Love on a Rooftop – E24

And then there was one…who does not yet know the dire financial circumstances and impending possible criminal liability of their family…Mi-Ja’s trap slowly closes in on her final enemy…Soon-Im.


The family holds a conference in which Soon-Im tells Dong-Sook that she approved Dae-Ho’s giving up of his store.

Hearing this, Dong-Sook yells at her husband for letting everyone know about his decision before her and stopping everyone from telling her.

Soon-Im angrily yells at Dong-Sook for not being more supportive and pulls the old conservative phrase that means if a woman has a loud voice, the whole family will suffer.  She snaps that the household is suffering because of Dong-Sook’s lack of supportiveness.

Dong-Sook does not take the verbal abuse silently, however…She cries out that she has not been able to truly cry in the house because she’s been so scared of her mother-in-law.  Then Dong-Sook challenges Soon-Im by asking if she knows the reason that Dae-Ho is selling the store.


Dong-Sook looks like she’s about to spill the whole story but Seung-Hye stops her and Soon-Im leaves.  Dae-Ho asks Seung-Hye to make breakfast with Seung-Ah and takes Dong-Sook on a walk.


Instead of helping the family by cooking, our lovely and fully matured child, who has done nothing to help support her family goes off and complains that she thinks it is a good idea that Dae-Ho is finally closing the store that has been hemorrhaging money. = = Stupid child.


At the same time, Dae-Ho apologizes to Dong-Sook for not telling her until the very end.  He explains that he did not want her to hear how much of a failure he was from someone else…However, when he was trying to tell her, he just could not bring himself to tell her…

Dong-Sook sniffs that he does not need to go on.  She agrees with Soon-Im that she was too hasty…Even though it makes her sad, she knows that it’s harder for him…Dong-Sook starts to cry as she complains that she cannot believe that Dae-Ho would make such a big decision herself.

Dae-Ho grabs her hand and tells her that she should let out her anger…He knows how she feels and how she wanted to support and protect his passion.


Back at home, life goes on.  Soon-Im asks Seung-Ah to help prepare Dae-Shil for her arranged marriage date and we find out that Dae-Shil washes her face once every two days…

Then Seung-Hye heads off to work and confesses to Yunho that she could not figure out the coffee beans used to make her cup.  Yunho surprises her by exclaiming that she got it right.  The way that he made her coffee was by arranging a bunch of beans and picking up some beans randomly…Then he mixed them and made a cup of coffee…


Seung-Hye laughs and Yunho smiles that the coffee worked since she smiled.  Putting a comforting hand on her shoulder, he tells her to do her best to get her barista license so she can make her own crazy types of coffee.

At the same time, Do-Jin’s cafe barely survives with no customers and Seung-Ah complaining.  Do-Jin asks if Seung-Hye really helped get her aunt and uncle’s restaurants in becoming profitable and Seung-Ah confirms.

As for Mi-Ja, she gets a report from Sang-Man who tells her his plans to encourage Dae-Ho to use the loan shark.  He also tells her that he sponsored free tasting events at all of the nearby dessert cafes so it will be difficult for Do-Jin to survive.


At Dong Rak Dang, Dong-Sook brings tea for Soon-Im who snaps that she did not ask for tea.  Dae-Shil backs her up by noting that Dong-Sook si better than her.

Soon-Im ignores Dong-Sook and orders Dae-Shil to wear her hanbok for the date.  Dae-Shil gasps that she cannot wear a hanbok on a date and storms out, at which point Dong-Sook smiles that she will get Dae-Shil to wear the hanbok and assume that Soon-Im forgives her, if she does.  HAHAHAHA this must be how she survived so long.


Meanwhile, Dae-Ho gets another threatening call from the fraudsters and Sang-Man arrives to inform Dae-Ho that his boss cannot return his deposit until they find another person…He wonders if Dae-Ho should turn to loan sharks since Dae-Ho will be able it off as soon as his boss returns the deposit.

When Dae-Ho does not seem convinced, Sang-Man muses that they don’t know what the other side will do to Dae-Ho’s daughter if he does not do something soon.  This gets Dae-Ho’s attention…


Of course, Seung-Hye is worried about her father as well.  Deciding that she cannot let her father give up his passion, she calls Se-Ryung to inquire about returning to the hospital.

Se-Ryung announces triumphantly to her father that she will help Seung-Hye return to the hospital.  Beom-Seok tells her to do her best and then asks how things are going with Do-Jin.

