Love on a Rooftop – E36

The younger romance flames alive as the two boys start picking their allies within Dong Rak Dang.  Yunho strategically flatters Seung-Hye’s mom as Do-Jin opts to impress Seung-Hye’s grandmother…Development continues as Do-Jin declares to Beom-Seok that he is not in a serious relationship with Se-Ryung and Se-Ryung starts to plot with Mi-Ja to make her own dream come true.


In the morning, Dae-Ho suffers from intense back pain and asks Dong-Sook for a medicine patch.  When Dong-Sook cannot find any patches, she ends up asking her son for some and he comes over to help place the patch on his father’s back.  In doing so, Seung-Jae notes a large bruise on his father’s back and pauses.

Dong-Sook goes to worry about the situation with Sun-Sook and she wonders whether or not Dae-Ho is actually working for a construction company or a moving company.  Dong-Sook answers that Dae-Ho said that he’s working in records for a smaller company.

Sun-Sook replies that Dong-Sook is being highly naive since it’s hard to find jobs for particularly unskilled older people.

Dong-Sook asks her sister to help find a way for Dong-Sook to make money…Showing her sister her embroidery, she asks if there is a way to sell it.

At the same time, Seung-Hye calls her morning call company to take Yunho off as one of her clients.  Then Do-Jin sends Seung-Hye home first so that Seung-Ah can come to watch the cafe so that Do-Jin and Seung-Hye can meet with her grandmother.

When Seung-Hye arrives at home, she sees Seung-Ah leave and spots the new bag.  Seung-Ah tells Seung-Hye that Se-Ryung gave it to her and tells their grandmother that Se-Ryung is her “Se-Ryung unni” a much better unni than Seung-Hye.

Seung-Hye goes back into her room to brood about the fact that Seung-Ah is already calling Se-Ryung “unni,” which is a term of endearment and ignores a call from Yunho.

So Yunho does what any persistent man would do.  He goes to lurk outside of Seung-Hye’s house and manages to see Do-Jin come over with a basket of fruit.  When Seung-Hye comes out to bring Do-Jin inside, Yunho tells her that they need to talk to sort out any misunderstandings she might have.  Seung-Hye cuts him off and brings Do-Jin inside, while leaving Yunho outside.

As for Dae-Ho, he continues lifting furniture for a moving company.

When Dong-Sook arrives at home, she sees Yunho outside and invites him inside as Do-Jin and Seung-Hye tell her grandmother that they plan to sell traditional tea at the cafe.  When Dong-Sook brings Yunho inside, he immediately greets Soon-Im with a traditional full bow and the group moves to Soon-Im’s room.

Inside, Yunho continues to butter up Dong-Sook by noting that he had wondered where Seung-Hye gets her beautiful looks and now he knows that it’s from Dong-Sook.  Do-Jin jumps in to say that Seung-Hye takes after her grandmother more with her calm temperament and appreciation for food.

Do-Jin tries to ask Yunho to leave as Do-Jin has business with Soon-Im and Seung-Hye.  Yunho smiles that he will spend the time speaking with the beautiful mother of Seung-Hye.

Soon-Im tells her daughter-in-law to prepare food instead for their guests.  Do-Jin tries to politely decline but changes his mind when Yunho happily agrees to eat.

A peacocking lunch occurs next.  Yunho comments that the food is so delicious.  Dong-Sook asks about Yunho’s family background and he tells her that he has no siblings while his parents live abroad.  Hearing this, Dong-Sook smiles like a cat with a mouse as she thinks to herself that Yunho is the perfect husband for Seung-Hye…Since he has no family, she would not have to worry about dealing with any in-laws.  She also moves over a plate of kimchi closer to Yunho to eat just as Do-Jin reaches for some.  Soon-Im pushes it back toward Do-Jin and encourages him to eat.

The two women continue to show their approval as Dong-Sook comments how good-looking Yunho is while Soon-Im points out that Do-Jin looks better.  Dong-Sook’s smile freeze as she thinks that Do-Jin already has a girlfriend and asks Yunho about his relationship status.

Yunho proudly announces that he is single but hopes to be in a relationship soon while looking at Seung-Hye.  HAHAHA

Then Soon-Im asks Do-Jin about his girlfriend, and Do-Jin declares that Dong-Sook is misunderstanding something as the girl that she saw at his house is just a friend and not his girlfriend…Trying to turn the conversation to something else, he asks for another bowl of rice.  When Soon-Im approves of his healthy appetite, Yunho also asks for another bowl.  Ah the world of male posturing.

