Love on a Rooftop – E34

The pieces fall into place for some focus on the romantic connections as Seung-Ah does not come to terms with the revelation of Seung-Hye’s adoption. Meanwhile, Do-Jin buys time from answering Beom-Seok and the family begins to actively pair Dae-Shil up with her arranged marriage date.


Kyung-Tae and Dae-Shil return to find Seung-Hye and Do-Jin exercise and gripe out that the two are just filming a drama by themselves.


At the same time, Yunho asks Beom-Seok for his permission to bring Seung-Hye over to their house as a guest to teach her how to brew coffee. Beom-Seok gives his consent.


As for the older generation, Joon-Bae and Dae-Ho beg an employer for the usher position with the promise that Dae-Ho will get his license soon. Joon-Bae even offers to let all of the staff eat for free at his restaurant, but the employer refuses even until the end.


At Kang Sol Foods, Mi-Ja brings over a spread of delicious food and explains that she wanted to answer his gesture of flowers. However, before she can day anything further, Se-Ryung coincidentally drops by to go home with her father…

The father and daughter love birds look at each other in surprise when they realize that both know Mi-Ja, while Mi-Ja herself feigns shock.

Afterwards, Mi-Ja explains the encounter to Sang-Man to tell him that Beom-Seok will not be awkwardly hitting on her any further.


That night, Seung-Hye worriedly waits for her little sister who comes home late. When Seung-Ah finally comes home, Seung-Hye tries to voice that she was worried but Seung-Ah just snaps Seung-Hye’s head off as the rest of the family listens awkwardly in their rooms…

After everyone has gone to their respective beds, Seung-Jae texts Seung-Hye out to their courtyard and despite Seung-Hye’s worries that Soon-Im will be angry at Seung-Jae for playing his guitar, he serenades his sister to console her.


What the two don’t realize is that no one is asleep and everyone is listening to Seung-Jae’s sweet promise to Seung-Hye that no matter how hard her path might get, he will always be there for her. Even Soon-Im nods with approval.

The next morning, Dong-Sook sees Dae-Ho off to work bright and early. Before he can leave, she stops him and promises him that no matter how difficult life can get, she will always be beside him. Dae-Ho smiles in return recognizing that she’s quoting the song that Seung-Jae sung the night before.

True to Mi-Ja’s words, Beom-Seok tells Yunho during his morning jog that he regrets confessing his feelings now that he knows that Se-Ryung is interested in Mi-Ja’s son.


After Beom-Seok runs off first, Yunho pauses to take Seung-Hye’s morning call. Her repertoire today is to sign to her clients a stanza of the song that Seung-Jae sung for her. After singing the words that she will be there for the listening, she bids Yunho a day full of happiness.

Yunho listens to this with this foolish lovesick puppy look on his face and stops her before she can hang up. To a very confused Seung-Hye, he asks if she is happy. She confirms that she is and sticks to her position even when Yunho tries to question her answer. After which, Yunho tells Seung-Hye that he’s happy that she’s happy and hangs up.


Back at Dong Rak Dang, Seung-Jae understandably worries about the princess of the family making Seung-Hye’s life miserable. So he decides to get help from above and goes to Soon-Im to ask her to speak with Seung-Ah since the grandmother is the only one who Seung-Ah listens to. Soon-Im notes that Seung-Ah is not as mature as Seung-Jae but promises to step in.

As for Do-Jin, he also finds himself feeling uneasy about the situation and goes to ask his mother how she knew about Seung-Hye’s adoption. Mi-Ja awkwardly explains that she heard it from Sang-Man who is an old friend of Joon-Bae before turning the attack back on him…asking whether he has feelings for Seung-Hye.


Before Do-Jin answers, the scene turns to Seung-Hye coming to pick Seung-Ah up for work. Except, Seung-Ah has no intention of going to work with Seung-Hye and tells her sister that her skipping is all of Seung-Hye’s fault. Unable to take any more of this, Seung-Jae interrupts to tell Seung-Ah that Soon-Im asked for her.


Yet, when Seung-Ah arrives in her grandmother’s room, she turns into a full on sobbing baby. Crying to her grandmother, Seung-Ah sobs that she feels that everyone is on Seung-Hye’s side and no one is defending her…She tells her grandmother that if her grandmother also takes Seung-Hye’s side, she will truly hate Seung-Hye.

Unable to give Seung-Ah the rightful dose of harsh reality, Soon-Im hugs her and silently comforts her when she should be telling Seung-Ah go out and support herself to really understand what Seung-Hye has gone through all of these years…

Thus, Seung-Hye walks to work alone as she encourages herself outloud. On her way, Do-Jin jumps in and they end up walking to work together.


As for Seung-Ah, she visits Se-Ryung to tell her that she quit her job and Se-Ryung frankly tells Seung-Ah that she would rather Seung-Hye quit. Seung-Ah laughs that she appreciates Se-Ryung’s honesty and to bribe Seung-Ah into returning to the cafe, Se-Ryung takes Seung-Ah to a branch store of the fashion brand she is responsible for and gives her a free jacket.

As for the parent generation, Soon-Im and Dong-Sook sigh about how life is not easy…Hmmm, as a young professional, my only response is tough cookies for the two women sitting in a fully paid off home peeling garlic.


Beom-Seok also decides to take an interest in Se-Ryung’s love life and calls both Do-Jin and Se-Ryung to his office. Once everyone is assembled, he directly asks Do-Jin what his feelings are. Do-Jin responds that he understands Beom-Seok’s worries as a father, but he would like time to speak with Se-Ryung before answering…


Meanwhile, Dong-Sook and Soon-Im team up to send Dae-Shil to Sun-Sook’s restaurant with a container of garlic…There, EQ (egotistical quack from last episode) is already bribing Sun-Sook to his cause with a box of herbal medicine.


Probably do not have to say it, but I really did not like Seung-Ah’s character in this episode. I felt no sense of empathy or understanding for her perspective and it seems more like she needs a lesson in reality more than anything else.

On the flip side, the writer seems to be trying to develop the Yunho/Seung-Hye connection through her morning call. The problem with this is that I can understand a crush developing with one side knowing that this is daily contact. However, the writer still needs to incorporate an organic reason for Yunho to have fallen for Seung-Hye in the first place.

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