Make a Woman Cry – E06

If the proud mistress of the man you loved offered you $1.5 million dollars and even knelt before you, would you let him go?  What about hearing that you embarrass him, when he did not even take a step to help you as you were being beaten up, but seeing him comfort the other woman for kneeling in front of you?


Deok-In absentmindedly cooks for her ducklings bust phases as she remembers Jinwoo literally fighting for her, albeit getting beaten up. Then she remembers how he yelled at her not to get hurt again and said it so angrily… My, who’s heart didn’t flutter at that scene?

Jinwoo awkwardly walks in and comments on the smell of cooking potatoes as Deok-In silently prepares him his meal. Looks like someone isn’t used to a guy caring for her if it makes her this awkward ^^


Jinwoo directly asks why Deok-In is silent and she answers with a question. She asks if it makes him angry when she gets hurt. HAHAHAHA!

Jinwoo responds just as directly by confirming but asking how she could ask him that like that… However, Deok-In doesn’t respond the way we all expect…

She wonders out loud how some stranger who has no relationship with her can be worried about her, while her husband does not seem to show any concern. Jinwoo seems divided between being relieved that Deok-In isn’t thinking that he’s crushing on her to being insulted that she basically emphasized their lack of relationship.

To make it crystal clear, Deok-In repeats that he has less of a connection with her than even a finger tip, which makes him sigh that even if he’s technically a stranger, categorizing him as such completely dismisses him when he did empathize with her enough to tell her not to get hurt.

Deok-In answers that he’s basically a stranger and of no use to her. This gets to Jinwoo as he starts to raise his voice to reply that no one knows if he will be useful to her or not in the future.

Deok-In asks why he’s getting angry and Jinwoo blames the soup. Cuteness ensues as Jinwoo confesses that he worried in the morning about being swept up in the moment last night… However, Deok-In deadpans by asking him what he means.

Having nothing to answer to that without directly confessing that he might be feeling something for her, Jinwoo just dryly apologizes in general, which Deok-In accepts on her way outside to get more soup.

Thinking that she already left, Jinwoo mutters that it’s Deok-In’s fault for being so dense but she overhears. Turning around, she asks him if he said something and Jinwoo quickly backs off ^^


When Deok-In gets outside, she finds Hyunjin waiting for her. He relays his sisters gratitude awkwardly and Deok-In accepts graciously. He continues to stand there staring at her and asks her why she did got beaten up for a bad person like him.

Deok-In replies that in her past job, she saw a lot of really bad people and he’s not one of them. He’s just a kid.

This seems to get to Hyunjin who tells Deok-In to go to Jungsoo as Yunseo ordered Kyungsoo and Jungwoo to go make a mess of the pizza place.

Deok-In smiles after him that Hyunjin is worried about his friend. Deok-In tells Jinwoo who jumps up to leave and Deok-In tells him to sit make down and finish eating; the owner used to also run in the rougher world. That’s why she found a place for Jungwoo there.


As they speak, Yunseo watches in disgust as the owner does a lot of exaggerated motions toward the kids. Next thing we know, he has the two kids kneeling.

Deok-In and Jinwoo arrive and the owner respectfully greets Deok-In. She tells the kids to layoff as they don’t know who they’re dealing with or his past record ^~ but the kids just sulk that they couldn’t fight earnestly because he was so funny.

Jinwoo gets angry at their non-repentant tone and walks over to lecture them, which the kids don’t accept – complaining that he always chastises them when they were the ones beaten up… Sounds like they missed the point, our puppies.


At the same time, Hyunseo pines over Hyojung when Hong-Ran comes home. She asks her nephew about his long face and he tells her about being stood up. Surprisingly, Hong-Ran looks both shocked and disappointed for her nephew. I do honestly think that she has no animosity toward Hyunseo; she just really cares about getting her son to inherit the company and hating on Eunseo for being Jin-Myung’s first love.

Turns out Hyojung is off on a date with Kyung-Tae who asks her if she’s crazy for spending him with him instead of a chaebol. Hyojung tells him to date Hyunseo himself if he’s thinks it’s so regretful. Ever the practicalist, Kyung-Tae sighs that he wishes he could. However, our sweet little bird just grabs his arm and declares that she’s happy just being with him.


Over drinks, Kyung-Tae tells Hyojung that if she really loves him, she should marry Hyunseo and return back to him as a rich daughter-in-law. He promises to wait for her and even muses that Hyunseo might die early anyways.

