Love on a Rooftop – E23

Dae-Ho continues his soul searching journey and decides to sell his most valuable materialistic possession – the store. Meanwhile, the rest of the family slowly starts to find out about their troubles, with the exception of Seung-Ah.


Incomplete information is worse than no information or complete information. Dong-Sook and Sun-Sook worry about all of the possibilities as both Dae-Ho and Joon-Bae are not picking up their phone.


Feeling that she has a better chance looking for Seung-Hye, Dong-Sook runs to the cafe to ask for her daughter. Yunho guesses that it’s an emergency and offers to call Seung-Hye but Dong-Sook tells him that it’s fine and leaves.  However, Yunho does call Seung-Hye to let her know that her mom stopped by.


At the time, the ducklings are at a bank seeing if they could get a loan. As Seung-Jae also gets rejected, the two receive a text message from their father that he will tell his wife personally. Since they cannot lie to their mother, the two decide to ignore Dong-Sook’s frantic calls for now. [DRAMAFEED – In Korea, it is extremely hard to get a loan if you have not established your credit.  As a result, a lot of the middle to lower economic class population turn to loan sharks that loan easily but have steep interest rates and less than best practices in collecting.)


By this time Dong-Sook is frantic.  She runs to Joon-Bae’s restaurant only to find Miss Bom. Fortunately? Unfortunately? Miss Bom loves to gossip and was at the scene during the morning incident…


Miss Bom describes how the gangster threw things around, grabbed Dae-Ho by his collar and even grabbed Seung-Hye by her hair… Joon-Bae arrives to drag Miss Bom aside and to order her to please shut her mouth…


Dong-Sook asks Joon-Bae to tell her what is going on but he refuses.  Hilariously, he tells her that he wants to tell her as well but he is barely keeping his mouth shut due to the promise with Dae-Ho…he does promise to tell Dae-Ho to go straight home to tell his wife about the lawsuit…

Hearing this, Dong-Sook looks at him anxiously to confirm that her husband is now being sued…


Meanwhile, Dae-Ho treads home and meets Soon-Im at the door as she got worried.  She explains that she had a bad dream and also broke his bowl… She felt so worried that she had to come and check on him.

Dae-Ho asks what Soon-Im dreamed about.  Soon-Im explains that in her dream, her husband had been calling for him and his complexion was not so good these days… [DRAMAFEED – In Korea, while it is good luck to see someone who has passed on… If they ask for you or try to take you somewhere, it is considered bad luck; the theory is that they are taking you on as well.  Yup, the drama just went there!Chills? Thank goodness it’s summer! ]

Dae-Ho responds that he misses his father so much… He wonders why his father never shows up in his dreams…

At those words, Soon-Im asks why he wants to see his father all of a sudden.

Dae-Ho asks if she remembers how his father held his hand right before passing away and told him that Dae-Ho would be the head of the family if he passes.  He had also thanked Dae-Ho for being his son…Dae-Ho muses that his father had been such an amazing father…

Soon-Im interrupts to say that Dae-Ho is an amazing father that Seung-Hye, Seung-Jae, and Seung-Ah.

However, Dae-Ho sighs that he doesn’t think he is…

Soon-Im grabs his son’s hand to console him and ask if slow.  Dae-Ho agrees that it’s slow and asks her for a favor.

Still in the dark, Dong-Sook arrives home and tries to call her husband again to no avail.

At the time, Dae-Ho is telling his mother that he plans to sell his store… If he stays stubborn at this point, it is just his greed.

Soon-Im agrees to do whatever Dae-Ho wishes.


Meanwhile, Seung-Hye stops by the cafe to get a cup of coffee from Yunho. He tells her that he can tell something is wrong at home but knows better than to ask.  So he wants her to take comfort in the coffee.  He also adds that it’s her homework to figure out what coffee bean was used and how the coffee was brewed by tomorrow.

At Dong Rak Dang, the ominous signs continue as Dong-Sook cuts her hand while cutting kimchi. Soon-Im comes in to tell her that she saw Dae-Ho, but he left when she left.


Dong-Sook anxiously notes that she really needs to see her husband but lies that they are not hiding anything from Soon-Im. As a result of her loyalty to her husband, Dong-Sook gets lectured by Soon-Im for nagging her husband so much. Basically, Soon-Im tells Dong-Sook that she will provide living expenses so Dong-Sook should stop stressing Dae-Ho out… Ah mother-in-laws…I wonder if they ever considered reflecting on the fact that the daughter-in-law only stresses the husband out if there is not enough to provide for the family? Why, if the mother-in-law had helped earlier or kept an open channel of communication, maybe the daughter-in-law would not have to nag the hubby.

Soon-Im then tells Dong-Sook to cut some squash to out on Dae-Shil’s face for the arranged marriage date the next date.


At the same time, Beom-Seok has dinner with Mi-Ja at a nice restaurant. He apologizes for his words the last time about single mothers and confesses that he was actually irritated because the boy does not seem as interested in Se-Ryung.

Mi-Ja notes to herself that he doesn’t need to worry as she will not let Do-Jin continue like that… She asks aloud about the boy that Beom-Seok is considering as his future son-in-law.

Beom-Seok answers that he’s cheerful and bright…a joy to be around. Mi-Ja asks to meet the young man as well so that her life could also be brightened up. [Yunho? Yunho?]

Mi-Ja also notes that after Se-Ryung gets married, he should also find a partner. Cue romantic violin music! Beom-Seok beams and asks if Mi-Ja would help him and she agrees as he awkwardly turns to his wine.