Se-Ryung answers that things will work out, but Beom-Seok asks if it has to Do-Jin.  He notes that he brought Yunho into their house with an ulterior motive…Except, Se-Ryung bursts out laughing and noting that it’s an insult to try to match her up with Yunho.


Dae-Shil’s arranged date does not go well either…The date starts off with comments on her age…They note that as a 28 year old woman, she’s only one zodiac circle away from 50.  Then he comments on Dae-Shil’s lack of a butt before bragging about how he’s an eastern medicine doctor…

The idiot doctor’s mother suggests that he takes Dae-Shil’s pulse, but she just takes a gulp of tea before storming out.

At the same time, Kyung-Tae complains about having helped six births as he walks.  When he turns the corner, he runs into a crying Dae-Shil who asks about her butt.  Dae-Shil complains that she should be able to have three children with her butt.


Kyung-Tae agrees that she looks like she has a decent butt and wishes her well in having three kids.  He pauses to help pat away her tears with his handkerchief before walking on his way.  When he walks off, Dae-Shil grabs her heart and wonders why it’s racing.

Sun-Sook has one of her less-than brilliant ideas…Remember, she was the one who encouraged Dong-Sook to get a loan from Mi-Ja in the first place?  Well, her second idea is to ask Mi-Ja for help again.


Se-Ryung arrives at Yunho’s cafe to let Seung-Hye know that the hospital will call about voiding her termination in a couple of days.  Seung-Hye thanks Se-Ryung who asks  why the change of heart.  Seung-Hye just answers that there are some personal issues.  Se-Ryung notes that Seung-Hye looks serious so she will not probe farther and excuses herself when she confirms that Yunho’s not there…Interestingly enough, she’s no longer as friendly but has returned to her condescending self.


Dong=Sook meets with Mi-Ja and hears that Mi-Ja has not been able to sleep well these days as the memorial of her late mother is coming up.  Dong-Sook wonders to herself that she cannot just ask for money and offers to help prepare the memorial.

At the cafe, Seung-Hye walks toward the exit with heavy footsteps.  She notes to herself that she at least had a chance to try and she learned from her role model so she’s satisfied.

On her way home, Seung-Hye stops outside of Do-Jin’s cafe at the same time that he thinks about her.  He starts practicing how he can ask Seung-Hye for help…


As he states, “Let’s try our best together, Seung-Hye,” Seung-Hye walks in…

Joon-Bae gives Seung-Jae some chicken and tells him to eat up as the family will need his support now.  Miss Bom falls for Seung-Jae’s smartness and announces that he’s “brain sexy.”


Joon-Bae tells her to back off as he’s the only son of Dong Rak Dang.  He also tells Seung-Jae to study hard and become a prosecutor or judge so that Dae-Ho can find his pride again.  Oh no…Another child who has to live for the dreams of a different generation.


Meanwhile, Sun-Sook tells Seung-Hye about Dae-Ho’s situation and she immediately calls Seung-Hye.  After the call, Seung-Ah runs out to Do-Jin’s cafe, where Do-Jin offers a partnership to Seung-Hye.

Seung-Hye apologizes that she cannot accept his offer.

However, Do-Jin tells her that he really needs her and Seung-Hye confesses that she’s going to return to the hospital…Seung-Ah takes that moment to interrupt the conversation by yelling at her sister for not telling her about how her father might go to jail.


Seung-Ah ends up falling to the ground crying that she was the only one who had no idea that something was happening to her father.  She continues to cry that she’s also her father’s daughter, not just Seung-Hye…Even if she cannot be of any help, she has a right to know…

Seung-Hye squats down to try to comfort the crybaby…


Well, I was not really moved by Seung-Ah’s break down.  Honestly, I don’t know how old she is, but since she’s not going to school, I will assume she’s in college or graduated.  As someone who has graduated college, she has more than enough ability to help support her family instead of living like a parasite.  There’s no point crying at this point that she’s worried about her father when she has not really done anything to contribute to family until now…Even the job, it is unclear whether it’s just a part time job or a full time job…so…Meh.

Similarly, I am disappointed in Dong-Sook, who’s solution was to run to Mi-Ja for more money?! I don’t understand this woman.  Does she honestly believe that there is such a thing as a no-interest loan?  It’s like she is the older version of her daughter…A student forever because all she had to do until now was make sure that her husband and mother-in-law are happy. Meh.  Time for bed as today’s episode was slightly frustrating.


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