Love on a Rooftop – E42

Do-Jin confesses his feelings to Seung-Hye directly, but it is too late as the cafe needs to close. So within one episode we get the romantic confession and the release. At the same time, Yunho continues to cutely woo Seung-Hye over.


The episode begins with Do-Jin confessing. Seung-Hye leaves the apartment first to let Do-Jin discuss with his mother, but he runs down after Seung-Hye instead and insists on walking her back to the cafe.

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When Mi-Ja arrives in the lobby, she ends up seeing Do-Jin leading Seung-Hye away protectively with a hand on her lower back.



At the same time, Dong-Sook complains that she’s so worried about Dae-Ho who lies in bed with pain. She sighs that she should have accepted Mi-Ja’s offer to get Dae-Ho another job.Although Dae-Ho looks interested, he tells Dong-Sook that it is better this way as they are already too indebted to Mi-Ja. He also explains reality to Dong-Sook by telling her that many people work at more difficult jobs than he… He is just happy that he can get paid for his service per day. Yet, inside, he worries about how he lost the job.


Meanwhile, Mi-Ja crazily cleans the tables at her restaurant until Sang-Man calls her to the side because she’s scaring the employees. Mi-Ja worries about her son and Sang-Man calms her down that Do-Jin is a faithful child and will return to the hospital after all this is over. Mi-Ja orders that Sang-Man call Do-Jin.Do-Jin tells Sang-Man that he needs to work and cannot come to see his mother that day. Instead, he turns to Seung-Hye and asks her if she went to Mi-Ja to ask for an extension. He apologizes for his mother’s harsh words.


Seung-Hye muses that maybe she should not have invented yeowoolbi tea as she thinks to herself that Do-Jin would be hurt to find out his own mother sabotaged him… Do-Jin tells her that it was amazing she could create the tea and suggests that they drink a cup before starting work.As Seung-Hye reflects back on her talk with Mi-Ja, Do-Jin brings over tea. He asks about her serious expression and asks if she is brooding about what he said to his mother.

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Seung-Hye berates him for saying something so stupid to his mother when their relationship is already strained. Do-Jin frowns that liking someone is not stupid or irrelevant to Seung-Hye’s surprise. She takes a gulp of her tea without waiting for it to cool as a result of her surprise and gets burned.


A the same time, Se-Ryung suggests to Beom-Seok and Yunho that they either buy the tea recipe from Do-Jin or buy his cafe. Yunho responds that it seems Se-Ryung has an ulterior motive and Beom-Seok judges that they should look more into it.


At Dong Rak Dang, EQ arrives to help Dae-Ho out through eastern acupuncture. Dae-Ho declines on the grounds that he actually does not hurt but EQ asks Dae-Ho to trust him… Which ends with Dae-Ho screaming behind closed doors.


The next morning, when Soon-Im goes out to clean the family name plate on the door, she meets Yunho who came for his morning coffee delivery service.Yunho’s character is an absolute cutie. He tells Soon-Im about why he came and suggests that he brings Seung-Hye coffee every day and he can drink her brewed tea a couple of days a week. After all, he’s a famous barista… Soon-Im doesn’t seem that convinced and just tells him that Seung-Hye left already.However, when she sees Yunho run after Seung-Hye, she smiles at the cute puppy love.

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Yunho faithfully races after Seung-Hye and begins by telling her that he heard from Se-Ryung about Do-Jin’s cafe. Immediately, he asks her to return to his cafe.Seung-Hye replies that the cafe has not closed yet so she wants to focus on the cafe. Yunho smiles that he likes her focus and just wants her to know that he still wants her. Seung-Hye replies, “Jung Yunho-shi…”


Yunho interrupts to tell her that he just wants to stop here with her calling him by his name. He jauntily walks off as Do-Jin arrives. When Do-Jin sees Yunho walking off, he realizes that Yunho has been giving Seung-Hye morning coffee and asks to drink it instead. Seung-Hye takes her thermostat back and tells him that she will brew him a cup of tea instead.Side character interlude! Dong-Goo shuttles back and forth between his mother’s and father’s restaurant. Somehow, they are both really busy for once, unlike the rest of the episodes when they had no customers…So even though Dong-Goo complains about being sick, both of the parents assume that it’s because he wants to get out of studying or helping at the store and give Dong-Goo money to go play instead.Meanwhile, the busy restaurant forces Joon-Bae to ask Dae-Shil to go on one of his deliveries…which, is to Kyung-Tae. He brings her in to ask her to eat with her, but she tells him that she’s busy. However, being a maniac fan, he knows that she’s not writing anymore and tells her that he thinks her time would be better spent writing books than writing marketing proposals for a competition…Kyung-Tae even notes that he was able to survive his horrible beginning medical career years because of her writing.


