Make a Woman Cry – E07

Deok-In and Jinwoo open up to each other as Jin-Myung confesses one deep dark secret to keep another.


Unable to contain her anger, Deok-In throws one of her signature punches at Yun-seo only to hit Jinwoo who could not stand by as his son got hit. As Jinwoo falls to the ground, Deok-In yells at Yunseo to take Jinwoo to the hospital or nursing room of the school at least. Smirking the rude little princeling saunters away happy that he avoided another rightful beating.


So Jinwoo ends up at Deok-In’s restaurant, where Deok-In prepares cold soup as it would be better for his split cheek all the while muttering with rage that Jinwoo protected Yunseo… Poor Deok-In believes he did it purely because Yunseo is the chairman’s grandson.

Afterwards, we see Kyung-Cheol throw a tantrum at home against Jinhee. Throwing down his chopsticks at a perfectly good jajangmyun and tangsooyook, he declares that he is tired of eating take out and leaves to drink by himself.


Meanwhile, another skirmish results at the Kang residence over dinner. Gee, how do these people manage to stay healthy when each meal is a tense affair and a vocal battle?


Anyways, the grandfather notes that he cannot make the anniversary celebration of the company and Hong-Ran complains that she cannot miss another scheduled shoot as well. Seeing an opportunity, Eunseo seizes it and asks if Jin-Myung can take Hyunseo.

Everyone pauses as taking Hyunseo to the event would mean introducing him to all of the business world as the heir to the company.

Eunseo thinly veils her greed as a desire to see Hyunseo get out more. While Hong-Ran is drastically against it, the elders agree that it would be a good idea to show society that Hyunseo is healthy again.

When Minseo asks to be taken as well, Jin-Myung shuts his son down by saying that would be too many. Instantly, Hong-Ran gets up and stalks out to the living room with Jin-Myung following.


Eunseo comes out as well to continue her attack. She apologizes for creating an awkward situation and confesses that she just wanted to find a girl for Hyunseo since no one seemed interested. Hong-Ran hears this with a glare noting that the fox is using all of her wits.

At the same time, Deok-In finds Kyung-Cheol sitting drunk outside her shop. She takes the time to invite him in and prepare seafood for Kyung-Cheol to eat with his drink.


As Deok-In prepares, Kyung-Cheol confesses that he wanted to see her so badly… Because he remembered how if anyone said anything bad about him, she would be angrier than he would be to hear… He continues to add that he knew she would be on his side.

For some reason, Deok-In does not throw the food in his face and just brings it over to sit next to him as he complains about not being treated like a human at Jinhee’s house. Deok-In responds listlessly that Jinhee parents could only react that way when he isn’t able to get divorced but came to their house anyways.

It’s infuriating to see Deok-In listen to this whole actually peeling his shrimp for him!

Back at the Kang residence, Hong-Ran continues to ask Jin-Myung to change his mind about taking Hyunseo. Her pestering gets Jin-Myung to walk towards the door for coffee instead and Hong-Ran orders that he stay put, she will get his coffee for him.


When she gets to the kitchen, she finds that Eunseo had already prepared two cups of coffee. However, Eunseo’s happiness gets cut short when the grandmother comes in to tell Eunseo that she could not ask the hospital director to switch out Hyojung… The director kept asking the reason for the request and she knew that Hyojung would get fired as a result of the request so she stopped.

Instantly beaming, Hong-Ran goes out to tell Hyunseo that she will get him tickets to the latest popular musical. When Hyunseo replies that the girl already refused him, she encourages him not to give up.

Meanwhile, Kyung-Cheol continues to blabber on drunk… Bragging about how rich Jinhee is before knocking out… The soju bottle is precariously close to his head but for some reason, Deok-In does not seem to feel the urge to hit him on the head.

Instead she sighs and notices Jinhee calling. Like any spurned woman, she picks up the phone and answers, which causes Jinhee to hang up. However, within a minute, Deok-In calls back with Kyung-Cheol’s phone to tell Jinhee to pick Kyung-Cheol up.

At the same time, Jinwoo makes his rounds of the school before leaving. Isn’t someone lucky this is not a horror movie?


Jinhee comes and picks up Kyung-Cheol without any words and leaves.

As Jinwoo walks out of the school, he notices that Deok-In’s restaurant is still open and wonders why it’s open so late. Drawn to satisfy his curiousity and likely a little bit of worry, he walks over in time to see Jinhee’s car driving off and Deok-In standing in the doorway.


