Love on a Rooftop – E52

Dae-Shil and Kyung-Tae’s relationship gets some fast progress. >.< And we get a gratuitous swimshoot shot of Yunho *sigh* This scene was worth the WHOLE episde. Then we also get a save the day swim scene! >.< KYAAAAAAAA! Repeatworthy~~~~



Dong-Sook worries like crazy about her daughters not coming home already or calling back. Trying to distract her, Sun-Sook marvels that Do-Jin declared to Dong-Sook that he loves Seung-Hye. She also tells her sister that it’s not Do-Jin’s fault that his mother is such a witch.

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Meanwhile, EQ walks Dae-Shil back home. However, on the way, he leads her into an alley and then pins her against the way. Explaining that after the meal, he wants to spend the night with her, he tries to kiss her.

Dae-Shil screams that someone should save her and avoids EQ by pushing his face away. This does not stop him as he creepily comments that even her hand cream smells so good.

By the grace of the dramalords, Kyung-Tae walks by at that instant and runs in to punch EQ. He then takes Dae-Shil to the park. He tells her that he will go bring back a cold drink but she tells him not to leave her as she’s so nervous.


Kyung-Tae asks Dae-Shil what exactly EQ did. In response, Dae-Shil scrunches up her lips and reenacts EQ’s attack. As romantic music plays, Kyung-Tae pecks Dae-Shil on the lips. Immediately after, he apologizes but Dae-Shil kisses him back and then they fall.

At Joon-Bae’s restaurant, Miss Bong seems to have misremembered an order and prepared an extra chicken. He ends up deciding to give the chicken to Kyung-Tae as he’s one of the restaurant’s repeat customers and he has to apologize for the last incident.


At Beom-Seok’s house, Yunho gets a call from Seung-Ah inviting him to the pool, which he agrees to. Se-Ryung comes come happily and tells Yunho that she heard he got beaten up by Do-Jin.

Beom-Seok comments that he is disappointed in Do-Jin for using violence instead of words but Se-Ryung defends Do-Jin by noting that Do-Jin is not the type of man who would use violence without a reason… This would imply that Yunho did something to deserve the punch and Beom-Seok wisely leaves the room before he gets involved.

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Meanwhile, Kyung-Tae and Dae-Shil sit in a daze in his bed…scantily clad. Dae-Shil asks what just happened and Kyung-Tae responds that he feels like they just got hit by a lightning.

Dae-Shil asks him about his words that a man should protect the woman he loves and Kyung-Tae promises to protect her. He then leans in for another kiss when the doorbell rings.

Kyung-Tae comes out to see Dae-Ho who brought the chicken for free. Dae-Shil walks out a minute later and Dae-Ho looks up in shock to see his sister there.


Back at Dong Rak Dang, Seung-Hye shows Soon-Im Hong Suk Choon’s latest blog. He had posted another post which picked Soon-Im’s teas as his favorite and yeowoolbi tea as second favorite. Soon-Im sighs in relief and hopes that this would help Do-Jin’s cafe.

To be fair, Soon-Im tells Seung-Hye that while she wants Do-Jin and Seung-Hye to succeed…Seung-Hye should keep in mind Dong-Sook’s worries about her and Do-Jin…


Back at Kyung-Tae’s apartment, Dae-Shil lies that Kyung-Tae is a fan who wanted her to sign his shirt. However, Dae-Ho is not convinced and asked Kyung-Tae if he did anything to Dae-Shil that he should take responsibility for.


Seung-Hye wanders back to the courtyard thinking about Do-Jin when Seung-Ah bursts out and asks Seung-Hye to join her at the pool the next day. Seung-Jae worries that Seung-Ah is going to wear the bikini but she just invites him as well…

Seung-Hye agrees and then invites Do-Jin.


The next day Seung-Ah struts herself at the neighborhood pool…Wearing a bikini with heels? I can’t tell if they are staring at her because she looks great or because no one in their right mind would wear heels to a pool so they are just wondering if she’s crazy…


Seung-Hye looks around for Do-Jin and Seung-Jae asks if she is waiting for anyone. Seung-Hye begins to answer that she’s waiting for Do-Jin when the group gets distracted by Yunho swimming… He comes out of the pool in pure ab glory >.,<

Seung-Ah shows off her bikini and Yunho agrees that she looks pretty before looking over at Seung-Hye and asking about her swimsuit. Yunho smiles that she’s sexier since she’s not showing anything off. ^.~


Do-Jin arrives at the pool and texts Seung-Hye that he has arrived. However, he gets a call from Sang-Man and runs back home to be told that Mi-Ja had fainted. He checks her blood pressure as Se-Ryung comes in to check on Mi-Ja as well. Mi-Ja thinks to herself that her son looks the best as a doctor and then comments to the children that they look great together.