Moved, Dae-Shil grabs his hand and thanks him as no one has shown appreciation for her writing before. Random romantic music occurs as and she leans in for a kiss?At the same time, Seung-Hye finds Dong-Goo at her doorstep and she brings him in to nurse him as he has a fever. Dong-Goo cries that he shouldn’t have been born since his parents are so busy making money for him that they ignore him when he’s sick.


Back to Dae-Shil, turns out Kyung-Tae had farted at the determinative timing! The two sit on the couch awkwardly as Kyung-Tae apologizes and Dae-Shil tells him that it’s fine. He farts again and he tells her that he will resolve it by running to the bathroom. Meanwhile, Dae-Shil squeaks out a little bit of gas himself.Sun-Sook and Joon-Bae come over to randomly cry about Dong-Goo and apologize to him. I don’t understand this subarc. Skipping to the next scene.Sitting forlornly in his cafe, Do-Jin calls his mother to tell her that he will visit her tomorrow. His mother thanks him for keeping his promise…



Seung-Hye also finds that she cannot fall asleep and ends up coming out to the courtyard to look at the sky. She gets a text from Do-Jin and goes out to meet him. Talk about risque! He’s calling her out at night o_oThey end up walking around the neighborhood and settle at a bench. Overlooking the city, Do-Jin thanks Seung-Hye for all of her work. Taking out a handkerchief, he lays it out so Seung-Hye can sit on the bench. Once, they are seated, he thanks her for all of her work and for taking his hand when he held it out for him.Seung-Hye thanks him for giving her the annual salary upfront.Do-Jin explains that he was desperate and he had hoped by paying her upfront, he would be forced to make the cafe a success no matter what. Sighing, he tells her that he’s letting her go now that the cafe is closing.Seung-Hye tries to suggest that they ask for some more time and Do-Jin declines. He explains that a promise is a promise and he needs to keep it. However, he notes that he feels apologetic for disappointing her grandmother.


Before they separate, Do-Jin grabs his handkerchief and ties it around her wrist explaining that she should use it as a mat whenever she wants to sit on a cold place in the future.


The next day, Do-Jin arrives at home in a suit as requested and Mi-Ja explains that they have an appointment with the Director of Kang Sol Hospital. When Mi-Ja goes into her room to get ready to leave, Do-Jin goes to the kitchen to grab a glass of water. Inside the fridge, he finds a jar that looks exactly like the one that got swapped.


I really liked how the writer gave a little bit of spotlight back to Dae-Shil and Kyung-Tae. However, the random almost-kiss scene was entertaining but weird. I think the only way that it would make sense is if Dae-Shil leaning in for a kiss was all in his mind. Rather, Dae-Shil had grabbed his hand in emotional gratitude when Kyung-Tae got excited for himself and could not control his digestive system…As a result, they ended up awkwardly on the couch with Kyung-Tae apologizing.

On the other hand, I did not appreciate the filler moments about Dong-Goo. This is because the sub-arc was completely awkward and the acting was subpar. In daily dramas that have a slice-of-life pace, I really appreciate solid acting or at least average acting because I am watching the series for the daily story telling. I want to be told a story every day and appreciate the actors for making me feel some kind of emotional connection whether it’s empathy or hate. I don’t want to sound harsh, but Dong-Goo (Jang Jae-Won) needs to switch his acting coach. Watching him is like watching the son of a friend or neighbor who wants to act, but you cannot bring yourself to tell him to cultivate other skills…This is in stark contrast to watching Yang Han-Yol who played Hyuk-Min in Love & Secret.

In Love & Secret, I looked forward to the subarcs because Han-Yol’s acting was as strong as the veteran adult actors playing his mother and father. Here…I feel like I am watching an acting class and I find myself fast-forwarding through the scenes with Dong-Goo. Jang Jae-Won is still young and with enough coaching and practice, he should be able to find his pace…This drama was just too early as his public exposure piece.

Since I mercilessly tore into Jae-Won, I should probably add that I find Go Yoon’s (Yunho) acting superior to Park Jinwoo in this series. I cannot tell if Park Jinwoo just has not fully accepted his character or if the writing is awkward. However, when Yunho comes on the screen, I believe he’s the love-sick puppy even though I cannot put my finger on when he started falling in love. In contrast, I can see the gradual emotional development for Do-Jin’s character, but until the scene where Park Jinwoo was yelling at his mother on behalf of Seung-Hye, his scenes are lukeworm and I just find myself saying “meh.” Maybe it is the writing? After all, Yunho’s character is set – lovesick puppy that does not have to really work. In contrast, with the one exception of setting up his cafe, Do-Jin’s character has been reactionary this whole time. We really have not seen much character development, which is disappointing.


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