Make a Woman Cry – E09

Did anyone ask for a heart fluttering confession? Well, the writer heard your plea! Jinwoo confesses to Deok-In.  And the cherry on top? Jinhee sees the limits to Kyung-Cheol’s character and gets frustrated.  The one problem? Deok-In finds out that the relationship between Jinhee and Jinwoo.


Eunseo furiously prepares to clean the dishes as she remembers how Jin-Myung took Hong-Ran’s side and Hong-Ran smiled.  Like a tiger that comes when it’s called, Hong-Ran stops by the kitchen to gloat.  She tells Eunseo that no one knows what is the relationship between a wife and a husband so Eunseo should not have told her to ask Jin-Myung.

Eunseo leaves and sees Jin-Myung who gets up to apologize to her.  Eunseo just quietly thanks him for taking care of her until now.


The grandparents also discuss the newest development as the grandmother is not happy about kicking Eunseo out.  The grandfather tells her that leaving the situation untamed would have resulted in a worse explosion… He saw the fuses being shortened with Eunseo asking to move out and Hong-Ran skipping out on a filming to get completely drunk… Despite the grandmother trying to explain that daughters-in-law always have tense relationships, the grandfather sticks firm –  this situation is not optimal and something has to change before two mothers go at each other’s throats to protect their respective sons.

Upstairs, Hong-Ran happily fixes her makeup and muses that doing the dishes is better than she expected…Jin-Myung just gets up to sleep in the study. He tells Hong-Ran that she digests him as he trusted her but she used his trust against him and he will never see her as a woman again.


The next morning, Hong-Ran announces to the family that Eunseo has decided to leave and Eunseo thanks the grandparents for taking care of them for so long as the silence drags on.


Meanwhile, Deok-In happily skins potatoes while humming as she reflects on how Jinwoo called her by her name… Someone is falling ^^

She also complains that her name is so manly and wonders what it would have been like if she were named Sara…she also begins to laugh when she remembers how Jinwoo helped her after she tripped.

Hearing the door open, Deok-In jumps up to welcome her customer… Except it’s her regulars… And she falls back into being glum.

Throughout lunch, Deok-In waits but Jinwoo does not stop by.  Finally, she overhears her adorable regulars chat about how fun the day was because their teacher was out sick.

Deok-In murmurs that he must have overexterted himself cooking all night… Hong-Shik asks if Deok-In’s husband is actually part of the Korean mafia and asks to be taught fighting but Deok-In just laughs him off.


At the same time, Jinwoo becomes stupid because of his sickness.  Instead of ordering porridge by phone or through his cell phone app, he wanders around his kitchen complaining to himself that he has no food and cannot take medicine.  Random.


Meanwhile, Jinhee’s father asks Jinhee what happened to her apartment.  Jinhee tells him that she liquidated it recently and her father tells her to bring the profit as he bought it for her.  He also tells her that he’s cutting her cards as she needs to know how hard it is to take care of herself financially and grow up.  Me thinks she’s learning the lesson late.

Jin-Myung also tells Jinhee on their way out that he won’t be helping her this time since he also finds the situation hopeless…she should be interested in a guy who can at the very least, get a divorce.

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Jinhee goes to Kyung-Cheol for some consolation and whines that she wants to come home from the hotel.  Kyung-Cheol tells her to use the money she got from selling her apartment to get a small studio and Jinhee whines that her father took it all… So her plan is to get employed. WHAT? SHE IS NOT EVEN WORKING?

Kyung-Cheol comments that she would never be able to pay for her clothes or interests with a regular salary and Jinhee snipes back that she cannot go back to her father and tell him, “my man has nothing so please take care of me.”

Jinhee’s words trigger Kyung-Cheol’s pride and he sneers back that even rich people are not above fighting dirty with money.

Jinhee realizes that something is wrong and asks how this is a money problem.  Kyung-Cheol responds that money is the problem since he has to send half of his salary back home…if Deok-In agrees to have a divorce, how would they pay her the spousal support?

Jinhee snaps that they shouldn’t have to fight over such a small thing…

Kyung-Cheol snaps back that money is one of the biggest reasons that couples fight,welcome to reality. Why for once during this whole show, I agree! What does little Miss Princess think? That rent, food, electricity, clothes, commuting fees all just fall from the sky? She can cry all she wants but no sympathy from me.

Meanwhile, Deok-In cooks some side dishes for the next day and worries about Jinwoo before stopping herself.  She calls her mother-in-law instead and offers to come and pick her up.

