Love on a Rooftop – E45

Yunho shines in this episode as he fully plans and executes a daydream like date for Seung-Hye to help her forget the bad things that are happening to her. Meanwhile, Kyung-Tae and Dae-Shil have their own awkward date, which is slightly painful to watch and Do-Jin gets a wake up call that he cannot move at the pace of a snail if he wants to keep Seung-Hye.


The episode begins with Mi-Ja not accepting Seung-Hye’s apology. She asks if Seung-Hye will listen to her own thoughts when Yunho interrupts. Yunho looks surprised that Seung-Hye is in Mi-Ja’s office before turning to introduce himself to Mi-Ja as the person living with Beom-Seok. Mi-Ja recognizes him as the boy that Beom-Seok has ear-marked as his future son-in-law.

Seung-Hye tries to excuse herself but Yunho tells her that it is not necessary since he will excuse himself as the interloper who came in without an appointment. He tells Seung-Hye that he will wait for her outside the restaurant and asks that Mi-Ja not keep her too long.

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When Yunho leaves, Mi-Ja remarks that Seung-Hye has a way with men when Mi-Ja had only expected Seung-Hye to be seducing Do-Jin but it seems that she was busy. Seung-Hye answers that Mi-Ja’s words are a bit harsh but Mi-Ja continues that she heard worse from Seung-Hye. She tells Seung-Hye that she does not want an apology from Seung-Hye. Instead, she wants Seung-Hye to declare to Beom-Seok that she has no relationship with Do-Jin.

Seung-Hye replies that she does not know why she needs to do all of this and Mi-Ja calls Dae-Ho to tell him that Seung-Hye is in her office. She tells Dae-Ho to explain to Seung-Hye why Seung-Hye cannot date Do-Jin…

After Mi-Ja hangs up, Dong-Sook asks in irritation that Mi-Ja keeps calling Dae-Ho and calling him “oppa” instead of calling Seung-Hye’s mother. Dae-Ho ignores the question and asks if Seung-Hye is really not dating Do-Jin.

Dong-Sook answers that Seung-Hye has said there is no relationship between the two, but Do-Jin seems interested in their daughter…

Meanwhile, Yunho returns to tell Beom-Seok what he saw. Beom-Seok immediately asks if the atmosphere between Seung-Hye and Mi-Ja was okay and Yunho answers that it was not particularly good. Our sweetie-pie father seems worried but dismisses Yunho’s idea of going back in to check on Seung-Hye.

When Seung-Hye leaves, she runs into Yunho who had been waiting for her. She goes with him to a nearby park where Yunho asks why Seung-Hye was meeting with Do-Jin’s mother. Seung-Hye tells Yunho that today she wants to be alone and leaves Yunho sighing.

At the same time, Seung-Ah notes how charismatic Yunho is and sighs, lost in her own puppy love. She pauses to wonder why Yunho would deliver morning coffee every day to Seung-Hye…She thinks that usually it is because the guy has fallen head over heels for the girl but then gets angry at the thought that Yunho would have fallen for Seung-Hye.

Dae-Shil interrupts to ask Seung-Ah for dating advice for a guy who is much younger than her. When Seung-Ah asks how much younger the guy is, Dae-Shil pauses instead of answering.

During this time, Seung-Hye returns home to find Dae-Ho waiting for her worriedly. Seung-Hye begins by asking her father to be careful about his therapy before Dae-Ho can ask her if she met Do-Jin’s mother. Dae-Ho remarks that he and Dong-Sook were worried and Seung-Hye answers that she is relieved that Dong-Sook is also aware as she was worried that it would be an awkward situation that Dong-Sook should be jealous about.

Seung-Jae interrupts the conversation to tell Seung-Hye that Soon-Im asked for her. Seung-Hye brings in tea to find Hong Suk Choon in the room and her grandmother explains that she had called the blogger over so that Seung-Hye does not have to meet him separately.

Meanwhile, Dae-Ho broods about Mi-Ja’s ominous words that he should explain to Seung-Hye why she cannot date Do-Jin…

As for the blogger, he compliments the chontaejeon tea by the prodigee of Soon-Im. Soon-Im explains to Hong Suk Choon about how the tea jar had been switched and Seung-Hye apologizes for the inconvenience. Hong Suk Choon accepts their explanation and notes that he now understands that they did not call him over to give him an excuse but to explain what had happened. He does ask why the main person who should have given him the explanation is not there and Soon-Im smoothly answers that Do-Jin had wanted to attend the meeting but was too busy closing up the cafe.

An interlude ensues with Sun-Sook’s family, but the acting has not gotten better. Suffice to say Dong-Goo sings for his parents and moves them before the two parents start singing along.

