Make a Woman Cry – E05

How does this drama make me feel like I want to both hug Deok-In and protect her from life’s troubles?  I don’t feel this way about the heroines in any of the other dramas that I’m watching…and it’s hilarious as she’s a seasoned veteran detective and I run 16 minute miles even if the PE teacher yells that he’s going to fail me.  However, I still end up feeling like I want to rush over and at least smack the idiot who’s beating on Deok-In… Off to the episode where Deok-In gets back on her feet, but Jinhee lurks under the surface.


Deok-In looks at her hand and then stares at Jinwoo before sulkily replying that she doesn’t need to wrap her hand for this little wound.  As she attempts to walk off, Jinwoo stops her from walking away with a bleeding hand.


She acquiesces by going to the park where Jinwoo binds her hand awkwardly with some gauze.  He then puts his foot into his own mouth by commenting that her hand is smaller than he expected as it’s a girl’s hand.  He shuts up immediately as he realizes that it could remind Deok-In about her own husband who doesn’t see her as a woman worth loving.

When he finishes, Deok-In looks at the wrap job, which is basically just wrapping the hand many times with two pieces of tape.  She asks if this is it and he replies that at least he put his best efforts into it.  She tells him that she will see him tomorrow and gets up.  Jinwoo yells out after her to be careful on her way home and she tells him that she’s not a child who cannot go home alone after hurting her hand alone.


Jinwoo walks after Deok-In and she tells him to walk first if he’s path is the same way.  She doesn’t want to show him his back as it might look pitiful.  Jinwoo pauses and walks off first.  Deok-In pulls out the envelope instead of watching his back and Jinwoo sees her when he stops to look back… T_T

In the morning, Jinwoo cannot help remembering the HORRIBLE scene from the night before.  Yeah, because it was HEARTLESS.  COMPLETELY HEARTLESS.  People, let’s remember to remain compassionate when we’re stepping on other people’s hearts!


At the same time, Jin-Myung sings a song, while Eunseo sits next to him at their old college.  She asks why he’s singing it and Jin-Myung answers that it was the song that she sang in college the night that his brother came to school…She was wearing a headband and a player skirt, while she played the guitar and sang.  His brother had come because he had told his brother to come and sell at least one more cup of coffee…

Eunseo remembers it and starts singing it as well and Jin-Myung just peers over.

Hong-Ran comes home to find Eunseo not in the kitchen and asks her mother-in-law who answers that Eunseo went to the resignation ceremony of her college professor.  Her mother-in-law also went as he also revered the professor.  This news greatly unsettles Hong-Ran as she knows Jin-Myung is considering it as a date.

At the same time, the two culprits are sharing a sweet moment.  Eunseo confesses that she is stuck in her memories as her ex-fiance died so young.  She remembers that it was raining that night that she saw her fiance for the first time.  In response, Jin-Myung wonders if their lives would have been different had he not invited his brother.

Eunseo smiles that she remembers Jin-Myung as well, he used to always carry around a red notebook.  Jin-Myung agrees that he used to believe that loving someone broodingly used to seem so cool as he was young and makes Eunseo laugh.


Back at the restaurant, two of Deok-In’s regular ponder whether they should eat there…The chubbier one notes that it won’t be as bad if they get beaten up together.  The other kid is more cautious about getting beaten up but is easily convinced when they smell tonkatsu.

It’s ADORABLE.  The two greet Deok-In happily and Deok-In teases them for leaving her the last time.  The chubby one answers that he wants to eat well and stand up against school violence!  The other one makes the excuse that he was just following the mass culture.  Deok-In smiles and orders that they sit own.

To add to the happiness, Minwoo comes in with two friends.  They all agree that it won’t be bad if they all get beaten up together and Deok-In smiles that she’s going to give all of the boys two pieces of meat!


When Yoonseo walks by with his cronies, Deok-In smugly opens the door to show the full restaurant.  She encourages them to eat with the rest of the boys by Yoonseo just glares at her.  As Yoonseo begins to walk off, Deok-In asks about Kim Hyunjin.

