Love on a Rooftop – E22

The pieces start to fall into place as the trapped victims start to struggle to dig their way out of this unseeming prison of Mi-Ja’s revenge.  In digging, we see Seung-Jae and Seung-Hye learn the ultimate lesson of adulthood – parents are flawed humans, too.


Dae-Ho slowly makes his way out of the police station to see Seung-Jae run up as his uncle called him. Joon-Bae tells the two that he has to go back to his shop but Seung-Jae should help his father as he’s being sued.  Dae-Ho wanna his brother-in-law to not tell his wide or sister-in-law and Joon-Bae promises.


Dae-Ho takes Seung-Jae to a nearby restaurant and tells him to eat up.  He tells his son to eat up like their grandmother says, food gives you strength.

However, being part of the instant gratification generation, Seung-Jae demands to know what happened first.  So Dae-Ho hands over the contract and explains what happened.


Meanwhile Se-Ryung comes out to her father and tells him that Kang Taeho is Do-Jin and her boyfriend.  She explains that this was the reason for her cancelling the contract…

Beom-Seok asks if they are really close when Do-Jin did not even tell her about returning to Korea to focus on baking. Se-Ryung answers that Do-Jin kept it from her because of his mother… He knows that she’s close with his mother and his mother would never approve of Do-Jin quitting the hospital as she raised him as a single mother.  She asks her father to see Do-Jin as a future son-in-law instead.


Back at the restaurant, Seung-Jae has to face reality for the first time that his father is not superman but a flawed human being.  He stares at his father in disbelief and demands to know what his father was thinking signing on behalf of the grandfather as well as himself… He knows his father has entered into many contracts before… His father knows that he could be accused of fraudulent signing so why? Seung-Jae cannot help himself from yelling at his father in frustration noting that if he were his father, he would not have the ability to eat his food since he would be so frustrated with himself… Seung-Jae stalks outside after those words and blows off steam as his father drops his spoon…


However, within minutes Seung-Jae is back.  He takes his father’s spoon and starts eating.  He comments that he is illogical as well since he has an appetite and can also eat.  Offering up his own spoon, he tells his father to eat up and take strength from the food.  TT. TT tearing up here… D’awwww.


Meanwhile Soon-Im speaks with someone about setting up Dae-Shil with an arranged marriage.  Looks like the prospective guy has a widowed mother and is the only son…Soon-Im praises her daughter’s looks and then snaps that age isn’t everything.  The other side agrees to the meeting.


At the same time, Se-Ryung arrives at Mi-Ja’s restaurant and waits in her office as Mi-Ja meets with Beom-Seok.  Beom-Seok tells Mi-Ja about the whole Do-Jin/Tae-Ho situation.  He tells her that he is not as interested in Do-Jin as he’s worried about Do-Jin’s mother…He heard that the boy was raised by a single mother and the mother seems obsessed.

Mi-Ja snaps, “obsessed” in an inquisitive tone and Beom-Seok immediately apologizes for insulting her unintentionally.  He explains that he did not mean Mi-Ja and he honestly has another boy in mind for his future son-in-law.  Mi-Ja asks to meet with the prospective son-in-law as well.


Then she goes to see Se-Ryung and the two apologize to each toher in their minds that they are keeping a secret from each other…Sigh, they are perfect for each other.


Kyung-Tae adds an encouraging comment on Dae-Shil’s novel page at Do-Jin’s cafe…Seung-Ah complains about her sore arm and Kyung-Tae jumps up to help.  However, when Seung-Ah sees his screen, she gets anxious about her aunt not being able to support their family.

Do-Jin interrupts to ask them to try his latest dish – Injeolmi Toast.  The two grudgingly try and love it!


Mi-Ja calls Do-Jin to invite him over for dinner.  Mi-Ja then invites Se-Ryung over for dinner and tells her that she can tell Do-Jin that she convinced Mi-Ja to give her another chance…After all, Se-Ryung canceled the contract with Do-Jin because of Mi-Ja…


When the two women arrive, Mi-Ja completely treats Dong-Sook as her housekeeper by providing her an envelope of money and dismissing her.  To add insult to injury, she notes that she is not sure that Se-Ryung will like the food as it was prepared by the housekeeper, however, she hopes that Se-Ryung enjoys.

