Love on a Rooftop – E61

The truth is revealed and peace is sort of returned to Dong Rak Dang. However, the tensions continue to bubble and even Beom-Seok unwittingly gets involved in complicating Seung-Hye’s life when Se-Ryung resorts to medical sleeping aids.



Dong-Sook goes to Soon-Im and tries to get her to drink some calming medicine first. Soon-Im does not realize what the new is and refuses to drink it. So, Dong-Sook reluctantly tells Soon-Im that they need to quickly marry Seung-Hye and Do-Jin off since Seung-Hye is pregnant.

Soon-Im first tells Dong-Sook that this is impossible and then falls back in shock. She orders that Dong-Sook call Seung-Hye over immediately.

Not knowing that the family is furious, Do-Jin walks Seung-Hye back home with Seung-Ah trailing at a large distance to give the couple some privacy. Seung-Jae finds them outside.


The whole family gathers in the living room where Dong-Sook places the ultrasound picture in front of Seung-Hye and Do-Jin…as Kyung-Tae arrives at the door. He looks at the picture and thinks to himself that he will do well for the babies.

Do-Jin wonders what this picture is about as Seung-Hye and Dae-Shil exchange awkward looks. Seung-Ah looks at the picture and asks if they actually decided go off and have an accident first.

Do-Jin responds that he really has no idea what is going on and Dae-Ho explodes. He strides over to grab Do-Jin by his collar and yell at Do-Jin. In the midst of running to Do-Jin, he pushes Dae-Shil aside and Kyung-Tae runs in shouting. He tells everyone that they need to be careful since Dae-Shil is pregnant.


Everyone gets dismissed so that the adults can speak with Dae-Shil and Kyung-Tae. Kyung-Tae begs Soon-Im for permission as Dae-Shil is already pregnant. Soon-Im pauses when she finds out that Kyung-Tae is seven years younger than Dae-Shil. However, Kyung-Tae reassures Soon-Im that he looks older while Dae-Shil looks younger so no one will know the difference. Soon-Im smiles at the words and then relunctantly agrees saying that she cannot stop them when Dae-Shil is already pregnant.


Seung-Hye keeps Do-Jin company in the kitchen where he sighs that he should have just slept with her if he was going to be the subject of this kind of misunderstanding. Seung-Hye snaps back that she does not want to have sex before marriage and the two talk about having children.


Dong-Sook comes in to tell Do-Jin that she is relived that this is not an issue for Seung-Hye. She gets pulled away as Kyung-Tae is about to leave. They go to see off the two men as Kyung-Tae and Dae-Shil overtly show their concern for each other now that the pregnancy is in the open. Dong-Sook and Dae-Ho look like they want to disapprove but hold their tongue and Kyung-Tae reminds everyone that they have to keep Dae-Shil from getting too excited or emotional.


After the incident, Kyung-Tae tells Do-Jin about how they found out about Dae-Shil’s pregnancy as he brags about the fetuses in the picture. Do-Jin does not seem to really see the resemblance between Kyung-Tae and Dae-Shil and the dots in the ultrasound, which annoys Kyung-Tae. Then Kyung-Tae jokes that if everything goes well for both of the two boys, Kyung-Tae will be Do-Jin’s uncle on the family tree.


Mi-Ja interrupts to ask Do-Jin if he’s the father of the children. She sees the ultrasound and goes crazy at Do-Jin asking how Do-Jin could do this to her. She grabs the ultrasound and gets ready to rip of the picture when Kyung-Tae stops her telling her that it’s his ultrasound picture.

Do-Jin tells Mi-Ja that he’s disappointed in his mother for thinking that Seung-Hye could have gotten pregnant before marriage. Mi-Ja snaps back that she had no choice but to get worried when Dong-Sook brought a copy of the same ultrasound and demanded that Do-Jin take responsibility. She sighs in relief that it was a all a misunderstanding and accidentally statets that she had been so worried when she had only been pretending to accept Seung-Hye so that Do-Jin would return to the hospital. Do-Jin overhears this and ask how she could be scheming again and locks himself in his room.


