Love on a Rooftop – E17

A calmer episode to set up the future conflicts.  Do-Jin refuses to return to the hospital and Mi-Ja declares that she will put Do-Jin’s cafe back on the market.  Meanwhile, Soon-Im ponders Seung-Hye’s confession.


Seung-Hye continues that she remembers how her grandmother told her that tea is something that increases joy with more people…Soon-Im is happiest when she drinks tea with her family.  Seung-Hye confesses that she wants to learn coffee because she loves it so much that she wants to try even if she regrets it later…she wants to learn how to make tea as she wants to be involved in Soon-Im’s most happiest time and promises to do her best so Soon-Im does not regret her decision.


At the same time Do-Jin runs after Mi-Ja who tells him that she has nothing left to hear from him.  So Do-Jin barges on to tell her that he already quit his school so he has nothing to do at home.  Mi-Ja replies that it’s a good decision since he can go straight to Kang-Sol hospital.  Do-Jin keeps his ground and tells her that he will bring his stuff and move back in…after bowing, he walks off.  Well…well..well…look’s like someone is no longer a mommy’s boy.


Meanwhile, Joon-Bae sighs in Dae-Ho’s office.  He has been told by his landlord that his deposit is also increasing…Sun-Sook has refused to help out so he will move out of his apartment to free up his apartment deposit to cover the rental deposit on the chicken shop…He can live in the restaurant.

Dae-Ho apologizes that they took Sun-Sook’s money so she cannot help Joon-Bae.  Joon-Bae replies quickly that Dae-Ho should not worry as the money did not come from Sun-Sook, before he stops and changes his story to Sun-Sook would never help him out financially even if she had the money.  So Dae-Ho should not worry.

Then Joon-Bae changes the subject to blame Dae-Ho for introducing him to Sun-Sook.  Dae-Ho replies that he held out on introducing the two but Joon-Bae kept bugging him until he did.

Joon-Bae laughs that when he first saw Sun-Sook, he did fall in love at first sight because she was so pretty…However, he had no idea she had such a temper.  Dae-Ho smiles that he heard that Sun-Sook’s temper was originally as mild as Dong-Sook, like a docile lamb until she married Joon-Bae.  Gasping in surprise, Joon-Bae just responds that Dae-Ho has not been speared by a lamb’s horns.


At the same time, Seung-Jae advises Dae-Shil about her rights.  Dae-Shil has to prove some how that she wrote the story first…The other party has copyrighted the work, but Dae-Shil never copyrighted her work…She just never got around to it.

Seung-Jae offers to look into it more but implies that there is not much he can do.  Dong-Sook cries out about what their family will do without Dae-Shil’s contract money.


Meanwhile, Joon-Bae announces to Sun-Sook that he cannot keep Dong-Goo anymore since he has to take out his apartment.  Dong-Goo asks his mother if his father can sleep at their apartment and Sun-Sook answers that Joon-Bae is a stranger to her.

Dong-Goo tries to ask if Sun-Sook can just lend the money to Joon-Bae.  Sun-Sook responds that she cannot loan that money since it Dong-Goo’s money for college and his future house…Joon-Bae even looks surprised at Dong-Goo’s suggestion and barks out that he would never take the money from his son’s future.

Sun-Sook responds in surprise that Joon-Bae is speaking some logical words for once; the sun will likely rise from the west.  Joon-Bae looks at Sun-Sook pervertedly and offers to watch the sun rise together.  Looking embarrassed, Sun-Sook kicks Joon-Bae out and Dong-Goo follows.


At the cafe, Seung-Hye gets a call from Seung-Ah that Seung-Ah might have appendicitis.  She tells Yunho about it and runs over to Seung-Ah’s cafe.  However, Seung-Ah is completely healthy; she just called Seung-Hye over to take her place at the cafe while she goes to an audition.

Seung-Hye tries to stop Seung-Ah, but she runs off as some customers walk in and Seung-Hye has no other choice but to stay and help.  As she gets the customer’s orders, Mi-Ja arrives.

Mi-Ja looks surprised to see Dae-Ho’s daughter at the cafe.  She tells Seung-Hye that she can leave as she is going to close up and clear out the cafe.  Seung-Hye doesn’t respond in surprise.


A couple of moments of silence pass and Do-Jin arrives.  He sees Seung-Hye’s apron and realizes that Seung-Hye is likely substituting for her little sister.

At the same time, Dae-Shil reads negative comments on her story calling her a plagiarist who does not have an inch of conscience.  She yells back at the computer that she did not plagiarize and screams in frustration because she cannot do anything as all of these anonymous netizens attack her.


Dong-Sook walks by and hears the screaming.  Feeling sorry for Dae-Shil and worried about their financial situation, she goes back to her room to check on their current cash.  She’s missing $5 so she looks into her pockets and finds an envelope with money from Mi-Ja for the time that Dong-Sook washed the dishes for her.  Since she did not help out for money, she tries calling Mi-Ja but Mi-Ja’s phone’s off as Mi-Ja is busy reigning in Do-Jin.  So Dong-Sook calls Mi-Ja’s restaurant instead.

Back at Do-Jin’s cafe, Do-Jin offers up a slice of cake to his mother who asks him if he gave up being a doctor to make this stuff.  Do-Jin replies that he loves baking so he would hope that she would not look down upon his passion.  Mi-Ja responds by asking if his passion was the reason he snuck back into Korea and lied to her about his situation.

