Love on a Rooftop – E27

One door closes firmly as Dae-Ho closes his shop.  Meanwhile, the women in the drama begin a cold war with lines clearly drawn between Mi-Ja with Se-Ryung and Dong-Sook with Seung-Hye.


The episode begins with Seung-Hye asking Dong-Sook about why Dong-Sook is at Mi-Ja’s place instead of at her friend’s place.  Dong-Sook agrees that it’s a small world as she did not realize that Do-Jin was Mi-Ja’s son.  She quickly adds that Seung-Hye needs to keep this a secret from her grandmother who will go ballistic if she knew that her daughter-in-law was helping Yang Yoon Yi.


Se-Ryung interrupts the talk to apologize to Dong-Sook for her rude behavior. To Dong-Sook’s increasing discomfort, Se-Ryung describes how she had gave Dong-Sook extra cash for a cab the other night when Dong-Sook prepared their dinner.  (I don’t think she’s apologetic at all since it’s obvious that Dong-Sook is uncomfortable discussing the situation.)

Mi-Ja joins the group and increases the unspoken tension as she explains that Dong-Sook had tried to not accept her money…However, all Mi-Ja has is money and she wanted to show her gratitude.

The cold war bubbles closer to the surface as Se-Ryung responds that Mi-Ja has such a respectable son.  Mi-Ja sighs that her son is actually stupid since he has no ambition and helps out anyone who asks, whether it be financial or not.  Smiling daggers at Seung-Hye, Se-Ryung notes that they should not blame Do-Jin…Rather, they should be blaming the beggar who would take advantage of Do-Jin’s kindness by taking everything he offers.  To nail the door shut, she even notes that it would be a good thing from the employee’s perspective since the boss is so considerate of everyone’s needs.

Dong-Sook interrupts to tell Seung-Hye that she should go home first as it’s clear the two women are talking about Do-Jin helping Seung-Hye out.  However, Seung-Hye refuses to go and begins to quickly plate all of the dishes.


Afterwards, Do-Jin bows in front of Mi-Ja’s mother’s memorial as Mi-Ja tears up angrily that her son sabotaged her plans.  When Do-Jin asks her if she’s crying because of her mother, Mi0Ja snaps that he should not bother her and goes into her room.


Meanwhile, Dong-Sook and Seung-Hye talk while waiting for the bus.  Dong-Sook rejects Seung-Hye’s offer to get a cab as she now knows how precious each dollar is since she works.  Dong-Sook adds that she was uncomfortable to see Do-Jin there as well.


Se-Ryung arrives at home and tells Yunho that she needs to have a word with him.  In his room, she tells him that Seung-Hye started working at Do-Jin’s cafe as Do-Jin offered her the full year’s salary up-front.  Yunho jokes that Se-Ryung must feel uncomfortable that Seung-Hye is working with Do-Jin.

Se-Ryung agrees and begins to ask him something when Yunho cuts her off.  Yunho tells her that he already has an idea about what Se-Ryung is about to ask and would rather not hear it as if she asks, he will not want to do it anymore.  Se-Ryung smiles that she will leave then.


Back at Dong Rak Dang, Soon-Im asks Dong-Sook once more if she truly helped out a friend and not Yang Yoon Yi.  Dong-Sook barely manages to lie that it was not Mi-Ja.


At the same time, Mi-Ja has a drink in front of her mother’s memorial gloating that Soon-Im’s daughter-in-law prepared the memorial dinner.

Having physically and emotionally exerted herself, Dong-Sook ends up recooperating from exhaustion with Dae-Ho at her side.  Getting up, Dong-Sook confesses that she did not borrow money from Sun-Sook but Mi-Ja… She asks that he keeps it a secret from Soon-Im but explains that it has been so difficult for her to keep it a secret so she feels better after coming clean.


While Do-Jin arrives at the cafe and thanks Seung-Hye on behalf of his mother for her mother’s help, Dong-Sook tells Dae-Ho that Do-Jin is Mi-Ja’s son.  The two wonder about how much Mi-Ja’s family is helping them out from giving them a loan to keep the store and providing the money to pay the settlement.  They decide to give each of them a present.


