Love on a Rooftop – E26

Mi-Ja’s first attempt at revenge wraps up as the focus starts to shift on the romantic square of the next generation.


Seung-Hye first calls Se-Ryung to tell Se-Ryung that she is not going to return to the hospital.  She apologizes, but Se-Ryung is too busy with her work that she does not stay on the phone long enough to hear where Seung-Hye will be working.  Sighing, Seung-Hye muses that Do-Jin should be able to tell Se-Ryung himself.


Meanwhile, Dae-Shil visits Do-Jin’s cafe for some coffee while Kyung-Tae is visiting.  When Seung-Ah accidentally trigger’s Dae-Shil’s depression by speaking about the copyright issue, she regrets it immediately and tries to cheer her aunt up.  Seeing Kyung-Tae to the side, Seung-Ah introduces him to Dae-Shil as the fan that added the encouraging comment.


Finding out that Dae-Shil is the author, Kyung-Tae goes all dramatic by throwing off his shirt and asking Dae-Shil to autograph it…


At the same time, Sang-Man has to tell Mi-Ja the bad news…Thinking that Dae-Ho had gotten the money from Mi-Ja, the fraudsters had settled the suit claim.  Mi-Ja orders that he find out where the money came out of immediately.


That evening, Seung-Hye apologizes for not returning to the hospital.  Dong-Sook does not disappoint as she tells her daughter that it was for the better.  If Dae-Ho’s lawsuit was settled by a loan through the hospital again, he would have felt worse because he forced his daughter to take out such a loan.  Additionally, like all mothers, Dong-Sook has to ask if Seung-Hye really is not seeing Do-Jin and Seung-Hye laughs that he already has a girlfriend.


Dae-Shil also talks with Seung-Jae about her situation and they both talk about how it’s suspicious that the other writer is not even meeting up with her…The meeting gets cut short when Seung-Jae gets a nosebleed.


In the morning, Seung-Hye comes to wake Seung-Ah so that they go to work early to Seung-Ah’s misery.  She compains to herself that Do-Jin actually took up her suggestion.


When they arrive at the cafe, Seung-Ah orders that her sister clean the cafe as Seung-Ah is senior to Seung-Hye at the cafe.  Do-Jin stops her and asks her to first try tasting some of his pastries since perfecting the taste is more important.  He asks Seung-Ah to deal with the cleaning instead.


Back at Dong Rak Dang, Dong-Sook carries a load of groceries home and explains to Soon-Im that she is helping to prepare the memorial dinner for a friend’s mother.  Speaking of Mi-Ja, she yells at Sang-Man for not finding out where the money came from.


Soon-Im comes in to note that the customary foods of Dong-Sook’s “friend’s” memorial table is the same as her family.  She also starts to help since there is so much to prepare.


Before we all forget about Se-Ryung’s family, we return to their dinner.  Se-Ryung tells everyone about how Seung-Hye decided to go somewhere else instead of returning to the hospital.  Hearing this, Yunho wonders why Seung-Hye did not return to the cafe if she was not going to return to the hospital and Se-Ryung jokes that Yunho’s mind is elsewhere when her father sees Yunho as a future son-in-law making everyone laugh.

As for Dae-Ho, he walks around his shop and murmurs to himself that there are a lot of memories to the place.

The next morning, Do-Jin and Seung-Hye go out for a business trip as Se-Ryung pulls up to visit Do-Jin.  Seeing the two leave, Se-Ryung casually asks Seung-Ah about the relationship between Do-Jin and Seung-Hye and hears about how Do-Jin paid for the settlement fee.


Dong-Sook is busy as well finalizing the memorial dinner at Mi-Ja’s apartment.  Smirking like a Cheshire cat, Mi-Ja calls Soon-Im to invite her to the memorial dinner.  Soon-Im cuts her off by telling Mi-Ja that she has no business with either Mi-Ja or her mother.  Smiling broadly, Mi-Ja tells her that she would not say such words if she knew who was preparing the memorial dinner.  Soon-Im hangs up even though Mi-Ja’s words make her pause.


However, Dong-Sook unfortunately realizes that she forgot one of the dishes.  She tries calling Sun-Sook who has to finish preparing for her deliveries and Joon-Bae is also backed up on his delivery orders as well.  So Dong-Sook ends up calling Seung-Ah who asks her grandmother sinec she cannot leave the cafe empty.

Meanwhile, Se-Ryung tells Mi-Ja how Do-Jin loaned Seung-Hye such a large amount of money.  Mi-Ja’s face falls as she angrily wonders how her son could have single-highhandedly ruined her revenge plans.


Luckily for Dong-Sook, she gets worried and calls Seung-Ah about her status.  On the call, she finds out that Seung-Ah asked her grandmother for help.  As Dong-Sook freaks out, Seung-Hye returns to the cafe and gets asked to come to Mi-Ja’s apartment building to intercept her grandmother.

Seung-Hye arrives in the nick of time and manages to waylay her grandmother.  On her way back in to the building after walking her grandmother out, she runs into Do-Jin!  The walk in together to find Dong-Sook nervously waiting and the whole group learns about the interrelated drama-world.


Mi-Ja picks up on the fact that Dong-Sook had not told her daughter that she was cooking for money and when Dong-Sook tries to dismiss Seung-Hye but Mi-Ja suggests that Seung-Hye stays and accompanies her mother home.


As for Soon-Im, she arrives at home and wonders about how coincidentally Dong-Sook had a friend to help prepare a memorial dinner for…and Mi-Ja’s cryptic words.


Happy Monday!  A low key and calming episode to start the week.  This episode was another one, which seemed to exist to support larger story lines.  If anything is there to comment on in this episode, it seems to be Se-Ryung.  Her character seems slightly disjointed and I feel that the story could benefit from more development.  I don’t understand why she acts so condescending toward Dong-Sook whenever she’s at Mi-Ja’s apartment.  I think the writers are trying to suggest that Se-Ryung has a condescending and dismissive attitude toward most people as she’s is so privileged.  However, since we only see her interactions with the other main characters and Dong-Sook…it’s difficult to fully get that story.

Another area that I would like fleshed out more is Seung-Hye’s role at Do-Jin’s cafe.  I am grateful that the drama writers did not turn to the usual random “hidden genius” card for Seung-Hye’s usefulness.  However, we are assuming that Seung-Hye is valuable to a starting up cafe…If so, I would like to know what value she adds.  So far, we only see her tasting some pastries and going on a business trip… It makes me worried that this was a forced pairing just to facilitate the YSHxKDJ romance.

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