Bok-Rye responds that Deok-In does not have to come as she’s going to kick the fox out of the house when Deok-In can come live with Kyung-Cheol.  Kyung-Cheol grabs the phone to tell his wife that she should just come and pick Bok-Rye up instead of calling. Ugh, we get the point, poor Jinwoo who cannot order delivery…

At the same time, Jinwoo wakes up again talks to himself again… He comments how he hasn’t eaten anything all day… Well duh… You live in a city that is the delivery capital of the world, where you can order anything through a call or your cell phone app and have it delivered within thirty minutes but you didn’t bother did you…

So he decides that walking to Deok-In’s restaurant is the least painful way to get some energy and stumbles on over only to find her restaurant closed.


Deok-In has closed up shop to go check on Bok-Rye. When Kyung-Cheol sees her, he yells at her for coming so late and not doing something about this situation.  Bok-Rye in turn, yells at him for yelling at Deok-In who did nothing wrong.

The next morning, Jinwoo stops by Deok-In’s restaurant for food and jokingly whines that he noticed her store was closed earlier than usual the other night.  He asks her what had happened since he’s curious and Deok-In comments that he’s extremely curious for a man that is known to be uncaring about others.

She does tell him that she went to her husband’s studio to find that she no longer recognized it as he had replaced the bed, sofa, and table…She quietly muses that she must still care about her husband even after all of this as she felt weird seeing the bed that he slept on with his mistress, the sofa upon which they happily chatted together and the table where they ate together…


Realizing that he reminded Deok-In about a painful issue, he talks Deok-In out for a walk nearby after he eats.  Sitting among the path, Deok-In confides that she is no longer sure about her decision…She does not know if it would be best for her family to take the $1.5 million that the mistress is offering and give it to Kyung-Cheol’s family or to hold on to this…less than perfect marriage.

Jinwoo sighs that she should only think about herself.  If she wants to continue to punish the two then, she should hold on.  If she thinks that they are messed up and dirty such that she does not want to deal with them anymore, she should just take the money and live a comfortable life.

Deok-In looks at him and wonders if this is what it feels like to be loved by a man, which breaks my heart.  It affects Jinwoo as well as he tells her that she really missed out on a lot of life’s experiences if she thinks this is love.  Deok-In replies to this by saying that she wished she heard such words from her husband.

Adorably, Jinwoo asks if it does not matter a single bit that she hears the words from him who is not worth anything.  Deok-In replies that she does care, she was even worried about him when she heard he was sick.  Jinwoo replies that he’s so grateful that she cares even the little bit.

They get up and Deok-In begins to tease Jinwoo that he’s sulking, which he denies.


Meanwhile, the Kang family has another family meal during which Jin-Myung invites Eunseo and Hyunseo out to look at new apartments and for a generally good time. Hyunseo declines as he already has plans.

As for the grandparents, the grandmother tells Jin-Myung to find an apartment in the neighborhood.  She also tells Eunseo not to be too hurt by the situation and just think of it as she no longer needs to take care of the in-laws. The grandmother even promises to visit every day.


After the meal, Hong-Ran tells Jin-Myung to find an apartment far away or she will tell her father-in-law everything. Jin-Myung just leaves after noting that he is actually happy about how this turned out since he wasn’t able to be as nice to Eunseo as he wanted while she was in the same house as Hong-Ran.  After he leaves, she wonders if she won or lost the battle.


At the same time, the grandfather apologizes to Eunseo as well.  He tells her that he knows he should not allow this if he thinks about his son… Eunseo tells him that she is fine and just thankful for his taking care of her all this time.


Afterwards, Eunseo checks with Hyunseo about his plans for the next day.  Hyunseo tells her that he plans to date Hyojung… And he adds that he will not apologize as it is not something to be apologizing for.

Eunseo blows up at him. She rants that she had Hyunseo even though she knew her husband was gone… And she spent the rest of her life trying her best so that Hyunseo would receive the treatment of the heir to the company even though she has no legal title to the family… With tears in her eyes, she whines to her son that in the end, they are getting kicked out because Hong-Ran does not like them.

Hyunseo answers her calmly that she needs to know something as well… He does not find anything in the world living for as his body makes it tiring to live each day. However, he is finally thankful to be alive thanks to Hyojung. Hearing her son’s honest confession, Eunseo holds back sobs.

The next day, Eunseo dresses up to leave and the grandmother tells her to enjoy a good dinner as well.  Then the grandmother turns to Hong-Ran to take care of lunch and dinner.