Yoonseo asks if she’s going to get involved with Kim Hyunjin.  Deok-In responds that it will only make the day that he fights her directly come faster.  In response, Yoonseo asks if they were enemies in the past.  HAHAHAHA.  Isn’t it adorable that Deok-In treats the students as adults on their level – eye to eye?  In a society where the culture of business is rampant and students never see their working fathers and mothers only plan their children’s lives to their own wishes, it’s quite refreshing to see someone give agency back to students.

Jinwoo walks by and Deok-In first avoids him.  However, she comes back out to ask about what happened to Hyunjin.  Deok-In asks if Hyunjin hit another student and Jinwoo confirms that it was not another student.


Jinwoo adds that it was Hyunjin’s older sister’s ex-boyfriend.  Deok-In mutters that Hyunjin was an idiot for getting involved when he’s a student.  Jinwoo continues  that his sister is like a mother to him and the other side refuses to show mercy.

Deok-In pauses at that statement and asks about Hyunjin’s parents.  Jinwoo answers that the father gave the two siblings to the grandmother and the grandmother passed away recently.  Jinwoo notes that she probably does not have the time or mind to get involved and he can handle this and sighs that he’s probably going to become good friends with the people at the police station at this rate.

Deok-In asks if he has Hyunjin’s address Jinwoo immediately hands over a piece of paper responding that he brought the address as well as contact information for Hyunjin’s sister like he was hoping she would offer to help.


Meanwhile, Kyung-Cheol hands Jinhee the envelope of money at his apartment.  He tells her that Deok-In left the money with an employee of his company.  He asks her if she’s satisfied at the situation since this happened because she didn’t listen to him.

Kyung-Cheol then surprises with the extent of his heartlessness and selfishness.  He tells Jinhee that they should break up since Deok-In refuses to divorce him.  There’s no other way and he asks if Jinhee wants to continue to live like this (aka as adulterers).

Jinhee asks how he could accept the situation when he said that he hates to hear Deok-In’s voice.  Kyung-Cheol answers that this is the meaning of a married couple; even if you hate each other, you can live with each other.  (Kind of correct, but he seems to be missing the point…which, is you live together and try to make it work without backstabbing each other).

At the same time, Eunseo spots Hyojung walking out with a large bag.  Hyojung answers that Hyunseo gave it to her and Eunseo haltingly smiles.  Eunseo goes straight to Hyunseo to ask about it.  Hyunseo replies that Hong-Ran gave it to her and he gave it to Hyojung without telling her that it was from Hong-Ran.  Hyunseo notices Eunseo’s frown and asks if he should not be giving gifts, which Eunseo unconvincingly denies.

Eunseo stalks down to tell Hong-Ran to stay out of her son’s business.  Hong-Ran just answers that she really approves of Hyojung and Eunseo should accept the facts; Hyunseo was ecstatic when she gave the purse to him to give as a gift.


Sweet idiot Hyojung runs straight to Kyung-Tae and hands the purse over.  She tells him to sell it to use the money.  Kyung-Tae opens the box and exclaims in amazement that the purse is so luxurious.

Hyojung comments slyly that Kyung-Tae might like her and Kyung-Tae encourages her to date Hyunseo.  Hyojung angrily calls out that he does not seem jealous at all!  BECAUSE HE ISN’T YOU CHILD!

Kyung-Tae asks again what Hyunseo has and Hyojung answers that Hyunseo had surgery for leukemia.  Hyojung gets up to use the restroom and gets a message from Hyunseo asking about whether or not she liked the purse.

Kyung-Tae quickly replies that she is quite satisfied with the purse and would like to buy lunch in reply.  Hyojung tries to respond back that it was a mistake, but Kyung-Tae stops her with the excuse that it might affect Hyunseo’s health.


Meanwhile, Deok-In tries to convince Hyunjin to beg the victim to show mercy.  She tells him that his sister would not be happy with him having to quit school after all the effort that she put into getting him educated. Hyunjin replies angrily that he’d rather chew blades and die than to beg the victim…His sister loved the man so much, but the man just used her and spit her out.


So Deok-In goes to visit the sister instead.  She gives over a can of coffee and asks if the sister remembers her.  The sister confirms and Deok-In comments that the young girl is working a hard job…an overnight shift at a packaging/mail facility…The work is so hard that even adult men have difficulty staying in it.

