Love on a Rooftop – E33

Seung-Ah does not fail to show us how selfish a normal person can be as well as how much that can affect the lives of the other people around one…Seung-Ah finds out that Seung-Hye is not her biological sister and makes the whole situation about her…


Dae-Shil receives the patient outfit and freaks out about the procedure.  Frowning full of embarrassment and humiliation, she walks away very quickly with the patient gown and ignores Kyung-Tae calling her back…


At the same time, Dae-Ho runs into another harsh reality call…He had expected to just be an usher but the employer tells him off for not having a license at his age.  He tells Dae-Ho to go get his license before coming back.


Having no one to turn to, Dae-Ho goes to Joon-Bae’s shop to commiserate.  Joon-Bae tells him frankly that Dae-Ho has no talent and should look into studying again instead.

Sun-Sook arrives at the same time and warns Dae-Ho not to listen to Joon-Bae’s baseless ideas…Rather she suggests that Dae-Ho should look at the employment boards on the internet.  Dae-Ho agrees that he needs to start working right away and runs out.


Meanwhile, Se-Ryung visits Seung-Ah at Do-Jin’s cafe to find out what is going on between Do-Jin and Seung-Ah.  Seung-Ah begins by complaining about how Do-Jin and Seung-Hye spend all of the time together but gets distracted by Se-Ryung’s Tiffany’s ring.

Se-Ryung makes the decision to give Seung-Ah her ring in exchange for Seung-Ah breaking up the relationship between Seung-Hye and Do-Jin.  Se-Ryung explains that she is going to marry Do-Jin so she would like Seung-Ah’s help.

Surprisingly Seung-Ah shows a great deal of loyalty and even tells Se-Ryung off in her own way.  Seung-Ah asks Se-Ryung if she really does not have enough confidence as to ask her to help break up Do-Jin and Seung-Hye.  She actually declines the ring on the grounds that she would feel guilty if that was the basis of the gift since Seung-Hye is her sister…Just in case we wonder if this is a different person, Seung-Ah adds that if Do-Jin is rich, it would be better for her if he marries Seung-Hye since they are sisters.

Se-Ryung tells Seung-Ah that this would not necessarily be the case as Seung-Hye is adopted.  Hearing the accusation that Seung-Hye is adopted, Seung-Ah actually loses her words.


Back at home, Dae-Shil decides to drink the herbal drink instead of going back to the gynecologist…After she takes a sip of some bitter herbal drink, Dong-Sook comes in to tell her that Dae-Shil is drinking the wrong herbal drink.

Dong-Sook demands to know if Dae-Shil actually went to the hospital as she promised but Dae-Shil stutters that she could not because the doctor was her only fan…with him she spent the night out.

Surprised, Dong-Sook asks if Dae-Shil went to the arranged marriage date to date two people at once.


The show returns to Seung-Hye who walks in on conversation between Se-Ryung and Seung-Ah.  The first thing that Seung-Ah asks is whether or not they are blood-related as Se-Ryung smirks…until Do-Jin turns to her, when she switches to an expression of worry.

As Seung-Hye takes Seung-Ah out to discuss the matter in privacy, Se-Ryung explains  that she’s worried that she wronged Seung-Hye again…Se-Ryung had thought that Seung-Ah had already known…


Seung-Hye takes Seung-Ah to Joon-Bae’s chicken restaurant and tells Seung-Ah that she had hoped that she could keep it from Seung-Ah and Seung-Jae until the end…She apologizes that Seung-Ah must have been traumatized…

Seung-Ah demands to know if Joon-Bae knew as well and he pretends not to know…until Miss Bong calls out his lie.  The fact that Miss Bong knows about Seung-Hye’s adoption before her infuriates Seung-Ah who stalks off to see if Seung-Jae really did not know.  Worried about her brother, Seung-Hye runs out after Seung-Ah.


Unaware that the storm is fast approaching, Soon-Im and Dong-Sook happily gossip about Dae-Shil possibly having a boyfriend who is a gynecologist. Dong-Sook next tells Dae-Shil who states that she does not believe that this could be possible since Dae-Shil is not as pretty or attractive as her…

Dae-Shil interrupts to tell Dong-Sook that she did not want Sun-Sook in the house until Sun-Sook apologized.  Sun-Sook stubbornly replies that she came to get an apology as well.

Stuck in the middle, Dong-Sook first tries to get Sun-Sook to apologize first and then Dae-Shil to apologize as well.  When both of them refuse, Dong-Sook tells them to do whatever they want and leaves.


Meanwhile, Seung-Hye manages to get to Seung-Jae before Seung-Ah.  She asks him to talk in the park where Seung-Hye asks him to promise not to be too traumatized…She starts to confess when Seung-Jae picks up a call from Seung-Ah.