Dong-Sook just stares in surprise at this rude treatment…Se-Ryung doesn’t help by pulling out a check to cover commuting costs and dismissing her as well.


Do-Jin arrives and they have dinner as the two women tell Do-Jin that his second chance was all Se-Ryung’s doing.  Looks like the two have a common goal of having Se-Ryung marry Do-Jin


Back at Dong Rak Dang, Seung-Jae paces anxiously for Seung-Hye until she comes home.  When she arrives, they go inside his room to discuss and Seung-Jae notes that their situation is bad…They need to settle it in any way they can.  The two decide to try to meet with the other side the next day to see if they can get a settlement.


Dae-Ho worries about the situation by himself at his shop before looking at pictures of his pride and joy (Seung-Hye and Seung-Jae) in his cell phone.  He tears up at how his mistake has subjected his children to disappointment and even physical abuse and continues to brood.

The next day, Yunho allows Seung-Hye to switch her shift and leave with Seung-Jae.  However, by the time that they arrive at the hospital, the grandfather is gone.  He took a formal diagnosis and left…Seung-Jae offers to take her to the house as the address was on the contract.

At the same time, Seung-Ah happily notes that the customers really like the new dish.  However, she notes that Do-Jin needs to work on advertising.


Do-Jin answers that he does not have any more money left so they will need to figure out how to make the cafe successful…That way he can pay her wages.  Seung-Ah runs away when he mentions that they need to brain storm to quickly clean the place…As she runs off, she tells him to do all the thinking with Seung-Hye to Do-Jin’s utter entertainment.

At home, Soon-Im washes all of the dishes over again as the next day Dae-Shil’s prospective match is coming over for the arranged date.  However, when Dong-Sook mentions that she’s going to see Dae-Ho, Soon-Im drops the bowl and it breaks causing Soon-Im to worry and send Dong-Sook to check on Dae-Ho.


When Dong-Sook arrives, she finds the shop closed and Sun-Sook comes running up noting how Dong-Sook really has no luck.


The children find the house empty and as they walk out, they see their father.  Seung-Jae quickly pulls Seung-Hye to the side and tells her to not let their father see…He will find it harder if it knows that his children came to beg on his behalf.

Sun-Sook tells Dong-Sook what little she knows and tries to call Joon-Bae but he doesn’t answer…

Meanwhile, Dae-Ho walks listlessly toward the grandfather’s house muttering to himself that he really did live a failure of a life…He asks himself how he could amount to so little and ends up tripping.

Seeing it, Seung-Hye tries to go to her father but Seung-Jae stops her. Hugging her close, he tells her not to look…Even though he also tears up, he tells her that it would be harder for their father if she goes to him now and they watch in silence.


Gah, this is hard topic that the daily drama addressed.  While, I had called Dae-Ho useless, it was heartbreaking to hear him ask himself the same thing… And then when he fell without any strength to pick himself up? Yeah… Talk about veteran acting…Bravo Ahn Nae-Sang!

Back to the theme of this episode.  I thought it was well done in addressing the moment when some children see their parents fail and fail spectacularly.  I bet some viewers would judge Seung-Jae’s reaction.  However, for me, I felt like I could understand…It’s like the same frustration that many first or second generation children in the United States feel when growing up, their parents turn to them for assistance in normal tasks that other English speaking adults would have accomplished simply.  For example, many such children grow up taking  care of accounting, billing, dealing with bureaucracy, etc.  Some times, incidents occur when a parent messes up or seemingly gets taken advantaged because of their language issues and it feels like betrayal as a child…The question is, if I can do it, why can’t you?

I feel like that’s what Seung-Jae was really shouting when he angrily tore his father apart by asking why his father had been so stupid to sign on behalf of the grandfather.  He was basically saying, “You’re an accomplished small business owner in my eyes, father.  How could you make such a novice mistake of signing your own contract?!”


That is why when Seung-Jae held Seung-Hye from running to Dae-Ho, which is the normal instinct if you see your father fall…It was that much more emotional.  He had grown within fifteen minutes from yelling at his father for failing to be superman, to being able to not only control his own sorrow but becoming a dependable support for his sister so that they can preserve their father’s pride…

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