The girl responds that it’s fine since the high attrition means that she would have job security.  She also adds that it’s better than working the rooms anyways as the other job just landed her in debt…Other than money for makeup and a few outfits, she did’t even get to keep much of the money.   Deok-In tears up and offers to buy lunch.

Over food, Deok-In comments how the girl looks so different without make up and asks how old she is…It turns out that she’s 21… This means 20 years old in American age.  Deok-In sighs and orders soju feeling sorry for the girl.  When the soju arrives, Deok-In pours the girl a glass and then asks if she can meet the victim.

After lunch, the girl confesses that when she was in junior high, an older girl from the school told her that there was a way  to make money by just dancing and singing at a local club.  So she went.  However, one of the men offered to drive her home since the night was so late…but in the end…he took three dollars from the money in the car and gave it to her. [WHAT THE DUCK.  IT GOT REAL….REAL FAST. STATUTORY RAPE.]

The girl continues that she would have done everything for the man (the victim) as he loved her despite knowing about her past.


Next, the girl finds the no-good loser at a gambling den/game room to beg him to show mercy on her brother.  She promises to leave him alone if he just shows mercy on her brother.  The jerk tells her that he needs at least the hospital fees and asks her to bring at least $10,000.  The girl asks how the hospital bill could be $10,000.

The jerk responds that a settlement amount includes more than just the out-of-pocket costs.  The girl tries to appeal to his conscience by asking how she would have that amount of money and the jerk responds that she has her savings…OMFG.

The girl tries to remind him that she paid off his credit card bills recently…However, it’s like talking to a wall.  He tells her that she shouldn’t try to negotiate the amount by bringing up the small amount of allowance that she gave him while they were dating.  He adds that she should be able to make $10,000 if she just tried hard enough.

The girl tries to ask where she can make $10,000.  He tells her that she can go back to the room salon.  The girl cries back that she cannot go back.  The guy yells back she’s not an angel; she’s only worth $3 anyways.

Hearing this, Deok-In yells at the idiot to just settle.  Grabbing his shirt, she asks how much is his life worth so that he can step on the heart of a girl who confessed her sincere feelings?  The guy tells her to just punch him if she wants…He can become rich like this.  At this point the sister intervenes and cries for Deok-In to let the man go…Otherwise, he might not settle for Hyunjin at all.

Deok-In stomps off declaring that she will find a way to make him settle.


Meanwhile Hyunseo asks Minseo to borrow some clothes.  Minseo asks if it’s a date and Hyunseo shyly smiles.  When he walks in, Hong-Ran asks why Hyunseo is so happy.  He tells her that he’s eating lunch with Hyojin and thanks Hong-Ran for her help.  Hong-Ran smiles and wishes him the best.

Eunseo comes out next and Hyunseo tells her that both he and Minseo will be out for lunch.  She asks why and Hyunseo answers that he’s going to eat with Hyojung.  Eunseo stalks into the kitchen where Hong-Ran gloats.

At the same time, Deok-In and the family (which does not include Kyung-Cheol) prepare for Bok-Rye’s breakfast lunch.  Bok-Rye stops by to tell them all that they don’t need to do anything special during such a bad time.  Bok-Rye’s daughter does note that Bok-Rye would have been sad if they didn’t do anything as well…and wonders if Kyung-Cheol would come.


At the Kang house, they are eating lunch and Eunseo asks her father-in-law to look into a marriage candidate for Hyunseo.  Hong-Ran asks in shock if Eunseo wants to marry Hyunseo off already.  [Note – Hyunseo is currently 25 in Korean age/ 24 in western country ages…] Eunseo replies that she just wants to let Hyunseo date and if there is a good match, they will think more carefully.

The mother-in-law notes that she will think about it and also asks Hong-Ran to ask her mother as Hong-Ran’s mother knows so many people.  Hong-Ran snottily replies that she could, but she’s not sure if her mom will do anything as everyone knows her mother’s personality.  Hyunseo just had surgery for leukemia, how can her mother ask someone to give marry their daughter off to a man like that?