Comedic interlude as Sun-Sook counts money while envying both Seung-Hye and Dae-Shil who have two male interests…Joon-Bae comes in to ask why Sun-Sook is complaining again and Sun-Sook tells him before saying she would rather have money.  Sun-Sook happily goes to make a sandwich after Joon-Bae promises to pay for it.

After lunch, Soon-Im makes some schisandra tea for  Do-Jin as it helps with digestion.  After drinking a sip, Do-Jin notes that his mother would also make him schisandra tea when he had stomach problems and Soon-Im muses that their tea traditions are similar.

Do-Jin then asks if they could sell Soon-Im’s tea at his cafe.  Soon-Im tells the two youngsters that she will think about it.

At the same time, Dong-Sook smiles happily while gazing at Yunho.  Yunho jokingly asks if she’s staring because he’s good-looking before running out when Seung-Hye shouts to her mother that she’s leaving,

Yunho asks for five minutes from Seung-Hye while Do-Jin tells Yunho off for making Seung-Hye feel uncomfortable.  Yunho tells Do-Jin to back off as he’s just here to apologize to Seung-Hye.

Turning to Seung-Hye, Do-Jin asks if she wants to hear Yunho’s apology as Do-Jin will leave first if she does…Seung-Hye tells the two men that she wants to leave and walks off.

Meanwhile, Seung-Ah calls Se-Ryung to tell her about how Do-Jin went to their house.  Se-Ryung angrily flashes back at the conversation that she had with Do-Jin after the meeting with Beom-Seok.  She had apologized to Do-Jin for her father’s behavior but he had just told her to tell the truth to her father…Se-Ryung refused to accept Do-Jin’s limiting their relationship to a non-romantic one and asked if Do-Jin’s behavior was because of Seung-Hye.

That night, Yunho warns Se-Ryung to think again about believing that she will marry Do-Jin…He also tells her that as a man, he could see that Do-Jin is interested in Seung-Hye and asks if she had not already been suspicious of the fact, which caused her to  be so sensitive about Seung-Hye.

At the same time, Do-Jin meets with Beom-Seok to answer his question.  Do-Jin tells Beom-Seok that he is close with Se-Ryung and worries about hurting Se-Ryung by meeting with Beom-Seok…However, he does not see Se-Ryung romantically.

Beom-Seok accepts Do-Jin’s situation but asks Do-Jin to stay away from his daughter…He tells Do-Jin not to even be nice to Se-Ryung, which could confuse her.

Meanwhile, Yunho and Se-Ryung’s conversation continues as Se-Ryung asks Yunho to take care of Seung-Hye and she will take care of Do-Jin…

Now that his daughter is not an issue, Beom-Seok goes straight to Mi-Ja to tell her the news.  Unfortunately, Mi-Ja does not accept the development happily and tries to explain her son’s behavior as being inexperienced in love.

Beom-Seok cuts her off and tells her that she does not know a man’s heart.  It is different for a man when he meets someone who makes his heart race.  He asks Mi-Ja to help him get Se-Ryung to change her mind.



Of course, Mi-Ja does the opposite by calling Se-Ryung to ask if she still desires to become Mi-Ja’s daughter-in-law.  Se-Ryung confirms and reassures Mi-Ja that she will take care of her father…

As for the other characters, Dong-Sook continues to work on her embroidery as Dae-Ho whimpers from pain…Dae-Shil has a nightmare about being pulled from both sides by Kyung-Tae and EQ and wakes up screaming.  She then warns Seung-Hye to be careful about the two men she’s in between.


While, I did not agree with one of the reader comments on an earlier episode because I was not convinced about Yunho’s random development into a love-sick puppy, I have to take my words back.  Regardless of what may have started the feelings, the writer does a good job in this episode of portraying the two male characters as truly being interested in Seung-Hye and doing what normal young men would do to win their love interest’s heart.

Specifically, Yunho’s actions in this episode and the eating contest at Seung-Hye’s house sealed the deal.  In Korea, family approval is still very important for a marriage and, according to the grape-vine, family approval can influence a person’s marriage, if not their quality of life after the marriage.  Many people believe that a significant factor in deciding whether or not the person that they are seriously seeing is “the one” is whether or not the significant other gets along well with the family.  That is why the two men tried their best to get Seung-Hye’s mother and grandmother’s positive opinion even though Seung-Hye is not particularly in love with either of them yet.

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