Love on a Rooftop – E44

Mi-Ja reveals her black widow plot spinning self to Se-Ryung who decides to follow in Mi-Ja’s footsteps and manipualte Do-Jin as well.  Some women do not understand that loving someone does not mean possessing them or manipulating them…Meanwhile, Seung-Ah  like a helpless fly falls into the web and backstabs her sister without even realizing what she is doing.


Do-Jin turns from Seung-Hye and confesses that his mother is so important to him because she raised him as a single mother…Even though other people consider Mi-Ja as being tough, he knows that his mother is not so…Therefore, he confesses that he was hurt that Seung-Hye would be suspicious about his mother.


Seung-Hye tries to explain the reason that she was suspicious but Seung-Ah’s voice asking her to let it go returned.  Before she could say anything further, Do-Jin tells Seung-Hye that he understands as anyone would find the conditions suspicious…However, he asks her to understand the truth as both Seung-Hye and his mother are important to him now…

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Meanwhile, Seung-Ah makes her decision.  She calls Se-Ryung and tells her that she will take the fall for everyone and pretend that it was all her idea.  However, she tells Se-Ryung that she has to make sure to keep up her end of the bargain or she will not go down alone.  Se-Ryung thinks to herself that Seung-Ah has grown a lot to even threaten her back…

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At the same time, Dong-Sook calls Mi-Ja to tell her that they decline the offer of a job.  Mi-Ja answers that Dae-Ho will find it hard to find another job and should not let his pride get in the way.  Dong-Sook responds that she does not understand why Mi-Ja is so interested in Dae-Ho’s well-being, calling him “Dae-Ho Oppa” as she believes that the older they get the more they should focus on protecting their pride.  She adds that Mi-Ja should take care from now on as to how she addresses Dae-Ho.

After the call, Mi-Ja orders that Sang-Man begin the next part of their plan.  Sang-Man agrees that he has created a shell company and will make sure that Dae-Ho takes the bait.

When Mi-Ja dismisses Sang-Man, he pauses to tell er that he is relieved that she did not give up on her revenge after meeting Dae-Ho again…He had been worried.

Mi-Ja cuts him off and tells him not to forget his place.  The only man in her life is Do-Jin and he should not forget that.

At the same time, Seung-Hye arrives home to find Seung-Ah waiting for her.  Seung-Ah takes Seung-Hye into her room and starts acting.  She tells her older sister that it was all her idea and she pretended that it was Mi-Ja’s idea because she thought that Seung-Hye would not force her to confess to Do-Jin if his mother was involved…

Seung-Hye asks if Seung-Ah hated her so much that she would do such a thing.

Truth gets mixed with falsehood as Seung-Ah yells back that whether it is at home or at the cafe, she is tired of being the oddball out that everyone ignores…

Seung-Hye answers in frustration that Seung-Ah should just tell her what she wants from Seung-Hye as Seung-Hye can no longer take this from Seung-Ah and leaves.

As Seung-Hye wonders about how she just made a huge mistake to Do-Jin’s mother, her grandmother calls her into the room.  Soon-Im sighs that Seung-Hye would not take care of the inventory so that they could allow such a mistake to happen and force Do-Jin to lose his cafe.  Seung-Hye apologizes for making her grandmother worry before she leaves to take care of some issues.

Meanwhile, Yunho visits Do-Jin for business reasons.  Like his usual self, he begins by telling Do-Jin that he heard about the cafe from Se-Ryung and he was sad to hear as well since he had let Seung-Hye go to work there when he also needed her.  Do-Jin bristles as the language that Yunho “let her” work with Do-Jin and requests that the two only talk about business.

At the same time, the women talk.  Se-Ryung explains that she heard everything from Seung-Ah about how Seung-Ah had used Mi-Ja and Se-Ryung as an excuse for switching the jars.  She notes that she was surprised at how childish Seung-Ah was but was more shocked by Seung-Hye’s behavior in only believing Seung-Ah’s story and going to Mi-Ja to accuse her of sabotaging her own son.

Yunho finishes up by telling Do-Jin that Kang Sol Foods is very interested in yeowoolbi tea and Do-Jin’s cafe.  He asks Do-Jin to think about it seriously, which Do-Jin agrees to do.  When Yunho tries to talk about the personal issues (Seung-Hye), Do-Jin stops him.

At Dong Rak Dang, Soon-Im gives Seung-Jae, Hong Suk Choon’s contact information and requests that he calls Hong Suk Choon over for a chat with her.

An interlude occurs where Sun-Sook and Joon-Bae try to make it up to Dong-Goo by asking him what he wants to do, which turns out to be taking a family picture.  Skipping over the rest of awkward acting.

