Make a Woman Cry – E14

Jinwoo tells Kyung-Cheol to back off of his woman as this is no longer a fight between Kyung-Cheol and Deok-In alone.  This spurs Kyung-Cheol to fight dirty as he goes to the internet to accuse Jinwoo of having an affair with a married woman, completely ignoring the fact that he started the infidelity fight.  Meanwhile, Kyung-Tae pushes Hyojung away, which allows Hyunseo an opportunity to be a pillar of support for Hyojung in her time of need.  Finally, Deok-In meets with her biological mother in a bittersweet and anti-climatic scene in which her mother does not recognize her at all.


Deok-In wanders back off in a hurry only to be surprised by her mother who asks if Deok-In was looking for her. Deok-In denies it in a daze and her mother runs off to down a can of beer behind the restaurant with Deok-In following.

Deok-In hides behind some crates and witnesses the poor state her mother is in. Even after her mother leaves, Deok-In stands there with tears of disappointment filling her eyes.

Feeling like she does not want to go home, she walks through the park instead.

Jinwoo walks by her restaurant and finds it empty. In a nod to their sponsors, Jinwoo uses his watch to call Deok-In.


He meets up with Deok-In at the park. She confesses that she did not talk to her mother because her mother could have found her if she had wanted… Instead, she felt like she saw a stranger that has nothing in common with her… Her mother also looked like she was exhausted…like a person who has to be careful about the eyes of society. A person far from a life of luxury and leisure.

Deok-In sighs about how sad it was that her mother seems stuck in poverty… She asks about her mother’s flashy hair color and wonders why her mother could not have lived better after giving her daughter up. She asks Jinwoo if she sounds like a coward for judging her biological mother.

Jinwoo comforts her that she is reacting normally as her biological mother is a stranger. He tells her that she did the right thing looking for her mother.


At the Kang residence, Jin-Myung tells his father to bring Minseo on his golf appointment with investors. The father-in-law agrees and Hong-Ran gets excited. She even decides to invite herself to the game. The mother-in-law changes the topic noticing that Eunseo seems less than impressed.

While the family plays golf, the mother-in-law checks in on Eunseo. She tells Eunseo to leave the meal to the help if she’s tired.


Eunseo complains quietly that she felt like a burden on the family this morning when she could not join the conversation. Her mother-in-law tells her to leave the preparations and join her for tea in the garden instead.

Over mugs of tea, the mother-in-law suggests that Eunseo let Hyunseo see Hyojung. When he gets healthier, they can worry about other issues.

Eunseo frowns and tells her mother-in-law that she hates Hyojung who reminds her of a snake. She wonders if this is how some people end up never marrying…

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Meanwhile, Kyung-Tae tells Hyojung about the offer to be Hong-Ran’s road manager. Eunseo tells him to stop playing around with poor Hyunseo. When Kyung-Tae responds without any remorse that a rich little kid is not someone she needs to pity, Hyojung asks if Kyung-Tae ever loved her.

Kyung-Tae answers that he has been with so many girls, he does not think she should expect love from him. He calls her naive.

Hyojung asks if he just dated her for fun. Kyung-Tae sees the tears in her eyes but continues on with a smile. He tells her that there are many girls out there more fun than her… And gives her one word of advice. If she finds another guy whom she falls for, he tells her not to buy anything for him as men would rather starve than have to embarrass themselves in front of the women they care about. He leaves without looking back.

Hyojung reaches out to the only support that she can rely on and Hyunseo races out. He gets stopped by Eunseo at the door but runs past her yelling that Hyojung is crying. His mother is left convinced that Hyojung is just pretending to cry.


At a nearby school, Hyojung asks Hyunseo if he likes her that much. Hyunseo answers honestly that he did not have any reason to live longer before he met her.

Hyojung calls out his name in surprise. Hyunseo continues that he feels like he can say anything because he does not know how long he can be by her side.

At the same time, Jinwoo enters Deok-In’s restaurant to find her cooking. She smiles and prepares his food. She also tells him that she wanted to thank him for finding her biological mother.

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While eating the spicy dish, Jinwoo starts sweating and reaches over for napkins to wipe off his sweat. Watching Jinwoo eating, Deok-In smiles that there is something about watching someone eat that makes you feel closer to them. She sees that a part of a napkin got stuck on his face and tells him to take it off. Jinwoo just laughs that she should help him. Deok-In comes around to help when Kyung-Cheol walks by and sees the two acting intimate.

Kyung-Cheol enters with a sour expression and demands food as well. Deok-In tells him that the menu is spicy and she knows he cannot take spicy food. He insists that he will eat it today and sits down.

