Love on a Rooftop – E38

Mi-Ja spins her web carefully in the background as Dae-Ho becomes a pawn in her revenge again.  Unobtrusively, Mi-Ja plants seeds of doubt in Dong-Sook’s mind about the relationship between Mi-Ja and Dae-Ho so that Dong-Sook asks more questions and tries her best to convince Beom-Seok to support Se-Ryung’s crush.  Meanwhile, Seung-Hye and Do-Jin begin to distribute their blended tea to the public.


Dong-Sook explains that she feels like she needs to repay Mi-Ja for her gift since they did sign a loan contract…She also notes that her husband must also feel the same way since they have been unable to hang the beautiful picture that Mi-Ja gave them.

Hearing this, Mi-Ja frowns to hear that the famous painting is being kept in storage.


The doorbell rings and interrupts the  conversation at which Mi-Ja asks Dong-Sook to get the door as Mi-Ja grabs her wallet to pay tip.  So when Dong-Sook opens the door, she sees Dae-Ho.

As the two freeze, Mi-Ja waltzes over with a smile offering tip and sees Dae-Ho.  Mi-Ja looks at Dae-Ho and asks, “Oppa?”

Mi-Ja invites everyone inside to talk for a minute since both of the two seem so surprised but Dong-Sook focuses on the fact that Mi-Ja called Dae-Ho “oppa.”  Mi-Ja smiles that she did not realize that she had used the term as it was likely the result of habit…She adds that they used to live in the same house.


At home, Dae-Shil stresses about the fact that she cannot figure out a great marketing ideal…Seung-Jae comes in to borrow some paper and suggests that Dae-Shil go to the store to try on the products for ideas.


Meanwhile, Dong-Sook acts naively as usual, dragging Dae-Ho out of the apartment and demands that they go somewhere to talk as she needs to talk now.  Dae-Ho refuses by explaining to her that this is the first job that he got after he shut up his shop…To him, work is just as important and he will speak with her after he gets off.


As for Dae-Shil, she goes to try on some of the jackets at Se-Ryung’s branch shop when EQ shows up and comments how they look like a great couple.  Dae-Shil cries out in horror that Soon-Im must have given him the tip and EQ agrees that Soon-Im already seems to think of him as a son-in-law.  To make things worse, Dong-Sook whines that she does not want Mi-Ja to see Dae-Ho like this and he asks her if she’s embarrassed by him, which she denies.  As well as she should! He’s finally making some profit to bring home to the family, she should be supporting him not bringing him down.

Randomly, Kyung-Tae arrives to pull EQ aside and the employee compliments the group by noting how the “family look” works well on them.  Hearing this, Dae-Shil thinks of an idea and rushes out as the two men stop each other.


Dae-Ho continues to pack up the packaging when Mi-Ja smirks nearby about how Dong-Sook must be feeling awkward.  She apologizes that Dong-Sook might have misunderstood by her carelessness in speaking.  Dae-Ho tells her that he just wishes that she would be careful about how they address each other in the future.

The other employee comes out to note that they are done and Mi-Ja asks him to go out first since she has something to say to Dae-Ho.  He leaves as Mi-Ja comments that Dong-Sook will have a lot of questions now  that she heard that Mi-Ja and Dae-Ho lived in the same house.


Mi-Ja when she was pretty and innocent…

Back at home, Dae-Shil looks at old pictures to help her develop her idea of “family” when she chances upon a picture of Mi-Ja.  She turns to ask Soon-Im about the girl and realizes that Yoon Yi Yang is Mija.

Soon-Im tells Dae-Shil that Mi-Ja tried to seduce Dae-Ho even though she knew that there was talk about the marriage between Dae-Ho and Dong-Sook.  When Mi-Ja’s mother found out, she left the house with her daughter because she felt so sorry…


Always question what you’re told as you may not be told the full story…

Speaking for all of the viewers, Dae-Shil asks if it really was one-sided with Mi-Ja trying to seduce Dae-Ho…but Soon-Im does not answer.


At Do-Jin’s cafe, he sips on Seung-Hye’s created blended tea and muses for a bit…When Seung-Hye asks if he did not like the taste, Do-Jin answers that the tea tastes delicious.  However, he is not sold on the name of “Addition Tea.”  Instead, Do-Jin suggests that they call it “Yeowool” tea to connote the feeling of warm days with light rain.

The two happily give each other high fives and Do-Jin thanks Seung-Hye.  Seung-Hye tells him that it’s not over as they only have two weeks to increase their revenue or he fails the condition set by Mi-Ja.


Meanwhile, Dong-Sook paces around Mi-Ja’s lobby waiting for Dae-Ho as she saw the other employee leave without Dae-Ho.  She calls her husband to check in on him and pretends that she’s at home but Dae-Ho appears smiling behind her.

