Love on a Rooftop – E35

Do-Jin’s cafe gets a little help from Soon-Im, which he needs if he does not want to close shop and return to the medical profession as a reluctant doctor…and Yunho starts to actively court Seung-Hye, but falls flat on his face in his first two attempts.


Do-Jin comes back into the cafe to find Seung-Hye wavering about whether she should text Seung-Ah or not and asks her why she is so obsessed about her little sister.

At the same time, EQ bribes Sun-Sook with a box of herbal medicines, which works.  When Dae-Shil arrives with the garlic, Sun-Sook jokes that the garlic must have done cupid’s errand by connecting the two lovebirds together.

Dae-Shil gets angry at Sun-Sook for supporting EQ when she realizes that he must have bribed her with the herbal drinks.  Digging his own grave, EQ tells Dae-Shil that since they met so late in life, they should hurry up and get married first before having a kid.  Pushing through Dae-Shil’s shock, he even volunteers that they can also get a kid before having the wedding.


Dae-Shil tries to tell EQ that he’s crazy but EQ just grabs her hand to pull her towards him.

Luckily for Dae-Shil, Kyung-Tae is also at the restaurant buying some chicken and he turns around to see Dae-Shil in the awkward situation.  Surprising everyone, he asks Dae-Shil in a baby voice, “Honey, what are you doing hwere?”

EQ glares at Kyung-Tae and asks Dae-Shil why this “oragutan” is speaking to her in baby talk.  Kyung-Tae responds that EQ looks like a buttered squid.  EQ yells back that Kyung-Tae should return back to the zoo and Kyung-Tae tells EQ that he’s Dae-Shil’s boyfriend…to which, EQ announces that he’s going to marry Dae-Shil…

Back at Dong Rak Dang, Soon-Im and Dong-Sook decide to check out the cafe to see how Seung-Hye and Seung-Ah are doing…


As for Dae-Ho, he limps into Joon-Bae’s restaurant wet with sweat. Joon-Bae worries about Dae-Ho’s state and asks if he’s working at a construction site, which Dae-Ho denies.


At Do-Jin’s cafe, Seung-Hye starts to pass out flyers but most of the people seem obviously uninterested…That is until three thugs arrive to rip up the flyer and toss the scraps in Seung-Hye’s face.  They yell at Seung-Hye for ignoring the community rules and flyering when the street is full of cafes…

Sang-Man watches like a rat from the corner and tells Mi-Ja that it’s started…He tells her that they plan to scare the children off.


Before long, Do-Jin comes out to help Seung-Hye when the thugs overturn the table.  Then Soon-Im and Dong-Sook arrive.  Soon-Im sees the mess and yells at the thugs, who take one look at her and back off.


The three women sit down for a chat and ask about Seung-Ah, whom Seung-Hye confesses did not arrive for work.  Then the two women worry about the fact that the cafe is completely empty.  Do-Jin tries to diffuse the situation by serving tea.

Mi-Ja gets the update from Sang-Man and angrily asks how the thugs could back off for one old woman.  Sang-Man explains that hurting an older woman would have made things complicated and Soon-Im is known in the neighborhood.

Back at the cafe, Soon-Im takes a sip from the tea and remarks in surprise that it’s yonja tea, which is great for soothing nerves.  Do-Jin explains that he learned from his mother that the tea is good for nerves and Soon-Im expresses her approval.  She also suggests that the two consider selling tea at the cafe instead of coffee.


At the same time, Kyung-Tae broods about the fact that Dae-Shil mentioned that she was “two-timing.”  With a flashback, Kyung-Tae remembers dragging Dae-Shil out of the cafe to get yelled at.  He had told Dae-Shil that he had helped out because if she gets stressed by another man, she won’t be able to continue writing his beloved novels…

Joon-Bae is not convinced and asks if Kyung-Tae sees Dae-Shil as a woman.  He tells Kyung-Tae to put his hand on his heart and try to see if he sees her as a woman… However, Kyung-Tae continues to shake his head that he does not.


Soon-Im and Dong-Sook come home and Soon-Im asks Dong-Sook about Do-Jin’s parentage.  She muses that seeing the two younger folks together, she could not help but wonder if the two would get together… Dong-Sook tells Soon-Im that Do-Jin is seeing another rich girl and so they should not think about the possibility.  Before she can say anything that would identify Mi-Ja, Dong-Sook excuses herself for water.

Seung-Ah comes home to tell her mother that she does not want to speak and runs straight to her room.

Dae-Shil comes home next to yell at Dong-Sook for setting her up with EQ.  Dae-Shil asks if it was the herbal medicine and Dong-Sook tells her that EQ calls Soon-Im every morning, lunch and evening, which won her over.


