Love on a Rooftop – E19

Another sweet and cute episode of calm waters? Why thank you, I’d be happy to accept.  Seung-Hye starts her training and Dong-Sook reassures Soon-Im that she believes both Seung-Ah and Seung-Hye are her daughters.  Meanwhile, Dae-Ho plays into Mi-Ja’s scheme as he hands over the shady sales contract to Sang-Man.


The emotional acknowledgement of Seung-Hye continues as Soon-Im warns Seung-Hye that she cannot learn the tea trade half-heartedly just because she is learning coffee and Seung-Hyee agrees.  Dong-Sook runs after Dae-Ho to note in amazement that Soon-Im finally mentioned THAT INCIDENT, which Soon-Im never talked about.


Dae-Ho replies that she probably felt this way for the whole time and just never said it out loud…Instead, he wonders why Soon-Im offered to teach Seung-Hye the tea trade now that she wants to learn how to make coffee.

Dong-Sook asks him if he knows the meaning of Soon-Im serving Cheontaejeon tea.  Dong-Sook only received the Cheontaejeon tea twice in her life, first when she arrived after marriage and second when Dong-Sook had begun to learn the tea trade herself.  They both note that Seung-Hye will need to do her best.


Soon-Im continues her training that Seung-Hye needs to concentrate in preparing tea if she wants to create the deep flavor of real tea.  She asks if Seung-Hye truly understands the meaning behind her learning tea from Soon-Im.  Seung-Hye looks back happily and when she sits on the steps outside of Soon-Im’s room, she thinks to herself that Soon-Im is finally acknowledging her as a real member of the family.

At the same time, Dae-Shil screams at her computer because her online publisher had discontinued her series without even consulting with her.  She turns to the online novel, Shining Rommance, which is the series that allegedly she copied.

Soon-Im and Dong-Sook prepare breakfast and we get Seung-Ah noting how much rice Soon-Im is preparing for Dae-Ho and Seung-Jae.  In case we are worried, Soon-Im reassures us that her traditional view has not changed as she comments that the men need a good breakfast to work and study.

Dae-Ho asks Seung-Hye if she will continue to learn coffee since Soon-Im offered to teach her tea.  Awww, he’s worried about his daughter!  The rest of the family arrive and they get ready for breakfast.


Seung-Jae goes to check on Dae-Shil who is shocked that the internet novel is so similar…Seung-Jae asks her honestly if she did not ever see this other novel.  He suggests that Dae-Shil meets up with the other writer since the writer might try to go after her for damages; she should state that she’s innocent and will not stand aside if he continues to come after her.


At the same time, Kyung-Tae also reads the other romance and comments that he feels like Shining Romance feels like it is the copycat…

Dae-Shil seems to have lost her appetite and Soon-Im clucks away.  Seung-Ah announces that Dae-Shil must have the late stages of “old maid disease.” Basically, women continue to believe that the purposely did not get married and, then, on day realize that they lost their time…As a result, they become increasingly lonely and depressed.


Dong-Sook encourages Dae-Shil to eat the fish and Seung-Ah notes in surprise that they only get saury while the guys get cutlass.  Dae-Ho agrees that Seung-Ah should eat cutlass and hands over the fish dish to Seung-Hye who pauses when Soon-Im clucks her tong.

For once, Seung-Ah speaks the truth when she continues to stand her ground that it’s not fair that the guys get cutlass when she also likes cutlass.  She tells her grandmother to eat as much saury as she wish, but she’s going to the other table to eat cutlass.  Dong-Sook stops her and Seung-Ah complains to her mom that she’s the worst.  Soon-Im is old-fashioned because she’s so old, but Dong-Sook has no excuse.  Soon-Im tells her to stop and Seung-Ah cries that she will just eat the darn saury.

Soon-Im then announces to the family that she has decided to teach Seung-Hye how to make tea so everyone should know that.


At Mi-Ja’s place, she finds cake in the kitchen and a post-it from her son asking her to try it.  Mi-Ja throws the post-it to the ground and gets ready to toss the cake into the sink.  Sang-Man arrives in time to save the cake and comments that Do-Jin is like an alley cat in his ability to sneak in and out.  Mi-Ja glares at him.

Sang-Man explains to Mi-Ja that she should stop trying to force Do-Jin to return as the more she tries, the more Do-Jin will rebel.  He also explains that he spoke with the landlord, but due to tenant protection laws, the landlord expressed her limitation in what she can do against a new talent.

Instead, he suggests that they wait and show Do-Jin that baking and actually running a successful business are two very separate things.  He tells her that they should focus on making it difficult for Do-Jin’s café to survive; after all, they have him.


Dae-Ho stops by Dae-Shil’s room and notes that he knows what happened.  He asks her if she’s holding up well and Dae-Shil asks him not to tell Seung-Hye.  Dae-Ho tells her that she shouldn’t worry about money and focus on herself.  He adds that she should keep her chin up and gives her some allowance; he’s always on her side.

Dae-Shil interrupts him leaving to apologize for all of the harsh words that she had said so far…He’s not an incapable patriarch, the world is just so hard and scary.  She now realized that he’s tried his best, but it has just not happened the way he wants.  Dae-Ho tells her that it’s okay and leaves.