Dae-Ho goes personally to give Do-Jin his present and to thank him for his help.  Dae-Ho asks Do-Jin to take good care of his daughter.  Do-Jin responds that he’s receiving a lot of help from Seung-Hye instead.

Before leaving, Dae-Ho explains to Do-Jin that he understands Do-Jin’s mother’s worries.  All parents just want the best for their children.  Using the analogy of teaching a kid how to ride a bike, Dae-Ho explains that it’s more difficult for the parent to let go of the kid than for the kid to ride the bike on her own…


That night, Yunho notes that Beom-Seok should get married again after Se-Ryung gets married.  He asks if Beom-Seok is interested in anyone and picks up on Beom-Seok’s non-answer.  However, he realizes that Beom-Seok has not gotten far and offers to give advice – flowers.

When Dae-Ho comes home, he finds Dong-Sook waiting for him in the courtyard.  The two share a moment as they look into each other’s eyes…Dong-Sook thinks about how she remembers when Dae-Ho first opened his shop and Dae-Ho thinks about how he had hoped to succeed to let Dong-Sook live comfortably.

Soon-Im also irons Dae-Ho’s suit for his last day at the shop and apologizes to Dae-Ho for not being able to save his shop.  Although, I think Dae-Ho is more than old enough to take care of his own business without being saved by his mother.


The next morning, Dong-Sook sees her husband off somberly as Soon-Im has to return to her room in tears.  Joon-Bae also stops by his wife’s store in a suit as well.  He explains that he wants to take Dae-Ho out for a drink to console him and needs money.

Sun-Sook snaps at first but gets convinced and hands over a ten.  Then she starts pulling money from her pockets and finds a fifty dollar bill.  She looks for other bills, but Joon-Bae grabs the fifty and makes a run for it!

Not knowing that her father planned to sell the store anyways, Seung-Hye texts her father that everything will work out after seeing a father-daughter moment at the cafe.

Meanwhile, Mi-Ja stares off into space brooding as Sang-Man asks if Mi-Ja is not going to go by Dae-Ho’s store.  Mi-Ja orders him to bring the painting.


At Do-Jin’s store, Seung-Ah tells Seung-Hye the news that their father is closing the store and Do-Jin overhears.

As the arc wraps up, Dong-Sook finds Soon-Im cooking in the kitchen.  She tells Dong-Sook to dress up and take Dae-Ho out for a date tonight.

As Dae-Ho drafts a poem in calligraphy, Dong-Sook applies makeup…


Do-Jin also acts more like a guy in love than a boss as he dismisses Seung-Hye early to go check on her father… Dong-Sook leaves the house after getting some money from Soon-Im who tells Dong-Sook to continue smiling brightly so Dae-Ho can get strengthened.  At the same time, Mi-Ja drives over with the painting…Looks like all of the women are converging on Dae-Ho.

Mi-Ja arrives first, but pauses for a minute and loses her chance to see Dae-Ho.


Seung-Hye arrives nextto find Dae-Ho sobbing and steps back out to wait outside as her father cries.


It would appear that Mi-Ja has technically already achieved her goal of revenge since she had the head daughter-in-law of Dong Rak Dang preparing the memorial dinner for her mother who had merely been a servant at Dong Rak Dang. However, she does not seem satisfied with that achievement, which makes me wonder if Mi-Ja herself knows what her end-goal is.  If she wanted acknowledgment, she has achieved it.  If she wants to burn Dong Rak Dang into the ground, it seems odd that she would bring the painting to Dae-Ho’s shop on his last day.

As the main character storylines and development take center stage, the writers will need to be careful that Se-Ryung’s and Yunho’s characters do not become merely filler like Sun-Sook’s family.  I think it’s a good time for the romance to become the center of the story and I hope that the writers continue to spin an organic story like they have with the Yoon family/Mi-Ja first revenge arc.

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