Love on Rooftop – E18

The sun rose in the west!  Se-Ryung apologizes to Seung-Hye for her actions and offers to reinstate Seung-Hye back at the hospital.  Additionally, Soon-Im apologizes to Seung-Hye for the past incident of kicking her out and offers to teach her how to make tea.


Sang-Man comes in to check in on a sulking Mi-Ja.  He tells her that he spoke with Do-Jin’s café landlord and also found out that Dae-Ho’s daughter is working as a part-time employee at the café.  Additionally, he reports that the reason that Do-Jin is not working for Beom-Seok is that Se-Ryung somehow managed to stop it.


Mi-Ji mutters that she can only count on Se-Ryung and ends up calling her to meet up.

Like a dutiful future daughter-in-law, Se-Ryung asks after Mi-Ja’s unhealthy continence.  She also mentions that she understands that Mi-Ja must be suffering so much…she was personally shocked as well.  She tried her best to break the contract and force Do-Jin to go back to the United States, but he refused to the end.  She apologizes that she could not get Do-Jin to go back to the United States.


Mi-Ja tells Se-Ryung that it’s not Se-Ryung’s fault and she understands that Se-Ryung had to even give up on hiring Do-Jin.  Hearing this, Se-Ryung tears up that she feels so happy to hear that from Mi-Ja.  Mi-Ja looks surprised at Se-Ryung’s tears and asks if something is wrong.  Se-Ryung sniffs that her father was so disappointed when he could not hire Do-Jin…


Meanwhile, the In-Sa-Dong café owner comes to check on Soon-Im.  She admits that she felt so guilty after she sent Soon-Im away without answering her questions after having developed a relationship for over a decade.  Soon-Im answers calmly that she knows the owner had her own reasons.

The owner confesses that another vendor came and offered a large amount of tea for a cheaper price if they would just cut off ties with Soon-Im…she believes that other cafes also had the same offer.

Back at the restaurant, Se-Ryung continues to explain how she was pulled off of the Bukchon café project because of Do-Jin.  She tells Mi-Ja that she’s relieved that Mi-Ja now knows…If Mi-Ja knows, Do-Jin will soon return to the United States and if Do-Jin goes back, her own father will return to his own place as a “daughter-idiot.”


Se-Ryung next goes to the café and orders an Americano from Seung-Hye.  Seung-Hye pauses but politely takes her order…if a bit curtly.  Se-Ryung continues to ask if Seung-Hye would speak with her.  Yunho appears to tell Se-Ryung that Seung-Hye is working and Se-Ryung asks for just a minute as she has something to say; she came as a customer.  Yunho sighs but approves with the warning that Se-Ryung came as a customer only.

Se-Ryung explains to Seung-Hye that her father does not even look at her in the eyes at home.  She smiles that Seung-Hye looks guilty, but she does not have to.  She came to apologize because Seung-Hye’s termination occurred because of her fault and she acknowledges it.  She offers to help Seung-Hye get rehired at the hospital, if that’s her wish.

Seung-Hye looks at Se-Ryung with new eyes and admits that she’s surprised.  It must not have been easy to come and admit her fault.  Se-Ryung offers her hand as a truce to forget the past.  Seung-Hye takes her hand and Yunho snaps a picture from the counter.


Se-Ryung notes with satisfaction that Seung-Hye also surprises her and Seung-Hye’s maturity even amazes her…Se-Ryung admits that she now understands why Beom-Seok thinks so highly of Seung-Hye.  She then nods toward Yunho and warns Seung-Hye that although she should try her best to learn from Yunho, who is her role model, she should be careful as he’s a womanizer.  She also adds as an afterthought to be careful about Do-Jin as he’s already been taken.  She gets up to leave and Seung-Hye encourages her to finish her coffee first. Smooth.  Very smooth. Stake out your place as everyone knows, everything is fair in the battle of love and war until marriage occurs!

Se-Ryung answers cheerfully that she drinks Yunho’s coffee every day since they live together and leaves.  Seung-Hye looks up sharply at a confused Yunho mouthing, “living together?!”  HAHAHAHAHA

However, Se-Ryung must not be full of best intentions as music does turn a bit suspicious when she gets back into the car and she glares back at the café.