Hong-Ran first tries to get out of it because she has an appointment for a massage but the mother-in-law holds firm that Hong-Ran should have known better about taking care of her in-laws if she offered to stay at home instead of Eunseo.


Meanwhile, Hyunseo goes to lunch at a fancy restaurant with Kyung-Tae and Hyojung. Kyung-Tae has a fun time telling Hyunseo to call him “hyung.”  To get back at the faceless idiot, Hyojung sweetly tells Kyung-Tae to buy lunch as he won money at the horse races.  Hearing this, Hyunseo politely agrees to buy next time.

Hyojung also gets up to leave as she came out during her lunch time at the hospital so that Kyung-Tae knows he’s on the hook for the bill. Kyung-Tae runs out after her and begs her for her card…. He even follows her to the street and tells her that he loves her… But, she leaves in a cab without another word.

When Kyung-Tae returns with heavy steps and asks the front desk how much his table is, he’s told that Hyojung already paid for everything before she left.  Kid is living off of the girl like a good for nothing pimp…

After lunch, Hyunseo takes Kyung-Tae home and the two have a bonding session. Hyunseo confides that he is the black shep of the family because of his sickness and Kyung-Tae notes that he is also the problem child of his family… Kyung-Tae thinks to himself that Hyunseo is making him feel guilty for purposely friending him.


Meanwhile, Eunseo begins her next attack.  As she and Jin-Myung sit on a bench and look over the ocean, Eunseo confides that Hyunseo is wondering why he is alive these days… She muses that she wonders what would have happened if she had not given birth to Hyunseo…

Eunseo adds that even though her husband was dead, she felt like she had to tell Jin-Myung about Hyunseo. Jin-Myung turns to her and asks if she told the family because she thought he would do something stupid after his brother’s death… He asks if she knew about his feelings.

Eunseo answers that no girl could be oblivious teo his emotions.  Jin-Myung tells her that he just wanted her to be happy.

Eunseo notes that these days, she wonders if she is getting punished for ignoring his passionate feelings in the past…

This gets to Jin-Myung as his expression freezes into one of a crazy man.  However, we don’t hear a response if he gave any.


Instead, the scene changes to Hong-Ran toiling in the kitchen where household duties are no longer fun.  While transferring the boiled chicken to a plate, she accidentally drops it in the sink because it’s so hold.  It appears that even the kitchen help has taken sides as she comments that cooking may seem easy but nothing is easy for a novice to which Hong-Ran snaps that the the cook should help cook instead of trying to order her around.

The mother-in-law enters and sees the chicken in the sink, which aggravates her mood.  She immediately starts picking on Hong-Ran like a typical mother-in-law and dumps the soup, demanding that Hong-Ran take off her nail polish and cook everything over again.

A little bit later, Eunseo and Jin-Myung come home to the mother-in-law’s surprise and Hong-Ran’s relief.  Hong-Ran tries to ask Eunseo about where they went and is told to ask her husband.  So, she goes upstairs to ask her husband but he’s changed.


Jin-Myung tells her that they went to the river and when Hong-Ran complains about his behavior, he threatens her back.  He tells her that she can do whatever she wants as she is too short-sighted to be of any threat.  He explains that if she divorces him and tells his father about everything, his father would not only disinherit him but would also turn away from Minseo who is only in the running for heir due to his status as Jin-Myung’s son.  He reminds her that she knows that he does not have any greed for the company, he just wants to live the way that his emotions tell him to live…Glaring at her, Jin-Myung notes that if Hong-Ran truly wants to live for Minseo alone, she needs to act more carefully.

Hong-Ran goes downstairs to grab a cold cup of water only to see Eunseo in her domain cutting fruit.  Eunseo notes that she’s prepared coffee for Jin-Myung and advises Hong-Ran that Jin-Myung likes lighter  coffee in the morning and heavier coffee at night.  When Hong-Ran glares at her, Eunseo continues to bite back by asking if Hong-Ran gives Eunseo permission to make coffee for Jin-Myung

Meanwhile, Hyunseo continues to make his first real friend as he texts Hyojung that he enjoyed meeting her brother.  Kyung-Tae who is eating with Hyojung steals her cell phone to reply back that Hyojung’s brother really enjoyed meeting Hyunseo as well and would have even dated him if Hyunseo were a girl. ^^


As for Deok-In, she makes fresh kimchi because Jinwoo had said that is his wish to eat fresh (and not yet pickled kimchi), which is hard for people to eat if they only buy their kimchi already made.  It’s cute because it’s like they are playing house at her restaurant.

