Love on a Rooftop – E55

People fall across the lines that are drawn as the adults of Dong Rak Dang try their best to set up Seung-Hye with Yunho. However, Seung-Hye has a true supporter in her little sister who manages to defend against all of the adult’s machinations skillfully so that she can protect her own chance with Yunho.



Seung-Hye confers with her best friend in the family, Dae-Shil, about the two boys. Dae-Shil cannot help herself from comparing how Kyung-Tae acted so cowardly in comparison to Do-Jin. (If only Dae-Shil knew about Yunho’s actions *sigh*). Dae-Shil confesses that she did something that she regrets before throwing herself on the bed in embarrassment.


At Kyung-Tae’s apartment, the two boys also discuss the same thing. Do-Jin tells his friend that he finally found someone that he can never let go. Kyung-Tae voices my own scorn that Do-Jin should just write poetry instead. He turns to the practical concerns of what would be the reason that the grandmother is so against their union. Like a true drama fan, he wonders if it involves a sabotaged and failed company or even hidden sibling relationship.

However, Kyung-Tae realizes belatedly that at least Do-Jin’s dedication toward the woman he loves is something he should emulate and runs into his room to change so that he can meet up with Dae-Shil. Yet, he took too long to get to this conclusion and Dae-Shil texts him that she never wants to see him again.


The next morning, Seung-Ah calls Yunho and also sends him a selfie. Yunho tells her that he finds the picture a bit burdensome and asks about Seung-Hye. Seung-Ah tells him that Seung-Hye is doing well with Do-Jin. After he hears this, Yunho excuses himself to get dressed.

Hearing that he’s getting dressed, Seung-Ah remembers Yunho’s chocolate abs and decides that she will never lose Yunho to her sister.


At the same time, Dong-Sook asks what Mi-Ja had to say that she needed to say to him separately. Dae-Ho is about to answer when Soon-Im calls for her son and Dae-Ho runs out.


Soon-Im tells Dae-Ho to go on a vacation with Seung-Hye so that Seung-Hye can forget about Do-Jin. Dae-Ho thinks to himself this must be the reason why Soon-Im kicked Mi-Ja out, so that he would get over her when he does not see her for a while. Dae-Ho answers Soon-Im that he is not sure that being a parent gives him the right to interfere with his children’s love lives… Soon-Im tells him to follow her intent and he leaves.


While Soon-Im attacks the situation directly, Mi-Ja works her machinations from behind the scenes. She tells Sang-Man that she is going to back off taking over Dong Rak Dang while Do-Jin continues to say that he’s in love with Seung-Hye. Rather, he is going to wait on how Dae-Ho responds to her request to bury her mother’s ashes at Dong Rak Dang.


At Se-Ryung’s office, Seung-Ah introduces her brother to Se-Ryung. She explains that she brought her brother as her attorney as there are so many scams out there. She adds that he’s going to a judge in the future. Seung-Jae barks at Seung-Ah for being so rude and explains that he’s not actually an attorney yet.

Se-Ryung takes it professionally and smiles that she would be happy for him to review the contract. Seung-Ah surprises her brother by continuing to ask that he makes sure to check the contract amount, the term, and also the liquidation penalty. Our little brat did her research!


Yunho has not given up either. He asks Beom-Seok if he can tell the person who sent the toast that Beom-Seok enjoyed the toast and is sending her a bouquet of flowers in gratitude. Beom-Seok agrees but asks who the woman is that Yunho has to even sell Beom-Seok to get into her good graces. Yunho agrees to tell him later and dances away.


Yunho gives the flowers to Sun-Sook who takes it happily and asks him to sit down as she prepares another toast. Before Yunho sits down, he notices the hand drip set that he gifted to Seung-Hye. Sun-Sook tells him that Seung-Hye brought it over when she had been obsessed about becoming a barista but has not come back to retrieve it.

Yunho muses that he was the one who gave it to Seung-Hye and Sun-Sook offers to call Seung-Hye over.