The next day, Yunho wakes up hurriedly to his alarm and jumps up to get ready. Just as Seung-Hye finishes putting the rice in the rice cooker, she gets a text from Yunho calling her out. She walks out to find Yunho dressed unusually with an unflattering red cap and he pulls her away telling her that he is going to “kidnap” her for the day.

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At the same time, Dae-Shil meets with Kyung-Tae with Seung-Ah’s advice to smile no matter what. Unfortunately, Kyung-Tae is having a horrible day as he trips and notes how he was almost run over on his way to the park. Dae-Shil does not realize that Seung-Ah’s advice should be tempered with the situation and continues to smile even as she hears that Kyung-Tae was almost run over and he gets weirded out at her morbid humor.

As for Seung-Hye she is driven on her own date with Yunho who has decided to distract her from her somber thoughts of the day.

Dae-Shil and Kyung-Tae’s awkward date continues as Dae-Shil asks Kyung-Tae if she can go to the bathroom as Seung-Ah told Dae-Shil to follow the guy’s lead…Kyung-Tae responds that she should be able to decide her own biological needs but Dae-Shil stops him to tell him that she will follow his lead…AWKWARD.

Luckily, we turn to Yunho’s smoother date. He brought Seung-Hye to a beautiful park with his own prepared lnch of sandwiches. Seung-Hye tries a bite and notes that his coffee is better, which he answers that he has to be the best at coffee…He tries the sandwich and notes that if she does not want to eat it, she does not have to. Seung-Hye agrees.

Yunho asks why Seung-Hye does not answer that it tastes good and continues to eat it. Seung-Hye replies that such behavior is fake flirtation and she does not do it…However, she takes the sandwich back to eat it for the sake of Yunho having prepared it.

Dae-Shil’s next awkward dating phase ensues. She remembers that Seung-Ah recommended skinship so she goes over to sit next to Kyung-Tae. After being fed a piece of cooked meat, she starts punching Kyung-Tae because the meat is so tasty. She then tries feeding him before caressing him in broad daylight.

Kyung-Tae asks in shock why she is acting so weird and Dae-Shil leaves to go to the bathroom. On her way, she meets Mi-Ja and calls her on friendly terms. As the two talk, Kyung-Tae arrives and Mi-Ja looks surprised that Kyung-Tae knows Dae-Shil.

The smoother date also continues as Yunho pedals a bike while Seung-Hye enjoys the ride. She sighs that she wishes she had come with her family. Yunho smiles that he will just have to join the Dong Rak Dang family so that she can enjoy being with her family when she is with him…Seung-Hye answers that she still wants to be with Seung-Ah instead and Yunho speeds up. The two cutely bicker as he continues his ride.

At night, Do-Jin drops by Se-Ryungs office to find her working late. He expresses surprise that she’s working late…Like the one time I saw Se-Ryung not getting off by dinner time?

Ahem, returning to the drama, Do-Jin asks if Se-Ryung has heard from his mother who has kept her cell phone off and has even changed her keypad lock at home. Se-Ryung notes that his mother must be very angry and has not even accepted Seung-Hye’s apology.

When Do-Jin asks about it, Se-Ryung explains that Seung-Hye came to apologize but Mi-Ja told her that a person cannot apologize after killing a man. Se-Ryung sighs that she understands Mi-Ja’s response when Do-Jin runs off…to Seung-Hye’s house.

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He wonders why Seung-Hye does not pick up her phone when Yunho arrives with Seung-Hye in his nice sports car…from his barista salary? Yunho notes that Seung-Hye’s hair is still beautiful and helps her rearrange it as Do-Jin watches in silence.


I thought it was a cute thing that the writer and the director juxtaposed scenes from the two dates to emphasize how different the relationship between Kyung-Tae and Dae-Shil is with Yunho’s courtship of Seung-Hye. While we had already been told that Kyung-Tae is a nerd that has not really dated and Dae-Shil has not dated as well, she is a “motel solo” aka has never dated, their date was absolutely awkward to watch…For someone who has written over three love novels online, Dae-Shil really did not realize that she needs to apply Seung-Ah’s stereotypical advice to the circumstances at hand. When Dae-Shil asked Kyung-Tae if she can go the bathroom, I totally winced…Not to mention the obvious and not natural skinship of caressing Kyung-Tae at a barbeque shop… >.<

On the other hand, totally feeling the YH/SH ship. Isn’t it adorable that he knows that Seung-Hye is not into him but still managed to prepare a full on date course at a beautiful park with delicious food and a bike ride to boot. Personally, I prefer it when guys take the time to plan and while I am still worried about the fact that Yunho never seems to work, it was nice to see a drama-esq male character wooing the girl. Who says chivalry has to die for women to achieve equality? I believe that women should earn the same amount as men for the same quality work and still be treated to drama-esq dates. Sorry, but throw all the “uh, what should we do today” dates in the public trash can. If you cannot take the time to at least loosely plan a date, what is the point of wasting the time that I have to myself instead of working?

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