Do-Jin apologizes for lying but offers to succeed so that he can be happy, which would make her happy.  Mi-Ja does not bat an eyelash.  She responds that to her happiness is Do-Jin becoming a professor at the hospital and then becoming the hospital director…She reminds Do-Jin that he knows how she lived until now for that moment…However, Do-Jin cannot say anything other than that he’s sorry.


Mi-Ja looks at him as she stabs the cake before throwing the cake on to the ground.  Seung-Hye runs over to clean up the mess, but Mi-Ja yells at her to stop and leave.  Turning to her son, she tells him that she did not raise her son so that he could become a baker.  She tells him that she’s going to put the cafe back on the market so he can go back to the United States before leaving even after Do-Jin runs after her to the car.  Sang-Man also encourages Do-Jin to listen to his mother for now…

At the same time, Seung-Hye bends over to clean up the cake.  Do-Jin walks in to ask if she shouldn’t be at her work.  Seung-Hye answers that she received permission and Do-Jin smiles that he will clean up so she can go back to work.

Seung-Hye stands up but then feels bad.  She offers to make Do-Jin a glass of coffee with a lot of ice…


Do-Jin confesses that he wishes that his mother had just tried one bite…Mi-Ja has a sensitive appetite and he wanted her acknowledgment.  Then he remembers that Seung-Hye has also tried his cake and asks for her honest opinion.

Seung-Hye tells him that she will be honest.  She thinks that if Mi-Ja has a sensitive palette, she thinks it’s better that Mi-Ja did not try the cake.  The cake did not melt in her mouth; rather, the sweet taste was mired in one place.  Therefore, the sweetness left a heavy aftertaste.  As a result, she thought it was tasty but she did not feel like she would miss it or crave it.  Seeing Do-Jin’s frown, she confirms that Do-Jin was not hurt by her honest opinion.

Do-Jin responds that he wanted her honest opinion as he also felt that the cake was missing something.  He thanks her and tells her that she can go back to work.  Seung-Hye awkwardly apologizes that Seung-Ah has not returned.

Do-Jin reassures her that it’s something that he needs to discuss with Seung-Ah directly.  Seung-Hye does try to ask him to be nice to Seung-Ah since he did hire her but gets up to leave.


When Mi-Ja returns to her office, she orders Sang-Man to get the landlord of Do-Jin’s cafe to kick him out even if it takes offering twice as much the deposit htat Do-Jin has paid.  She also orders that Sang-Man find out the relationship between Do-Jin and Seung-Hye.

She sits down to brood and gets interrupted by a call from Beom-Seok.  Mi-Ja reassures him that she’s fine but apologizes for leaving early.  Beom-Seok just expresses regret that Mi-Ja had to leave before she could try the pastries and invites her to go back with him.  Mi-Ja agrees if the time works out for both of them.


Back at the Dong-Rak-Dang house, Soon-Im reflects back on Seung-Hye’s confession and pleading earlier that day as well as the memory of picking tea leaves with high school Seung-Hye.  Dong-Sook walks out to ask what is on Soon-Im’s mind and she replies that it’s nothing.

Dong-Sook offers to make porridge since none of the other family members will be returning home early.  Dong-Sook pauses before going to cook and apologizes to Soon-Im that she could not learn the tea trade…If she had learned the tea trade, Soon-Im would not have to directly deal with the tea distributors.

Soon-Im replies that no one blames Dong-Sook. Dong-Sook had tried her best and it was not anyone’s fault that she was not suited to the tea trade.  Encouraged, Dong-Sook agrees that she tried her best and Soon-Im walks into her room.  To Soon-Im’s doors, Dong-Sook shouts her gratitude.


In the morning, Se-Ryung enters her father’s office to give him a report of all the capable candidates that could replace Do-Jin at the Bukchon cafe as the patisserie chef.  Beom-Seok reminds Se-Ryung firmly that he took Se-Ryung off of the Bukchon cafe.  When Se-Ryung tries to talk back by calling him father, he chastises her for forgetting her place at work.

Se-Ryung apologizes and walks away with the report that Beom-Seok had returned to her.  Before she reaches the door, Beom-Seok stops her to tell her that he elevated Yunho to the head of their company’s coffee department.  Basically, it’s a reminder that Se-Ryung has no authority over the coffee department over Yunho.


In another part of the city, Dae-Ho arrives at a random address to find the painting.  He expresses his amazement at the painting after inspecting it and offers up the cash that the man had requested.  The man apologizes that he requested cash as he’s old and does not go to the bank that often.

Dae-Ho pulls out some papers and identifies it as a sales contract.  However, the man shows his arm in the cast.  Dae-Ho asks that the man sign with his left hand…yet, the man states that he cannot bend his fingers and does not know his letters.  He tells Dae-Ho to sign for him.’


Dae-Ho tries to request at least initials but the man yells back in anger that Dae-Ho is rubbing his own ignorance in his face; he refuses to sell Dae-Ho the painting.  Backing off, Dae-Ho does not even try to get a witness, but agrees to sign the man’s name … When Dae-Ho’s back is turned, the man looks at him suspiciously.


NO DAE-HO! NO!  I mean yes, we needed this as Mi-Ja’s revenge has to be developed to a certain amount.  However, it seems too forced and suspicious that the man requested a cash payment instead of Korea’s check, had a broken arm, AND could not even hold a pen to initial the contract.  For such an astute man when it comes to art,  Dae-Ho really does not have any intuitive sense.

This episode seemed a bit lackluster compared to the other episodes, but I understand that we need some supporting episodes to set the foundation for the conflicts to come.  Let’s see how everything plays out.

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