Love on a Rooftop – E46

Posting Try 2! Seung-Hye declines Do-Jin’s interest but fate shines on her side as Sang-Man’s loose lips lead to Do-Jin finding out the truth about the switched tea jars. In the interim, I find myself falling for Seung-Ah? Get ready as Yunho meets his match and maybe another perfect couple is born!


Do-Jin sees Seung-Hye get out of Yunho’s car and stand in front of her house to chat. Angrily, he tries calling her and watches her not pick up.

Yunho also asks why Seung-Hye keeps ignoring a call and Seung-Hye tells him that it’s Do-Jin’s call; she feels bad that she went out to have a picnic while he’s closing up his dream.

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Leaning over, Yunho tells her that everyone makes mistakes but the true thing is what people do after the mistake. With those wise words, Yunho leaves and Seung-Hye goes inside.

Dae-Ho is having a debriefing with Dae-Shil who complains that Mi-Ja has turned into the evil character from a drama. Hah! Meta!


Turns out Mi-Ja complained that Seung-Hye has no manners and even suggested that Seung-Hye was acting in front of the family so she is not kicked out again. Dae-Shil wonders how Mi-Ja changed so much and Mi-Ja answers that getting kicked out of Dong Rak Dang did it… Dae-Shil snaps that Mi-Ja was the one who failed to behave appropriately and Mi-Ja tells her to leave and tell Soon-Im to keep a leash on her granddaughter instead.

Meanwhile, Do-Jin broods at home until he gets a call from Kyung-Tae. Kyung-Tae tells Do-Jin to come immediately as he followed Mi-Ja home and can open the door for Do-Jin.


At the same time, the winner smiles with joy remembering the earlier picnic when Se-Ryung comes home. These two are like siblings as they bicker back and forth.

Yunho brags about the picnic and the bike ride, at which Se-Ryung exclaims in surprise since Yunho had always said that he would only let the person he marries ride behind him on a bike…

Yunho smiles that Se-Ryung should focus on winning Do-Jin over instead of being jealous as he no longer wants to give Seung-Hye to Do-Jin.


That night, Dae-Ho wakes up and wonders how Seung-Hye seems to want to take the barista license exam… Dong-Sook agrees that Seung-Hye wanted to become a barista so much that she did not return to the hospital.

Dae-Ho notes that they should pay Do-Jin back since the cafe had to close its doors… With the money they had planned to use to repay Mi-Ja and Dong-Sook agrees.

At the same time, Seung-Hye cannot find sleep as Mi-Ja’s words replay in her head.


So the first thing she does in the morning is go jogging with her little brother. After a while, they pause at a bench because Seung-Jae gets winded and he asks Seung-Hye if the run helped. Seung-Hye answers that her head is still fuzzy so she wants to run around a bit more but agrees to take a breather. When she pauses to put the handkerchief down before sitting, Seung-Jae notes with approval that he had been worried about his older sister just plopping down everywhere. (FYI – It’s culturally considered more lady like for ladies to not sit directly on the ground. For practical reasons, if a lady is wearing a skirt, this would expose her underwear to the ground when the skirt rides up, etc).

Seung-Jae also comments that the handkerchief looks like a guy’s and Seung-Hye confirms that it’s Do-Jin’s but firmly notes that they are just friends…She muses that even if she wanted something else, she found someone who hates her more than Seung-Ah (Do-Jin’s mother) and decides to run off some of her anxious energy. She ends up leaving the handkerchief so Seung-Jae has to pick it up for her. When they arrive at home, Soon-Im notes that they left Seung-Ah out of the run and the two agree to bring her the next time since she was busy this morning.


Someone has some motherly instincts…

At Mi-Ja’s place, she walks out to find both Do-Jin and Kyung-Tae sleeping in her livingroom. She places a blanket over both of them before going into her room to invite Se-Ryung over for breakfast.

Meanwhile, Seung-Ah wonders on her bed on how she’s going to win over Yunho. She decides to take it step by step and runs into Seung-Hye’s room to demand his number. Before she leaves, she tells Seung-Hye that even if they are not biologically related, it would be bad form for them to fight over a guy. So, she tells Seung-Hye to give Yunho to her and fight over Do-Jin with Se-Ryung instead.

