Love on a Rooftop – E47

Do-Jin reels from the truth of his mother’s betrayal as Seung-Ah literally runs away from Seung-Hye to get plastic surgery paid by Se-Ryung.


Sang-Man turns around to stutter Do-Jin’s name and Do-Jin takes Sang-Man’s cell phone in time to hear Mi-Ja tell Sang-Man to lie no matter what as Do-Jin cannot find out that they switched the tea jars.

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Do-Jin shouts into the phone for his mother and Mi-Ja hangs up telling herself that she needs time to think.

Sang-Man awkwardly picks up Do-Jin’s toast bag to see if he can trade it for his own cell phone. Then he decides to run but Do-Jin stops him.

Getting worried, Mi-Ja calls Kyung-Tae to find out when Do-Jin arrives.


Do-Jin brings Sang-Man home as well to get some answers. However, Sang-Man just keeps putting his head down.

At the same time, Seung-Ah wonders what she can tell her family during the time she has to go get her surgery and go through supervised recuperation.


She gets gets called by Seung-Hye and goes to Seung-Hye’s room where Seung-Hye asks Seung-Ah to apologize to Do-Jin. Seung-Ah answers that Seung-Hye seems to want to tell the world about her evil…

Seung-Hye tells Seung-Ah that she knows her little sister is having difficulty because of her conscience but Seung-Ah denies it.

Finally, Seung-Hye tells Seung-Ah that Do-Jin seems to know but is pretending,which actually gets to Seung-Ah.


Dae-Shil walks in and overhears. Realizing that Seung-Hye covered for Seung-Ah, Dae-Shil drags Seung-Ah into her room and demands to know if Seung-Ah did it because she disliked Seung-Hye so much.

Seung-Ah whines back that she should be able to do as much since she was originally part of the family. Dae-Shil starts to hit Seung-Ah when Seung-Hye comes in to apologize on behalf of Seung-Ah.

Dae-Shil ends up yelling at Seung-Hye as well telling her that Seung-Hye is wrong, too! She tells Seung-Hye to stop covering for Seung-Ah and letting Seung-Ah manipulate her for a child’s mistake.

Then turning to Seung-Ah, Dae-Shil orders that Seung-Ah apologize to Do-Jin if she wants to stay living at Dong Rak Dang.

Seung-Ah responds that she wanted to leave anyway and packs her bags before stomping out with Seung-Hye on her heels. Running out to the street, Seung-Ah manages to get into a cab and leaves so Seung-Hye has to come back alone to Dae-Shil’s surprise.

Her tone changes when Seung-Hye returns alone but tells Seung-Hye that Seung-Ah will return eventually…


At the same time, Do-Jin tells the truth to Kyung-Tae who wonders at the extent Mi-Ja would go for her son… He does apologize to Do-Jin for saying the same about Mi-Ja and confesses that he is shocked. Do-Jin reassures Kyung-Tae that he is shocked as well…

Joon-Bae interrupts to look for his socks that he left the last time he came. He finds it in the kitchen and explains that he has athlete’s feet so he hid the socks away to be cautious that Kyung-Tae might touch it… Then Joon-Bae asks about Do-Jin but falls asleep on the couch before Kyung-Tae can explain… Me thinks Joon-Bae left the socks on purpose so he can have a comfortable place to sleep…


Meanwhile, Seung-Ah arrives at Se-Ryung’s house and gets pleasantly surprised that Yunho lives there as well. Yunho asks why Seung-Ah came over at such a late hour and Se-Ryung explains that she called Seung-Ah over…

Seung-Ah conveniently forgets that she ran away from home when she sees all of the brand named clothes in Se-Ryung’s room. Even Se-Ryung has to look on with distaste as Seung-Ah looks through her clothes.

Se-Ryung tells Seung-Ah that she will prepare the guest room but Seung-Ah opts to sleep with Se-Ryung instead. When Se-Ryung notes that she cannot sleep with another person, Seung-Ah just tells Se-Ryung to get used to it since she left her home because of Se-Ryung… Someone has met her match in selfishness.


The atmosphere is completely different at Kyung-Tae’s as Do-Jin remembers all of the interactions with his mother as she lied to him about Seung-Hye… Feeling his feelings erupt, he asks his mother why she did it and starts to heave…

Seung-Hye also cannot find the comforts of sleep as she is worried about where Seung-Ah went… Dae-Shil wakes up and find out that Seung-Ah has not arrived when it’s three…

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Dae-Shil tells Seung-Hye to call Se-Ryung but Seung-Hye lucks out as Yunho texts her that Seung-Ah is at his place. When Seung-Hye calls, Yunho answers that he had a feeling Seung-Ah ran away from home and reassures her that Seung-Ah is safe sleeping with Se-Ryung…after all, if Seung-Hye came over now, they might way Beom-Seok up.

Seung-Hye agrees to wait until the next day. Yunho comments that he should chastise Seung-Ah for making her sister worry so much, Seung-Hye asks him to be nice to her little sister instead…

The next morning, Dae-Shil wakes up to find Seung-Hye gone as she’s off to pick up Seung-Ah. Seung-Hye even asks that her aunt tell the family that the two girls went off for a morning exercise.


When Seung-Hye arrives, Yunho tells Seung-Hye to have a cup of coffee as he goes to wake up Seung-Ah. However, Seung-Hye insists that he wake Seung-Ah up first.


