Make a Woman Cry – E13

Kyung-Tae dumps Hyojung because she tells him to stop playing Hyunseo.  This leaves Hyojung in a vulnerable state so she reaches out to the only support that she has – Hyunseo.  Meanwhile, Jinwoo tells Deok-In again how much he loves her and is willing to support her.  When Kyung-Cheol verbally harasses her again, Deok-In finds that her heart has moved on.


screenshot_2015-06-29-00-38-54-resized-640Eunseo quietly brings her son food.  When she comes into the room, Hyunseo has his eyes closed and the last meal sits untouched.

She yells at him to get up because she knows he’s not asleep. When he does not move, she asks if he wants to die for a girl.

Hyunseo answers that he does not have an appetite and all he wants to do is sleep.

Eunseo orders that he gets up this instant and eat in front of her.

Slowly and reluctantly, Hyunseo gets up and takes a bite. Soon after the bite, he gags and runs toward the restroom.

Looking troubled, Eunseo gives up and brings the meal back down where Hong-Ran stands waiting at the foot of the stairs. She exclaims in concern that Hyunseo did not touch the food and follows Eunseo into the kitchen telling her to call Hyojung.

Eunseo does not turn around or reply and Hong-Ran snaps that she’s going to call Hyojung, muttering under her breath that Eunseo is too harsh against a sick kid.

At the restaurant, Deok-In in prepares the bean soup for the lunch menu but her thoughts are on the morning’s incident. The scene flashes back in her mind with Jinwoo telling Jinhee that he loves Deok-In.


At the Kang residence, Hyojung arrives and tells Eunseo off for not calling the hospital sooner.  She quickly walks upstairs and yells at Hyunseo for not eating during this important time.

Hyunseo asks about Hyojung’s “brother”  who asked to meet but Hyunseo could not go out because he was feeling weak.

Hyojung snaps back that her brother is not important right now. She asks if Hyunseo even thought about how this would make her feel.

Next thing we know, Hyojung is downstairs telling Eunseo that Hyunseo agreed to eat. Eunseo prepares porridge again and goes up to check on her son.

From the doorway, like an outsider, she watches as Hyojung spoonfeeds Hyunseo who takes every bite.

Feeling suffocated,  she goes outside to brood. Hong-Ran comes out smiling and asks how Eunseo is feeling. She tells Eunseo that Eunseo should just give up and accept Hyojung.

As Hong-Ran gloats about winning this round, Hyojung comes out to tell the adults that she is leaving and Hyunseo agreed to eat again three hours later.

Hong-Ran thanks her for saving Hyunseo and comments that she looks cute.

Hyojung turns to leave and Hong-Ran laughs that Eunseo’s expression is utterly dramatic; she completely looks like the widowed mother-in-law who hates her daughter-in-law.

In front of the school, Jinwoo pauses for a minute before walking into Deok-In’s restaurant. He notes loudly that noodles are perfect for the day as he takes a seat.

screenshot_2015-06-29-00-40-10-resized-640 screenshot_2015-06-29-00-40-24-resized-640

Deok-In turns around and thanks him for earlier that day. She confesses that she felt better after he did what he did.

Jinwoo asks if she is afraid to say the word “love.” (Note- because she just vaguely said thanks for saying such things this morning.)

All, heck, I’ll do a short transcription:

DI – Thank you for saying the things this morning.

JW –  For what?

DI –  Thanks to you, I got to vent a little and also save my pride.

JW –  Do you want to avoid it?

DI – What?

JW – Why? Can you not say “love?”

DI –  Do you really love me? You can’t.

JW –  Why would you think that?

DI –  It is weird. A person like you loving a woman like me.

JW –  Never say the words, “a woman like me”  in front if me again. I will get mad.

DI –  Do you pity me?

JW –  You are afraid aren’t you?

DI –  I never heard those words from my husband…

JW – Forget your husband. I also don’t know how to say that I love someone… Even though I have been married before, I never kept them in my heart.

DI –  So did you not mean what you said lightly?

JW –  No, no matter how I think about it. This is love.

Deok-In turns to pouring the soup in embarrassment. Jinwoo tells her that she does not have to be afraid.

They end up going for a walk where Jinwoo tells her to think about it easily.

Deok-In tells him that she’s still married. Jinwoo answers that she should forget everything about her husband now. She should not get hurt because of her husband and should forget the scars she received because of him.

Deok-In’s steps slow until she stops. Jinwoo tells her that he won’t make her feel uncomfortable. She can just accept his feelings comfortably as they are at an age where they can do it.

Deok-In turns to look at the ground. Jinwoo does not take his eyes off of her and tentatively grabs her hand.