At the same time, Dong-Sook brings porridge over to Mi-Ja’s apartment.  Mi-Ja admits that the apartment is a mess as her housekeeper’s daughter just gave birth and did not arrive.  Dong-Sook tells her that she doesn’t mind.  She only came over to bring over the porridge.

Dong-Sook ends up cleaning up the house and washing the dishes when Mi-Ja gets a call from Soon-Im.  Dong-Sook answers the phone to say that, “How did you find out already?…Would my lack of pedigree and common bloodline go anywhere?  That’s why you should not have kicked us out like that.  You shouldn’t have such cruelly kicked us out.  Why did you kick us out like that?!”

Dong-Sook runs out after Mi-Ja into the livingroom to ask who is on the other line.  Mi-Ja answers that it’s her nemesis who killed her mother.

Meanwhile, Soon-Im is warning Mi-Ja never to do such a thing again, but Mi-Ja isn’t listening as she’s talking to Dong-Sook.  Mi-Ja gives the phone over to Dong-Sook to tell Soon-Im off, but when Dong-Sook answers the call, Soon-Im doesn’t answer….The writer leaves it to our imagination whether Soon-Im hung up before Dong-Sook picked up or not.


Se-Ryung’s next stop is Dong-Jin’s café.  She brings over flowers for his opening and informs him that she just apologized directly to Seung-Hye for her mistakes.  Do-Jin smiles back at her that the Se-Ryung that he knows is back.

Se-Ryung admits that she met his mother and asks how his mother found out.  Do-Jin answers that Beom-Seok brought Mi-Ja who turned out to be a business connection.

Se-Ryung asks Do-Jin not to tell his mother about Se-Ryung’s connection with Beom-Seok for now.  She explains that she does not want Mi-Ja to hate her since Beom-Seok was the reason that Do-Jin returned to Korea early.

Do-Jin asks Se-Ryung to help him convince his mother now that their parents’ relationship is also on the line.  Se-Ryung agrees that Mi-Ja asked her the same thing and then lies that she told Mi-Ja that she thinks Do-Jin is set on his dream since he opened up his own café.


Back at Mi-Ja’s place, Mi-Ja explains how her mother died right in front of her eyes.  Dong-Sook agrees that she would not be able to ever forgive someone who killed her mother as well.

Mi-Ja carefully mentions that she thought Soon-Im would not like Dong-Sook meeting Mi-Ja like this.  Dong-Sook agrees that she feels guilty, but she knows that it’s for her own good…She explains her own understanding of the situation – she was supposed to take over the tea trade, but she had no talent.  As a result, Soon-Im had to give up and the tradition was cut off.

Mi-Ja comments that she’s jealous of Dong-Sook’s great relationship with her mother-in-law.  Dong-Sook denies it and notes that she’s also afraid of her scary mother-in-law.  Dong-Sook tries to give back the money gave her the last time as she did not help out for money.  Mi-Ja replies that she only gave her the money as she does not know of another way to thank Dong-Sook for her help.  Pausing, Dong-Sook agrees to keep the money but will clean up the apartment in place of Mi-Ja’s housekeeper.


Seung-Ah arrives late to work and apologizes for her tardiness.  Then she jumps straight to work – by bringing over the pastries to Se-Ryung.  However, like the perfect materialistic young woman of Seoul, she cannot help but pause at Se-Ryung’s luxury accessories, which Seung-Ah recognizes in one glance.  $2,200 earrings (o_o monthly rent for an apartment in NYC); $5,600 watch (well I guess we should say Se-Ryung is practical since it’s not a freaking $20,000 watch…it’s only like double my rent…);   $25,000 purse (what is this purse that is more expensive than the legendary BIRKIN?!).

Seung-Ah serves the cakes before noting that she recognizes the purse as a “Guer-Mas” limited addition new arrival.  She basically drools over it since it was sold out as soon as it launched and asks to just hold it once.  Se-Ryung reluctantly agrees and Seung-Ah starts taking selfies with it right away.

Meanwhile, Beom-Seok gets in the car to go to the airport for a business trip and receives a text from Yunho with the picture of Se-Ryung apologizing to Seung-Hye.