At the same time, EQ (we will start using his real name since he keeps coming out – Ma Sung Nam) does gives Dae-Ho some accupuncture therapy.  He notes that he wants to visit Dae-Shil in her room, which elicits a loud “no” from both Dae-Ho and Dong-Sook, after which he notes that the next needle might not go in so smoothly.  Dong-Sook stops him before he inserts the needle and asks that Sung-Nam does it carefully in exchange for Dong-Sook showing Sung-Nam Dae-Shil’s room.

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In her room, Dae-Shil starts writing a new novel but gets distracted by thoughts of the almost kiss with Kyung-Tae.  Then she decides to call Kyung-Tae but at the last minute pretends to be calling for Sung-Nam.  Kyung-Tae gets annoyed and asks why Dae-Shil is looking for Sung-Nam and Dae-Shil answers that it is for accupuncture therapy from Sung-Nam.  Just as Kyung-Tae is getting annoyed that Sung-Nam is visiting Dae-Shil’s house under the guise that he is treating her brother, Sung-Nam actually enters Dae-Shil’s room.

Kyung-Tae hears Dae-Shil speak to Sung-Nam and advises Dae-Shil to grab a pen and stab Sung-Nam if he gets any closer.  Then Sung-Nam closes the door, which exlicits a question from Dae-Shil about why he closed the door…Kyung-Tae freaks out and demands that Dae-Shil pass the phone to Sung-Nam.

When Sung-Nam realizes that Dae-Shil keeps talking to someone on the phone, he grabs her cell phone and realizes that it is actually Kyung-Tae.  The two trade barbs with Kyung-Tae calling him a buttered squid and Sung-Nam retaliating by calling Kyung-Tae a dried up orangutan before Dae-Shil can hang up the cell phone.  This leaves Kyung-Tae in a tizzy that Dae-Shil hung up with Sung-Nam in the room.

Do-Jin walks out at that moment worrying about his own mother who has her phone off and the two complain about people leaving their phones off to make others worry.

In the interim, Mi-Ja tells Sang-Man to only call her by her house phone or her office phone as she is going to keep her cell phone off…She plans on making DoJin worry until he comes home and promises to her that he will never forsake hte medical path again and also will give up on Seung-Hye.

Skipping over Sun-Sook’s family picture escapade, we arrive at Beom-Seok eating lunch at Mi-Ja’s restaurant.  He comments that the food reminds him of his late wife, which surprises Mi-Ja as he had not spoken of his late wife in a long time.

Beom-Seok explains that he misses his late wife lately with the whole issue of Se-Ryung.  Mi-Ja understandingly tells him that she is looking forward to a daughter-in-law who woud be like a daughter and a friend to her, implying that she completely approves of Se-Ryung.

However, Beom-Seok holds his ground and tells Mi-Ja that he does not believe that Se-Ryung will be able to become Mi-Ja’s daughter-in-law as he saw how Do-Jin has feelings for Seung-Hye.  Mi-Ja tersely tells him that she would never accept Seung-Hye as her daughter-in-law and then excuses herself to get Beom-Seok some more meat.

When Mi-Ja arrives with the meat, Beom-Seok tries to apologize if his words had offended Mi-Ja but gets cut off by Sang-Man who comes in to tell Mi-Ja that Seung-Hye had arrived.  Before she leaves, she tells Beom-Seok that she would never accept Seung-Hye as her daughter-in-law and reuests that he never speak of it again.

As Mi-Ja goes to speak with Seung-, Yunho arrives and happily tries the food.  He tells Beom-Seok that he came to see the woma that Beom-Seok is interested in and asks where she is.

In the other room, Seung-Hye apologizes to Mi-Ja but Mi-Ja responds in the way my mom used to…She tells Seung-Hye that it is no use apologizing after you kill someone…Then Mi-Ja asks if Seung-Hye would listen to what Mi-Ja wants to say.  Before Mi-Ja can say anything further, Yunho waltzes in, in his happy-go-lucky manner and recognizes Seung-Hye.


Some more character development of Mi-Ja and Se-Ryung in this episode, which is good.  I was surprised to see Mi-Ja show her true face to Se-Ryung and cannot decide whether it is because she sees herself in young Se-Ryung or if it is because she believes that she is safe because Se-Ryung is helplessly obsessed with Do-Jin.

It was a cute scene where Seung-Ah showed us what COULD BE when she threatened Se-Ryung if Se-Ryung does not hold up her side of the bargain.   I could not help but sigh as Seung-Ah has enough of a self-preservation mentality (or selfishness) to really give Se-Ryung a run for her money if Seung-Ah could just become capable.  I could see her running after Se-Ryung for the whole company…a girl like that who has a lot of greed can channel such greed into healthy ambition and would not stop at hurting others to reach her goal, which would be a great match for Mi-Ja.  Unfortunately,before we see something like that, we would need Seung-Ah to show talent and responsibility which she currently lacks entirely.  What a waste.


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