Love on a Rooftop – E14

Dae-Ho reassures us that he’s a capable antique connoisseur even if he is not particularly ambitious.  Meanwhile, the tension that arises from the second generation’s decision to follow their passions despite the wishes of the older generation starts to bubble to the surface.



Joon-Bae cannot help but ask Dong-Goo if Sun-Sook really did loan money to Dong-Sook.  Dong-Goo denies any knowledge even if Miss Bom gives him ice cream and his father gives him a dollar or five dollars. Finally, Joon-Bae offers another ten bucks for a total of $16 and Dong-Goo admits that Sun-Sook did not loan the money.


Next, Sun-Sook buys Joon-Bae and Miss Bom dinner at Mi-Ja’s restaurant to keep their mouths shut as Soon-Im might kick Dong-Sook out of the family if she knew that Dong-Sook accepted money from Mi-Ja.  Joon-Bae offers to keep Sun-Sook’s secret if Sun-Sook helps him out with the increased deposit and Sun-Sook yells at him that she would have money if Joon-Bae would just give her child support.

Miss Bom then feeds Joon-Bae by her hand infuriating Sun-Sook who starts to throw the food at him.  Mi-Ja sees this exchange and sighs at the lack of couture of the family.

Sang-Man arrives to tell her that the fake painting has arrived…it’s such a good replica that it would be difficult to know that it’s a counterfeit.  Mi-Ja instructs that Dae-Ho has to sign the sales contract.  Oh dear! So she was not planning on winning her old love over with this present?  She wants revenge on him as well? o_o WHAT HAPPENED WHEN SHE WAS KICKED OUT TO TURN THIS WOMAN INTO THIS?


At Dae-Ho’s shop, he comments that the third party finder must have expended a lot of effort.  The finder hands over the contract and Sang-Man tries to rush Dae-Ho as his boss wants the painting soon.

Dae-Ho pauses and notes that he cannot sign the contract…Sang-Man asks if there is something wrong with the contract.  Dae-Ho responds that the contract is not the problem…the painting is.  He explains that the flowers bloom in the spring and fall in the winter…only to return in the spring…the blooming flowers signify spring but the deer is painted to signify summer.  Therefore, the painting is a counterfeit.

Sang-Man grimaces as Dae-Ho comments that the boss will need to wait a little longer for the original painting.   He then leaves because of a call from home.


Sang-Man has to report to Mi-Ja who comments that they will not be able to corner Dae-Ho for counterfeit infringement.  She tells him that she has another idea…


Meanwhile, Dae-Ho arrives home to check on his mother who asks for Seung-Hye.  Dae-Ho lies that Seung-Hye is watching the store as Dae-Shil runs off to warn Seung-Hye.  Dae-Shil tells Seung-Hye to go spend some time outside and hide from Soon-Im until she can calm down.

Yunho also worries about Seung-Hye and paces around in his cafe wavering about whether or not he should call.  Seung-Hye arrives to apologize for the earlier incident and Yunho invites her to a cup of a coffee.

Do-Jin arrives at home to find Kyung-Tae looking up the latest episode on his webtoon.  Their bro-time is interrupted by Se-Ryung who dropped by.


Back at the cafe, Seung-Hye enjoys her coffee to Yunho’s compliments that she knows how to really enjoy a cup of coffee.  He asks her about her current situation.  Seung-Hye answers him honestly that her grandmother is a renown tea maker who believes that coffee is shrinking the tea market…Yunho expresses his understanding and asks if Seung-Hye is going to give up.  Seung-Hye pauses at his question when her father finds her at the cafe.


At Kyung-Tae’s place, he quickly runs out to run errands to give Se-Ryung and Do-Jin some space.  Se-Ryung asks if Do-Jin really just helped out because he couldn’t see someone suffer in front of his face…if so, then he is well suited to be a doctor.  She also clarifies that she wants her man to be a doctor.  Well, gotta give props to the girl for being direct.


Dae-Ho seems to have understood the situation as he confirms that she got caught on her first day.  He expresses surprise that her dream is to become a barista even if he knew that Seung-Hye loved coffee.  He encourages her to not give up as he will convince Soon-Im somehow.

Yunho comes by with a cup of coffee for Dae-Ho.


At the same time, Kyung-Tae grumbles about having to leave his own apartment for Do-Jin and Se-Ryung.  As he’s muttering, Dae-Shil comes to pick up her cell phone and gets caught lying to Joon-Bae about the reason why she left that night.  She’s in the middle of a full blown lie when she spots Kyung-Tae and recognizes her.

