Love on a Rooftop – E37

A fast episode where the focus returns to Do-Jin’s cafe and it’s chance of survival.  Seung-Hye and Do-Jin find out that selling Soon-Im’s teas alone will not be enough to save the company and Seung-Hye turns to creativity as a solution.  Meanwhile, people start to find out about Dae-Ho’s job.


Se-Ryung waits for her father but sighs when he comes home drunk and does not have anything to say…


In the morning, Yunho anxiously waits for his morning call only to hear from a different person and falls back into bed disappointed.

As for Seung-Hye, she confers with her grandmother and Seung-Jae who also thinks that it’s a good idea to sell Soon-Im’s teas.  Soon-Im confesses that she’s worried that her teas would not appeal to the younger generation when Do-Jin’s cafe’s livelihood might rest on this.


When Seung-Jae tells their grandmother to trust in his sister, she agrees and Seung-Hye jumps to hug her grandmother to Soon-Im’s surprise.  As soon as she gets to the cafe, Do-Jin and she puts up a sign that they are selling Soon-Im’s teas, which irks Seung-Ah who thinks that the market will not be as receptive to traditional teas.

As Mi-Ja walks by, she sees the sign and glares at the thought that her son is selling Soon-Im’s teas.  Then she decides that it might be better for her revenge and walks on.


As for Se-Ryung, she demands to know if Beom-Seok is disapproving of Do-Jin because of his interest in Mi-Ja. Beom-Seok answers that he just wants to see his daughter married to a man who loves her…

Se-Ryung then attacks Yunho by asking her father if she thinks that Yunho would be the man who loves her.   When Yunho walks in at the awkward moment, Se-Ryung demands to know if Yunho can marry her.

She yells at her father that Yunho is interested in another woman when Yunho fails to answer and even offers to tell Beom-Seok who the woman is.  However, she rises above my expectations when she stops herself from divulging the secret and stomping off instead.


At the same time, Dong-Sook meets with Sun-Sook who tells her sister that she found a place that is willing to sell Dong-Sook’s embroidery.  Sun-Sook then happily drinks her herbal drinks and Dong-Sook declares that she disapproves of EQ because he offered Sun-Sook the herbal drinks before he offered either Dong-Sook or Dae-Ho any…

Hearing that, Sun-Sook offers to give her drink to Dong-Sook but she does not accept and leaves.


Meanwhile, Mi-Ja coincidentally sees Dae-Ho moving a large box into her building and pauses.


At Do-Jin’s cafe, a difficult customer sits down and tells Seung-Ah to bring something to drink…Specifically, he wants what the cafe is most confident.  Seung-Ah yells back at the customer at his egotistical and dismissive attitude and Seung-Hye interferes to calm both sides down.

When the two return to the register, Seung-Ah pulls out her mirror in anger at the customer’s dismissive attitude.  Seeing the purse, Seung-Hye tells her sister to return the gift as it is not proper to accept such large gifts.  However, Seung-Ah refuses to listen to Seung-Hye and leaves.


Seung-Ah stalks all the way home and complains to Se-Ryung instead, which Dae-Shil overhears as she eats lunch.  Seung-Ah whines that she will return to the cafe and work for the rest of the month but only if Se-Ryung keeps her promise that she will hire Seung-Ah as a fitting model.

Dae-Shil asks about the promise, which Seung-Ah does not answer.  Instead, she asks Dae-Shil if she wants to join her on a project instead of being a bum…Seung-Ah continues by explaining to Dae-Shil that there is a contest going on for ideas and the top prize is $10,000…Seung-Ah offers to go 50/50 if they win after Seung-Ah tries to get some inside information and Dae-Shil agrees.


As for Seung-Hye, she tries serving the recalcitrant customer several teas.  However, the customer grumbles that all Seung-Hye can offer is different types of Soon-Im’s teas, which is disappointing.  He explains that he came expecting something better since Soon-Im approved of the cafe to sell her teas and leaves.

At the same time, Mi-Ja broods about what she saw earlier and calls Sang-Man to find a job for Dae-Ho.


As for younger generation, Seung-Hye uses acupuncture to help cure Do-Jin of his indigestion. He freaks out before Seung-Hye can poke his thumb and then freaks out when he sees blood.

Seung-Hye asks how he could have become a doctor when he freaks out at the sight of blood and Do-Jin answers that this is the reason he’s trying so hard not to return to the medical profession.


Good news for Dong-Sook who receives an envelope of money for her embroidery, which sold well. From what I can see, there is at least one $50 bill.  Dae-Ho also receives his pay, which is an envelope of $10 bills so I cannot tell who made more…

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Seung-Hye and Yunho meet outside to discuss the misunderstanding.  Yunho asks why Seung-Hye was so unhappy about the situation as it is common for people to invite their friends over to their homes in America.  Seung-Hye tells Yunho that this is not America and she felt insulted and manipulated.

So Yunho sincerely apologizes and Seung-Hye tells him that if he promises to stop suddenly coming to see her instead of calling before hand, she will accept his apology.  Yunho refuses her offer and tells her that he does not have the confidence to keep that promise…Instead, he tells her that he will apologize again when she’s willing to accept his apology.