At Joon-Bae’s chicken shop, they have an older generation’s meeting and discuss how Dae-Shil has been accused of plagiarism.  Sun-Sook arrives to ask why the meeting is not occurring at her restaurant.  Probably because of the beer?

Sun-Sook takes the chicken leg that Dong-Goo was about to eat.  Joon-Bae berates her and Dae-Ho tells Joon-Bae to just let Sun-Sook eat the chicken; he will buy something else for Dong-Goo.  Joon-Bae asks if Dae-Ho is taking Sun-Sook’s side because he think’s Sun-Sook lent them money.

Dae-Ho looks up in surprise at this and Sun-Sook awkwardly admits that yes…she did loan them money and then takes a big gulp of the beer.


Seung-Hye arrives at home to find Dae-Shil lying under the blanket.  She tells the blanket that Se-Ryung apologized to her and offered to get her hospital job back.  However, hearing Dae-Shil sniffle, Seung-Hye asks if anything is wrong.

Dae-Shil gets up to admit to Seung-Hye…”Seung-Hye…I’m so lonely…it hurts even my bones…so just leave me alone.”  I think she meant she is so disappointed that she has been accused of plagiarism but she can’t tell Seung-Hye who would then give up her dream to go back to providing for her family.

Soon-Im is also not sleeping as she keeps remembering how Mi-Ja is the one behind the reason that all of the companies gave up her teas.  She comments that it’s wrong of Mi-Ja to play with tea and notes that she needs to find an official successor so Mi-Ja cannot pretend to be her successor anymore.


Kyung-Tae gets ready for his daily web-chapter of Love is Like a Loan and comments in surprise that it has been canceled due to the writer’s personal reasons.  Then he reads the comments about plagiarism in surprise.


In the morning, Soon-Im calls Seung-Hye into her room and serves her Cheontaejeon team.  [Note: Cheontaejeon tea is a type of rice cake tea, which is a category of green teas that have been prepared especially into large circular pieces.  It is a very traditional tea.]

While Dong-Sook and Dae-Ho eavesdrop quietly outside, Soon-Im explains that, “You have to carefully pluck each leaf with a peaceful heart.  Then you need to dry each leaf and then cook the leaf before pounding it.  Then you shape the materials into a circular shape, which becomes Cheontaejeon.”

Dong-Sook comments in surprise that Soon-Im served Cheontaejeon as Soon-Im continues to explain that this tea takes a lot of effort.  Then Soon-Im apologizes to Seung-Hye sincerely for kicking Seung-Hye out of the house that one time.  Tearing up, she apologizes for scarring the younger Seung-Hye.  She promises that she would never tell Seung-Hye to leave the house again and asks if Seung-Hye would like to learn how to make tea form Soon-Im.

Seung-Hye nods. ^^


Oh, have we found our second amazingly manipulative second female lead?  I am not sure what to make out of Se-Ryung’s behavior in this episode.  The suspicious part of me believes that this is only a superficial apology; she is willing to lose the battle for the war and hopes that Seung-Hye can just return to the hospital so that she is no longer around either Do-Jin or Yunho.  Additionally, by reinstating Seung-Hye at the hospital, none of the men have any reason to feel bad for her anymore or have any reason to be involved with Seung-Hye.

However, if Se-Ryung is acting out of sincerity, my hat off to her for being such a mature adult who can admit her mistake even after what would appear to be cornering oneself into a position.

Finally, looks like Seung-Hye is getting her just acknowledgment from her grandmother.  This pretty much cinches it in my mind.  Seung-Hye must bet Dae-Ho and Mi-Ja’s daughter.  That’s would be perfect revenge since Soon-Im will teach Seung-Hye to be Mi-Ja’s own undoing in the world of tea.  It is also supported by the fact that Dae-Ho has repeatedly told Seung-Hye that she is his daughter, while the teasers show that Dong-Sook is not Seung-Hye’s real mother.

Which would lead me to guess that Do-Jin was also adopted.  Possibly in the future, we shall see Mi-Ja push Do-Jin to the point where he has to nullify his own adoption so that he can be with Seung-Hye?  Let’s see how this plays out!

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