Jinwoo demands to know what Kyung-Cheol is doing. Kyung-Cheol responds with a question that Jinwoo is not the owner of the shop so what does it matter to him… Unless he thinks he’s entitled to as the person having an affair with his wife.


After the meal, the two men go to a cafe. Jinwoo tells Kyung-Cheol to let Deok-In go as he’s already made Deok-In suffer so much. Kyung-Cheol responds that Deok-In is his woman; a woman who believes it’s her role to suffer for him.

Jinwoo asks Kyung-Cheol why he ever abandoned Deok-In when she would support him like that. He also adds that Kyung-Cheol should watch what he says about Deok-In from now on as Deok-In is the woman he loves. While Deok-In might not love him back yet, he will make her fall for him.

He speaks with Deok-In afterwards in the park. She tells him to forget everything Kyung-Cheol said as he was spoiled since birth so he does not know better. She tries to explain that Kyung-Cheol is not wicked at heart but his mouth runs off worse than he can actually act.


Jinwoo stiffens at these words and asks her why she’s defending Kyung-Cheol. He accuses her of having a “nice girl insecurity complex” and donning the facade of a nice girl whenever she feels insecure. Hurt by his words, Deok-In walks away.


Jinwoo runs after her and stops her by grabbing her arm. He asks her if she’s angry.

Deok-In tells him that she agrees. She heard it from her husband as well… That she does not have what it takes to be loved by a man. Therefore, she pretends that she’s sweet and nice so that she can be loved.

Jinwoo pulls her back into an embrace. He tells her that he’s sorry as he was jealous. He also adds that she should not defend Kyung-Cheol in front of him again… Especially since he should be one closest to her now.

That night the two think of each other while looking through pictures.


Then Deok-In gathers her courage and goes to her mother’s restaurant. She shyly orders anything and gets laughed at by her mother… So, she changes her order to steak and orders two servings which is the minimum.

Deok-In’s mother cooks the meat for her while wondering out loud if Deok-In fought with her husband… She comments that it is unusual for women to come eat meet alone. Then she tells Deok-In to St least drink coke with the meat, which helps with digestion.

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Deok-In remembers the other night and orders soju. She also offers her mother a drink with downcast eyes.

Her mother notes that she seems familiar. Deok-In looks up hopefully wondering if her mother recognizes her. However, her hopes are dashed when her mother tells her that she remembers seeing her the night before. She also tells Deok-In that she has pretty eyes.

Deok-In eats a few more bites before leaving. Her mother returns to the table and comments about the wasted meat. She finishes the soju and starts eating the leftover meat.

Deok-In returns to give her mother gum so that she can hide the fact that she drank on the job. Her mother accepts it with wonder about how nice Deok-In is… Never realizing that it is her daughter.

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Deok-In does not find the courage to say anything. She walks home and pauses in a tunnel to sob her frustration out.


By the time she arrives at home, she’s calm and dry-eyed. She drops into her mother-in-law’s room first. Bok-Rye excitedly tells her that Kyung-Cheol called several times to ask about her. She goats that even the selfish Kyung-Cheol cannot ignore both Deok-In and his own mother attempting suicide regardless of how young, rich and pretty the girl next to him is. Deok-In just smiles that Bok-Rye seems happy and excuses herself to go to bed.

She finds Kyung-Soo outside still gluing eyes on dolls. Kyung-Soo tells her that he needs to earn his own allowance now as well.


Deok-In asks in concern if he’s run out of spending money. Kyung-Soo tells her that she should not accept Kyung-Cheol even if he returns to her. He adds that he doesn’t trust his little brother and believes that Kyung-Cheol will return to his selfish self as soon as he thinks that he is safe. Kyung-Soo tells Deok-In to do what is best for herself and don’t think about the family.

Deok-In narrows her eyes and she asks Kyung-Soo if he sent her to take out the recycling on purpose. Kyung-Soo smiles that he saw the two together in the market and that the man looked dependable and sincere.


The next morning, Jinwoo finds the students looking at him weirdly. When he gets into the teacher’s office, the principal tells him that there’s a post on the school’s parent message board that accuses Jinwoo of having an affair; it even has pictures of Jinwoo with Deok-In in the park.

Jinwoo goes to Deok-In and warns her that her shop might also be affected. Deok-In runs out and find Kyung-Cheol. She accuses him of being behind the post.


Kyung-Cheol does not deny it and tells her that he warned her to stop. He asks how far Deok-In went with Jinwoo so that Jinwoo can act so confidently around Kyung-Cheol.