Hearing this, Hyojung throws water in Kyung-Tae’s face for all of us and snaps, “You really are a bad person and I am an idiot!” Someone give this gal a leading role! She has the leading role face and budding acting skills; not close to Kim Jung Eun, but with practice, I can see it!

As for Hyunseo, he worries to his aunt that he won’t have the face or confidence to see Hyojung anymore. Hong-Ran encourages him by telling him that girls always say no first and he needs to be persistent.

Eunseo overhears this and dismisses Hyunseo to speak with Hong-Ran alone. In the kitchen, Eunseo warns Hong-Ran from messing with her son.


Hong-Ran replies that she’s just trying to help as he seems so disappointed, which doesn’t seem to be completely a lie. However, since Eunseo is cornering her, Hong-Ran does not keep herself from commenting that Eunseo should stop being so selfish. She saw how the nurse rejected Hyunseo, how could she expect to marry him into a rich family?

Seems like Eunseo is in a particularly sensitive mood… Maybe because her son got rejected. She decides to pull out her hidden card and asks Hong-Ran why she’s even giving advice on dating. After all, everyone knows that Jin-Myung only married her because she threatened to kill herself… 0.0 ah so Hong-Ran is one of THOSE girls… I did wonder what would happen if the lead in a drama ever gave into such demands and married the histrionic girl…

Hong-Ran stops and suddenly turns polite. Using full honorific speech, she wants for Eunseo to finish before responding that she might have married a man who pitied her… However, it entertains her to hear this from a woman who got sold into the family… Turns out the family gave Eunseo’s family a building in exchange for Eunseo joining them despite her fiancé being dead… Makes sense, it’s awkward enough to live with in-laws even if your husband is alive, imagine living with them without him… You are forever the guest and voluntary servant.

This hits home with Eunseo who fights back tears as Hong-Ran finishes by warning Eunseo never to diss her family upbringing again. You actually feel sorry for the girl as everyone has been there… Fighting back tears of anger.


At the same time, a drunkard demands that Deok-In buy alcohol for him. When she refuses, he complains that there are a lot of people that should be beaten up and Deok-In tells him to leave. When he keeps demanding that she go buy him alcohol, Deok-In drags him out and throws him on the ground.

The man gets back up and grabs Deok-In by the hair. In the struggle, he pulls Deok-In to the ground and Deok-In has to hit him with her soup ladle. He finally leaves cursing women these days for being so brutish. Deok-In looks up exhausted only to see her husband and Jinhee looking on her.

Alright guys. This is one of the most emotional scenes in this episode. If you don’t have something with you, now is the time to grab the sugar or comfort food. Don’t say that I didn’t warn you.

So Deok-In looks up from the ground to see the judging eyes of Jinhee and her husband. They relocate to a cafe, where Deok-In notes that it’s rude to visit without warning.


Jinhee responds that she knows that Deok-In would not have seen her if Jinhee gave her notice. She then hands over the envelope and explains that it’s the proceeds from her apartment before she moved in with Kyung-Cheol.

Deok-In responds dryly that she doesn’t want it and Jinhee adds that there’s more than 15,000,000 dollars in there (converted for convenience sake). Jinhee explains that she knows that Kyung-Cheol doesn’t have money to give spousal support so she’s giving the amount out of consideration for Deok-In.

Deok-In replies that she has no interest but Jinhee persists. She comments that with the money, Deok-In would not have to go through the humiliation from earlier. To make matters worse, Kyung-Cheol complains that he was so embarrassed at the scene… The scene that I remind you during which he stood there watching a man beat up his wife in front of him. Yeah, I would hope he’s embarrassed for behaving less than human!

Meanwhile, Jinhee continues that she asked Kyung-Cheol to come with her as she thought that Deok-In would realize the serious nature of the situation if Deok-In saw them together.

Deok-In takes a sip of her drink with a sigh and asks if Jinhee likes Kyung-Cheol that much. Jinhee turns to lovingly stare at Kyung-Cheol.

Deok-In continues that if Jinhee loves Kyung-Cheol so much, she can kneel and apologize…”the law exists in Korea.. If you steal something, you get punished. If you love someone who has a partner but continue to stay fully confident and unrepentant… Just because you’re rich and loved by a man, are you allowed to be so egotistical?… If you came here and said such condescending words, did you think I would give up?”

Jinhee demands to know if Deok-In wants her to beg for forgiveness. Deok-In sighs that if Jinhee cannot do it, she does not have to… After all, they can just love together. They don’t need to actually file their marriage certificate.

