Love on a Rooftop – E58

Sorry for the delay! >.< Seung-Hye tells her family that she cannot give up on Do-Jin while Dae-Shil and Kyung-Tae realize that they are parents of twins! At the same time, Mi-Ja tells Soon-Im that it’s Soon-Im’s responsibility to keep the children apart.


Do-Jin tells the shadow in Seung-Hye’s tent to sleep. Seung-Hye walks out and tells him that she’s so worried that she cannot sleep… Dae-Shil and Kyung-Tae should have come back by now…


Do-Jin tries calling but his phone dies. Seung-Hye tries her own phone to find that it’s completely dead as well. So they pack up and go to the hospital where a nurse tells them that Kyung-Tae had come by with someone but left.


As Do-Jin’s phone charges in his car, he gets a text from Kyung-Tae that states that he is going to his apartment with Dae-Shil. Do-Jin pulls up in a parking lot and gives Seung-Hye a blanket.

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He explains that since Kyung-Tae and Dae-Shil are back at the apartment, Seung-Hye can’t go home alone. They can sleep in the car and go home the next morning… (Wait… What about going home so that Seung-Hye can sleep on the couch at least?)


The night passes in this fashion. Early the next morning, Mi-Ja calls Dong-Sook and even drops by. She tells Dong-Sook that Seung-Hye that Seung-Hye went camping with Do-Jin overnight.


Dong-Sook immediately tries calling Seung-Hye who does not pick up because she’s still fast asleep. Panicking by the minute Dong-Sook calls Dae-Shil who wakes up only to be told by Kyung-Tae that he will prepare breakfast.

Dae-Shil picks up Dong-Sook’s call and lies that she’s with Seung-Hye. However, her lie falls apart when Dae-Shil can’t put Seung-Hye on the phone.


Overhearing this, Dae-Ho gets on the call. Dae-Shil freaks out and tries to hand off the phone to Kyung-Tae before just hanging up. Kyung-Tae promises to take care of Dae-Shil but I’m not so sure he understands the coming firestorm.


Meanwhile, blissfully ignorant of this all, Seung-Hye enjoys a quiet breakfast with Do-Jin. They go home to yell at Dae-Shil and Kyung-Tae.

Seung-Hye brings Dae-Shil home while they tell Do-Jin to go calm his own mother. Kyung-Tae tells Dae-Shil not to go home as she needs to maintain her stability first but Dae-Shil insists.

Do-Jin catches up with the girls in the lobby and leads her away. Kyung-Tae also grabs Dae-Shil and leads her somewhere else.


So, Do-Jin and Seung-Hye find themselves apologizing in front of the family. Dong-Sook Dong-Sook and Dae-Ho tell Seung-Hye and Do-Jin that they are disappointed. Then Dong-Sook charges at Seung-Hye to hit her through her frustrations away.

Seung-Ah asks about Dae-Shil but before the group figures out where Dae-Shil is, Soon-Im asks Do-Jin to come inside for a talk.


At the same time, the family talks to Seung-Hye. Dong-Sook tries to take Seung-Hye’s cell phone away but Dae-Ho returns it to her as Seung-Ah supports her older sister’s right to carry a cellphone. However, Dae-Ho tells her that he cannot support Seung-Hye’s feelings this time.

Seung-Hye apologizes that she does not feel like she can give up on Do-Jin. Dong-Sook asks her husband how Seung-Hye could have changed so much!

Seung-Ah answers for him by telling her mother that Seung-Hye has not changed; she has just fallen in love.


Meanwhile, Soon-Im asks Do-Jin for his father’s name. Do-Jin answers that his father is Lee Mun Kang. She seems relieved but gets worried again when Do-Jin tells her that he is 21. She confirms once more that the two youngsters did not do anything inappropriate and then dismisses him.


Kyung-Tae’s plan had been to bring Dae-Shil to go ask Sun-Sook and Joon-Bae for advice since the two had also had Dong-Goo before their wedding. Sun-Sook tells the two that the only thing they can do is apologize. Joon-Bae also agrees that they need to fall to the ground and just beg.

However, Dae-Shil needs to scope out the situation and tell Kyung-Tae when the timing is right first.


Seung-Ah goes to tell the good news to Yunho who is overseeing a different cafe. She happily tells Yunho that Seung-Hye spent the night camping with Do-Jin.