Deok-In snarls back that she can go as far as Kyung-Cheol is imagining. She turns and walks away but Kyung-Cheol grabs her arm.

Deok-In meets Jinwoo in the park again and apologizes for the whole incident. Jinwoo tells her that she shouldn’t apologize as he thinks of this as the price to winning Deok-In; no matter how hard it gets, he’s happy that he’s with her. He smiles that she should also be confident as they are together.


At the Kang house, Hong-Ran complains to her mother-in-law that Jin-Myung is not sleeping with her. Her mother-in-law sighs and asks what Hong-Ran did but goes to tell her husband.


He has a drink with Jin-Myung and tells him to look on Hong-Ran kindly. He even confesses that at first he had been worried about Jin-Myung being married to Hong-Ran as their personalities are so different… Jin-Myung would have done well with a quiet woman like Eunseo… In contrast, Jin-Myung’s older brother was just like Hong-Ran, saying everything on his mind and getting everything that he wanted.


Jin-Myung goes into the garden and pauses as he remembers the night that his older brother called dibs on Eunseo. His older brother had asked if Jin-Myung had feelings for Eunseo and Jin-Myung had been unable to answer. His brother jumped on the chance and declared that Eunseo was his.

After reflecting, he goes to ask his wife if she has no embarrassment. Hong-Ran responds that it’s his mother, what does he have to be embarrassed about.

Jin-Myung tells her that he cannot handle her. Hong-Ran stands up to ask what is it about her that he cannot stand… It is not like she killed someone or had an affair.

She tells him to sleep in their room but Jin-Myung leaves after yelling that she’s obsessed with sleeping.

Hong-Ran goes downstairs and finds Eunseo preparing nuts and a smoothie for Eunseo. Hong-Ran offers to take it to Jin-Myung but Eunseo insists as she has something to tell Jin-Myung.


Eunseo asks Jin-Myung if he knows anything about her husband’s accident as she heard something weird from Hong-Ran. Jin-Myung has the gall to calmly answer that she knows as much as he does. Eunseo accepts his answer and leaves the room.

Jin-Myung goes straight to Hong-Ran and demands to know what she said to Eunseo. Hong-Ran whines that Eunseo overheard her muttering to herself. She tells him that she won’t say anything again.

Jin-Myung tells her that he does not think he will ever be able to accept a woman like Hong-Ran in his heart.


Feeling hurt by his words, Hong-Ran yells back that she said those words because she pitied Eunseo who was pampering the man who had killed her own husband! With those words, she throws the covers over her head.

Meanwhile, Eunseo repeats the interactions with Hong-Ran in her head. As she sits in the kitchen thinking, Hong-Ran comes in for a late night snack. Eunseo stops her and asks Hong-Ran if she remembers the circumstances around Hong-Ran’s words… She had said it right after Eunseo had told Hong-Ran that Jin-Myung is the pillar of the family so they should all support him.


Eunseo asks if Jin-Myung killed her husband. Hong-Ran gasps and yells at Eunseo to stop imagining things but to go to bed. Eunseo asks if Hong-Ran is getting defensive. Hong-Ran literally runs out to get away from the conversation.

Later, the mother-in-law gets a call about Jinwoo’s alleged affair. She huffs that her husband will have a fit when he finds out.


At the same time, after rethinking her decision several times… Deok-In calls her mother and asks if she wants to speak with her daughter.


I’m surprised at how fast Eunseo finds out about the possibility of Jin-Myung’s involvement in her husband’s death. While, I did not expect Eunseo to be a main character, the plots involving her are enthralling. She is the human manifestation of the saying be careful about raising a tiger in your own home. Out of all of the people in the Kang family right now, Eunseo is the most adept at manipulation and has the greed to back it up. She came from a poor family which the Kang family paid off by giving them a building as Hong-Ran said in an earlier episode. Even though Eunseo’s husband had died, Eunseo (not a legal member of the family) firmly implanted herself as a member and the oldest daughter-in-law by ingeatiating herself fully with her mother-in-law and her brother in law. Also, while her mother-in-law knows about Eunseo’s ambition, she still stands up for her. If or when Eunseo finds out, there could be a delicious revenge arc explored.

Meanwhile, Kyung-Cheol is kind of an idiot. Jinhee had warned him that as soon as her family finds out about her brother’s relationship with Deok-In, they are likely to side with her widowed older brother. Yet, the guy could not help himself and uploaded the accusation on the school’s message board…the school in which Jinwoo’s mother is the head trustee! I have no complaints because it means there’s going to be some direct JW/DI v. KC/JH soon I hope!

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