Love on a Rooftop – E29

Sorry for the late posting!!! Someone snaps with envy at the other…as Mi-Ja turns her cat’s interest in revenge toward poisoning the family dynamics from the inside.  How will Soon-Im handle a rebellious daughter-in-law and a son who has just found his ex-love?


The reunion between Dae-Ho and Mi-Jo continues with Dae-Ho being extremely awkwardly polite and stilted.  On the other hand, Mi-Ja is slightly polite but manages to say everything on her mind.  She tells Dae-Ho about how Soon-Im visited previously and made it clear that she did not want Mi-Ja to show up in front of Dae-Ho.


Dae-Ho notes that his wife was supposed to visit with him but something came up.  Mi-Ja sneaks in that it might have been better that his wife could not make it.  Visibly uncomfortable, Dae-Ho just puts the thank-you gift on the table for Mi-Ja.

In response, Mi-Ja answers that compared to what her mom and she enjoyed at Dong Rak Dang, her help has been trivial…Not missing the underlying message, Dae-Ho apologizes on behalf of his mother and notes that Mi-Ja still looks lovely as before.


Unable to keep her composure, M-Ja ends up running to her office after excusing herself for an emergency…


Back at Dong Rak Dang, Dong-Sook gets kicked out of the house for lying to her mother-in-law.  When Dong-Sook asks if she could leave without the bag, Soon-Im returns to her house.  As a result, Dong-Sook ends up seeking asylum at Sun-Sook’s restaurant where Sun-Sook yells at Dong-Sook for being so weak…All Dong-Sook did was try to provide financially for the family since Dae-Ho could not.


Sun-Sook even gets up in anger that Soon-Im is acting rudely because their parents are not alive.  Sun-Sook even gets her phone to call Dae-Ho but Dong-Sook stops her.


As for the younger generation, Seung-Ah is at it again.  Calling Se-Ryung “Luxury Unni,” Seung-Ah tries to convince Seung-Hye to call Se-Ryung to accept the purse gift.  However, Seung-Hye holds her ground and Seung-Ah turns to stealing Seung-Hye’s phone to call Se-Ryung.  They run out and Dong-Sook stops Seung-Ah in time for Seung-Hye to retrieve her phone.

At Mi-Ja’s restaurant, she composes herself and returns to the VIP room only to find that Dae-Ho had walked out without telling her.  Dae-Ho walks out just as Beom-Seok walks in with flowers…


Mi-Ja broods that Dae-Ho is cowardly as usual and tells Sang-Man that she does not want to meet Beom-Seok. So Sang-Man goes to tell the love-sick Beom-Seok that Mi-Ja just left a few minutes due to a business trip.  Beom-Seok thinks its his fault for not making prior arrangements and leaves Sang-Man the flowers.


As for the Dong Rak Dang women, Dong-Sook confirms that Soon-Im found out about the memorial dinner and Seung-Ah leaves in a huff that she was left in the dark for this one as well.  Seung-Hye suggests that Dong-Sook asks Soon-Im why she does not want Dong-Sook to meet with Mi-Ja.  Dong-Sook snaps that she tried before getting up to ask Mi-Ja her connection to Soon-Im…


Thus, Dong-Sook finds herself at Mi-Ja’s house, telling Mi-Ja about how she just got kicked out of her house.  Mi-Ja laughs in surprise thinking that it’s an exaggeration but Dong-Sook confirms.  Mi-Ja pretends to not know why Soon-Im reacted so extremely and Dong-Sook asks Mi-Ja directly if she knows why Soon-Im kicked her out…


Back at Dong Rak Dang, Dae-Ho stops by his mother’s room and asks for his wife.  Soon-Im complains of fatigue and dismisses her son and Dae-Ho asks if the issue is that Dong-Sook helped Yang Yoon Yi.