With that Deok-In gets up to leave. However within a few steps, Jinhee tells her to wait.

Deok-In stops but doesn’t turn around as Jinhee walks up to her back and kneels.

Within seconds, Kyung-Cheol runs up to Jinhee to ask her what she’s doing. He turns to Deok-In back and spits out, “Because you are this kind of woman, I don’t have the desire to live with you…”

Deok-In turns around to confirm her first fears. She tells her husband that if he does not want to live with her, he does not have to. She won’t force him… And she leaves.

Jinhee goes into her histrionic mode and hits Kyung-Cheol for interfering. She cries that she would have done whatever it took to satisfy Deok-In… Who stops outside the window and stares at her husband comfort THE OTHER WOMAN… sigh.


The idiot then runs out to stop Deok-In. He yells at his WIFE to think about it logically… Jinhee is different from them; she’s lived a sheltered life and her kneeling is a huge debasement for her.

Thankfully, Deok-In doesn’t accept his bag of horse poop. She answers, “that woman is such a precious life, but my life is so useless so you can send that woman home when you know I’m still here? Can you just act as if I don’t exist?”

Kyung-Cheol just gives her the envelope of money again and notes that the amount should compensate for some of her anger. Deok-In takes it to literally throw it back at him.

“I am a person, too. Stop crossing the boundary… Please” Deok-In bites out before crossing the street to leave her useless existence of a husband.


Afterwards, Deok-In listlessly runs into Jinwoo on her way back to her restaurant.  Before Jinwoo goes in, he spots Jinhee with Kyung-Cheol as they parked outside of the restaurant.  Kyung-Cheol the useless idiot seems to not recognize Jinwoo, although Jinwoo remembers him vividly.  YAY! DRAMAWRITERS WHO HAVE A HEART!

Jinwoo asks who Kyung-Cheol is and Jinhee introduces him as the man that she’s dating.  Kyung-Cheol awkwardly introduces himself as well.  However, as Jinhee is tired for having to kneel in front of the woman whose life she’s ruining, she tells her older brother that she will formally introduce her boyfriend next time and leaves.


Jinwoo goes back to the restaurant to ask cautiously if Deok-In’s husband came by…He starts to mention the other woman and Deok-In tells him that they came together to show her how serious they are about each other.

As Deok-In prepares Jinwoo’s meal, he asks if Deok-In knows anything about THE OTHER WOMAN.  Deok-In tells him that she knows that THE OTHER WOMAN is rich as the envelope had an enormous amount of money.  Jinwoo begins to talk about talk of her taking care of her in-laws and Deok-In tells him to shut up and eat.

Then sitting down, she muses that her husband seems like a stranger now…Jinwoo asks if she still loves him and Deok-In answers that she must love him to have taken care of him as he studied to become an accountant…Let’s all heave a collective sigh here… = =x

At the same time, Bok-Rye organizes her things…As she muses over her old clutter we hear that she favored Kyung-Cheol over her oldest by a lot…She continues to clean up the rest of her belongings telling her son that she knows life is short – she doesn’t want to leave a mess for her children.


At the Kang residence, Hyojung arrives to check on Hyunseo who reassures her that everything is fine and she does not have to be awkward or embarrassed.  He even smiles for her and walks her out.  What a sweetie!

Eunseo comes out to bring her lovesick son indoors and he calmly blows off his mother.  Looks like someone is growing up! ^^  Of course, this triggers mommy dearest’s anger and she goes straight to her mother-in-law to ask that they switch Hyunseo’s nurse.  Her mother-in-law responds that it’s hard to request for a different nurse without a specific reason…However, Eunseo continues to insist.


Hyunseo waits for her outside of his grandmother’s room and demands to know if his mother requested that his nurse be changed.  After she leaves him to go cook, Hyunseo stomps into the kitchen to angrily tell his mother that he does not need another nurse; he will go to the hospital from now on for his check-ups.

Hyunseo then goes to the garden to mope, where his uncle sees him.  Walking over to check on his nephew, he hears Hyunseo innocently ask if he can love someone just like any other person.  Jin-Myung correctly guesses that it’s about Hyojung, whom Hong-Ran already told him about. Hyunseo confesses that he only wanted to to love Hyojung from a far…but he’s found out that it’s becoming more difficult.


