Love on a Rooftop – E40

This writer really does a good job in dealing with family issues.  While, it has been a smooth ride so far, take out your sweet pacifier as you will need it before the episode’s end.  We learn more about what happened when Seung-Hye was a child as the tensions reach an explosion point between Seung-Hye and Seung-Ah…and Seung-Ah does not fail to disappoint us with the depth of her depravity as Se-Ryung also falls to the dark side of cowardice.


Seung-Hye apologizes to her grandmother and parents for blowing up at Seung-Ah as she had tried to control herself… Yet, she just could not.


Soon-Im tells her not to worry as they all understand and Seung-Hye tears up at the understanding.  It is a sweet scene as Soon-Im dismisses Seung-Hye with understanding tell her not to think of anything and to rest.

Meanwhile, Do-Jin worries at home that Seung-Hye left by herself without telling anyone.

As for the side characters, EQ sucks up to Joon-Bae and then the two men run after Dae-Shil.  At the same time, Dong-Goo pretends to act badly that he’s sleepy so that Joon-Bae can carry him home and sleep at home for once.  Except, Joon-Bae does not have the energy to carry Dong-Goo well…So, Dong-Goo ends up falling and Sun-Sook takes her son away.


Meanwhile, Soon-Im asks about who Se-Ryung is…Dong-Sook and Dae-Ho only know that she is friends with Do-Jin and is the heir to Kang Sol foods… Soon-Im tells Dong-Sook to look into it further about why Se-Ryung is being so friendly with their daughter.

Dong-Sook sighs that Seung-Ah is getting worse and now Seung-Hye is acting different…Erm, she’s acting normally if you ask me.

Soon-Im sighs that she should have not done what she did in the past and mumurs that Dae-Ho should have stopped her…But she stops herself and corrects herself that Dae-Ho had no ability to stop her so it was only her fault…


Meanwhile, Se-Ryung tells Yunho that Seung-Hye is an adopted daughter.  She comments that she’s surprised that Seung-Hye had the audacity to act so close to Seung-Ah despite her adoption.

Like any reasonable person, Yunho stands up and tells Se-Ryung that she disappointed him with her ignorance.  He demands to know if Se-Ryung made Seung-Hye feel bad due to her prejudices against adopted children who are not the problem…Rather, the problem is with the people who hold such outdated prejudices.

Beom-Seok comes home at the end of the argument and Yunho manages to tell him goodnight before stalking up.


Do-Jin also broods when he gets home that Se-Ryung found out about Seung-Hye’s adoption from Mi-Ja.  The two guys wonder if Mi-Ja is investigating the backgrounds of the girls around him.  Kyung-Tae also comments that Seung-Hye is amazing for all that she did for the family when she was adopted and adds that he would also have fallen for Seung-Hye as well.  Do-Jin denies it but Kyung-Tae does not seem convinced.


At the same time, Beom-Seok tells Se-Ryung that he had called Do-Jin to support his daughter’s love interest…However, he tells Se-Ryung that he saw how Do-Jin looked at Seung-Hye and Se-Ryung should give up.  Se-Ryung answers that her pride will not let her lose to someone like Seung-Hye and stalks upstairs.

Meanwhile, Yunho thinks to Seung-Hye in his mind that he will be calling her as he does not feel comfortable hearing what happened to her…However, he hopes to himself that she will not pick up as he would run to her if she picks up.


Luckily, Seung-Hye does not pick up.  Instead, she pages through her old sketch book…She goes through page by page of drawings of her family members and then has a flashback about the time when she accidentally dropped the hot water on Seung-Ah and her parents took a crying Seung-Ah to the hospital.  Soon-Im had turned to the child Seung-Hye and demanded to know if she had done it on purpose because she was jealous of her new little sister…

When Dae-Shil comes into the room, Seung-Hye runs out in tears and Dae-Shil looks at the sketchbook…


The parents also have a heavy night as they remember the past scars…Dong-Sook cries that she is a horrible person…When Soon-Im had dragged Seung-Hye out of their house and given her back to the orphanage representative, Seung-Hye had begged both Soon-Im and then cried for her mother…Dong-Sook had heard little Seung-Hye’s cries through the door, but she had ignored them because she had been so surprised that Seung-Hye would come into their family and hurt Seung-Ah.