Dae-Shil gets ready to leave but Joon-Bae tells her to wait as he prepares her some food to take home.  Kyung-Tae gets up to describe the night before…about a crazy woman who would enter the men’s bathroom and then run around the park drunk.  Joon-Bae comments that it must be a crazy older and unmarried woman…Hearing that, Dae-Shil runs out in embarassment.


Se-Ryung returns home with an invitation to Do-Jin’s opening.  Se-Ryung has a flash back in which she asked for another invitation to give to his mother.  Do-Jin had answered that he would take care of his own mother and Se-Ryung ominously wondered if he would be able to host an opening without incident.

Kyung-Tae arrives at home and notices one of the invitations.  He tells Do-Jin not to give him one as he is not going to accept or show up…Do-Jin gets up to finally tell his mother.


As he walks over to his home, he sees his mother’s car drive by…His mom is also calling at that moment.

Mi-Ja explains that she just called to hear his voice as she misses her son.  Do-Jin offers to rush over to her side and Mi-Ja stops him as it would dissolve all of her efforts until now.  Do-Jin tries to add that he has something to say but Mi-Ja interrupts first.  She tells him that the hospital director agreed to support Do-Jin’s professorship at the hospital…once he returns, his life is set.  She tells him to eat well and hangs up.


Se-Ryung hands over the invitation to Beom-Seok who regrets the fact that he could not employ Do-Jin before he opened up his own cafe.

Back at home, Dong-Sook asks why Seung-Hye wants to become a barista instead of a nurse.  Seung-Hye pauses and Seung-Ja comes to her aid declaring that Seung-Hye should be able to follow her dreams.  Dong-Sook complains about her headache and leaves…


Just in time for Seung-Ah come over and dance that she also got employed at a cafe.  She’s going to take a month off of her academy and use the money that she earns and saves up to get her surgery done.  I guess for once, Seung-Ah is doing something that doesn’t make me want to throw water on her character…


Soon-Im has both Dae-Ho and Seung-Jae in her room.  She tells Dae-Ho to change Seung-Hye’s mind but the two try to convince her to leave Seung-Hye alone.  However, Soon-Im refuses to accept their words and demands that they bring Seung-Hye over right away.

At the same time, Do-Jin speaks to a picture of his mother on his cell phone…He apologizes but explains that he wants to follow his own dreams.


Back at Seung-Hye’s place, she tells Soon-Im that she really wants to become a barista.  Seung-Hye tries to explain that like traditional tea is important to Soon-Im, coffee is that important to her…

Soon-Im cuts her off and order that Seung-Hye leaves her house immediately.


This episode seemed to focus on the tension between two generations that is sometimes dismissed as a culture gap.  In many families, especially first generation Asian families in the United States as well as families in Korea, there is this widening gap between what the children grow up believing their lives will be like as adults and what the adults expect from their children.  These differences arise from good intentions if we can generalize and simplify the tension.  The older generation’s wishes are that their children obtain a stable and respected job such as lawyers or doctors…More creative jobs such as baristas, which fall off the traditional path scare the older generation.  These jobs signify uncertainty both in terms of financial success and the respect that the parents believe their children will receive.

In contrast, young professionals grow up being encouraged to find themselves and pursue their passions.  As a result tension is inevitable in a lot of families.  Do-Jin symbolizes the more privileged families, in which the younger generation might just decide to rebel as he believes that he can obtain personal success through following his passion.  On the other hand, Seung-Hye symbolizes the middle-class younger generation, which is more cautious about turning away from the path of financial stability to one that seems less traditional.  Of course, Seung-Hye’s situation is aggravated by her grandmother’s perspective on coffee as well as the fact that she’s adopted…Notably, both views are manifested by Dong-Sook and Dae-Ho.  Dae-Ho seems to fully support Seung-Hye’s decision while Dong-Sook is more cautious as she’s worried about their family’s financial situation…

It’s interesting to see daily dramas tackle this tension.  It means that the mainstream viewers in Korea empathize with this tension in one way or another…After all, it was less than a decade ago when the daily dramas rather focused on the tension between the horrible mother-in-law and the innocent daughter-in-law.  It seems that in Korean society, as the boomers begin to retire, they are realizing that by giving their children more opportunities than they had, the children (now young adults) cultivated different life values.

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