Jin-Myung angrily tells him that he shouldn’t love someone from a far, but go after him.  He holds Hyunseo’s hand and notes that Hyunseo reminds him of himself more than his own son…which his son overhears.

At night, Minseo comes into the lounge to demand to know why his father does not care about his life.  He asks if his father likes his nephew more than his son because his son reminds him of his wife…Ooooh, perceptive…


Afterwards, Hong-Ran warns her husband the same thing.  She tells him never to say that his nephew reminds him of himself in front of his son again.  She also tells him clearly that if he gives the company to Hyunseo instead of his son, she will divorce him.  You go Momma Duck!

At night, Bok-Rye finds that she cannot sleep and gets up to start organizing her important papers.  One of them is the house rental contract…o_o Oh no…please tell me that wasn’t some kind of foreshadowing…

She goes on to look at pictures of the useless idiot so I’m going to skip over this part.


Meanwhile, Deok-In finds herself unable to sleep and walks out for something to snack on.  She finds her older brother-in-law in the kitchen and they all decide to drink together.  It’s adorable because Kyung-Soo starts lecturing his little brother because he eats all of the meat instead of the vegetables instead of leaving some for Deok-In. ^o^


The next day, Jinwoo meets with Jinhee to try to convince her to dump the useless cheater.  She defends her cheating idiot to his face despite the fact that Jinwoo reminds her that Kyung-Cheol is married.  Jinhee seems to justify her situation with the perspective that she doesn’t know what is the actual relationship between Kyung-Cheol and his wife…he hates her.

Jinwoo pauses by Deok-In’s restaurant on his way back to the school as he stares at her for a minute…


Then, Jinwoo heads on home to fight for Deok-In on the side.  The family eats dinner…after which, Jinwoo tells the family that Kyung-Cheol has left a very cheerful and nice woman who still loves him.  Hong-Ran continues to be out of it as she only comments that Jinhee’s taste is so plebian…Sigh – -x

Meanwhile, the others comment that this changes everything in their calculation about whether or not to accept Jinhee’s new man.

Hong-Ran continues to derail the conversation by commenting that Jinwoo has changed a lot…He used to only care about himself and would never have cared about some neighborhood restaurant ajumma.  She even wonders that his late wife would have been so surprised to see him like this…


Jinwoo also has a drink when Eunseo comes in to comfort him.  She tells him not to worry too much about Hong-Ran’s words as she speaks without a filter.  She also slyly but in a friendly way, comments that the restaurant’s food must be good ^___^

Jinhee’s father calls her home and Jinhee decides to bring Kyung-Cheol.  Hilariously, she tells Kyung-Cheol that he has to come as right now, “he is an incredibly bad person and she is an incredibly stupid girl” in the eyes of her family…


Jinhee’s father stops Kyung-Cheol from sitting down and says some good choice words.  He tells Kyung-Cheol that he does not trust a man who would throw away his wife after using her so much! YEAH GO DAD!

Jinhee jumps in to defend her useless idiot by noting that it’s too harsh to make him live with a woman he doesn’t love forever.  But, her father has an answer to that as well…If he wanted to leave his wife, he should have left sooner, before she had to give up her life providing for his family financially.  It only seems like he did not have the chance to dump her before…He clearly states that the worst type of person in the world is a man who uses the woman who loves him. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

Kyung-Cheol interrupts to say that if that is all Jinhee’s father has to say, he wants to note that he will leave but none of this is Jinhee’s fault.  Jinhee yells at her father for being too harsh but gets shut down by Jinhee’s mom.

She yells that Kyung-Cheol is cocky and impudent.  If he loved Jinhee, he would be repentant and listen to some harsh words!  Kyung-Cheol walks out with Jinhee on his heels.


Outside in the garden, Kyung-Cheol shows us just how baseless he is.  He tells her that he never hid it from her that he’s selfish.  He won’t stand for this type of treatment and hates her family; if he made his wife suffer, he made HIS wife suffer.  It is none of his family’s business. O_O WHAT THE DUCK?! DOES THIS MAN ACTUALLY BELIEVE HIS OWN WORDS?

Jinwoo stops Jinhee from following Kyung-Cheol and tells her to go inside first.  However, Kyung-Cheol tells Jinwoo that he has nothing to say to him separately…so he will leave first.

Jinwoo asks if he can take it as a declaration that he wants to pretend that none of this happened.  Kyung-Cheol actually has the audacity to respond back that it will be up to Jinhee and walks off with Jinhee following.

