Love on a Rooftop – E59

As Dae-Shil tries to figure out the best timing to introduce her boyfriend to her family…Mi-Ja drops a bomb on the viewers. Birth secret no more?


Mi-Ja continues to laugh hysterically that Soon-Im killed her own grandson. Revenge must be sweet as Soon-Im looks stressed after hearing the news.

Meanwhile, Beom-Seok stops by Se-Ryung’s room in the morning and finds her still asleep with an almost empty bottle of whiskey on her desk.


He walls downstairs and confides to Yunho that he does not know what to do…he wonders if he should reach out to Do-Jin and tell him that Beom-Seok has changed his mind…Do-Jin cutting Se-Ryung off was not the answer. He also wonders if he can ask Do-Jin to consider accepting Se-Ryung but Yunho tells him that if he were Do-Jin, he would not be able to change his heart just because of Beom-Seok’s request.








Seung-Hye quietly sneaks Dae-Shil food that does not make her stomach react and Dae-Shil stuffs herself happily. Dae-Shil sniffs that her stomach feels like it’s always empty and Seung-Hye comments that Dae-Shil us now eating for three people.

Kyung-Tae talks to his picture but hides it when Do-Jin walks in. Do-Jin tries to get the hidden paper from Kyung-Tae directly but Kyung-Tae tells his friend that he has an owner. He quickly changes the topic to what Do-Jin is going to do abou Seung-Hye since she’s been put under house arrest.

At the same time, Seung-Hye spazzes over Dae-Shil’s twins. Dae-Shil tells her that Kyung-Tae wants to come over and greet Soon-Im immediately but they are waiting for the right time. Dae-Shil orders Seung-Hye to promise not to tell anyone until the timing is right. Seung-Hye agrees on the condition that Dae-Shil also supports her own relationship.








Seung-Ah burts in all of a sudden and Seung-Hye puts the ultrasound picture in her back pocket. When Seung-Ah tries to ask about what they are hiding from her, Seung-Hye and Dae-Shil change the subject to Seung-Ah’s modling job. Dae-Shil asks Seung-Ah to look into why Dae-Shil’s entry failed and Seung-Ah promises to do so. Seung-Hye tries to tell Seung-Ah that she also feels uncomfortable about Seung-Ah continuing to work with Se-Ryung but Seung-Ah brushes her off. She tells Seung-Hye and Dae-Shil that she’s going to use her modeling signing bonus to invest in herself so they should not expect to benefit from it before leaving.

Meanwhile, Soon-Im limps home as she tells herself over and over again that Mi-Ja is lying about everything. Dae-Ho finds her at the front door and Soon-Im asks to talk to her son separately in a quiet place away from Dong-Sook. On their way, they run into Joon-Bae and he invites them to use his store. However, Soon-Im insists that they talk a walk and talk in the park.

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Once they reach the community bench, Soon-Im sighs that she saw Mi-Ja that day. She knows now that Mi-Ja has a large grudge against her and the family…She understands Mi-Ja’s feelings against her and is not worried since she will not live long…However, she worries about what Mi-Ja might do about the family.

Dae-Ho tells her not to worry because Mi-Ja is not the type of person. Yet, Soon-Im is not convinced. She tells Dae-Ho that it is best for a woman not to know the truth about her husband’s history…She tells him that for a woman, it is an illness to know about a man’s history with another woman…especially to know that Mi-Ja had Dae-Ho’s child.

Dae-Ho does not seem surprised and asks if Soon-Im is fine. Soon-Im tells him that he is but asks him to promise not to get involved with Mi-Ja.

Dae-Ho suggests that they try to help Mi-Ja deal with her negative feelings about the family.

Mi-Ja tries to wash the tables furiously to get right of her negative energy. When she finally gives up, she goes home in a daze. She mutters that she was so angry when Soon-Im came to see her, protecting a child that is not biologically related when Soon-Im had so coldly kicked out her own biological grandson.