Realizing that Deok-In just survived another emotional tsunami, he joins her when she asks if he can drink. Over the global equalizer – alcohol, Deok-In confesses to him how her husband came back to tell her about his affluent girlfriend and the treatment he received at the girlfriend’s house. She continues to note that when she saw her husband so miserable, she could not stop herself from thinking about all that they had both gone through…including the death of their child.

She explained that as a result, she had called his mistress and let her take her husband home.


In response to this show of vulnerability, Jinwoo also opens up. He tells Deok-In about his past and how his last wife took her own life…He even tells her that his last wife left a will stating that she is taking her life because of him.


After opening themselves up to each other emotionally, the two walk home together as their paths are in the same direction. Awkwardly, Deok-In jokes that she hopes that they are not awkward with each other the next day and Jinwoo responds that they did nothing that would cause them to feel embarrassed in front of one another. But let’s face it, opening yourself up to another person with your deepest worries and thoughts is pretty embarrassing…You are giving them the emotional tool to hurt you.

After a short walk, Jinwoo gets in a cab and the two part ways. However, when each are left with their own thoughts, the worries crawl back and the two end up brooding.


Meanwhile, Kyung-Cheol wakes up in his studio to find Jinhee glaring at him. He asks how he got back home and Jinhee bites out that his wife called her. As Kyung-Cheol gets up for a class of water, she asks him how he could put her in a situation where she has to be debased before a woman like that.

Kyung-Cheol bristles at her words and warns her that he finds her choice of words insulting. Yet, Jinhee is not in a mood to be reasonable; she’s hurt and and emotional – she has no bandwidth to worry about his sensitive ego.


When she does not get the comforting that she expected from him, she declares that she’s going to leave…She cannot stand living like this – subject to humiliation before people she finds beneath her. Walking into the kitchen, she throws everything off of the counters and gets worse when Kyung-Cheol tries to yell some sense into her.

It’s like it triggered her “crazy” button, which we all know that we have inside of us (girls or guys). She decides that she’s had it and without even wearing shoes, she runs out and darts into an elevator before Kyung-Cheol can follow. She manages to get into the lobby a few minutes before Kyung-Cheol arrives by running through the emergency stairs.


Taking one breath, she runs into the street and stands there like a deer caught in headlights as a car approaches. The car screeches to a halt in time to not hurt either Jinhee or Kyung-Cheol who had come to pull Jinhee out of the way.

As the traumatized driver yells at the crazy couple, Kyung-Cheol hugs a shaken Jinhee close and comforts her by repeating that he’s sorry; he will do better.


At the same time, Bok-Rye finds Deok-In in bed in the new pajamas that Bok-Rye gifted to her. Deok-In jokes that she does not have a reason to save the pajamas anymore and asks Bok-Rye if she does not want to have a chaebol daughter-in-law.

Bok-Rye tells Deok-In to not talk about such crazy things and get some rest. However, when she gets into her room, she tells her daughter that this is going to be difficult to resolve…If the mistress is so rich that she’s a chaebol, her ambitious son would have a difficult time curbing his greed…

Finding sleep hard to come by, Bok-Rye goes to the kitchen for a glass of water when Deok-In joins her. Taking this as an opportunity, Bok-Rye comforts Deok-In that the only daughter-in-law she has is Deok-In…Unless she dies, she will not take another daughter-in-law for Kyung-Cheol. ^^


The next day, Hyojung checks on Hyunseo who happily gives her the musical tickets. Hyojung gasps with excitement when she sees the tickets as she would love to see it and has heard that the show was sold out. Unfortunately for Hyunseo, Hyojung tells him that she wants to go see it with her boyfriend…

As for the lazy boyfriend, Kyung-Tae, he lays around in bed … not working…or doing anything productive when Hyojung arrives with the tickets. He even kicks her out and tells her that he does not want to see her anymore.


Kyung-Soo has to go out and open the door for her to hash it out with his problematic little brother. She comes back in and tells Kyung-Tae that she already told Hyunseo that she has a boyfriend and will be going to the musical with said boyfriend before going out to have lunch with Kyung-Soo and Bok-Rye. Hearing this, Kyung-Tae worries that he might actually have to marry her… HAHAHA.

The next day, Hyojung returns the tickets to Hyunseo and explains that her boyfriend refused to go with her…Since she does not want to go alone, she wants to return the tickets.

Hyunseo shyly asks if she can accompany her since he already knows that she has a boyfriend and Hyojung agrees.


Meanwhile, Deok-In has a nice parent’s day as her two repeat customers nonchalantly leave her carnations before walking out after explaining that she’s like a mother to them as well. Then Hyunjin comes by with a present of stockings from his sister.

