo ate $500 of food and left without paying… HAHAHA the principal looked like he was about to pay for Jinwoo but runs after Jinwoo instead when he hears the actual amount.


Just as we think that everything is going well for our characters, Jinhee drops by Deok-In’s restaurant and announces that she’s the woman who Kyung-Cheol is planning to marry.



HATE.HATE.HATE Kyung-Cheol and Jinhee.  I’m not sure who I hate more, and, if it would not break Deok-In’s heart, I wish they would ruin each other’s lives forever.  First of all, how low can Kyung-Cheol be to have actively seduced/courted Jinhee without telling her that he’s a married man?  Not to mention his statements of how his family burdens him makes me suspect that he chose Jinhee because of her background and money.  Additionally, although it would not excuse him, I don’t even understand how much support he actually gave his family when his mother has already noted that Deok-In was the one who financially provided for their family with Kyung-Cheol pursuing additional studying…


Second, I can’t believe Jinhee does not feel an ounce of guilt for the fact that she’s about to ruin someone else’s family.  Even if she originally began to develop feelings for Kyung-Cheol under the impression that he was single, when she found out, she had a duty to try to stop this.  Instead, she’s actively pushing Kyung-Cheol to speed up the progress.  Talk about being a selfish witch!

One thing that I am left asking myself is…Could I live with a man who loves another woman in front of me?  If I were not allowed to get a divorce or I knew that a divorce would mean the choice of giving up my son or subjecting him to a life of struggling when he could have had privilege, would I choose to live in an unrequited love?  I’m not sure if I can confidently answer that question, which stops me from judging Hong-Ran’s insecurity too harshly.  Any woman’s pride would be hurt if she had to live with a man who so blatantly loved another woman in front of her…In this case, Jin-Myung is the idiot that is poisoning his family and the relationship between the two sister-in-laws…

Not last, but a tiny rant…The last scene in which Minwoo tells his mother that he hates her was unexpected.  Additionally the fact that they did not really explain the relationship between Minwoo and his mother makes me think this was a forced solution to Jungsoo’s threatened expulsion.  However, I’ll let it go as a simple strike.  At least it wasn’t as bad as using the whole deus ex-machina situation or having Jinwoo’s mom stepping in to resolve the problem.  It helps that the rest of the episode was amazing.

Finally, this episode revealed a lot about Deok-In’s character.  The fact that she had no family prior to marrying Kyung-Cheol and having their son gives more of a background on her decisions to stay with her in-laws even after her husband moved out and her inability to move on from the death of her son.  She does not care as much that her in-laws are basically mooching off of her hard work because their acceptance is worth the suffering… Sigh, these next 47 episodes better give Deok-In a happy ending or else.

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