Dae-Ho reassures Dong-Sook that it was not her fault alone…He, too, had followed his mother’s decision until Seung-Jae fainted at their dining table after crying for his sister…

The two parents wonder what a relief it was that Dae-Ho went back for Seung-Hye…However, Dae-Ho does sigh that she must have been so traumatized during the week she was back…

Dae-Shil also cries as she realizes that this sketchbook was from that time and cries that she should have protected her niece.

As for Yunho, he brews coffee for Seung-Hye and pours it into a thermostat…

Se-Ryung also tries calling Seung-Ah first thing in the morning as they had planned to go to the plastic surgery clinic.  However, Seung-Ah ignores Se-Ryung’s call and just reads Se-Ryung’s text reminder.

Seung-Hye wakes up from her nightmare to find herself alone.  She quickly hides her sketchbook.


At the same time, Dae-Shil yells at Soon-Im for her horrible past actions and Soon-Im tells her daughter that she’s regretting her past as it is.  When Soon-Im tells Dae-Shil that Soon-Im is going to the temple, Dae-Shil tells her mother that she cannot accompany her mother.  However, Soon-Im tells Dae-Shil that it’s fine…Except, if Dae-Shil wins the $10,000 prize, she should give the money to Seung-Hye so Seung-Hye can pay for Seung-Ah’s surgery.

Seung-Hye stops by Seung-Ah’s room to tell her that it’s pay day and hopes that Seung-Ah would stop by the cafe for her paycheck before leaving.


The two schemers meet where Mi-Ja gives Se-Ryung a jar of tea that Se-Ryung is supposed to switch with Do-Jin’s new hit tea.  Se-Ryung agrees to use Seung-Ah to do the dirty deed.


Not aware of the approaching typhoon, Seung-Hye walks out of the house and straight into Yunho who was waiting to give her the thermostat of coffee. He tells her that it’s part of his morning coffee service to help her have a better day each day.

When Seung-Hye tells him that she will accept it gratefully for one day only, he agrees that starting from tomorrow, she should just confidently accept it and expect it.  Seung-Hye smiles and he leaves happily.

On her way to work, she sees her father in a moving truck and frowns again realizing the possibility that her father is in a hard line of work.  At that time, Dae-Ho sends his daughter a text telling her to have a good day.

Seung-Hye calls her mother to check on her father but Dong-Sook likes to Seung-Hye to reassure her.  After the call, Dong-Sook turns to Mi-Ja who comments that it’s surprising how Dong-Sook treats an adopted daughter like her own biological daughter.

Dong-Sook glares at the fact that Mi-Ja knows and Sang-Man explains that he heard from Joon-Bae.  Dong-Sook does not comment on the explanation and just sulkily asks why Mi-Ja called her over.

Mi-Ja explains that she found a new job for Dae-Ho.


Meanwhile, Se-Ryung tells Seung-Ah that she will get her parents’ and grandmother’s approval for the plastic surgery.  In exchange, Se-Ryung asks for a favor and Seung-Ah agrees.


Back at the cafe, Seung-Ah switches out the two jars and jumps up when Do-Jin asks her what she’s doing.  Seung-Ah lies that she just wanted to try the tea before sneaking away when the blog critic walks in to gruffly order a tea.


Seung-Ah happily serves the fake tea, which pisses off the blog critic.  He walks up to Seung-Hye and tells her that he’s disappointed in her.  He tells her that the tea that he drank is a fraud and calls both Seung-Hye and Do-Jin a fraud before stomping out.


This was a bit of a more heavier episode.  Not having adopted any children or having had those children hurt my own biological children, I cannot judge the actions of Seung-Hye’s grandmother and parents.  However, this drama is a good reminder that adopting children is different from buying some thing like merchandise.  Decisions should be made with the perspective that once you make a decision to adopt, unless the child is crying to return to his/her own parents, it’s final is my opinion.

Seung-Hye’s notebook was heartbreaking… Even if Seung-Hye had been jealous, she was a child.  It is normal for children to be jealous.  For crying out loud, even when I got my second cat, the first cat threw up every day for a week because she was jealous…

I agree with Dae-Ho in that if they had kept Seung-Jae but not Seung-Hye, they would have been doing a huge wrong against the two siblings.

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