Deok-In reads the card and tears up as the girl expresses her gratitude to Deok-In for caring and helping the siblings when no one else did. She promises to live properly regardless of what life throws at her…

Before we all sob with the emotional feeling bombs that we were just hit with, Jungsoo and his little brother stop by with flowers and a box of pizza. Deok-In invites the children to eat with her and they do.

Unfortunately, Jinwoo is not as lucky with his son as Yoonseo refuses Jinwoo’s gestures of interest and stalks off without giving him any carnations… When Deok-In comes out to find Jinwoo outside her shop, he sulks at her happiness pettily sniping that wearing her carnations is unfashionable.


That evening, Eunseo finds the musical tickets in Hyunseo’s room and realizes that this was all part of Hong-Ran plan…As she suspects, Hyunseo announces during dinner that he cannot join the company’s anniversary celebration as he has important other plans…He tells Minseo to join the celebration instead.

After dinner, Eunseo tries to convince her son otherwise…That he should not give up greeting the corporate world as the heir to the family’s company for Hyojung. However, Hyunseo replies that he does not want to inherit the company and he’s uncomfortable being the reason for his aunt and uncle having marital problems…

Even though Eunseo pulls that I-Lived-In-This-House-Purely-So-You-Could-Inherit, Hyunseo stays firm.


So, Eunseo stomps into Hong-Ran’s room and vents her frustration that Hong-Ran bought tickets on the night of the celebration on purpose. When Hong-Ran does not seem apologetic, Eunseo declares that she will teach Hong-Ran a lesson and walks straight to her in-laws who are still eating after-dinner fruit.

Eunseo promptly declares that she cannot live with Hong-Ran anymore as Hong-Ran has told her that she cannot stand Eunseo for a ridiculous reason. When the grandfather asks why, Eunseo delegates the question to Hong-Ran.


Put on the spot, Hong-Ran actually decides to tell everyone about her husband’s crush on his sister-in-law when Jin-Myung angrily pulls her up and to their room.


When Hong-Ran yells at him for silencing her, Jin-Myung yells back that he killed his brother. He had the chance to save his brother but in the split second, he withdrew his hand and his brother died.

Woa, that was a busy episode. To pull two main things that stuck out, I want to address Jinhee’s blow-up first. Some viewers might think that this episode was mak-jang and unreasonable. However, I think Jinhee’s run into the street was not as mak-jang as the old mak-jang dramas where second leads try to commit suicide when their love interest does not return their feelings.

Instead, I think Jinhee has anger issues, which are triggered when she gets frustrated. In her opinion, she was extremely humiliated and debased. Instead of having dinner with her, her “fiance” left to drink with his wife, for whom he promised that he has no feelings. Then, she has to meet the woman who she believes is inferior to her and take her “man” back from his “wife.”

I do not agree with Jinhee’s perspective as she was born into privilege. It is unclear whether Jinhee deserves any of her pride. Did she accomplish anything on her own two feet? Does she even work? Or is she just living off of her chaebol parents? None of these questions were answered. I am not suggesting that she would be justified to have her perspective if any of the above questions would be applicable. However, I think I would understand where her huge ego is coming from. At this point, it just seems to me that she just has a huge ego because of her family’s money.

However, returning to my perspective that Jinhee has anger management issues…It’s due to this huge ego that she reacted in that way…In that sense, I thought it was a well written scene where the person with anger management tries to communicate her need for support but her companion misses the signals. As a result, she tries to deal with her anger by smashing the stuff in the apartment. But, before she can exhaust her anger, she gets stopped and aggravated when Kyung-Cheol yells at her. Having all of this negative energy, she resorts to running. I don’t think she meant to actually get hit by a car. She just had to do SOMETHING big to get rid of her excess negative energy and get back into a mental status of control.

The other interesting development was the confession from Jin-Myung. I did not expect the confession/confirmation to come so early in the series! This confession raises certain questions. He confessed that he believes that he killed his brother by not saving his brother to stop Hong-Ran from telling his parents that he loves Eunseo. Does this mean that the Kang family would find Jin-Myung’s feelings that inappropriate? Or does that mean that Jin-Myung believes that his secret of having not saved his brother is less important to him than his “secret” love of Eunseo? If it is the lather, we have another psychological patient here. It would imply that he values his “crush” or “love,” whichever the way you view it is more important to him than his responsibility and love for his family, which includes his wife, son and brother… This is a HUGE problem and screams of meglomania to me.

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