The music continues as Beom-Seok walks Mi-Ja to her car and even opens her door for her instead if Sang-Man… He also asks Sang-Man to take care of Mi-Ja as if Sang-Man is not already Mi-Ja’s right hand man. Looks like our guesses were correct! It’s a love triangle in the older generation as well!


[Lady Vengeance like a boss!]

Mi-Ja tells Sang-Man to report who tells her that Dae-Ho has given him notice that he wants to pull his store.  Mi-Ja responds that they need to tell both Dae-Ho and the real estate agency that they can’t return the deposit yet to buy time. [In Korea, if you rent by junsae/deposit instead of the monthly rent, you cannot leave for a reasonable amount of time until the landlord either finds a replacement or can return your deposit back.]

Sang-Man also reports that Do-Jin said he’s going to be staying at Kyung-Tae’s, which Mi-Ja accepts.

Meanwhile, Dong-Sook corners Seung-Hye in her room to demand to know what is going on with Dae-Ho.


As for Dae-Ho, he’s getting drunk with Joon-Bae who apologizes for telling Dong-Sook about the lawsuit. Dae-Ho notes that he cannot tell his wife as he lived such a failure of a life.


Dong-Sook, Seung-Hye and Seung-Jae wait for Dae-Ho anxiously outside the house. Finally, the two men come stumbling home and Dong-Sook and Seung-Jae take Dae-Ho.


Seung-Hye stays behind to accompany Joon-Bae home since he’s also drunk. However Joon-Bae gives her back her hospital identification card and explains that he’s been trying to give it back for a while…then in his drunken state he says what he shouldn’t… That if Seung-Hye had just stayed at the hospital, she could have gotten a loan and her father would not have been in this situation. Saying that, he stumbles off.

Back at home, Soon-Im hears her son stumble in and even gets up to let loose her fury on her daughter-in-law before sitting back down. She notes to herself that she cannot deny her son’s request to sell the store when she thinks of the family…


At the Jang residence, things are happier. Beom-Seok comes in to encourage his daughter to date and prepare to get married.

Se-Ryung jokes back that her father sounds like he wants to marry her off because he wants to get remarried. However the joke backfires when Beom-Seok pauses in surprise before awkwardly denying it. He tells her lovingly to go to bed before leaving and Se-Ryung thinks to herself that she’s working on it.


Meanwhile, Do-Jin broods over his account books. When Kyung-Tae looks over Do-Jin’s shoulder, he comments that Do-Jin should be better at business if he inherited his mother’s blood but he definitely needs help.

Do-Jin mentions that there is someone who might be able to help and Kyung-Tae encourages Do-Jin to grab the help no matter what.

In the morning, Dae-Shil wakes up to find Seung-Hye also brooding over her identification card. Seung-Hye conf she’s that she wonders if she should have just stayed at the hospital.


First, Dae-Shil wonders if Seung-Hye has had a change of heart because of her situation but Seung-Hye obviously does not know and Dae-Shil changes the topic to Seung-Hye getting some rest.


As for Seung-Jae, he looks up the law to see if there is anything that could help them… However, all he finds clearly leans the other way and he remembers the warning from the police officer in charge of his father’s case. The officer had noted that any battery that involves an elder has a harsher sentence so the whole hospital diagnosis issue has made the situation worse… He had recommended that they settle no matter what.

At home, Dong-Sook gives herself a pep-talk that if she can survive in this house, she can survive this. Seung-Ah interrupts to offer to make the honey water for her father as he loves it when she makes it best. Meh.


As for Dae-Ho, he remains brooding outside. Seung-Jae comes over to encourage his father to settle and even consider getting a reverse mortgage on the house… He explains that when they went to the bank, the bank employee told them that no one in their family has the credit for a loan…

Dae-Ho cuts him off to announce that he’s going to sell his store as his mother would never approve of getting a reverse mortgage on Dong Rak Dang. Seung-Jae’s surprise gets everyone out in the courtyard as Dong-Sook cries that she will never allow it…she knows what the store means to her husband.

Soon-Im arrives to have the final word… She has approved it.


Well it looks like our characters are learning quickly, which is good.  One of my pet peeves with daily dramas in the past was that a lot of times for the dramatic effect, characters will be dense to the point that you question their intelligence.  Here, we see that with the exception of Seung-Ah we have varying degrees of adaptation and circumstantial awareness.

On the extreme side, we have Dae-Ho who realizes that by sacrificing none of his passion, he has subjected his family to financial vulnerability and put a large emotional burden on his first child Seung-Hye.  With that realization, he immediately considers his life wasted and hits bottom almost…I would say we have extreme circumstantial awareness.  It’s almost hard to watch as logically, I couldn’t but judge the man who subjected his daughter to taking care of the family…but, when he calls himself worthless and believes it…that’s another matter.

Next to him, we have Soon-Im who accepts Dae-Ho’s decision to give up his shop even though she does not know exactly what is the problem.  She is aware enough that the situation is dire.  Seung-Hye and Seung-Jae never had issues.

Then we  get to Dong-Sook who seems to know that something is terribly wrong.  However, she spends half the episode freaking out and then a part of the episode reassuring herself that she can handle the situation before declaring that she cannot let Dae-Ho give up his shop.  Okayyy….So what is she going to do about it other than pressure Seung-Hye?

Finally, we have Seung-Ah who is blissfully oblivious.  This girl needs to live on her own in a different country. = =x

On a final note, does anyone else think that it’s ironic that if you take the revenge out of Mi-Ja’s life, her life is pretty good? She is a successful and respected business woman who has achieved upper middle class.  She presumably sent her son to medical school and he may have talent to create another food industry if not at least provide for himself baking…She also has a very possible love interest with a company CEO… Yet, so goes to start a fire….

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