Love on a Rooftop – E41

Seung-Ah ends up killing what little momentum the cafe had by switching the tea jars with a cheap tea jar. However, while the business seems lost, Do-Jin declares that he likes Seung-Hye to his mother.


The blogger Hong Suk Chan pours his cup of tea in front of Seung-Hye and Do-Jin after calling them a fraud. He declares that he won’t let them continue with their fraud before walking out and ignoring Do-Jin’s attempt to ask for an explanation. With his exit, the sheep also follow suit.

Do-Jin follows Hong Suk Chan out but the blogger does not explain his reason for his anger until the very end… He only notes that Do-Jin has some guts to pretend he is selling Soon-Im’s tea…

When Do-Jin returns to the cafe, he and Seung-Hye try the tea and realize that it is not their tea…

Meanwhile, Seung-Ah ran to Se-Ryung’s office and asks if she is going to go to jail because she switched out the jars. Se-Ryung calmly tells her to think of this as an acting exercise.

Not calmed down, Seung-Ah complains that it’s an issue of her conscience rather than her acting skills and asks how Se-Ryung can stay so calm.

Se-Ryung answers matter of fact that she was asked by her future mother-in-law and she understands her mother-in-law’s position when she sees her son giving up a medical career to open up the cafe.

Seung-Ah notes that it’s hard to just pretend it’s an acting exercise when it hit Do-Jin and Seung-Hye so bad.

At the same time, Seung-Hye tells Do-Jin that the taste is not the same… She muses that someone must have changed the jars but doesn’t know who.

Do-Jin remembers Seung-Ah acting weird but dismisses the thought as Seung-Hye tells him that she will go home for some fresh tea to sell.

Se-Ryung reports to Mi-Ja who gloats that Hong Suk Choon at the moment. Mi-Ja also orders Sang-Man to enlist power bloggers to get the word out. (Korea is a very media centric country due to its status as a technologically advanced nation. As a result, the Internet holds a lot of sway in the country.)

Mi-Ja also tells Se-Ryung to work on her uncle as Do-Jin will be returning to the hospital soon. Se-Ryung reassures Mi-Ja that her uncle doesn’t have a daughter so he treats her like one.

Se-Ryung also gives Mi-Ja the original jar and asks why Mi-Ja asked for it. Mi-Ja just muses that she wanted to know the tea that Seung-Hye and Do-Jin created.

Meanwhile, Seung-Hye explains what happened to her mother and grandmother. Soon-Im yells at Seung-Hye for not being on top of her inventory to allow something like this happens.

Seung-Ah also comes home and tells the others that she was at the hospital because of a headache. Dong-Sook suggests that Seung-Hye report this to the police, which freaks Seung-Ah out. However, Seung-Hye doesn’t pick up on it and asks her sister if she’s feeling alright. Seung-Ah just ignores her and stalks to her room in response.

Meanwhile, the next family crisis gets keyed up. Dong-Sook follows Sun-Sook to Joon-Bae’s restaurant. Ignoring the fact that Dong-Goo is in the restaurant, the adults tell Joon-Bae off for talking about Seung-Hye before warning him not to talk about Seung-Jae. At the end of the conversation, Dong-Goo asks why Seung-Hye and Seung-Jae are different but we don’t hear the response.

In another part of the city, Dae-Ho works hard but seems to pull a muscle when he unloads a box. The employee and his supervisor tells Dae-Ho that the work needs some skill in addition to strength… So, he fires Dae-Ho noting that he’s worried that the work does not match Dae-Ho.

Dae-Shil stops by Joon-Bae’s shop to ask for his opinion on the next marketing idea for the competition. Her concept was, “as soon as you wear it, you’re family.”

Joon-Bae responds that he thought that “you become family as soon as you take it off.” Dae-Shil runs off in embarrassment.

However, she muses about the concept out loud and gets overheard by Kyung-Tae who assumes that she’s planning to write an adult novel next.

The doctor that seems to never be in the hospital then invites Dae-Shil for a cup of tea to chat. They end up in the park at the same bench that they spent the night together, which Dae-Shil pretends not to remember. To help, Kyung-Tae reenacts the moment when Dae-Shil got him in a headlock and asked, “can you take responsibility for me?”

Dae-Shil blows him off and asks what his question was. Kyung-Tae asks what Seung-Hye thinks about Do-Jin.