SOMEONE NEEDS TO KICK SEUNG-AH OUT OF THE APARTMENT.  She begs Seung-Hye to take her place at the café for one day…There is a famous salon that has one day in which it gives a 50% discount to all of their customers.  Seung-Hye refuses to the end and Seung-Ah ends up telling Seung-Hye that if she fails the audition, it will be because of Seung-Hye.  Seung-Hye tells Seung-Ah that she’s pretty even without a new hairdo.

They arrive at the café and Do-Jin asks Seung-Ah for ten more minutes.  He has her try the new pastries and Seung-Hye comments that they taste much better; he must have reduced the sugar and increased the taste of the other organic ingredients.  Seung-Ah tells Do-Jin that she will add one more thing in trade for him treating Seung-Ah well.  However, Seung-Ah stops her and tells Do-Jin to promise to be nice to her before Seung-Hye talks as their uncle’s chicken café also increased its sales after getting advice from Seung-Hye.


However, Do-Jin laughs that he already treats Seung-Ah well, but he can’t help it if Seung-Ah keeps messing up.  Before the two can come to an agreement, Seung-Hye ends up running out being late for her own job.

Do-Jin gets a call from his mother who tells him to meet her during lunch time.  She thinks about Sang-Man’s words and agrees to make Do-Jin give up on his own.  She does take a bite of the cake and then looks at the cake in surprise.

Seung-Hye arrives at the café and announces happily to Yunho that Soon-Im agreed to teach her how to make tea and allow her to learn how to make coffee.  Seung-Hye notes that she had to promise to do her best.


Yunho smiles that she should also promise to do her best in learning how to make coffee as well… He   ends up getting really close to her face and Seung-Hye pulls back.  She tells him firmly that she only wants to learn how to make coffee from him and Yunho laughs that Se-Ryung must have warned Seung-Hye about him.  He tells Seung-Hye that she should be careful as she never know when she will fall for him.


Sang-Man meets with Dae-Ho and expresses his gratitude for spotting the fake the last time.  He laughs with contentedness about the new sales contract and looks satisfied that Dae-Ho seems to have signed it twice.  He confirms that Dae-Ho paid the owner the amount of money they gave him.

Sang-Man then agrees to decrease the deposit from 120,000 to 80,000 for the shop’s rental.  [Note: In case you are confused, Korean rental uses a deposit system where some landlords opt to take a larger deposit and no or small monthly rent instead of monthly rent.  So in this case, they might just take the 80,000 as a deposit and not get paid more than a couple hundred pre month as rent.  In a sense, it becomes a way for tenants to give landlords interest free loans with property as a collateral.  The landlord ends up raising the deposit when property prices increase and has to pay the tenant the full deposit back (without interest) when the tenant leaves.]

Sang-Man also hands over an envelope of money as gratitude money for Dae-Ho’s trouble in finding the painting.


Meanwhile, Mi-Ja has tea with Do-Jin.  She tells him that he can do whatever he wants…However, he needs to make the same amount of money as he would have gotten as a doctor in one month.  If he cannot accept her condition, she cannot accept him giving up on his dream.


At the same time, Sun-Sook hands a copy of her home’s keys to Dong-Goo.  She tells her son that she knows Joon-Bae made a copy of their home locks so she changed the lock.


Dong-Goo goes straight to his father’s place to hand over the new set of keys to copy.  He tells his father that his mother ordered that Dong-Goo not let his father copy his keys…she never forbid him to give the keys to his father directly.  Joon-Bae agrees to take the keys and promises to do whatever Dong-Goo wants.  Dong-Goo asks for meat and Joon-Bae takes him to Dae-Ho’s place as Dae-Ho probably received money for finding his painting.

Joon-Bae coaches Dong-Goo to suck in his cheeks and stomach to look hungry and pitiful.  They go to Dae-Ho’s place and Dong-Goo asks for food as Joon-Bae sucks in his cheeks.  Dae-Ho laughs that Joon-Bae must have smelled the money and agrees.

Mi-Ja notes that Mi-Ja must have a lot of money if she is able to give her that much for just cleaning the apartment.  She wonders if she should start working now as well.  Soon-Im interrupts to ask if Dong-Sook is in.


Sitting down, Soon-Im asks if Dong-Sook is sad that Soon-Im chose to teach Seung-Hye instead of Seung-Ah.  Dong-Sook denies it vehemently; she reassures Soon-Im that Seung-Ah and Seung-Hye are both her daughters.  Soon-Im thanks her for thinking that way and gives Dong-Sook some money to buy cutlass for Seung-Ah.  Sigh…


So Joon-Bae takes Dae-Ho to Mi-Ja’s restaurant.  Dong-Goo notes that they give a lot of meat and Joon-Bae notes that the owner is the one that announced to the world that she trained under Mi-Ja.  As they speak about this, Dong-Goo spots Mi-Ja walking over and Dae-Ho starts to turn around.


Can you feel the wind getting stronger?  The winds, they be swirling around our main family…

I hope the last scene was not another fake-out and Dae-Ho recognizes his first love, and the mother of his beloved daughter Seung-Hye.  After all, the drama only gets interesting when the victims of revenge become aware of the tightening web of lies around them.

Other than that no other comments.  This episode was nice and fluffy and a great representation of the daily lives of a normal middle class family bumbling along in Korea. ^-^

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