Sang-Man tries to tell Mi-Ja to forget about the child who never saw life and move on. Mi-Ja answers that she has never forgetten that child once…she feels guilty as the child would have been safe if Mi-Ja had only not tried to follow her own mother after the accident.

Sang-Man tells Mi-Ja to think about Do-Jin.

Mi-Ja agrees that she raised Do-Jin like the child whom she lost…that is why he’s so special to her. She tells Sang-Man that she misses Dae-Shil and orders that he takes her to Do-Jin’s.

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Kyung-Tae fawns on Dae-Shil who tells him that she wants cold bean noodles. Kyung-Tae answers that he knows of a 24 hour place that does well. He offers to pick her up but Dae-Shil tells him not to come in front of the house until they are able to tell Soon-Im and get her approval.

Seung-Hye asks about Do-Jin and Kyung-Tae answers that he does not know…Do-Jin has been sulking in the room after he offered to return to the hospital if Mi-Ja accepts Seung-Hye. Seung-Hye overhears this and looks worried.

Do-Jin arrives in the living room and asks about Seung-Hye. Dae-Shil answers that Seung-Hye looks moved by Do-Jin and is asking around for Do-Jin. Kyung-Tae tells this to Do-Jin and tells Dae-Shil that Do-Jin answers that he is thinking about Seung-Hye as well. Dae-Shil relays this to Seung-Hye and tells Kyung-Tae that Seung-Hye also says that she misses Do-Jin…HAHAHA. Then Kyung-Tae gets tired of the game of telephone and tells Dae-Shil to come out for noodles.


The two girls try to leave but run right into Dong-Sook who thinks that the two are sneaking out so that Seung-Hye can meet Do-Jin.

There is a short interlude where Joon-Bae eats at Sun-Sooks and tries to throw her flowers away…


At the same time, Yunho brings Se-Ryung coffee who rejects it. Seung-Ah bursts in and looks happily surprised to see Yunho there. He gives her a hand but Seung-Ah asks for an American greeting instead – a hug. Yunho agrees and then Se-Ryung dismisses him.


Back at Dong Rak Dang, the family eats noodles that Dong-Sook made. Seung-Hye pauses after a couple of bites and gags commenting that it is a bit fishy…She ends up having to run into the bathroom. Sun-Sook calls Dong-Sook to tell her older sister about the secret meeting that Soon-Im had with Dae-Ho.screenshot_2015-07-04-18-29-43-resized-640

Finally, Dae-Shil is able to drag Seung-Hye out of the house to see Kyung-Tae and Do-Jin. In the alley, they run into EQ who tells her that he understands Dae-Shil’s feelings now…he will wait until after they get married to sleep together. He tries to hug her but Dae-Shil hides behind Seung-Hye. As this continues, EQ gets a call that Soon-Im is sick.

Meanwhile, a sick Mi-Ja also stops by Kyung-Tae’s place.

Kyung-Tae rushes over after as soon as Dae-Shil calls. He arrives just as EQ is about to leave. Kyung-Tae greets Dae-Ho and offers to take a look at Soon-Im’s condition and recommend some vitamins.


Back at Kyung-Tae’s, Mi-Ja tells Do-Jin that she is willing to accept Seung-Hye if Do-Jin can get Soon-Im’s approval. Do-Jin smiles and agrees to bring Seung-Hye over to officially meet his mother after Mi-Ja’s condition gets better.

Seung-Hye worries about her grandmother when she gets a text from Do-Jin that he has good news. He invites her to the park.


WOA…woa…woa… So Do-Jin is not Dae-Ho’s son? If I understood the conversation between Mi-Ja and Sang-Man correctly, then Dae-Ho’s son was actually lost through a miscarriage due to an attempted suicide by Mi-Ja. This feels like this is a curve-ball thrown by the writer since I thought this daily drama would have a birth secret and the original description said that one character will have to give up his/her family. Let’s just say I am confused?


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