The father-in-law changes the subject to Jinhee and tells his wife to send Jinhee abroad if they cannot do anything to change her mind.


Back at Bok-Rye’s they sing the birthday song and start handing over gifts.  The oldest gave flowers, the youngest gives hundreds of dollars from what she saved up in salary and tips.  Deok-In also hands over her gift – a silk blouse.  Bok-Rye tells Deok-In that she feels embarrass to accept it, but she will.

Kyung-Tae did not prepare anything so he busts out the purse that he got from Hyojung.  Hahaha it’s kind of cute that he is willing to present it to his mother rather than selling it.

However, the reaction is on of suspicion and stress.  Everyone starts to ask Kyung-Tae where he got it from.  The oldest asks if Kyung-Tae engages in short term loans and Kyung-Tae responds that he got it as a gift.

Bok-Rye passes the bag to Deok-In to hold since people will assume that it’s a fake.  Deok-In laughs that she isn’t suited to the purse either and gives it to Kyoung-Ha who returns it to Kyung-Tae.


At the same time, Kang family worries about Jinhee…If they let her stay with Kyung-Cheol, they are accepting a son-in-law who is not divorced.  The two in-laws angrily blame each other for their daughter and Hong-Ran does not realize the gravity of the situation and starts laughing that the father-in-law had to come back out of the room to yell at his wife…


Afterwards, Hong-Ran asks Eunseo if she should really ask her family.  Eunseo tells her to forget about it.

Hong-Ran warns Eunseo not to be so greedy about her future daughter-in-law; it should be enough that Hyojung is educated.  Eunseo asks if Hong-Ran is worrying for Hyunseo’s sake and Hong-Ran replies that she’s worried about Eunseo.  What would Eunseo do if she gets an impudent daughter-in-law who disrespects her for being a single-mom.

Eunseo gets straight to the point and asks if Hong-Ran is so jealous about Eunseo going back to her college campus with Jin-Myung.  She finishes by noting if Hong-Ran’s mother raised her daughter to be jealous of everyone and not to help out with the family chores before ordering that Hong-Ran finish the dishes and leaving.


As for Jinhee, she stops by with flowers and a gift for Bok-Rye.  Jinhee states her intentions of wishing Bok-Rye well and informing the family that Kyung-Cheol will not be coming.  Kyung-Tae adorably tosses her gift and flowers out the door.

Jinhee asks Deok-In to speak with her outside and Bok-Rye rushes to Deok-In’s defense.  Bok-Rye demands to know what Jinhee has to say to Deok-In and has the other children take Deok-In into the room.

After Deok-In leaves, Jinhee bids Bok-Rye a happy birthday before leaving.  Bok-Rye comments on how rude Jinhee is and wonders who raised Jinhee like that.

At the same time, Deok-In stares into space as Kyung-Tae tells everyone that it seeoms Kyung-Cheol knows that Jinhee stopped by.  Deok-In quietly goes back out to finish cleaning up even though the siblings offer to take over…  At least they are being decent and taking Deok-In’s side!

Kyung-Ah comes out to take over the dishes, but Deok-In asks to be alone.  Kyung-Ah quietly agrees and goes back into the room…It’s kind of hilarious because the siblings all hide out in the room, trying to stay out of Deok-In’s way so they can give her space.  In the room, they insult Kyung-Cheol and Jinhee together.


In her room, Bok-Rye opens up Deok-In’s card and reads it, “Thank you taking me in as your daughter-in-law and raising me as a daughter.  Thank you for always thinking of me and hurting for me.  I wish that in my next life, I would be born as your daughter so that I would not have to worry about ever leaving your side.  I love you, Mother.”

Reading it, Deok-In sobs and holds the card near her heart. TT_TT

Sweet Hyunseo stands on a bridge in the park alone as Hyojung copped out at the last minute with the excuse that she had an emergency patient.  Poor puppy… Someone give him a beautiful, smart, and sweet love interest stat!

Big murderous? brother checks in with Jinhee to ask her intentions.  He tells her that their father intends to send to overseas if she cannot be controlled and warns that she might be obsessing over Kyung-Cheol because she thinks that she cannot have him.


