Love on a Rooftop – E53

Do-Jin takes Soon-Im to the hospital and the cat jumps out of the bag when Mi-Ja sees them together. As soon as Soon-Im realizes that Do-Jin is Mi-Ja’s son, she changes her mind and tells Seung-Hye that she forbids Seung-Hye from seeing Do-Jin again. She also tells Do-Jin that their family can never be connected with Mi-Ja so Do-Jin can no longer even sell Soon-Im’s teas.


Dong-Goo tells Joon-Bae about Sun-Sook giving Beom-Seok free toast, which surprised Joon-Bae since Sun-Sook is usually extremely cheap…


This naturally transitions into Yunho preparing thetoast for Beom-Seok to try. Yunho tells Beom-Seok that Beom-Seok has to try it so that Yunho can tell the preparer Beom-Seok’s reaction as Yunho plans to be ar regular at the restuarant. After the first bite, Yunho tells Beom-Seok that he will tell the preparer that Beom-Seok thought the toast was delicious and texts Sun-Sook the same.


Early next morning, Seung-Hye leaves the room during early dawn to avoid seeing her mother. However, she finds Dong-Sook waiting for her outside the doors. Dong-Sook brings her daughter back in to the courtyard where Soon-Im pulls Dong-Sook aside for a favor and lets Seung-Hye go off to work.


Dae-Shil also runs out at that time to avoid seeing Dae-Ho. Seeing the other two women, Dae-Shil explains that she’s going to run after Seung-Hye but runs into Dae-Ho outside the door as well. Dae-Ho explains that he went for a morning walk and brings Dae-Shil back inside.

Seung-Hye gets in early and decides to do her morning calls. Yet, before she sits down to do her morning calls, Do-Jin asks her to join him for a short morning date and breakfast.


Back at home, Dae-Ho asks Dae-Shil if he can trust her and she confirms. Dae-Ho agrees to trust her. Feeling guilty, Dae-Shil runs out and Dong-Sook asks Dae-Ho if she saw him the other day. He denies it and runs off to Joon-Bae’s restaurant.

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Seung-Hye and Do-Jin appear to enjoy a date in Insa-dong. They try some traditional Korean candy and Do-Jin takes a candid picture of her. When she asks to erase it, he refuses but offers to take a picture for her. Seung-Hye declines and they walk off happily.

On their walk, they see a store with traditional clothes and Seung-Hye pauses to comment that the outfit would look great on her grandmother. Do-Jin pauses before they go inside to buy it for Soon-Im.

The teasing date goes on as Do-Jin pauses at a cart to look at bows. He looks it on her head and Seung-Hye picks out a different color as being more flattering. Do-Jin tells her that she’s counting her chickens since he was looking for a gift for her mother instead.


Seung-Hye does not answer in embarrassment and Do-Jin picks out a giraffe ear headband for Seung-Hye.

When the two arrive back at the cafe, Do-Jin asks Seung-Hye to bring a dessert that he made the night before from Kyung-Tae’s house. In the interim, he has some other plans.


Seung-Hye goes to Kyung-Tae’s to oblige but Dae-Shil is with Kyung-Tae. Hearing the doorbell and seeing Seung-Hye on the intercom, Dae-Shil hides in the room.

Kyung-Tae tells Seung-Hye that he will bring the dessert to the door but Seung-Hye sees Dae-Shil’s shoes and walks in to look for her aunt. Once inside, she also sees Dae-Shil’s purse on the couch and Kyung-Tae reluctantly calls Dae-Shil out.


Do-Jin’s plan had been to accompany Soon-Im to the hospital for her regular check-up. Soon-Im smiles widely and thinks that Do-Jin would be a great grand-son-in-law. She then asks Do-Jin if his family has already picked out a fiancee for him.

Do-Jin answers that his mother would like to see him married to a girl that his his friend because of her background. He adds that he is more interested in Soon-Im’s granddaughter instead. This reassures Soon-Im.

At the same time, Mi-Ja is back to her schemes. She plans to call Do-Jin to the hospital with the excuse that she’s hospitalized so that Do-Jin can meet the hospital director. As Do-Jin accompanies Soon-Im at the end of her check-up, Sang-Man calls Do-Jin.