Seung-Jae asks what has happened to Seung-Ah as the contract was a modeling contract. Seung-Ah tells her brother that Se-Ryung recognized her talent so she’s going to model and make some stable money. She then asks her brother what he thought of Se-Ryung as she would be a great catch…

When Seung-Jae tells her that he needs to focus on studying, Seung-Ah notes how Seung-Jae should reconsider it for their family before leaving.

Dong-Sook gets the call from Sun-Sook and happily tells Seung-Hye to bring some spicy paste to Sun-Sook’s place. Before Seung-Hye walks off, she also tells her daughter to put on some makeup.


Not more than a couple of minutes after Seung-Hye leaves, Seung-Ah comes in to ask why her mother is so happy. Dong-Sook tells her that she was able to send Seung-Hye to Sun-Sook’s restaurant because Yunho is there.

Hearing this, Seung-Ah screams at her mother for doing this since she is the one who will end up with Yunho.


Yunho asks Seung-Hye how she is doing on her preparation for the barista test. Seung-Hye sighs that she is doing okay, which Yunho translates to her not really preparing. He asks her if it is because of Do-Jin.

Seung-Hye pauses before answering and Seung-Ah runs in. She tells Yunho that it is because of Do-Jin and sits down next to Yunho. She then loudly tells Yunho that he should stop bothering Seung-Hye who already has a boyfriend.

Sun-Sook interrupts as well to tell Seung-Ah to stay out of this as Seung-Hye will need to break up with Do-Jin. Not to beat around the bush, she notes that Seung-Hye might as well get closer to Yunho since he seems interested.

Yunho agrees that he is interested in Seung-Hye to Sun-Sook’s happiness.

Seung-Hye, thought, tells Yunho that she does not want to give up before the relationship has even had a chance to get started. To Seung-Ah’s relief, Do-Jin enters the cafe and asks Seung-Hye to accompany him in visiting her grandmother.

Seung-Ah smiles and tells everyone that she was the one that called Do-Jin over.


Meanwhile, Kyung-Tae arrives at Dong Rak Dang first and waits for Dae-Shil. Dae-Shil comes out and hands over Kyung-Tae’s gift. She tells him that she no longer wants to see him again. However, Kyung-Tae asks Dae-Shil to meet him to speak for a little bit.

At Joon-Bae’s restaurant, they sit and Kyung-Tae apologizes for his earlier behavior. He tries to explain that he had no idea how scary Dae-Shil’s mother was. He even notes that he thought Do-Jin’s mother was the scariest woman in the world until he met Soon-Im; he thinks that Soon-Im makes Mi-Ja look like a shy cat.

Dae-Shil bristles that Mi-Ja is the farthest thing from a shy cat and more like a total fox. With that declaration, she stalks out.

Do-Jin and Seung-Hye arrive at Dong Rak Dang but Seung-Hye gets a call from Mi-Ja who asks to meet. Turning to Do-Jin she tells Do-Jin that they will have to push meeting her grandmother to another day as something has come up. Do-Jin tells her that he can meet her grandmother without him but Seung-Jae arrives.


As for Mi-Ja she meets with Dae-Ho who apologizes for what happened in the past. However, he tells her that he does not think that they can bury Mi-Ja’s mother’s ashes at Dong Rak Dang.

Mi-Ja gets up while noting that he is better than his mother…which is why she had loved him in the past. However, she angrily yells that she does not want to hear his apologies since from the past all he could do is apologize but not act. As she yells, she falters and grabs on to the desk for support.

Seeing Mi-Ja totter, Dae-Ho gets up to steady her and Seung-Hye walks in at this moment to see the suspicious scene. Mi-Ja explains to Dae-Ho that she had planned to meet with Seung-Hye and asks if he wants to join their meeting out of fear that Mi-Ja would take out her revenge on his daughter. Yup, I think you put your finger right one the issue.