More cuteness, one of the chubbier kids (Gyushik Park) stops by to joke with Deok-In before walking into the school.  Then Deok-In sees a mother carry her lame son to the gates…TT_TT She watches as she remembers her own younger sister-in-law’s words about how Deok-In used to carry her on the rainy days.


Sigh…Of course the kid waits in line until Yunseo comes and orders that his minions kick the kid out of line…which he ACTUALLY DOES. HE KICKS A KID IN CRUTCHES!

Hyunjin sees this and helps the kid back into line after yelling at Yunseo for cutting.  Yunseo orders his minions to drag Hyunjin to the stairs and the crutches-kid follows.  Hyunjin notes the truth that it’s despicable for Yunseo to bully a kid who has to use crutches…doesn’t he feel humiliated in front of the other kids?


Yunseo gets even more furious at the words and KICKS the kid down the stairs… OMFG.  Gyushik and his friend tell Deok-In over lunch and she runs out to stop the two minions and demand to know where Yunseo is.  When they ignore her to walk off, she pulls one of the guy’s arms until he tells.

Jinwoo is yelling at his son in the school asking his son how far he would actually go…Deok-In grabs Yunseo to ask if he’s actually human…Does he know what kind of heart the mom has when she sends her son to school?


Yunseo responds that the woman should have expected it when she sent her lame son in a school full of normal kids.  Deok-In grabs Yunseo to teach him a lesson and Jinwoo stops her…He asks her for a moment and she tearfully yells back that they can’t just baby the kid forever before preparing to punch the kid.  However, when she hits, her fist connects with Jinwoo’s jaw instead…


First, oh my goodness.  The part where Jinhee and Kyung-Cheol confronted Deok-In was like watching a trainwreck.  I did not expect Jinhee to actually kneel in front of Deok-In…and… I have to admit that even against my own wishes, I felt bad for her.  In a sense, she is a victim to Kyung-Cheol as well.  He flirted with her and won her over…In the process, he probably convinced her that he’s like the main character of Rebecca, a man who is stuck with a crazy woman that he does not love.  Little does she realize that Kyung-Cheol is just human trash…

Of course, the fleeting feeling of sympathy was just that.  Fleeting.  While I do understand that it is not completely her fault, Jinhee is still 98% at fault and her behavior so far has not mitigated in her favor.  Instead of acting repentant, the girl acts as if she is entitled to be with Kyung-Cheol for no reason other than the fact that she has been privileged this far.  Coming from someone who is not born to money, this type of logic is not convincing.


For today’s episode, it might be helpful to know that meeting the family and/or parents of your significant other is a serious step in Korea’s culture.  Generally, at the first official meeting (excluding say accidental meetings at a market or something), you dress formally and bring gifts.  For example, guys usually bring nice cognac and girls bring wine/fruit/cake.   It’s almost like an interview as many people in Korea still believe that marriage is not an institution that only affects two people…Rather, it affects the whole family, and, so while many people still believe that love is most important, they also consider whether or not their significant other would fit in well with their family.


It’s against this backdrop that Kyung-Cheol not only cuts off his possible future father-in-law, but he talks back AND leaves.  This would be seen as incredibly rude and disrespectful behavior.  While it is true that in this case, the father-in-law (Lee Soon Jae or LSJ) began the meeting by angrily tearing into Kyung-Cheol.  However, under Korean custom, Kyung-Cheol would only show his respect by accepting all of the verbal abuse.  In this case, I would not even say it’s verbal abuse as it was all the FREAKING TRUTH.  Since, Kyung-Cheol is a married man wanting to obtain approval from Jinhee’s family to continue to seriously court her (and possibly marry if he can get his former wife to divorce him), his role was to accept any and everything from his future in-laws to placate them.

This was why Jinhee’s mother also got involved and lectured Kyung-Cheol for his response as being impudent.  Additionally, this is probably why Jinwoo asked Kyung-Cheol if his decision to walk out on the family during the first meeting and refusal to meet with Jinwoo on the side is Kyung-Cheol’s declaration that he will give up on Jinhee.  Yet, Kyung-Cheol pulls a horribly dickhead move by answering that the relationship will only be over if Jinhee wants it to be.  So basically, Kyung-Cheol is responding that he will not follow any of society’s mores as long as Jinhee accepts him and wants him…

My question is if Kyung-Cheol would still love Jinhee if her father disinherited her …

Anyways, I will cut my episode impression short at this point as it’s past midnight.  But hope you guys enjoyed!


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