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So, I know that I’m behind but I could not help myself.  Have any DRAMAFEED readers seen the teasers for the new upcoming OCN weekend drama, My Beautiful Bride? Both teasers basically say, “She disappeared.”  The main characters are Kim Moo Yul as the man left when his bride disappears and Lee Si Young as the detective who helps? Or if he’s the culprit, who has to beat him at his own game.  Starts on June 20, 2015 and is expected to run for 16 episodes.  I’m planning on watching it since it’ll be a nice change from the flow of what is currently on my watching list ^^


According to, this drama will be about a husband who’s fiancee suddenly disappears and the female detective that helps him as he presumably goes crazy looking for his fiancee.


Teaser Here:






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