Deok-In looks at him letting him hold her hand. After less than a minute, she takes her hand away and begins to walk.

Jinwoo catches up to her and asks her why she won’t let him hold her hand. She responds that she’s embarrassed because she showed him everything.

Jinwoo laughs at first but gets serious when he realizes that Deok-In is being sincere. He stops Deok-In and tells her that she has nothing to be embarrassed about in front of her.  Instead, he tells her to never hurt again.


Deok-In returns to her restaurant but her head is in the air.  She forgets what she’s cooking and let’s it burn to her regulars’ surprise.

They even comment that her cheeks are red and wonder if she is going through menopause. Deok-In tells them to hurry up and eat but then belatedly realizes that she never gave them food hahahha!

As she gets them food, Kyushik laughs that Deok-In looks like someone in a crush. Deok-In overhears this and mutters that the kid is extremely perceptive sometimes.

Back at home, Kyung-Cheol comes home and asks about Deok-In. Bok-Rye anxiously about if he came to get his divorce papers signed and he denies it. Instead, he asks for dinner.

At the Kang residence, Jin-Myung sighs in relief that Hyunseo has started eating again. Hong-Ran smirks that her son has become the heir again.  Ignoring Jin-Myung’s silence, she goats that Eunseo had threatened to make her apologize every week and ended up like this when she had a son who could not live like a human.

At these words, Jin-Myung sternly tells her never to say those words in front of Eunseo. Hong-Ran ignores him as well and asks to go on a trip to the Maldives.

At the same time, Deok-In comes home and all of the younger siblings jump up like they are guilty of something because Kyung-Cheol is eating at home.  She does not make a scene and just continues to eat and wash the dishes.

Bok-Rye comes into the kitchen and tells her to bring fruit to her husband.  Deok-In tries to get out of it but Bok-Rye does not take a “no”  for an answer.

screenshot_2015-06-29-00-41-50-resized-640 screenshot_2015-06-29-00-42-02-resized-640

So Deok-In carries fruit in to Kyung-Cheol and hears him lie to Jinhee that he’s at a work dinner.  She stays silent.  Within a few minutes, Kyung-Soo runs in calling Kyung-Cheol familiarly.

Jinhee overhears and gets angry but it’s too late.

After the call, Kyung-Cheol tells Deok-In not to serve food to Jinwoo. He continues his verbal abuse by accusing her of losing all reason just because a man has shown some interest and even blames it on her poor upbringing.


Deok-In takes this silently. Then when he pauses, she apologizes to him that no matter what he says, she does not feel hurt. She wonders out loud why she used to be ripped apart by his words but now she does not feel a thing.

Kyung-Cheol stares at her in disbelief and wonders if she is really in love.

Deok-In tells him that Jinwoo told her not to be hurt again by her husband’s words.  Getting up, she tells Kyung-Cheol that he can come back when he wants his divorce papers signed and leaves.

screenshot_2015-06-29-00-42-42-resized-640 screenshot_2015-06-29-00-42-52-resized-640

Jin-Myung finds Eunseo staring off in the garden and starts a conversation. Eunseo tells him about her worries about Hyunseo.  Jin-Myung replies that Hyunseo seems to like Hyojung a lot… He suggests that Eunseo trust Hyunseo’s judgment.

Eunseo stands up and angrily tells Jin-Myung that Hyojung is fake.  Hyojung is the type of girl that will seduce a man with her smiles and ruin his life. With that outburst, she leaves first.


She heads over to Hyunseo’s room to find him updating Hyojung on his condition. After he hangs up, she yells at him that she will never accept Hyojung and it’s not jealousy. She tells him to see any other girl rather than Hyojung.

Jin-Myung tells Hong-Ran that he wants to postpone their trip because Hyunseo and Eunseo are having a difficult time.


Hong-Ran asks how their vacation plans need to be scheduled around Eunseo’s emotional well-being. Jin-Myung answers that he did not want to go on a trip anyways and adds that even if they went, he would want to get separate rooms.

Hong-Ran looks up at shock losing her words.

Jin-Myung continues that they are not young or in their honeymoon phase. They can’t go from fighting to being intimate just because the setting changed. He sits down and declares that he’s going to sleep in the study again.

Kyung-Soo shines again! When Kyung-Cheol asks for some alcohol, Deok-In  and Kyung-Soo prepare some late night snacks to go with the drinks.

Kyung-Soo tells her that she shouldn’t feel the pressure to make it perfect. Deok-In just smiles that Kyung-Cheol coming home has made Bok-Rye so much happier.

Kyung-Soo agrees as Kyung-Cheol had always been Bok-Rye’s favorite. He frowns that even Bok-Rye’s words that she trusts in Deok-In seems like a backhanded way of keeping Deok-In tied to their family. He explains that even though he’s not educated, he knows what goes on.