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Next, Seung-Ah runs over to her own room and immediately calls Yunho. He assumes that she found the answer to his question and Seung-Ah naturally asks to meet up so that she can give him the answer. Surprisingly, Yunho declines with the excuse that he is busy. However, Seung-Ah does not take “no” for an answer and declares that she will make it so that the busy oppa ends up having time for her as well. She orders him to save her number as “Cute Seung-Ah” before hanging up. HAHAHAHA. Yunho smiles after the call that she is cute indeed. Anyone else smiling? I have to admit I was smiling after this scene as well.


Se-Ryung arrives for breakfast and awkward family breakfast ensues. Kyung-Tae notes the awkwardness and asks directly if he should leave now that Se-Ryung is here but Se-Ryung takes his comment with a smile. She answers that she came knowing that he was there and wanted to ask if he’s dating anyone, since he needs to start having a serious relationship if he’s to get annoyed with Do-Jin living at his place. HAHAHA. Kyung-Tae responds that Se-Ryung’s thinking is quite detailed and Se-Ryung just smiles.

Mi-Ja jumps in to give her two cents by advising that Kyung-Tae see a nice girl, which does not include Dae-Shil whom Mi-Ja knew since she was young. Mi-Ja comments that Dae-Shil is the young child of an old family and grew up spoiled so she wants Kyung-Tae to meet a better woman…

Do-Jin remarks that it is bad form to talk about someone behind their back and Mi-Ja asks if it is better to say it to a person’s face like Seung-Hye. Kyung-Tae jumps to his friend’s defense by noting that while Seung-Hye was wrong, she did try to apologize. Mi-Ja does not accept it and the debate ends moot.

Later that day, Seung-Ah arrives at Se-Ryung’s office to ask about her plastic surgery. Se-Ryung forces a smile and comments that she was just going to call Seung-Ah that day. Then Seung-Ah makes me face palm as she wonders if Se-Ryung has already picked a winner for the competition as her aunt has entered the competition as well. Se-Ryung answers that she is not the only one that makes the decision but Seung-Ah avers that Se-Ryung must have a lot of influence. Se-Ryung cuts this off in annoyance that Seung-Ah can choose to go to the plastic surgery clinic today or not. In response, Seung-Ah snaps that Se-Ryung is cold and this is why Do-Jin has not fallen for her…Touche.

As for Seung-Hye, she stops by the closed cafe and sees how customers came for Yeowoolbi tea but turn away when they find the place closed. However, instead of going home, she gets called by Sun-Sook because Sun-Sook is taking her son out for barbecue for getting an award!

As Seung-Hye watches the shop, Do-Jin gets a request from Kyung-Tae to bring home some toast as he’s tired from being nice to Mi-Ja…


Random interlude as Beom-Seok arrives at Mi-Ja’s cafe for lunch and decides to wait outside for Se-Ryung. When Dong-Goo sees Beom-Seok he tells his parents that he wants to grow up to be like that man (Beom-Seok) who looks like he is successful. Afterwards, when Sun-Sook comes back from the bathroom, she ends up tripping and romantic music starts playing as Beom-Seok catches her. The question, who ends up having a crush on who?


When we return to the toast restaurant, Do-Jin has arrived and ordered his toast. Seung-Hye sits with Do-Jin to talk and tells him that as an orphan, she always wondered what life would have been like had she even had one parent. She adds that one should never take a parent for granted and assume that they will always be with one…With that, she tells a stricken Do-Jin that she will accept his handkerchief and his concern for a clumsy employee. However, she clearly notes that their relationship ends there.

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Do-Jin goes home with this knowledge to find Sang-Man speaking to Mi-Ja on his cell phone. Without realizing that Do-Jin is behind him, Sang-Man reassures Mi-Ja that he has taken care of the original tea jar that they switched from Do-Jin’s cafe. When Do-Jin hears this, he drops his bag and Sang-Man turns around…Do-Jin grabs the phone and hears his mother’s voice telling Sang-Man to deny it no matter what and make sure that Do-Jin does not find out about the switched tea jars…


Glad the writer did not keep us waiting for the big reveal too long.  The hope is that this reveal kicks Do-Jin from being a helpless mommy’s boy into a man who can compete against Yunho because Do-Jin is seriously lagging.  It’s a late night so I don’t have much to observe about this episode other than what would the writer do if he did not have the plot device of Sang-Man and Joon-Bae with their loose lips?  Maybe I should take this as a good reminder that sometimes it’s best to keep your mouth shut…With that and the thought that Seung-Ah is kind of cute in this episode….Happy Monday everyone!

PS – Not sure what happened this morning with the link.  Sorry!

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