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Do-Jin tells Sang-Man that he’s out on business and cannot stop by. Overhearing the conversation, Soon-Im asks if something is wrong with his mother. Do-Jin answers that his mother pretends that she’s sick when she wants to see him. However, since he saw her the other day, he does not have to go today.

Mi-Ja is fuming about Do-Jin’s refusal to come to the hospital when she spots Soon-Im. Within a few seconds, she hears and sees Do-Jin running after Soon-Im. Gritting her teeth, she stalks over to greet Soon-Im and introduce Do-Jin to Soon-Im as her son.


When Soon-Im hears this, she walks off without another word. Sang-Man stops Do-Jin from running after Soon-Im and they all wait for the elevator together. Luckily Kyung-Tae runs into them and with a few winks form Do-Jin, Kyung-Tae distracts Sang-Man by saying that Sang-Man has a nosebleed.

This buys Do-Jin a couple of second and Do-Jin dashes off. Kyung-Tae apologizes to Mi-Ja and then offers to go in Do-Jin’s stead to meet the hospital director since he’s also like a son to Mi-Ja.

Seung-Ah finds Soon-Im leaning against the doorframe at her house. Soon-Im tells her to run and get Seung-Hye immediately!

Mi-Ja does not accept Kyung-Tae’s offer so he is able to leave on time. He calls Dae-Shil to tell her that he will be visiting her house today to officially introduce himself to her mother.


Sun-Sook overhears the call and notes her approval as EQ had told her that he wants to make a kid before they get married. In contrast, she heard from Joon-Bae that Kyung-Tae announced that if you love a woman, you should protect her. Sun-Sook sighs that Kyung-Tae has the right perspective on life while Sun-Sook looks uneasy.

Seung-Hye hears that her grandmother is asking for her and tells the other employee that she is going to step out for a second. (This girl is definitely treating this job as if she owns the cafe instead…)


Seung-Hye rushes home to find Soon-Im in a complete mood. Seung-Ah takes out the box that Seung-Hye had bought and exclaims how pretty the outfit is. Seung-Hye explains that Do-Jin bought it for Soon-Im.

Soon-Im does not comment on the present and gets to her point. She tells Seung-Hye to stop seeing Do-Jin and stop going to his cafe. She asks Seung-Hye if she knew that Do-Jin was Mi-Ja’s son.

When Seung-Hye confirms, she tells Seung-Hye that she really needs to stop unless she wants to see her grandmother dead. With that Soon-Im gets up to go to her room.

Do-Jin arrives just at that point as well.

Outside the house, Dae-Shil waits for Kyung-Tae. After he arrives, she warns him that her mother’s nickname is “Dong Rak Dang’s Tiger” so he should be prepared by how scary she is.


Inside the house, Soon-Im tells Do-Jin to leave immediately. She also tells Do-Jin that Seung-Hye is no longer allowed to see him or work at his cafe…She also adds that she will not let his cafe sell her teas anymore.

Do-Jin tries to ask why Soon-Im is acting in his manner. Soon-Im answers that her family has a bad relationship with Mi-Ja and she would never want her family to get involved with Mi-Ja.

Dae-Shil and Kyung-Tae arrive at the end of this and Kyung-Tae runs out.


The two boys go home together where Kyung-Tae asks what happened. Do-Jin sighs that he also has no idea what is going on and makes a call instead.


As for Mi-Ja, she worries to Se-Ryung that the hospital director might get mad that they keep cancelling their appointments with him. Se-Ryung reassures her that this will only perk his interest.

Mi-Ja gets reassured and then suggests that Se-Ryung and Do-Jin go on a trip instead.


Unfortunately, Yunho did not show up much in this episode. However, the writer made up for it by kicking the plot into express mode with the revealation to Soon-Im that Do-Jin is Mi-Ja’s son. It was about time that Soon-Im found out since everyone else knows.


One thing that I would love to see developed more is Seung-Hye and Do-Jin’s relationship if this is hte relationship that will survive. I understand that Seung-Hye has developed feelings for Do-Jin and vice versa. However, I don’t think I am convicned that these feelings as they stand are enough for her to go against all of her family members wishes. At this point, he has barely expressed his interest to her and they have gone on one date. We could also give them the benefit of the doubt that they worked together for around 6 months. Even adding all of that into the pile, would a two month semi-relationship be deep and passionate enough that one would stick to the relationship due to or despite of disapproval from loved ones?


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