Love on a Rooftop – E54

Mi-Ja provides another poisioned apple of a choice in front of Do-Jin. She will approve of Seung-Hye if Do-Jin can get Soon-Im’s approval and returns back to the hospital. What will he do?


Seung-Hye tells Do-Jin that she will not be able to go to the cafe until things calm down a bit. Then she turns to ask Dae-Shil if she knows what the problem is.


Dae-Shil sighs that she understands her mother’s feelings. She also tells Seung-Hye about how Mi-Ja and Mi-Ja’s mother used to live in Dong Rak Dang. Soon-Im had taken pity on Mi-Ja’s family and let them stay there. However, Dae-Shil stops before telling Seung-Hye what happened to cause the fall out.

Instead, Dae-Shil asks if Seung-Hye has already fallen for Do-Jin. Seung-Hye pauses before answering and Dae-Shil advises that Seung-Hye stops now and stays as mere colleagues.

Seung-Ah massages her grandmother and asks her to let Seung-Hye date Do-Jin so that she can have Yunho. Soon-Im does not indulge her and just dismisses her.


Sang-Man reports to Mi-Ja about what happened at Dong Rak Dang to her happiness. He also tells her that he has a plan to get Do-Jin kicked out of his cafe. Mi-Ja tells him without smiling that he better succeed this time or be prepared to give up his job.


Dong-Sook stops by Sun-Sook’s restaurant, where Sun-Sook has completely changed her outfit with an unflattering dress and cheap looking accessories. Additionally, why is she wearing neon pink lipstick when she would look better with a reddish or orange shade?

Dong-Sook sighs that they got a reverse mortgage without telling Soon-Im to pay Mi-Ja back. Sun-Sook tells Dong-Sook not to let Dae-Ho meet Mi-Ja alone. True words.


When Soon-Im cannot sleep, she gets up. Seung-Hye comes in with some porridge for her grandmother but Soon-Im does not have an appetite. Seung-Hye insists and Soon-Im takes a bite. Looking up, she tells her granddaughter that she knows Seung-Hye has a lot of questions. However, all Soon-Im tells Seung-Hye is that certain things cannot be.

Seung-Hye tells Soon-Im that she heard about Mi-Ja living in the house before. Soon-Im sighs that she was so betrayed in the past and cannot believe that they had to meet again.


Do-Jin also asks his mother why Soon-Im is so against the relationship. Mi-Ja snaps that she has no idea and Do-Jin should be focusing on the hospital instead of wasting time on Seung-Hye.

When Do-Jin tells Mi-Ja that she should just give Seung-Hye a chance, Mi-Ja agrees. She tells him that she will give Seung-Hye a chance if he gives up his cafe and returns to the hospital.

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Seung-Hye walks listlessly in the neighborhood, remembering all of her memories with Do-Jin…(Note, not that many are romantic…) As she arrives at an intersection, she gets a call from Do-Jin and looks up to see Do-Jin across the street who is also walking around listlessly thinking about his own memories of Seung-Hye. The two stare at each other admist some dramatic background music.


At Beom-Seok’s place, Yunho tells Beom-Seok that he cannot give up on Seung-Hye. Beom-Seok sighs that he had brought Yunho back into Korea so that Yunho would get together with Se-Ryung. Yunho smiles that Se-Ryung’s partner is someone else, but he will do his best as Beom-Seok’s son.

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Se-Ryung calls Seung-Ah to get some intel about the inner workings at Dong Rak Dang. Seung-Ah lies and tells her that she does not know of anything. Before Se-Ryung hangs up, Seung-Ah also asks about Se-Ryung’s promise to hire Seung-Ah as a model. Se-Ryung tells Seung-Ah to come in to the office the next day.

Seung-Ah happily does some model walking before barging into Seung-Jae’s room. She tells Seung-Jae excitedly that she is going to help bring their family up. Since she does not really make much sense, Seung-Jae dismisses her so that he can study.


Seung-Hye and Do-Jin have a heart to heart. Do-Jin tells her that she does not have to worry and can stay at home, where she focuses on creating new menu items. He promises that he will continue to work hard to visit Soon-Im and get her approval.


At the same time, Dong-Sook and Dae-Ho pay Mi-Ja back. Dong-Sook rips up the contract and notes that she wants to thank Mi-Ja for the money; however, the interest was so high that she cannot. She snipes that this must be how Mi-Ja got rich.

Mi-Ja smiles that they really did not have to pay her back.

Dong-Sook asks how Mi-Ja can change her minds so easily.