Do-Jin does not answer. Instead he tells Se-Ryung to go back to work.


Meanwhile, Dong-Sook and Dae-Ho wonder about getting a reverse mortgage on Dong Rak Dang. They plan to ask her at the same time that they propose that Dae-Ho has a job which can pay the loan off… Dong-Sook also asks Dae-Ho whether they should borrow extra instead of just the amount necessary to pay off the loan; that way they can start a business…


Do-Jin holds Mi-Ja’s hand and tells her that he knows she is faking it. He tells her that he won’t fall for her schemes anymore so she should stop.

When he leaves, Mi-Ja checks in with Sang-Man and they plan to make Dae-Ho lose the house through the reverse mortgage.


At the pool, the girls bond as the guys go for coffee. Yunho tells Seung-Jae that he’s so lucky to live with both Seung-Hye and Seung-Ah. Seung-Jae answers that Yunho should just spend a dayin his house which would make him regret his decision. Yunho jumps at the chance and asks if Seung-Jae would just give him the room.

Seung-Jae answers that he cannot as he’s the heir to Dong Rak Dang. Yunho laughs that he will just have to find another way to live there instead such as joining the family.

Seung-Hye tells Seung-Ah that she is waiting for Do-Jin and Seung-Ah asks how far they have gotten. Embarassed, Seung-Hye goes for a swim.

As soon as the boys come back, Seung-Ah announces to the guys that Seung-Hye is dating Do-Jin. She tells Yunho to give up on her older sister.


Just at that moment, Seung-Hye falls under the water and every sees that she has an issue with her leg. Thrusting the cups of coffee to Seung-Jae, Yunho dives into the pool to bring Seung-Hye out. Once back on land, he even massages her cramped leg >.<


When everyone comes out of the pool after showering, they run into Do-Jin. Yunho tells Do-Jin that it was meant to be four people but Seung-Hye did not know about Yunho joining.

Seung-Ah asks if Do-Jin is bitter about the situation, which Do-Jin denies half-heartedly. Being Seung-Ah, she tells Do-Jin that if he is not bitter, he should buy a meal.

So everyone ends up at Sun-Sook’s restaurant. Sun-Sook comments that Yunho looks like he’d be a rich kid and Seung-Ah confirms that Yunho lives at Beom-Seok’s house because the parents are best friends.

Sun-Sook freaks out and brings out her magazine to ask if Yunho lives with Beom-Seok who was pictured. She tells everyone to eat up.


When everyone gets ready to leave, she gives a bag with a toast sandwich to Yunho. She asks him to give it to Beom-Seok as she made a slight mistake to Beom-Seok the other day.

Yunho agrees to give it to Beom-Seok with the message that a beautiful woman with a killer smile sent it. He offers to text Sun-Sook with Beom-Seok’s reaction and gets her number.


Finally, returning to the leaky whole of the family. Sang-Man tells Joon-Bae that he has great inside information for a business break. Joon-Bae asks for more detail as his brother-in-law is in need of a financial break… Nooooo.


Well well well! Look who was hiding washboard abs under his hipster clothes? >.< Yup Team Yunho all the way!!!!! Now that the squeal is out of the way, I also appreciated seeing Seung-Ah regain her confidence after the surgery and strut her stuff at the water park. It was a nice touch that not only the guys stared but several girls peered at her as well. Because let’s all be honest. We appreciate attention from guys but it’s really the other girls that we’re competing against…Or is it just me? ^^

Now, the scene where Seung-Hye had a leg cramp in the middle of swimming was less believable. I mean, the pool seemed shallow enough that all she had to do was stand on one leg if she really needed to. However, the jumping into the pool and saving her was pretty hot. *Sigh* All of a sudden, I just want to sigh into bed…

Also, Yunho’s respectful treatment of Seung-Hye’s family members is to die for! I mean it was so clear that Sun-Sook is interested in Beom-Seok. Yet, Yunho took it like a good sport even offering to text her Beom-Seok’s reaction… What kind of perfect man is this?! He’s successful, sweet to the girl, and sweet to her fmaily…AND he’s good-looking!?! I know this is not a mainstream drama, but I have not seen such a perfect guy in a while…I can only remember Jang Dong Gun in All About Eve….Such a shame that he’s only the second lead….Second Lead Syndrome is so tiring. =_=


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