Next, Kyung-Tae goes to the cafe, which is empty because Hong Suk Choon wrote another post saying that he’s so disappointed that the cafe sold cheap tea as Soon-Im’s tea so he is going to boycott the cafe and the yeowoolbi tea from now on…

Kyung-Tae asks if they have any suspects and Do-Jin thinks about Seung-Ah… Kyung-Tae asks who would benefit from the most from Do-Jin failing and muses Mi-Ja but Do-Jin growls at him.

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Seung-Hye’s family also discusses the matter and come to the same conclusion – check the security cameras. When Seung-Hye comes home, they ask her if she checked the cameras. Seung-Ah freezes up so Dae-Shil and Seung-Jae asks her if she did it.

Seung-Ah denies it and Seung-Hye comes her defense that they checked but it wasn’t Seung-Ah.

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However, afterwards, Seung-Ah goes to the cafe to check on where the security cameras would be. Seung-Hye shows up and asks her why she did it… Whether it was because Seung-Ah hated her so much.

Seung-Ah denies it and whines that she just did what she was ordered to do… She even tells Seung-Hye that Mi-Ja actually created the fake tea.

Do-Jin also discusses the issue with Kyung-Tae. Kyung-Tae notes that if the suspect is Seung-Ah, it is for the better that the cafe does not have any security cameras since Seung-Ah might become Do-Jin’s sister-in-law in the future.

Do-Jin denies it but Kyung-Tae tells Do-Jin that he saw the truth in the way Do-Jin looks at Seung-Hye. He also tells Do-Jin that Dae-Shil also confirmed that Seung-Hye does not seem to be against the idea as well.

That night, Do-Jin fails to fall asleep and goes to the cafe to reflect on his one attempt to escape the rat race of the medical career. Seung-Hye also drops by because of worry. However, she just watches Do-Jin’s sad back from the outside unable to go in.

Overcome with emotion as well… Whether it’s disappointment about the cafe or sympathy for Do-Jin… Seung-Hye runs off her negative emotions and frustration before texting Do-Jin, “Even if it rains, the sun does not disappear when the clouds roll in just as your dream will not disappear just because it gets hard…it has not ended yet so let’s try our best.”

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The next day, Yunho ignores Se-Ryung as he leaves to deliver his morning coffee and wait a for Seung-Hye while posing outside her door. He declares that no one can stop him and gives her the coffee putting a smile on her face.

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Later, he discusses with Beom-Seok who worries that Hong Suk Choon is well known in the food and beverage industry. Se-Ryung walks in to declare that it’s a good situation since Do-Jin was not suited for the business world anyways.

Yunho snaps back that he’s worried Do-Jin and Seung-Hye are being framed as fraudsters. Beom-Seok agrees that this has to be a misunderstanding and orders Se-Ryung to look into it, which she agrees… And did you see that look? Se-Ryung has the evil girl look down! Someone give this girl the lead role in a drama where she can do her expression acting all she wants!

Meanwhile, Seung-Hye visits Mi-Ja to confront her about bad parenting. She apologizes for being out of line but explains that she wants to talk about Do-Jin.

Mi-Ja answers that she does not want to talk about Do-Jin with Seung-Hye as she has no relevance to it.

So Seung-Hye replies that she wants to talk about yeowoobi tea, which also includes her sister and, therefore, it’s her concern.

Seung-Hye notes that it was not the right method to use to exchange the jars and wishes that Mi-Ja would just think about what this cafe means to Do-Jin.

Do-Jin arrives at that moment to interrupt and declare to his mother that she cannot speak to Seung-Hye in such a disrespectful manner. He adds that Seung-Hye is the girl that he likes.


Hmmm, where to start. This was an interesting episode as it reflected all of the inner loyalties. For example, by not telling Do-Jin about her sister, Seung-Hye is unconsciously choosing Seung-Ah over Do-Jin. A part of me even questions whether Seung-Hye would have told Do-Jin if his mother had not been involved and it was just Seung-Ah…

A scene that I really enjoyed, which was likely the actors really getting into it was the mini-stare-off between Se-Ryung and Yunho. Did anyone else feel the same way? It was like for that moment, these two were the main characters in the show and I was intrigued. It was the scene where Beom-Seok asks Se-Ryung to look into the incident that caused the horrible blog article and Se-Ryung gets that look…and the camera pans out to show Yunho staring at her… I would totally watch an intense drama, which puts Se-Ryung and Yunho as the two main characters against each other. They seem to be underutilized talent if they can make a throwaway scene like that appear so charged.

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