Yunho frowns and looks away. Seung-Ah comforts him that he can always return to her. However, Yunho tells Seung-Ah that he wants to be her brother-in-law instead. He explains that just like she has confidence that he would fall for her, he has confidence that he can win over Seung-Hye’s heart.

Seung-Ah yells at him for being so cool and then for brewing such delicious coffee. Hahaha!

Yunho heads over to Se-Ryung’s office to comiserate. Se-Ryung frowns close to tears. Hysterically, she tells him that she’s so frustrated and does not know what is so good about Seung-Hye. Yunho tells her that it’s hard to see her fall apart like his. He suggests that it might be better for her to go to an international branch of their company for a while as it would be harder on Beom-Seok to see his daughter like this.

Se-Ryung refuses and invites him to grab a drink with her instead. She tells him that she cannot handle this situation sober but Yunho does not get up.

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He must have followed her because they come home with Se-Ryung absolutely drunk. She falls into her father’s embrace and asks him if she is not attractive as a woman. She falls against the couch and asks everything how Seung-Hye managed to capture Do-Jin’s heart but she cannot… Sobbing, she tells her father that she would father die than live without Do-Jin.

Hurt at his daughter’s words and frustrated, Beom-Seok yells back that she can do whatever she wants as he will pretend he does not have a daughter.


Do-Jin visits his mother who slaps him as soon as he comes in. She tells Sang-Man that Do-Jin won’t die from a simple slap… And Do-Jin deserved it by betraying her even though he knew how much she loved him.

Do-Jin apologizes again and asks his mother to accept Seung-Hye. He adds that if she would accept Seung-Hye, he would return to the hospital.


Dae-Shil tries to see what kind of mood Soon-Im is but Soon-Im is completely distracted. She forgets that her daughter let Seung-Hye camp alone with a guy and asks about Do-Jin’s personality.

Dae-Shil responds that Do-Jin seems quite proper and nice unlike his mother. This causes Soon-Im to look away and frown.

Dae-Shil tries to broach the subject that she is going to officially bring home a guy soon. Yet, she still does not get any response.

Afterwards, Dae-Shil tells Seung-Hye about the weird encounter and wonders whether Soon-Im is changing her opinion to support Seung-Hye and Do-Jin.


Sang-Man is continuing to do Mi-Ja’s dirty work. He tells her that not only was Seung-Hye adopted but Do-Jin as well. Their meeting gets interrupted when Soon-Im comes by the restaurant.

Do-Jin also tells Kyung-Tae about how he asked his mother to approve of Seung-Hye in exchange for him returning to the hospital. He sighs that his mother did not immediately agree. Kyung-Tae also wonders what is the reason for the bad relationship between Mi-Ja and Seung-Hye’s family such that Mi-Ja wouldn’t automatically accept the relationship for Do-Jin returning to the hospital.

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At Mi-Ja’s restaurant, she begins the conversation by asking Soon-Im what she is doing visiting instead of controlling her granddaughter. She adds that she told Soon-Im about her relationship to Do-Jin on purpose so that Soon-Im would tear the two kids apart like she did to Mi-Ja.

Soon-Im asks why Mi-Ja appeared in front of her son again.

With fire in her eyes, Mi-Ja goes crazy telling Soon-Im, “Then how proper and elegant are you?  When you kicked my mother and myself out of Dong Rak Dang, inside of me…was your bloodline!”


The series returned back to its enjoyable roots with the family banding together and the focus returning to the inner familial workings.  All of the adults have their own reasons for wanting to keep the children apart, which makes it that much more hilarious that no matter what Seung-Hye and Do-Jin do, they don’t realize the true problem. Dong-Sook just doesn’t like Mi-Ja and Mi-Ja’s problem is a mixture of knowing Do-Jin’s bloodline and Soon-Im’s treatment of her and her mother… Soon-Im only has suspicions now that Mi-Ja clearly told her that she had been pregnant at the time that Soon-Im kicked her out. Even though Mi-Ja had declared that the baby died, one can only guess if that is the truth or Mi-Ja’s tactic to make Soon-Im feel guilty.  Finally, I don’t think Dae-Ho really would have disapproved of Do-Jin except that he saw Mi-Ja treat Seung-Hye as a second class citizen…however, I don’t know how Dae-Ho will react if Do-Jin turns out to be his biologically related child. Does he give up his biological ties to his beloved daughter so that she can marry his son? Or is it unthinkable for him that his biological son would marry his daughter of his heart?

Apologies for the delay.  I will be posting catch-up recaps this weekend ^^

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