Jinwoo then asks her for her opinion as he’s going to visit an orphanage over the weekend and does not know what to bring the kids.  Deok-In answers earnestly that orphans really want to eat jajangmyun (black bean paste noodles) because they get cakes and juice when visitors visit…but, it’s hard to get jajangmyun unless a group takes them on a field trip.

Sensing that she’s talking from experience, Jinwoo freezes awkwardly but Deok-In continues lightly and asks if she should come with him to make jajangmyun noodles for the kids at the orphanage.  He agrees and praises her for being so cheerful.  Deok-In answers that she felt loved by her in-law family and that is why they are so special to her.


Next, the two go shopping for clothes and Deok-In tells Jinwoo that instead of the useful clothes that they are buying, orphans want fluffy princess outfits that are not really useful.  So, Jinwoo buys all of the useful clothes and they go off to buy the useless fun outfits as well.

On their way back to the restaurant, Kyung-Soo sees them as he’s buying groceries.  When he goes home, he cannot help but think about the scene and assume that Deok-In is dating Jinwoo.  However, instead of telling his little sister, he just muses that it’s rational for her to try to find another plan and that he hopes the man is a nice man.


Afterwards, Deok-In and Jinwoo sit on a ledge and look at the city lights together.  CONFESSION TIME!


Jinwoo begins by saying: Even if you end up separating, don’t get too hurt by your husbands harsh behavior… When people find it difficult to separate, they become harsher… Even if you had a hard life, you’re such a cheerful person that I get worried you might get hurt.  A physical scar will heal over time… But a scar on your heart will hurt every time you think about it.”

Deok-In:  Why do you worry about me so much?

Jinwoo: I don’t know as well. You fight better than me; have a louder voice; have stronger survival skills… However, weirdly like seeing a young child, I get worried… Is it because of your eyes?

Deok-In: My eyes?

Jinwoo: You were born with such a deep heart but grew up without parents to protect you… What would you have thought as you grew up?… I think that’s why you developed your eyes… You always look like your full of tears…

Deok-In: Kang Jinwoo.

Jinwoo: I know, you still have a husband. However, my heart hurts… Isn’t a person’s heart weird? Why does my heart hurt so much because of you?


They return back to the restaurant just as Jinhee loses herself to her frustration that her perfect life is not perfect.  She heads over to the restaurant and sees the two come back together and calls out to her brother in surprise.

Deok-In hears the term of endearment “oppa” and realizes that Jinwoo is the brother of THE MISTRESS.


Great episode as we start to flesh out the main relationships and turn away from the more episodic pace of Deok-In saving students from the high school.  It was a great play by the writer to pivot Hong-Ran’s apparent win in the battle of the daughter-in-laws to kick Eunseo out of the house and, therefore, figuratively kick Hyunseo out of the running as apparent heir to the company into such a huge loss in the war. By “winning” the current battle, Hong-Ran pushed Eunseo into a corner to give everything she has toward protecting her son…which in this case means addressing Jin-Myung’s obvious crush.


Family politics ain’t easy yo…

Since the drama has already established that Jin-Myung is a pretty selfish and psychologically unstable guy, it was easy to accept that Eunseo’s acknowledgement of his crush alone was enough encouragement for Jin-Myung to start acting upon it.  For him, he was more afraid of her rejection of a brother-in-law loving a sister-in-law that he would love her in secret.  Once, he was reassured that she knew about and was not grossed out by this weird relationship, he’s given a weird type of hope.  I would not be surprised if he plans to “set up house” by playing father to Hyunseo in the new apartment, which I’m sure Eunseo will encourage.

Really, while, Hong-Ran’s knife has dulled quite a bit and it looks like she needs to stop relying on her husband alone and start trying to woo her mother and father-in-law over if she wants to solidify her son’s claim to the company.  Looks like things are going to get messy in here and I am ready for it!


I trusted you?

The second big development, I was surprised by how forward Jinwoo was with his interest in Deok-In.  He was so forward that Deok-In had to actually stop to tell him that she’s still married.  Unfortunately, one step forward, two steps back seems to be in play as right after they established that Jinwoo is actively interested in Deok-In, she finds out he is the brother of THE MISTRESS.  Her expression was the perfect answer to her realization that she’s been betrayed… Jinwoo knew the whole time that it was his sister who is ruining her family, but he said nothing.  Instead, he has won over her confidence to the point where she has confided in him multiple times about her marital life and lack of emotional support.  It is like a slap in the face and, for all she knows, he could be relaying every little detail to his sister who can gleefully laugh at her… To make things worse, he was the first man that made her feel like a woman.  HARSH.

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