Soon-Im thinks to herself that Dae-Ho cannot find out that Yang Yoon Yi is Mi-Ja.  However, Dae-Ho continues that Soon-Im should show mercy on Dong-Sook who felt bad that she kept the issue a secret from her mother-in-law…

However, feeling that Dae-Ho’s cautious questions means that Dae-Ho still does not know that Yang Yoon Yi is Mi-Ja, Soon-Im dismisses him.  However, Dae-Ho thinks to himself that it must be because Yang Yoon Y is Mi-Ja before leaving.


At Mi-Ja’s place, she feigns ignorance about the reason why Soon-Im hates her so much.

Lest we forget Seung-Ah, she manages to steal Seung-Hye’s phone while Seung-Hye plugs it up for charging.  As she memorizes Se-Ryung’s phone number, Yunho visits.  He asks Seung-Hye if she’s made her decision and Seung-Hye responds that she has decided to try her best at this cafe and continue practicing brewing coffee in her spare time.


Yunho graciously accepts her rejection and then asks Seung-Hye if coffee is good for hangovers or not.  Seung-Hye answers that caffeine has an enzyme good for dealing with hangovers and wonders out loud where she saw it as she mentioned the same thing during her morning call part time job.  Yunho smiles to himself that his morning call person is Seung-Hye and orders a cup of coffee.


Seung-Ah tries calling Se-Ryung to ask for the bag but chickens out at the last minute.  Of course, Se-Ryung has pegged Seung-Ah and the wheels in her brain turn.

At the cafe, Do-Jin walks in as Yunho basically hugs Seung-Hye from the back, while correcting Seung-Hye’s hand-drip preparation of coffee.  Do-Jin yells at the two to separate.  When Yunho smiles that he was just correcting Seung-Hye’s hand drip method, Do-Jin snaps that he never asked Yunho for help.  Instead, he tells Yunho to not return to the cafe if he’s going to continue such unreasonable behavior…

Yunho smirks that Do-Jin seems more jealous than a normal boss…Musing that he can see Seung-Hye at other places, he leaves.  Do-Jin ends up turning his frustrations on the dirty dishes.

As for Dong-Sook, Mi-Ja continues her manipulations.  She suggests that Dong-Sook not return home until Soon-Im promises to never kick her daughter-in-law out again.


Meanwhile, Sun-Sook hands over Dong-Sook’s duffel bag to Dae-Ho angrily.  She also yells at Dae-Ho for not protecting Dong-Sook who gave her life to Dong Rak Dang…She continues to note how it is horrible for Dong-Sook to deal with a temperamental mother-in-law, an older sister-in-law who failed to get married, and Dae-Ho who has failed to financially provide for his family…


Dae-Shil arrives just in time to hear about herself and her brother.  She yells at Sun-Sook for not respecting her brother.  She snaps back that one divorce is enough in the family…Sun-Sook should be careful before her sister also gets divorced.

A royal cat fight ensues as Dae-Shil responds that you need to get married before you can get divorced…As the women yell at each other, Dae-Ho yells at both to quiet down so they can focus on finding Dong-Sook who isn’t answering her cell.


Quick interlude as Sang-Man orders ten chickens and tries to keg Joon-Bae for information…

Joon-Bae sits down with Sang-Man and comments that Dae-Ho has horrible luck…Just as he lost his business, his wife gets kicked out.  Then he continues to tell Sang-Man how the couple first could not get a child and adopted a daughter…Just as they adopted a girl, the wife got pregnant…Just in case, Sang-Man is confused about who is the adopted child, Joon-Bae adds that the adopted daughter was the one who basically financially provided for the whole family…


And we end with Mi-Ja contemplating her revenge plan after seeing her love….


My drama sense is tingling and I think it’s because we will get some more development into the birth secret soon.  The preview shows Se-Ryung befriending Seung-Ah so all of the guesses that Se-Ryung is Seung-Hye’s sister might be confirmed in the next arc.  Additionally, hopefully, the writers will soon clarify what happened to Mi-Ja’s baby and how Dae-Ho reacts to finding out that his first born is alive…O_O

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