At night, Deok-In calls Jinwoo out as she needs a witness.  She doesn’t tell him her plan and takes him along in a worried state that she would beat up the victim.  He keeps trying to convince her that beating the victim up will not solve anything, but all Deok-In says is that he talks too much.

Finally, the jerk “victim” arrives.  Deok-In throws an empty cup at him and then starts saying everything that she probably wants to say to her husband.  Poking his head, she asks if his mother knows the way that he lives…She also wishes that he would have  son just like him so that he can know how much his mother had to suffer because of him.


Soon, the jerk’s short patience is burned through and he threatens her to shut up.  Deok-In laughs at his threats and continues to tell him off and insult him more.  Showing him her cheek, she yells at him to punch her if he has the courage to.


Finally, the jerk punches in the face.  Deok-In falls and then runs back out to get punched a second time. Jinwoo runs out to stop the man and gets thrown against the door. Unfortunately, though Jinwoo can yell at the man, he ends up getting beaten up and thrown against the wall multiple times.

After beating them up, the man huffs that he has bad luck running into them and walks off.  Deok-In rearranges her body into a more comfortable position with tears in her eyes.  Jinwoo squats and ask if she’s okay and why she did not fight back.


Tears about to overflow, Deok-In states in a daze that she just needs to go get a diagnosis from the hospital…the tears start to stream as she comments in a monotone that he hurt her more than Hyunjin did to him…She didn’t raise a finger…If he doesn’t settle with Hyungjin, she won’t settle either.

Jinwoo yells at her for being an idiot and crazy.  Deok-In continues to stare into space and answers listlessly that there was no other way… it is not as bad as when she was a detective.  Jinwoo bites out that she should have asked him to be beaten up instead!

Hearing her analogize the experience to child’s play, Jinwoo furiously stands up.  Looking back, he orders that no matter the circumstances she shouldn’t let anyone else hurt her again.


The FEELS FROM THE LAST TWO MINUTES o_o.  Did anyone’s else’s heart feel like it was being squeezed when Kim Jung-Eun (KJE) answered listlessly with tears streaming down her face?  It was as if she was describing her life…There is nothing she can do but give up her body to be beaten up for those that she cares for.  Directly, she’s describing the current situation, in which she does not have the power to protect Hyunjin except for this.  Indirectly, she describes how she had to throw her body away as a detective when she was presumably a young a beautiful woman to feed her family…


Additionally, it felt like someone had just taken a hold of my heart when she kept saying all the things to the man…More than half of what she said to him about how he should be ashamed of himself could be and should be said to Kyung-Cheol.  I don’t doubt that it was not a coincidence that she decided to use this method the night that Jinhee stopped by her house…It’s like her heart hurt so much, she’d rather let her body feel some pain to distract her. T-T Man, the feels… But WELL DONE WRITER!

Additionally, DRAMAFEED’s Korean Culture 101 – Criminal Liability for Simple Violence

In Korea, when one is physically assaulted by another person, the assaulter can face criminal charges if the victim does not settle.  The victim can go to the police and press charges.  If the victim refuses to settle, the police have no choice but to send the other person to jail depending on how much the hospital fees came out to be and how long the person had to stay in the hospital.  Usually, these situations settle for an amount of money exchanging hands.

This is why Deok-In had to engage in such an extreme tactic for Hyunjin.  Unless she has money and can pay off the victim or she has power and influence to intimidate the victim, she cannot save Hyunjin from going to jail.  So, Deok-In decided that if she also has the same power over the victim, he will have to give in and settle for no jail time.  It’s notable that the direct parties can decide on the settlement amount and the law will not get involved unless the two parties fail to settle.  Then the court decides what and how much the punishment should be in fines and jail time.

As for Hong-Ran, it was an enlightening episode.  We find out that she came from a wealthy and well connected family.  Judging from her behavior when she just laughed at the father-in-law in the middle of a family crisis, one can assume that she was loved and allowed to act the way she wants.  It’s further supported by the fact that she does not feel that she needs to help out with the dishes or chores…I’m guessing they had a maid?  I’m starting to guess that she had a crush on Jin-Myung and actively pursued the marriage through her mother’s connection and influence.


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