When Seung-Ah demands to know if he also knew, Seung-Jae tells Seung-Ah to calm down as this is not a big deal and he will talk to her when he gets home.  Standing up with tears, Seung-Hye gets up to ask if Seung-Jae already knew.

Seung-Jae tells her that it does not matter to him at all that they are not biologically related.  He adds that to him, she will always be his beloved sister.


Letting the tears fall, Seung-Hye hungs him as Seung-Jae jokes that the other people would assume that he has a girlfriend.  As she hugs him, Seung-Hye thinks to herself that she’s sorry for having to deceive Seung-Jae.  OMG!  Seung-Hye IS blood-related to Seung-Jae!

At the same time, Seung-Ah stomps into the house and demands to know how everyone could have known but not told her.  Dae-Ho comes home during Seung-Ah’s outburst and brings Seung-Ah into his room to discuss the matter calmly.


Dae-Ho tells Seung-Ah that to him, he never thought about Seung-Hye as an adopted daughter instead of a real daughter.

However, spoiled Seung-Ah erases all of the points that she got earlier in the episode by demanding to know how this could be possible when Seung-Hye gave her the ugly scar.  Dong-Sook chimes in to calm her daughter by explaining that they were also extremely disappointed at the time as well…only to get cut off by her husband.

Dong-Sook starts again about how Soon-Im had…when Dae-Shil stops Dong-Sook, too and takes Seung-Ah out.  Yes…She really went there…this lady who calls herself a mother to Seung-Hye.

After Dae-Shil takes Seung-Ah out, Dae-Ho tells Dong-Sook that they should leave Seung-Ah alone until she can accept Seung-Hye herself.

At the cafe, Do-Jin begins to text Seung-Hye that she does not have to come back into the cafe before stopping himself.

Like the angelic voice of reason, Dae-Shil tries to reason with Seung-Ah by explaining that they knew Seung-Ah’s personality…Even when Seung-Ah had not known that Seung-Hye was not biologically related to her, Seung-Ah had been horrible to Seung-Hye because of the scar…Dae-Shil tells Seung-Ah to think compassionately about this as she gets kicked out of Seung-Ah’s room.

That night, Seung-Hye has trouble falling asleep and walks out for some fresh air in the courtyard.  Sitting on the bench, she remembers the scene where Seung-Ah had reacted so badly and told Seung-Hye that she is not her sister…

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The next morning, Dae-Shil drags Seung-Hye out for a morning jog to distract Seung-Hye.  At the same time, Kyung-Tae drags Do-Jin out for a morning jog to distract him from his worries as well.


Dae-Shil struggles to keep up with Seung-Hye in the park when they run into Kyung-Tae and Do-Jin.  Kyung-Tae drags Dae-Shil off because he truly believes that she should get herself examined, which leaves the two awkward love birds alone.


After they get to a sensible distance where they cannot be overheard, Kyung-Tae orders Dae-Shil to come to the hospital that day.  To help her feel better, he tells Dae-Shil that she has a butt that would easily give birth to four children.  He then tries to coach her in hip stretches when their eyes meet and the romantic music starts.


Seung-Hye and Do-Jin also begin to stretch and do cool down exercises.  Seung-Hye breaks the awkwardness by going over to help Do-Jin do sit-up properly, which kills the mood until Do-Jin gets really close to Seung-Hye when he sits up.


I have neither adopted a child nor had my biological child hurt by the adopted child.  However, I am highly disappointed in Dong-Sook’s character again.  It is one thing to tell your biological daughter that  you love her and was also disappointed when the adopted child hurt the biological child soon after the adoption…However, it’s another thing to tell the biological child that you value your biological child so much that you would be willing to return the adopted child to the orphanage.

I do not believe that Dong-Sook has any ill will toward Seung-Hye, however, it just appears that Seung-Ah’s immaturity stems from her own biological mother’s immaturity and lack of compassion.  Somehow, the two leaves a distasteful aftertaste in my mouth with their behavior…After all, it’s fine to consider returning an adopted child, but when you need financial assistance, one should rely back on the adopted child to provide financially for the whole family?  Complete and utter selfishness.

I agree that it would feel like a betrayal for Seung-Ah to find out that everyone knew before her.  However, she should also be aware just how much she has tortured Seung-Hye because of the accident when they were children.  Her accident was an extreme case, but what siblings have not hurt each other accidentally?  I have even accidentally hurt my younger cousin when I did not know better… I don’t see him trying to ruin my life at every turn or trying to guilt me into paying for his education and new designer clothes.

Let’s hope this gets sorted out soon because, otherwise, Seung-Hye gets put into a really awkward position.  Even if she wanted to be more selfish, she cannot since she is more like a mother than Dong-Sook is…From her sacrificial behavior, it’s clear that she would do anything to give the best life to Seung-Jae even if it means living through constant verbal abuse and second-citizen treatment from her adopted family.

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