Kyung-Soo brings the drink to Kyung-Cheol who asks him to stay. Kyung-Soo offers to get Kyung-Tae but Kyung-Cheol insists.

As Kyung-Cheol drinks, Kyung-Soo asks why Kyung-Cheol is making a big deal out of this instead of letting Deok-In go.  Kyung-Cheol curses that if he let’s Deok-In go, he won’t be able to get his goal. He curses his fate of having to stay with Deok-In.

screenshot_2015-06-29-00-43-56-resized-640 screenshot_2015-06-29-00-43-32-resized-640

In contrast, Jinwoo sends Deok-In a supportive text and bids her good night. Deok-In sees it with a smile.

Bok-Rye comes out to find Deok-In still awake and they go in to cover him up. Afterwards, Bok-Rye invites Deok-In to sleep in her room if Deok-In feels weird sleeping in the same room as Kyung-Cheol. She reassures Deok-In that the time will come when this feels like nothing.

screenshot_2015-06-29-00-44-21-resized-640 screenshot_2015-06-29-00-44-27-resized-640

Jinhee has trouble falling asleep and calls Kyung-Cheol out the next day.  She demands to know where he slept. Kyung-Cheol confesses right away. He tells her that he’s not sure what he wants… He does not know if he just wants to  make sure that Deok-In cannot marry Jinwoo so that they can get married… Or if he is angrier because Deok-In is getting married to another man.  He decides that he cannot get divorced right now.

Jinhee asks how he could have strung her along this far if he was not sure about his divorce. Kyung-Cheol just repeats that he cannot divorce right now and Jinhee throws a cup of water in his face.


Deok-In tells Jinwoo about Kyung-Cheol staying at home as well.  He gets angry and asks if she would take Kyung-Cheol back.

Deok-In answers that she would never be able to accept her husband back in her heart.  However, she sighs that she cannot turn him away when her mother-in-law even tried to suicide to keep them together.

Jinwoo reminds her that she should live for her own happiness.

Deok-In responds that she is not used to just thinking about herself.

Jinwoo repeats that he can wait for her for ten years or more or let her go if she will be happy. However, he can’t let her go just because of Kyung-Cheol’s schemes.

They take the chat to the bench where Jinwoo asks her to trust in him if she does not know what to do.

screenshot_2015-06-29-00-45-27-resized-640 screenshot_2015-06-29-00-45-18-resized-640

Jinhee tells her older brother that it will take longer. Jin-Myung decides that this means that the wife does not want a divorce. He tells her that he no longer approves; instead, encouraging her to give up.

Jinhee basically throws a tantrum and tells him that she can’t stop… She can’t fall asleep at night because she so angry and humiliated.

Jin-Myung tries to tell her that what she is feeling isn’t love but obsession. Even though he tries, his words fall on deaf ears.


At the same time Kyung-Tae’s arrives at Hyunseo’s house with flowers for Eunseo. He greets her and then realizes that Hong-Ran is there as well. He immediately reverts to fan mode, gives her the flowers and asks for a picture feeding Hong-Ran’s ego.

When the two boys go upstairs, Hong-Ran comments that Hyojung’s family is adorable. She tells Eunseo to make some snacks for the kids.

Kyung-Tae comments that Eunseo is a bit scary and the two boys wonder what to do. Kyung-Tae answers that just looking at the palatial house is enough for him. Hyunseo notes the same thing that he has fun just watching Kyung-Tae…these two should just stay together forever.

The kids come down for food, which Kyung-Tae eats happily. Then Eunseo comes over and asks if Kyung-Tae is really not working.

Kyung-Tae awkwardly confirms but Hong-Ran comes to his rescue. She asks him to take over his road manager’s position. Hearing the opportunity, Kyung-Tae immediately agrees.

At dinner later that day, the father-in-law comments on Hyunseo’s absence and how hard it is to feed the poor boy. He then turns to Minseo and tells him to stop focusing on sports. Rather, he should start studying.


This request elicits mixed reactions. Hong-Ran lights up and agrees that you don’t need to be a genius to run a business; you just need to be able to manage smarter people well.  Meanwhile, Eunseo’s and Jin-Myung’s expression turn sour.

After the meal, the mother-in-law worries about whether Minseo could buckle down and study. The father-in-law tells her that Minseo has the ambition to study so it should work out and they don’t have another choice.