Mi-Ja responds that she heard that Soon-Im heard that Do-Jin was her son and kicked him out of Dong Rak Dang. As a result, she began to have thankful feelings toward Soon-Im again.

Dae-Ho tells Dong-Sook that they should leave and both get up. Mi-Ja stops Dae-Ho and states that she still has something to say. Turning to his wife, Dae-Ho tells Dong-Sook to go on ahead.

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On their way back, romantic music blasts about love as Do-Jin promises to Seung-Hye that he will never let her go. He hugs her and she hugs him back.

Dong-Sook sees them hugging in the street and calls out for her daughter. The two separate quickly and Dong-Sook yells at both of the children. She yells how Do-Jin could have ignored her words. Then she tells Seung-Hye off for ignoring her wishes.

Do-Jin tries to note that it was not Seung-Hye’s fault and Dong-Sook agrees. She yells at Do-Jin that Seung-Hye used to be such a good child until Do-Jin came along. She takes Seung-Hye but Do-Jin stops them by apologizing. He tells her that he is willing to do anything but stop seeing Seung-Hye.

Dong-Sook yells at Seung-Hye that she can decide to come home or not.

Seung-Hye does run after her mother who yells at her daughter as soon as they are in the courtyard for hugging Do-Jin in the neighborhood. Soon-Im overhears and runs out to ask what is going on…


Back at Mi-Ja’s office, she shows Dae-Ho her mother’s ashes and asks that her mother’s ashes get buried at Dong Rak Dang.

Inside Soon-Im’s room, she tells Dong-Sook about Mi-Ja but not all of the truth. Hearing this, Dong-Sook tells Soon-Im that she totally understands Soon-Im’s reaction now. She grumbles that Mi-Ja only sees Seung-Hye as a gold-digger because she herself was a gold-digger. She reassures Soon-Im that she would never let Seung-Hye be with Do-Jin.

Dae-Ho tells Mi-Ja that he will need to discuss with the others before being able to promise anything. Mi-Ja responds that he is cowardly and pathetic. She adds that since her mother died because of what Dae-Ho did, he needs to keep the promise that he gave Mi-Ja when he first told her about the painting.


Dong-Sook stays by Soon-Im’s side as she gets ready for bed. Soon-Im asks Dong-Sook to keep this a secret from Dae-Ho since she does not realize that Dae-Ho met Mi-Ja…Dong-Sook just agrees quietly.


On his way back, Dae-Ho sees Do-Jin sitting on the street. Dae-Ho starts to walk off when Do-Jin asks if Dae-Ho would give him a couple of minutes. He asks Dae-Ho about why Soon-Im would hate him so much after finding out about Mi-Ja being his mother. He asks Dae-Ho about the reason.

Dae-Ho tells Do-Jin that he should ask his own mother…When Do-Jin responds that Mi-Ja has not answered him, Dae-Ho tells Do-Jin that he cannot tell Do-Jin if his mother refused to tell him. He leaves first.


So, I have always harped through my recaps that the parents should just get a reverse mortgage on the house. However, I did not mean for them to get it reversed mortgaged without telling Soon-Im. Even if she had changed the name on the title, she still lives in that house and since neither Dae-Ho or Dong-Sook are employed, there is a high risk that they might lose the house. This should have been a joint decision and all of the adults should have agreed to pitch in toward paying back the reverge mortgage. At the rate that this is going, Soon-Im is going to have a heart attack when she finds out that they lost the house…

What is going to happen to Do-Jin’s cafe? This kid has not shown us that he is a marketing genius or a business genius. He barely got some traction because he was selling this amazing traditional tea from Soon-Im and Seung-Hye developed a blended tea. Without Seung-Hye or Soon-Im’s teas, I don’t have confidence that this cafe will not crash and burn.

Continuing my rant, what was up with the hug scene and the overly dramatic background music? It is almost as if these two had been dating for at least half a year? A year? How long must one date before you get so passionately involved that it would feel like the end of the world to be told that you must be broken up? Is one month of working together really enough to be more than a light crush?

What makes it worse is that this does not follow Seung-Hye’s character. Up until now, she had been so cautious about her family and getting approval. Here, she is given the choice of her family’s approval or continuing a relationship with a man whom she met 6 weeks ago. Yet, she does not even try to break off the relationship, which has been in place for two episodes? 1 week?

As much as I hate Mi-Ja, I was glad that she told Dae-Ho that he’s pathetic, cowardly and irresponsible. He truly does not make any decisions by himself if he has to “discuss” with the other people about whether or not they can bury Mi-Ja’s mother’s ashes in Dong Rak Dang. To make things right, he needs to take responsibility for Mi-Ja’s son whether he be alive or dead.


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