Comedic interlude as Dong-Gu wonders what he should do for his talent show.  Joon-Bae suggests a samba song.  In contrast, Sun-Sook suggests a comedic piece where Dong-Gu sings a really girly trot song…


At the same time, Dae-Ho and Dong-Sook walk home slowly as Dae-Ho feeds Dong-Sook all of the explanations that Mi-Ja had crafted to make Dong-Sook more curious…He tells Dong-Sook that he used to live with Mi-Ja as close friends like “brother and sister…” When Dong-Sook asks about why Mi-Ja left the house, he tells her that he does not know since that was a woman’s issue…

Dong-Sook muses that there has to be some big secret but then gets distracted as they are near Do-Jin’s cafe and she invites her husband to stop by.  At the cafe, they try the new tea and agree that it tastes good.


Do-Jin smiles that he feels relieved that the two like the tea.  Like any worried mother, Dong-Sook tells Do-Jin that he cannot be relieved yet as he only has a couple weeks left and she’s worried that the cafe might close.

The atmosphere gets awkward and Dae-Ho jumps in to advise Do-Jin that the one thing that he regrets is not being able to try is best like it would be the last day of his store…He tells Do-Jin to try his best and Do-Jin will not have any regrets.

Do-Jin thanks Dae-Ho by calling him “father,” as people do to parents of their friends or parents of their love interests.  He apologizes for using the term quickly afterwards but everyone tells him that it was fine.

Dong-Sook does ask carelessly when Do-Jin’s father passed away and he answers that it was before he was born.

Poor spurned Yunho tries calling Seung-Hye and gets ignored.  So he goes off to release his energy at a nearby gym…Isn’t he also supposed to raise the coffee revenue? Someone give me his job…


Later, the contrary customer arrives again and Seung-Hye serves him both his ordered tea and her blended tea.  He asks why he got two teas and she explains that it is a late answer to his previous question of what is their more confident drink.

The customer smells it and takes a sip before commenting that it is a blend of two teas.  When Seung-Hye tries to explain the background, he cuts her off and tells her that he’s only paying for the one tea that he ordered before leaving.

Seung-Hye follows to ask him about his opinion but the guy refuses with a smile and leaves.  Seung-Hye returns back forlornly to see her idiot sister hugging the luxury purse.

Seung-Hye asks Seung-Ah if she is really not going to return the expensive gift and Seung-Ah confirms that she does not want to offend or hurt Se-Ryung by returning the gift now.


As for the subject of the conversation, Se-Ryung listens to Yunho worry about how Seung-Hye is mad at him and how he wants to apologize.  Se-Ryung comments that Yunho is completely head over heels for the girl.

Seung-Hye calls at that moment and Se-Ryung invites Seung-Hye over to her house to discuss Seung-Hye’s issue with the present to Seung-Ah.   After hanging up, she tells Yunho that he owes her big time, which Yunho agrees to pay her back one day.


Mi-Ja continues to be spinning her new web on the side as she stops by Beom-Seok’s office.  She tells him that he does not understand the heart of girls…Se-Ryung believes that she still has a chance and, as such, Mi-Ja cannot try to convince Se-Ryung otherwise.  Mi-Ja explains that she understands Beom-Seok’s worry as a father, but asks him to think about Se-Ryung and her wishes at this point.

After the call, Beom-Seok invites Do-Jin over to his house…


Not aware about the pending reunion, Seung-Hye arrives at Se-Ryung’s house as Do-Jin leaves for the same place.  When Se-Ryung welcomes her in, she apologizes that she had something come up for work and needs to address it first.

Seung-Hye agrees to wait as she smells the coffee smell in the living room.  At the same time, Yunho films a video message for her. “Hello Seung-Hye.  I am afraid that I can only film this video message because I still feel sorry for the past.  Before I start this lesson, I want to make sure to tell you that when I called you over, I had no ulterior motive to manipulate you.  I just really wanted to teach you more about brewing coffee…”

Luckily for Yunho, Seung-Hye follows her nose toward the kitchen and overhears the message.  She quietly walks away and closes the door just as Beom-Seok arrives with Do-Jin.


How in the world is Dong-Sook so freaking naive and selfish?  She knows how hard her husband works as he’s whimpering every night with pain.  She has also been told by Sun-Sook that it’s hard for someone of that age to get employed anywhere…Yet, she’s willing to drag her husband out during work to have a conversation because she feels like she needs to speak NOW?  I do not agree.

I understand that she suspects her husband of possibly cheating on her.  However, she is the matriarch of a home.  She should consider the social good for everyone, which in this case means she waits the two hours until Dae-Ho comes home from work to duke it out over beers or something.  If, he did not come home, that would be another matter and she would be fully justified to drag him out from work or request a divorce.

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