That evening, Yunho waits outside of Do-Jin’s cafe as Seung-Hye and Do-Jin have a strategy meeting after hours.  Do-Jin asks if Seung-Hye agrees with Soon-Im’s suggestion and Seung-Hye notes that she’s concerned that their market is the younger generation, which is not as familiar with traditional tea…

Do-Jin starts to massage his temples because of a headache and Seung-Hye tells him to massage it a certain way.  When he fails to do it properly, she gets up to help and the two end up in a romantically close range…


Meanwhile, Mi-Ja and Sang-Man start plotting about setting up Do-Jin with Se-Ryung so that he can inherit the company.  Sang-Man reports on how Yunho has a strong background with a father in finance and a mother who is a professor…With Yunho himself being a famous barista, Beom-Seok has taken Yunho literally under his wing and houses him. Mi-Ja notes that they need to make sure Do-Jin also falls for Se-Ryung so that they don’t lose the opportunity.

Unaware of his mother’s ambitions, Do-Jin offers to walk Seung-Hye home, but when they walk outside, they meet Seung-Hye.  A battle of the male peacocks ensues as Yunho comments that Do-Jin has kept Seung-Hye over hours.


When he tells the two that he had been waiting for an hour, Seung-Hye asks him to come in next time to Do-Jin’s chagrin.  Yunho smiles that he can walk Seung-Hye home and tell her what he wanted to say on the way…When Seung-Hye awkwardly looks at Do-Jin, Yunho tells him to back off and not interfere with Seung-Hye’s private life and Do-Jin cannot but let the two go.


Yunho’s very important discussion was about his one-on-one tutoring of Seung-Hye.  Seung-Hye tells him that he does not need to give her such special attention…So Yunho changes his tactic and offers a game of rock, paper, scissors, with the winner giving the loser a favor.

Yunho loses and asks Seung-Hye to call him by his name, “Yunho.”  Seung-Hye pauses and he agrees to give her time until they see each other again.  He coolly leaves her to discuss the private tutoring next time.


As for Do-Jin, he comes home feeling uneasy.  Seeing Kyung-Tae on the couch, he asks Kyung-Tae why a guy would wait for a girl for over an hour.

Kyung-Tae replies that he must be crazy and Do-Jin agrees that the guy must be crazy.  However, Kyung-Tae continues that the guy must be crazy for the girl…

Kyung-Tae also asks why a guy would get involved between a girl and a guy that she went on an arranged date with, by telling the date that he is the girl’s boyfriend.  Do-Jin muses that the interfering guy must like the girl and Kyung-Tae declares that he must be crazy.

At Se-Ryung’s place, Beom-Seok has a glass of whiskey to sooth his own emotions when Se-Ryung comes into the kitchen and asks her father if his relationship with Mi-Ja was just that of a business connection.  Beom-Seok confirms and Se-Ryung tells him to trust her on her choice.

The next morning, Seung-Hye does her morning call job when Yunho asks her for an emergency favor…He asks her to bring coffee beans to his (Beom-Seok’s) place as he prepares his hair.


When Seung-Hye walks in, Yunho happy waltzes down and greets her.  Seung-Hye looks at him at surprise and he just asks calmly if she truly does not realize.  She thinks back at the coincidences and tells him that she thought it could not possibly be…

Yunho smiles that he knew soon but felt that she would not have figured it out if he did not tell her.  So he called her over with the favor to start their tutoring.

Seung-Hye angrily returns the bag and walks out.  Yunho runs out to ask if she was insulted as he only thought it would be convenient to call her over for their first tutoring session as all of the family was out.

Seung-Hye tells Yunho that she is insulted and his method was improper before leaving.


Looks like the focus continues to be on the younger generation, which I approve of as the romance is quite weak.  One thing that I do find difficult to be as enthusiastic about is the weak male leads.  I still feel very empathetic toward Seung-Hye’s character because I can understand her position.  However, the two male leads have yet to be given ample screen time or character development for me to fully swoon for either one and push a certain romantic line.

If the writer is going for the normal guy effect instead of a drama romance, then things make sense.  However, I am not sure that the remaining 70 episodes will be enough for the writer to develop a compelling love square with the smattering interactions of real world interactions and develop Mi-Ja’s revenge.

While I enjoy the slice of life pace, I would really like the writers to grab my fangirl interest through one of the pairings so I can happily squeal and root for one of the guys. ^^v

As for the side characters, I totally approve of Kyung-Tae’s character.  He seems like the typical honor student turned doctor.  He went straight through school and residency and became the dutiful doctor…He does not have much romantic experience, which is why he loved reading Dae-Shil’s internet novella.  Hence, when he starts becoming attracted to Dae-Shil and Seung-Ah at the same time, he does not realize that he’s also falling for Dae-Shil in addition to infatuation with Seung-Ah because they arise out of two different base emotions.  For Seung-Ah, he’s obviously attracted to her for physical reasons…For Dae-Shil, I think he has the fan-crush on her, which is why he cannot help but get drawn in when he sees more “feminine” sides of Dae-Shil.

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