As for the Yoon family, they start looking for the two girls and Dae-Shil lies that they went for a morning exercise. Seung-Jae comments that he didn’t see them on his run and Dae-Shil just notes that they must have taken another route.

Unfortunately for Seung-Hye, Yunho comes down alone as Seung-Ah and Se-Ryung are both not home. Yunho tries to call Se-Ryung and Seung-Hye grabs the phone to ask to speak with Seung-Ah.

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Se-Ryung answers condenscendingly that Seung-Ah does not want to speak with Seung-Ah so she cannot do anything. Adorable Yunho picks up the phone to yell at Se-Ryung as she wouldn’t be able to answer so simply if she saw Seung-Hye’s worried face…

Se-Ryung answers that it does not make a difference and hangs up.

Yunho tells Seung-Hye that her reaction seems overboard considering the fact that Seung-Ah is not a child and offers Seung-Hye a cup of coffee.

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Over coffee, Seung-Hye explains to Yunho that Seung-Ah is not just a little sister… Rather she notes that Seung-Ah is like an injured finger, where Seung-Hye gets worried whether Seung-Ah is nice or not…since, she hurt Seung-Ah when they were both younger and that scar has stayed with Seung-Ah until now… She adds that her worst fear is that Seung-Ah might give up on her and forget about her as she had to spend some time away from Seung-Ah when they were children… She had been so afraid that Seung-Ah would forget her…


At the same time, Do-Jin meets with Dae-Ho who gives Do-Jin money to pay him back for the upfront salary… He tells Do-Jin to take it for Seung-Hye… He adds that he knows that Seung-Hye gave up the hospital to become a barista but had to give it up for him… He wants her to become a barista now.

Dae-Ho also notes how Do-Jin does not look well and encourages him to keep hope as he knows how it feels to have to close up shop.

At the same time, Sun-Sook starts to daydream about Beom-Seok when Joon-Bae comes for some change… He picks his nose with his pinky and then licks his index finger to count the money, disgusting Sun-Sook.

Meanwhile, the adults of the Yoon family gather in Soon-Im’s room as Dae-Shil shows her mother Seung-Hye’s notebook of pictures drawn when she was kicked out of the house…

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As for the neighborhood idiot, she starts getting nervous right before her surgery. Se-Ryung is the sister that Seung-Ah really needs… When Seung-Ah starts to waver, Se-Ryung just responds that Seung-Ah can decide against having the surgery and everything would be fine but Seung-Ah resolves to have the surgery. So Se-Ryung advises that Seung-Ah just call her family prior to the surgery then. Some no nonsense reason to the idiot!

Seung-Ah calls Seung-Hye who had been walking to the bus stop with Yunho. Yunho had offered to drive her as there is nothing more important to him than her ^^


Seung-Ah tells Seung-Hye that she is about to get surgery and Seung-Hye rushes to the road…just as a car is coming.


Yes! The writer seems to have remembered that some of us watch drama to watch some nice romance that can help us forget about the grinds of daily life. I want a good mix of daily feels and sweet butterflies >°<

I liked that this episode really focused on the Seung-Hye/Seung-Ah relationship, which is messed up. Even if all families have problems, allowing one child to hate another for a childhood mistake and, as a result, letting her treat her sibling so rudely is wrong. For the bystander, it just feels like the child having to deal with the behavior lives like a second class citizen.

I’m glad that Seung-Ah will get the surgery because it seems that she has the brain and the selfishness to stand up for herself against people like Se-Ryung. The only thing is for a negotiation to work, both sides have to have leverage and until now Seung-Ah’s only leverage is to betray her sister. It would be great if the plastic surgery can cure Seung-Ah of her major insecurity and get her in a position where she actually earns money to help the family.

Now, back to Yunho! All right, so, I did not appreciate the privilege that Yunho exhibited when he told Seung-Hye that he did not have to go to work as she is more important. However! I am impressed and approve of the drama-esq nod to All About Eve, where a guy is so successful that he can drop everything to run to the girl when she needs him without jeopardizing his own career. *Swoon* In contrast, I can only sigh during Do-Jin’s scenes as he has not accomplished much during these 47 episodes. Sure, he quit being a doctor…but then he upped and used his life savings (probably from his mother) to open a cafe, which did not even get successful regardless of his superior baking skills (did the writers forget about that?) until Seung-Hye came around with the blended tea… Now even that cafe is closed and the guy is basically a bum, living off of his friend who is still working to pay his expenses… Yep, not getting any butterflies…

What I feel lost me between DJ and YH is that both are trying to go for their passions, one has failed to indecision. YH became a world famous barista that a company would like to entrust their beverage department… He can bring Seung-Hye over and train her… Help her.

DJ meanwhile doesn’t seem to accomplish and even agreed to close shop if he didn’t accomplish what seemed to be the impossible. All he can offer Seung-Hye is joint suffering?! Yes, suffering builds character but you can get it for free every day since probably over 60% or more of the population go to work to pay bills, not to follow their passion. So DJ show us that you have matured and understand the definition of “responsibility” in addition to the word “passion.” If your passion cannot pay your bills, you might as well go back to being a doctor and go into field where you minimize dealing with blood such as radiology, or anything to show us that you can succeed at something and can be worthy of us swooning/and Seung-Hye falling for you!

FYI – Sorry to the readers if my two cents are especially harsh today. I realize my judgmental-ness correlates directly with the amount of fatigue I feel from my own work ^~

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