The mother-in-law sighs that she does not know how she will look at Eunseo in the face after… She knows that nothing is free in life and now it seems like they used Eunseo without ever paying her back. She repeats the Korean saying that a person who does not have luck in her husband does not have luck in her children. (What say you readers about this proverb? Many Koreans use it, especially the older generation. As a practical matter, it makes sense because it’s difficult for a mother to make enough to provide for her family alone. Honestly, it’s difficult for any single provider. Therefore, it could easily appear to the outside world that someone who has a wonderful supporter would have better luck with her children as the child’s success gets the benefit of financial support with all of its ancillary benefits. Of course, there are exceptions but not all children want to work their butts off to succeed in the face of adversity. Some are satisfied living comfortably in the way their parents or peers lived.  Meanwhile, if a child comes from a more financially comfortable background,  he or she will set his or her comfort standard at the level of the parents and the friends around. If all friends of the youth end up as white collared professionals, going to top investment banking firms, becoming engineers, doctors or lawyers… The youth assumes that is the path to success.  It is unfortunate but I believe that a privileged setting affects many choices in life.)


Worried about his first love, Jin-Myung finds Eunseo in the garden. Eunseo replies that she understands her father-in-law since it’s so hard to just feed Hyunseo…it makes sense to prepare a healthy heir. Yet, she notes that she cannot but feel sad and unsatisfied with life… Nothing is going the way she planned and she worries about the future.

Eunseo walks in to find Hong-Ran doing the dishes. Hong-Ran tells Eunseo that she knew Eunseo was traumatized when she left the dishes to daze off… She goats that you don’t have to inherit the company to be happy… Hyunseo can just marry a nice girl and live within his means. (It would be nice to know what means this refers to. The kid does not go to school or has the ability to do manual labor. Will they have a trust set aside? I don’t think this family is a multimillionaire family with trusts for their grandchildren. Coming from Eunseo’s perspective, it’s difficult to jobs that would provide for Hyunseo in the long term unless he inherits the company, marries rich, or marries a girl who will have to work all her life to provide for the family…)

Eunseo snaps back if Hong-Ran has to be so cold… How could Hong-Ran say these words to a mother who is hurt because of her child.

Hong-Ran’s face freezes. She tells Eunseo that she had to suffer worse being stuck between her husband and Eunseo. She notes how she spent nights up unable to sleep because she was so unhappy. Finally, she reminds Eunseo that this is just the beginning.

Eunseo later finds Hong-Ran in the living room and asks about Hong-Ran’s words the other night about Eunseo not knowing who made life this difficult for her. Hong-Ran tries to brush it off and leaves.


In a different part of the city, Deok-In’s mother mutters about customers who are staying until closing time. She brings the dirty dishes to the kitchen but runs into a drunk customer on her way.  The dishes fall all over his clothes and the customer freaks out.

The restaurant owner quickly runs out to give him the dry cleaning fees. After they close up, he tells her that he took the dry cleaning money from her pay and she does not need to come back until he calls to let her know they need people.

So Deok-In’s mother goes and spends all of her money on drinks at a karaoke room. Her friend leaves early and Deok-In’s mother heads over to an outdoor bar to continue to drink.

As she drinks her frustrations away, a random middle aged pervert offers to pour her a drink. Deok-In’s mother agrees if he pays for the drinks. He pours but can’t keep his wandering eyes on her face. When she asks about it, he tells her that he assumed she meant to show it off since she’s dressing that way… (What the arsehat? The lady is fully clothed! What does he think he’s seeing… Invisible clothes?)

Deok-In’s mother tells him that she has another person she wants to show it to… And throws the poured drink in his face. She gets up to leave, telling him to pay for the tab.

The man stops her and pushes her to the ground cursing at her. After which, he leaves like the coward that he is.

Deok-In’s mother (Hasoon Park) wanders up to her home and finds a man in suit. He confirms her name before leaving.

The next day, the man reports his findings to Jin-Myung. The woman does not have any family and she had a child when she was 18. However, she could not raise the child and gave her up. Currently, she either works at a restaurant or helps with moving.


Jin-Myung must have called Jinwoo because he runs into Deok-In’s restaurant with the envelope of information. Deok-In looks at the pictures and freezes.

Jinwoo tells her to go see her mother immediately. However, Deok-In throws the papers aside and continues to cook instead. She works late into the night when she takes the envelope out again and opens it with careful hands.


She changes her mind and puts the papers back into he envelope. Turning to clean again, she pauses and takes the papers back out.  With that mind, she heads over to the restaurant where her mother works.

Standing outside, she peers inside to find the woman in the picture and just stares. Shaking, Deok-In’s hand reaches for the button that would open the door…she pauses before pressing it.


Hmmmm… Some interesting issues touched upon in this drama. It was not a feel good episode but rather one that left me feeling slightly anxious.  As it’s a late night, I’ll cut this short ^^ But, I can say that I look forward to the showdown between JW/DI and KC/JH!

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