Love on a Rooftop – E15

Happy Sunday!  Seung-Hye barely holds on to her will to pursue being a barista as Soon-Im implodes.  At the same time, Mi-Ja finds out about Do-Jin.  What will our two youngsters do?


Soon-Im calls Seung-Hye to ask her to give up becoming a barista in front of the rest of the family.  However, Seung-Hye refuses to back down; she tells her grandmother that to her coffee is as important as traditional tea is to her grandmother.  In a bout of anger, Soon-Im yells at her to leave the house if she wants to pursue coffee.  Seung-Hye starts to sniffle and tells her  grandmother that is willing to accept any punishment…but, she doesn’t ever want to leave the house again.  To her credit, Soon-Im looks away without saying anything else.


Meanwhile, Beom-Seok invites Mi-Ja to Do-Jin’s cafe opening! Since Beom-Seok is an important business contact, Do-Jin goes to greet him personally and Beom-Seok calls Mi-Ja over to introduce them.


Seeing Do-Jin, Mi-Ja starts shaking and drops her plate of cake.  Citing a headache, she leaves first without looking at Do-Jin.  Beom-Seok tells Do-Jin that it’s a shame since he invited Mi-Ja intentionally as she’s well-known in the food industry.  Apologizing, Do-Jin runs after his mother to ask if she’s okay.


Mi-Ja turns around at his voice to yell at him for being in Korea.  She tries to pull him with her saying that they can  both leave right now…the whole reason she even came to his cafe is because she wanted to stay on Beom-Seok’s good side…To Beom-Seok, her son is still in the United States.

Do-Jin apologizes before pulling away and walking back into the cafe just in time as Beom-Seok runs after to Mi-Ja, worried that she might need medical attention.  However, she excuses herself and walks off to Sang-Man who is waiting in her car.


Meanwhile, Seung-Hye meets with Dae-Ho in his shop.  He tells her that he knows that “THAT INCIDENT” hurt her badly…However, he hopes that she would forget about it and never bring it up since the other children don’t know about it.

Seung-Hye smiles that she also understands; she will not make the mistake of bringing it up again.  Dae-Ho leans over and tells Seung-Hye that no matter what anyone says, she is his daughter.


It’s really sweet because afterwards, Seung-Hye cooks fish for her grandmother as it’s her favorite dish.  Dong-Sook also sits down and tells Seung-Hye that Soon-Im did not really mean for Seung-Hye to leave the family … after all, Soon-Im tells her to leave the house some times, too.  Then she ruins it by being a normal nagging mother and mentioning that she still thinks being a nurse is better than a professional barista.


Dae-Shil comes to Seung-Hye’s rescue by saying Seung-Hye should follow her dreams; she can take care of the family financially.  After, Seung-Hye leaves, Dong-Sook lets her mouth run off again.  This lady really feels comfortable in the family…She tells Dae-Shil that Dae-Shil should save her money for her marriage.

Dae-Shil tries to tell Dong-Sook that she will find a man who wants just her and not care about her  finances but Dong-Sook mutters that there’s no guy like that out there since she’s so old.  Oh dear… ^^;;; Dae-Shil spits out her water and yells at Dong-Sook…just like real siblings…


At the same time, Seung-Hye tries to get Soon-Im to eat, but Soon-Im refuses to get up.  Within a couple of minutes, Dae-Shil comes in to poke at Soon-Im.  She jokes around about Soon-Im’s anger so much that Soon-Im tells Dae-Shil to get out!  Dae-Shil smiles and turns to Seung-Hye to remind her that Soon-Im tells her to leave the family all the time as well.

As Soon-Im has gotten up, Dae-Shil tells her mother to give in this time as she knows how Seung-Hye treats her word as law…yet, Seung-Hye felt it was important enough to pursue…Huffing, Soon-Im agrees to eat and does so angrily, while telling Seung-Hye to quit her cafe job.

Dae-Shil retorts that if Seung-Hye quit now, it would be an insult on her family!  She yells at Seung-Hye to hurry up and go to work.  It’s kind of cute as Soon-Im continues to eat until Seung-Hye leaves…when she finally sighs and stops.