Dong-Sook comes home to find Soon-Im cleaning the name plate outside their house.  Surprised, she hides her bag behind her and Soon-Im asks about it.  Awkawrdly, Dong-Sook confesses that she bought herbal medicine for Dae-Ho but did not have enough money to buy some for Soon-Im…and Soon-Im still had the medicine from EQ.  Soon-Im smiles out Dong-Sook’s explanation and tells her to go in soon.

Inside, Dong-Sook writes a letter to her husband saying she’s proud to buy her husband’s medicine with her earned money and asks him to stay healthy…


That night, Soon-Im waits for her son who comes in and awkwardly explains to Soon-Im that he had bought some herbal medicine for Dong-Sook who seemed tired lately.  Soon-Im smiles that the sweet thought of the couple.

Meanwhile, Seung-Hye broods about what she can do about Soon-Im’s teas as the teas are not enough to save the cafe.  When Dae-Shil asks if Seung-Hye is no longer crushing over Yunho who is known as being the “god of blending,” Seung-Hye decides to make a blend of teas.


Soon-Im walks in on Seung-Hye as she works and surprisingly smiles Seung-Hye explains what she’s working on. She encourages Seung-Hye to try her best and explains that she knows that everything changes with time but she forgot it…She knows that to protect something the something needs to survive first…and tells Seung-Hye not to forget the basics though.

That night, Dong-Sook wakes up to Dae-Ho’s whimpers.  She asks Dae-Ho if he needs to continue his work when it’s causing him so much pain but he reassures her that it’s fine…


The next morning, Seung-Hye serves her concoction to both Soon-Im and Seung-Jae. Seung-Jae notes that its a mix of schisandra and yuzu.  As for Soon-Im, she comments that even older people would like the tea since the mix is quite appealing.

Seung-Hye thanks her grandmother for the encouragement and tells the two that the name is “Addition Tea” because it was result of adding teas together.

Soon-Im smiles and wishes her granddaughter and Do-Jin luck as Seung-Jae notes that his grandmother seems to really like Do-Jin.


Overhearing this, Dong-Sook runs to Mi-Ja’s apartment to tell Mi-Ja…Dong-Sook asks Mi-Ja to not tell Soon-Im that Do-Jin is her son until they can sort out the mess and asks for Mi-Ja’s bank account number.

Meanwhile, Joon-Bae runs into Sun-Sook’s restaurant to ask if Sun-Sook knows what Dae-Ho is doing…He just saw Dae-Ho moving large furniture and worries.

At the same time, Dae-Ho helps lug a large box but pauses before pressing the button for the twenty-seventh floor as it’s Mi-Ja’s building.



Even though, most of the episode focused on Seung-Hye’s discovery of mixed teas, I felt like Dae-Ho’s hard labor would be a more interesting point of discussion.  On one hand, I understand all of the family members’ worries about Dae-Ho possibly working at such a hard job…I would not be worry-free if either my father or my husband worked as a moving man…However, just because the job is hard does not mean that Dae-Ho no longer has a responsibility to fend for the family.

In the Yoon family’s case, I do think that each adult family member has a responsibility of contributing to the financial burden of the family’s livelihood since obviously the parents do not make enough money to comfortably provide for everyone.  Yet, I still believe that the parents should carry their portion of the burden… From what I can see, it seems that Dae-Ho and Dong-Sook lived comfortably due to Soon-Im’s teas and the fact that the house had been passed down as the family’s property…If that is the case, it is not fair that they can continue to live comfortably, when the cash-flow from Soon-Im’s teas have stopped.  Therefore, I actually think that Dae-Ho’s and Dong-Sook’s sudden interest in supporting their family by contributing to the family resources is quite admirable.  Maybe they don’t have to pull an all-nighter every night or work at the most physically demanding jobs, but they should do something until the family is comfortable enough.

Second, I thought it was interesting that the writer made the origin of the misunderstanding a cultural one when Yunho notes that he does not understand Seung-Hye’s anger as he’s from the United States…Seung-Hye’s response that this is not the United States seems inappropriate as well.  As I do live in the United States, I can say that I would also have been offended if a male client of mine asked for a favor outside of the job responsibilities by explaining that it was an emergency situation when it was only a ploy to bring me to his house.  The insulting premise under this situation is not that people in the United States are comfortable inviting their friends (of both genders) over to their houses as Korea is quite open to that as well from my experience.  Rather, the insulting premise is the fact that he did not bother to officially invite her and respect her time and agency.  Instead, he manipulated the meeting into one that a sensitive person might see as he’s “buying” her time since he’s her client.  Just a small pet peeve, but Korean writers should realize that during the time that many people immigrated to the United States, Korean cultures have evolved faster than some of the culture in the United States (outside of what is portrayed in Hollywood).  As a result, I would say a lot of Korean culture is more racy and liberal (if just not spoken about) than culture in the suburbs of the United States.  (For one quick example, I point to young high school/middle school uses of “video rooms.” You won’t find that kind of culture in many of the suburbs here…I was shocked to hear about “video rooms” myself! Second, Korea is obsessed with the phrase, “do you want to have some ramen,” which is a euphemism for do you want to sleep over…With such a culture, it is inappropriate to assume that the culture in the United States (with the exception of what you see from Hollywood is so much more liberal than the culture in Korea…At the very least, it refutes the idea that Korean culture is so much more conservative than the romantic culture of in the United States.)

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