Seung-Hye and Dae-Shil also debrief afterwards. Dae-Shil tells Seung-Hye that she’s so worried when she thinks about how angry Soon-Im will be at her in the future and then pauses that she should only say good things for the babies.

She wonders out loud how Seung-Hye’s biological mother had completed her own pregnancy so that such a kind but smart daughter was born. Dae-Shil pauses and apologizes to Seung-Hye for bringing up her biological mother. Seung-Hye reassures her that it’s fine as she had also been thinking about her biological mother after this incident. She congratulates Dae-Shil sincerely about her pregnancy.

Soon-Im also thinks about the day’s events. Surprisingly, she is not as angry as would be expected. She thinks to herself that while it would be an embarassment in the immediate future, she had been worried that Dae-Shil might not be able to have children when she gets married due to her age…At least this way, two of her worries are resolved.

Se-Ryng finds sleep hard to find and resorts to taking sleeping pills.

Seung-Hye finishes her morning call duties and wonders about calling Do-Jin…Do-Jin has a guest over as Sang-Man is there to talk about Mi-Ja.


At the same time, Beom-Seok finds Se-Ryung passed out in her bed and unable to wake up. He spots the sleeping pills hear her head and freaks out.


Sang-Man explains to Do-Jin that Mi-Ja still has her mother’s urn with her and Soon-Im’s family is connected wit Mi-Ja’s mother’s passing. He tells Do-Jin to understand his mother.

Se-Ryung wakes up to find Beom-Seok and Yunho concerned. Yunho chastises her for taking so many pills and causing everyone worry but Se-Ryung is not really apologetic. She grumbles that she had no other choice as she could not find another way to fall asleep.


At Dong Rak Dang, Dae-Ho and Dong-Sook meet with Soon-Im and Dae-Shil about Dae-Shil’s wedding. Soon-Im tells everyone to keep their mouth shut as they think about the wedding issue.

Dong-Sook tells Sun-Sook about it and Sun-Sook snaps that there is nothing to think about. They need to hold the wedding as soon as possible. Dong-Sook tells her that Soon-Im is probably worried about the money that would be necessary in holding a wedding as Dae-Shil had been saving for her wedding but had to use that money to help pay for Dae-Ho’s debts.

Hearing this, Sun-Sook suggests that Dae-Ho and Dong-Sook borrow more money on the reverse mortgage on Dong Rak Dang.


Meanwhile, Beom-Seok has called Seung-Hye into his office. He apologizes Seung-Hye first and then tells her that he has no other choice as a father. He explains that Se-Ryung likes Do-Jin more than he expected … He adds that he knows that Do-Jin likes Seung-Hye but asks if Seung-Hye could help save his daughter by helping turn Do-Jin’s heart toward Se-Ryung.

Seung-Hye is unable to answer.

Beom-Seok asks if Seung-Hye also likes Do-Jin as much as Se-Ryung does…He just did not know what to do since Se-Ryung has resorted to taking sleeping pills and even seemed to take too many the night before. Seung-Hye looks away but her expression is one of worry.


Yunho comes in at that point and looks surprised to see Seung-Hye there. Beom-Seok dismisses Seung-Hye and Yunho takes Seung-Hye to the park where he promises to show her a magic trick where he uses her lipstick to draw a heart in the bottom of her hand. He tells Seung-Hye to take good care of his heart and makes her smile.


Hmmm, not sure where this sub-arc is going to to…I know that Seung-Hye is a total angel but I will be FURIOUS if the writer turns her into a noble idiot who backs off just because Se-Ryung took too many sleeping pills. While, I personally think Seung-Hye would be happier with Yunho…Come on! Se-Ryung is a fully grown child who has a support system in place! = _ = ………………………..

On a side note, did anyone else realize that Soon-Im’s character has seen some major character development in the past 60 episodes? Although we did not see the most traditional versions of Soon-Im, several flashbacks showed us that Soon-Im would not think twice about kicking out a trusted maid and her daughter for the daughter’s decision to date her son…She is also the woman who wanted to return Seung-Hye to the orphanage for accidentally hurting Seung-Ah. Yet, when her own daughter gets pregnant before the wedding, she does not throw a fit. I had expected some major fits being thrown with Dae-Shil being locked in her room for a week or more. ^^

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