Seung-Hye arrives to find Yunho welcoming her as Dong-Sook meets with Dae-Ho.  She complains that Seung-Hye should stay a nurse rather than a barista, which not many people know.  However, Dae-Ho shoots her down and tells her to stay out of this.  Dae-Ho firmly tells Dong-Sook that he wants to give Seung-Hye the opportunity to pursue her dreams.  He even tells Dong-Sook that he understands that she suffered because he pursued his dream…However, he found pleasure and pride in his line of work and he wants to give the same chance to his daughter.  Go Dae-Ho! >.<  On a more dangerous note, he gets a call from someone who tells him that they have the painting…Oh no…


Back at the cafe, Yunho teaches Seung-Hye about temping for espresso.  Adorably, he’s not above sticking his nose into her business.  He asks her if the atmosphere at home is not that good and Seung-Hye admits that it’s harder than she expected to get her grandmother’s approval.


Yunho tells her that she is at a crossroads; she could either be the dutiful granddaughter who ends up resenting her grandmother or follow her dreams and becomes a globally known barista who brings prestige to her family.  He notes that her grandmother would be so proud of her at that point and promises to work hard to help her achieve that success.  He convinces her and sets her straight to practicing temping.


Comedic interlude as Dong-Sook stops by Sun-Sook’s place to tell her the good news about Dae-Ho deciding to be serious about financially providing for the family.  Sun-Sook gets angry at Dong-Goo’s obsession with a cell phone game and drags him to her husband’s chicken shop…except, Joon-Bae is obsessed as well.  She ends up forcing the two boys into drafting a contract promising never to play cell phone games again.

Back at home, Dae-Shil runs out after getting a call from her publishing company about her book being plagiarism.

Seung-Jae goes in to check on his grandmother and finds her ironing Do-Jin’s jacket.  Seung-Jae massages his grandmother’s shoulders and Soon-Im asks him what he wants to ask of her.  Seung-Jae pauses but is unable to bring himself to ask his grandmother to lose to Seung-Hye.  However, his grandmother already knows.


She tells him to sit in front of him.  After he sits down, Soon-Im tells him that the men of their family focused on traditional gifts and the women of the family cultivated tea jam to protect the family’s health.  She apologizes that she cannot accept her grandson’s request, but this is the will of the family and their ancestors.


First, I loved the family’s (minus Seung-Ah) reaction to the revelation.  I thought that all of them really showed how they are a family, which has the same thick ties even if some may not be blood related.  Dae-Ho’s decision to finally stop just pursuing his own satisfaction and pleasure and take over the burden of financially providing for the family was commendable.  Dae-Shil was amazing as usual with her declaration that she will support the family and she will find a guy who doesn’t care about her financial situation.  Talk about a confident woman!

Even Dong-Sook.  I thought her reaction was very Korean mom and I loved it.  If she did not really truly care for Seung-Hye, she would not care as much…It’s clear that she’s much more dismissive of things that happen to Dae-Shil.  However, she actually takes the pains to disappoint her daughter because she believes that being a nurse would be a more stable job for Seung-Hye.  I don’t think that it’s 100% altruistic, I’m sure she would love having a daughter who has a stable financial job.  However, I also don’t believe it’s 100% selfish.  I really do believe that she’s just being a normal mother who wants the most stable/prestigious/high paying job for her daughter.  In that sense, Dong-Sook wins points in my book.

In contrast, I have to admit that I might be biased because of the generation I am from and how I was raised…However, Soon-Im’s answer did not sway me at all.  What does it matter that there are generations of dead family members who held the traditional arts and tea making precious? While I respect her decision to also hold tea dear, I cannot agree with her decision to actively stop someone from her family from pursuing something that she perceives is antithetical to those traditions…Her decision-making has no moral, logistical, or practical basis.  Just to note an extreme argument, her ancestors prior to the 1900s also accepted polygamy and concubines.  It also does not help that her treatment of Seung-Hye vastly differs from her treatment of Seung-Jae, which as a young woman, I cannot accept.  Just as a warning, I’m probably unusually sensitive because the preview teased that Soon-Im’s character will only degenerate further…

In a world of “daughter-idiot” fathers (my own father included ^~), it is ironic that so many instances of favoring the males come from other females like Soon-Im.

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