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At the same time, Do-Jin kneels outside of Soon-Im’s room and confesses that he cannot give up on Seung-Hye. He also tries to explain how important his mother is to him because she raised him as a single mother and had to deal with all of life’s hardships alone. As a result, he loves his mother and hates his father who abandoned him.


Back at Mi-Ja’s restaurant, Mi-Ja tells Seung-Hye that Do-Jin used to be the best son. He would never go against her wishes. She notes that if Do-Jin had not met Seung-Hye, he would have given up on the cafe and returned to being a doctor sooner.

Dae-Ho waits anxiously for the end of the meeting. When Sang-Man comes in, he smiles that the meeting should end soon and Dae-Ho should not worry about Mi-Ja throwing water on Seung-Hye or anything since she would not do that to Dae-Ho’s daughter. For some reason, this makes Dae-Ho choke on his water.


At Dong Rak Dang, Do-Jin kneels in front of Soon-Im who tells him to tell her what he wants quickly as she only allowed Do-Jin to come into her room because Seung-Jae begged her to. Do-Jin begins that he learned happiness due to Seung-Hye and cannot imagine living without her.

Soon-Im cuts him off and tells him to leave as there are some things that cannot be in life. She tells Seung-Jae to show Do-Jin out.

Seung-Jae pauses and Soon-Im gets up. She tells the two that if Do-Jin does not want to leave, she will leave and stalks out with Do-Jin following.


Mi-Ja also gives her ultimatum. She tells Seung-Hye that if she really loves Do-Jin she will help him return to the hospital. When Seung-Hye does not agree immediately, Mi-Ja tells her that she does not truly love Do-Jin.

Seung-Hye responds that even if she had a child, she would try to understand her child’s wishes. However, Mi-Ja just snaps that Seung-Hye can have a child and see what happens…She does add that the child should be with some other man as it will not be with Do-Jin.


“Why do you have to look good to this person to the point that you have to sell me?”

OMG Beom-Seok’s words made me laugh so hard because it’s true. There’s no rules in love and war for certain people … and Yunho is definitely one of those people. I love how hard he’s trying to impress every member of Seung-Hye’s family. He definitely seems like a person who would try his best for the woman he loves including the people around her.

Seung-Ah’s failed machinations is THE BEST. HAHAHAHAHA. I have not laughed so much from a Love on the Rooftop episode until this episode. She’s such a young kid but she’s definitely more like her grandmother than I gave her credit for. She had purposefully taken her brother to meet with Se-Ryung and bragged about him, not to make Se-Ryung cautious about ripping her off as I had originally assumed. Rather, it was all part of her plan to set up her brother with Se-Ryung because of Se-Ryung’s background. ^^

Additionally, who knew that Seung-Ah would be Seung-Hye’s best wing woman? Of course, it is because she wants Yunho so bad but still… I would totally support the Seung-Ah/Yunho connection except I hope that Seung-Ah makes something out of herself before they get connected. After all, right now, Yunho is too much of a catch for Seung-Ah. All Seung-Ah does is prep herself and shop. She needs to have accomplished something or be pursuing some kind of passion for me to accept her as Yunho’s partner >.<

Returning to the actual underlying larger plot line, the writer hammered us on the head with Do-Jin’s confession about how he was raised by a single mother and, as a result, became jealous of Seung-Hye for having a father. The placement of Do-Jin kneeling outside the room while Seung-Jae sat comfortably inside with Soon-Im was completely ironic. The traditionalist Soon-Im was sitting with her adopted grandson while her own bloodline sat outside confessing how much he missed his father. Even if Soon-Im hates Mi-Ja, I can actually see her wavering about whether or not she should just accept Do-Jin into the family so that Dae-Ho’s actual bloodline would inherit the family.

On a random final thought, this was a nice twist to the normal daily drama plots where it’s actually the girl who is adopted. Therefore, the future mother-in-law hates her until she realizes that the girl is actually her own bloodline or the bloodline of a really rich family.


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